“That would have changed the history of Arsenal Football Club.” Wenger discloses when Arsenal needed VAR

Arsene Wenger has revealed that if VAR was available, Samuel Eto’o’s goal for Barcelona against Arsenal in the 2006 Champions League final wouldn’t have stood.

The Gunners faced the Catalans in the final of the European club’s showpiece event and had taken the lead through Sol Campbell.

They were on course to finally break Wenger’s curse in the European competition.

However, Barcelona turned the game around in the final 14 minutes to earn a 2-1 win in Paris.

They needed a goal to get back in the game and it was provided by Eto’o, but the Cameroonian appeared to be offside when he received his assist from Henrik Larsson before tucking in a very neat finish for the equalizer.

That goal still haunts Wenger who continues to insist that the attacker was offside when he received the ball and that goal shouldn’t have counted.

Asked which game he wishes VAR had been used on, Wenger told beIN Sports via Sun Sports: “It is the final of the 2006 Champions League, because I think Eto’o’s equaliser was offside.

“That would have changed the history of Arsenal Football Club.”

If Arsenal had won that Champions League, it would have made them one of the teams to have won the competition, a huge achievement nowadays.

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  1. Who knows, VAR might have denied us reaching the final.

    OT: why can’t we go for any of Bamford or Watkins can they cost more than £30m each?

    1. Lol..
      Aston Villa got Watkins for 35mil from Brentford..
      That’s their record signing.
      And you want him for 30mil? After becoming an England International..

  2. Just another pathetic footnote in the Wenger book of “what ifs”!!!

    1. “What if”in case you didn’t know is the whole point of a hypothetical question which he was asked!

      1. Aren’t so conversations of the future and past what if’s? Otherwise there would be no point to thinking.

        For all those thinking Wenger destroyed arsenal. What arsenal did he destroy? He gave us a culture and an identity. Things didn’t go well at the end, but why attack the man who made arsenal respected in the modern game?

  3. Seriously?? I was going to respond in a far more derogatory fashion then I remembered your posting history and had a bit of a rethink, from a fairness perspective…enough said

  4. The last paragraph…. “If Arsenal had won that Champions League, it would have made them one of the teams to have won the competition “ ……. stating the bleeding obvious!

  5. funny that really, wenger never saw any of our players giving away penalties to opposing teams. yet, low and behold, he could see the barcelona player was offside. that is a miracle , a genuine miracle.he always did say , when interviewed, after a game, where,the opposing team were awarded a penalty that he did not see the incident. weird or what. maybe in the 2006 champions league final he was wearing better spectacles !.

    1. Gerry
      Your hatred made you lose the point in the article.

      Wenger was asked “which game he wishes VAR had been used on”

      Not matches that favours him but matches that goes against his team.

      Read and digest before you type.

    2. Hello, is this Jose mourinho?, if you aren’t, then you just certainly be a follower. Only he can say such drivel which a straight face. Who in their right mind would want to use var to undo a bit of good fortune they received? Who would want to stand in front cameras and say, poor refereeing they really gave us one there?

      P.s. if you really are Jose, I would just like to let you know, if you want me to be a member of your backroom staff at Roma. I am definitely interested, I have years of experience being an arsenal fan(meaning not liking your style of play and your style of communication). I can be your *no man* for a reasonable fee, every great leader needs a *no man* to prosper.

  6. Send var people back to view who the real champs are in every pl season. I’m betting utd would lose a few titles and we’d gain them, but I am bias.

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