That’s the Cups out of the way, now Arsenal have to get down to business

Forget the EL and the rest, deep down we know what we really want! by Shenel

After last nights loss it’s clear where Arsenals mind is!

Winning the Premier League.

And really who could blame them!

I know a lot of fans would be disappointed by last night’s game as would the team, but I also believe deep down the fans and the team and the club as a whole would rather fight for the League and to be able to lift that trophy at the end of the season, rather than lose the League and win any other trophy. Especially as the Premier League has eluded us and been out of our hands for nearly 20 years!

So the boys can surely be forgiven after getting knocked out last night, and I am sure if we do go on to lift the Premier League then the Europa League, FA Cup and Carabao Cup losses will all be forgotten.

And after last night, now this is where Arsenal’s season really begins!

We have come so far and we have done so well in the Premier League, barring a few games of course but what we now must do as we have only first place to play for is forget all of the  games that have come before and focus on the last 11 games.

We have 11 finals that we have to win and if not, give our everything not to lose.

Because these last remaining games will definitely define our season and where we end up in the table at the end of it.

And I know the worry will be that after the international break especially if we have injuries that we won’t be able to maintain the streak we have been on and that we will crumble at the end as we did last season when we lost our last two games to Newcastle and Tottenham to forfeit fourth place, but I do feel and rather hope that the team and the club as a whole are in a better place than they were last season and surely just surely our boys will not be stupid enough to lose it now as they have come so far.

At the moment we are five points clear and we can go into the international break eight points clear if we win on Sunday.

And as our captain Martin Odegaard said on Just Arsenal’s Youtube channel straight after our loss against Sporting last night “We have 11 finals to go and that’s it, that’s the main focus now.”

Well I couldn’t have said it any better myself, and if our captain is in that frame of mind we can hope that the rest of the team is in the same frame of mind, and that they do pick themselves as quick as possible. The best place to do that would be starting on Sunday against Crystal Palace!!

Onwards and upwards we go!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners!?

Shenel Osman


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  1. Rumours are Tommy is out for rest of the season if true better pray White is available to play in all the remaining 11 games if he gets injured then we have no experience cover for that position and will cause huge problems for us in the run in!

    1. Partey used to play RB in some games for Atletico Madrid and he played there against us in EL when Wenger still managed Arsenal

      I bet Reuell Walters will be a decent cover for the hybrid RB-RCB role. He played well in pre-season

  2. Partey at right back never ever and that’s not going to happen.
    I know we could be talking about an inverted right back but nah.

    Please we don’t have a problem at right back let’s not search for one.

    Partey is the most important player at Arsenal he to a great deal why we are where we are, he remains fit and there is a ninety nine percent chance we win the league.

  3. An optimistic article and, for once, one from Shenel that makes more sense than her usual pieces do.

  4. “And after last night, now this is where Arsenal’s season really begins!”
    Technically incorrect but I know what you mean Shenel.
    I see this as the final drive to the PL title with no obstructions, hindrances, or excuses.

  5. Arsenal only increased the pressure on themselves, putting all your eggs in one basket, that is not how big clubs behave. This is the positive that we can take but if we fall short in the league then we will be talking about not taking the cups seriously in the end

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