“That’s absolutely not okay” Podolski has his say on Mesut Ozil and Arsenal

Lukas Podolski isn’t pleased with the way Arsenal has treated Mesut Ozil as the German closes in on a move away from the Emirates.

Arsenal was keen to get rid of the German, and as he struggled to impress, they axed him from their squad for the season.

He was left to just train with the team and saw no first-team action since last March. 

He is now set to make a move to Fenerbahce, but Podolski hasn’t enjoyed how he was treated at the Emirates.

Both players won the World Cup with Germany and played together for two years at Arsenal.

He said that after giving more than five years of his time to the Gunners, he deserved to be treated better than how Arsenal handled the situation.

A player like Ozil should be playing regular football, and Podolski is happy that he will now get that in Turkey.

Reported by Sport Bild via Sun Sport, he said: “I generally think with a player who is now in his sixth or seventh year with the club, to kick him completely out of the squad, that’s absolutely not okay.

“He’s shown his class on the pitch, he’s never been negative towards his colleagues or the club.

“Arsenal as a club have not looked positive in this situation over the last months.”

“It was really a shame that it ended like this. No professional is satisfied if he is not allowed to play.

“Now Mesut can finally do what we all love again: play football.”

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  1. “He’s shown his class on the pitch, he’s never been negative towards his colleagues or the club”. That’s what is known as fake news!

  2. As a former player at both Arsenal and the German International team, perhaps his words should be digested and thought about, rather than brushed aside as irrelevant and fake news?
    Of course, Podolski might be making things up, but for the life of me, I can’t think of one reason why he would do that 🤔

    1. Obviously he’s going to stick for his mate, but clearly you don’t agree with it being fake news, why?

      Ozil has shown disrespect to our managers, and an unwillingness to help team mates out on the pitch. FACT!

      Ozil has caused a load of negativity for Arsenal. FACT!

      1. “He’s never been negative to his colleagues or the club” something that Podolski says that you disagree with…Please supply the FACTS that you make you believe he has to both entities.

        Unwillingness to help team mates on the pitch – FACTS please, not your opinions.

        Disrespect to our managers (plural) FACTS for MA, UE, FL and AW please.

        Caused negativity – FACTS please not your opinions.

        Podolski would obviously stick up for his mate – FACTS as to why he needs / wants to do that?

        1. That’s not how it works Ken, I asked you a question!

          Yet you do what you always do, which is spin and deflect. The fact you haven’t answered my question is all the evidence I need.

          So I cannot wait to see what evidence you have to disprove what I have said. Should be very easy for you, if I am talking rubbish.

          Please, debunk away!

          1. You asked me one question and I answered it – Podolski played alongside Ozil at both international and club level and gave his opinion… which you classed as “fake news”.
            It isn’t, because that’s what he believes… FACTS!!!

            Because you have a difference of opinion, doesn’t mean his words are “fake” does it?

            Now, let’s see your answers to my questions and please don’t try and spin.

          2. And like I said already, Podolski is always going to stick up for Ozil because their mates.

            But one cannot deny facts, and they are there for all to see. The fact you constantly stick up for the biggest waste of money in our history, and have a clear bias when it comes to Ozil, is why you cannot see those facts.

            Maybe you should be working for CNN haha!

          3. Once again TMJW, failure to answer any question put to you.
            Simply asking for the facts that you base your claims on.

            Yet you demand others answer yours.

            We all have our opinions, including Podolski and he was voicing them – nothing to do with “fake news” as you declared.

        1. Look if you and TMJW agree with each other, don’t class yourselves as flops – it’s just a difference of opinions.

  3. The way arsenal treated him is not good,ozil was good and help arsenal alot,today we forgot everything.last but list…
    kroenk should sell this club and do his other business.

  4. He provided an assist in his last match in winning against Westham, 1-0.
    Things started to go south for him when he attacked China’s Ighur camps.
    He probably felt he has to support a cause of refusing oppression and reported genocide as a celebrity, with blacklives matter campaign ongoing, because it actually means all lives matter, with a focus due to historical context.
    Probably club has an income affected or club owners were pressured, we do not know.
    Therefore, especially with reported salary, opinions will always divide, but it does not matter anymore for Arsenal fans, does it?

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