The 2 Arsenal records that PROVE Giroud’s a TOP Gunner

Ever since he signed for Arsenal back in the summer of 2012, the France international star Olivier Giroud has been under pressure and under fire from the football media as well as some Arsenal fans. And even when his performances and stats had convinced his critics in the media, it seemed like he could not win over a section if his own fans.

It did not help his cause that Arsenal sold Robin van Persie to Man United not long after signing Giroud and he was instantly under pressure to replace the traitorous Dutchman who had just had his best season by a mile and scored 37 goals for the Gunners.

But Giroud just kept going about his business and despite a few barren spells and a few games when he missed a number of good chances, our centre forward has continued to improve. Just as it did at his previous clubs, Giroud´s scoring has got better during his time at Arsenal.

He scored 11 EPL goals and 17 in total the first year and then 16 and 22 the next year. Last season those numbers did drop to 14 and 19 but because of injury he played a lot fewer games and his goals per game ratio actually went up. And it has done the same again this season, with nine from 16 in the Premier League and 14 from 24 in total.

Four of them came in the last week and that has given the Frenchman two very impressive Arsenal records. The goal against Aston Villa was his 50th and a Metro report shows that he reached this milestone one game faster than the great Dennis Bergkamp. In fact only Ian Wright and Thierry Henry did it faster and the man he placed, van Pursestrings, took 29 games more to do it.

His other scoring record reported by Metro is even more impressive Giroud has scored 10 Champions League goals now and has done so in fewer games (21) than any other Gunner, EVER. Henry took 22 games and RVP 29 and everyone else more than 40.

So sing it with me Gooners, na na na na na na naaaaa… na na naaaaaaa Giiiiiroooooud!

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  1. Here’s to all those who hoped and wish Arsenal don’t draw against Barca……… U may come out the closet now…. Dn’t feel nervous, dn’t freak out!….. *Raised glass*

    1. We beat Barcelona, then everybody be like: “Yeah, I knew it, I said it, had the feeling we wud beat them.” LOL!

      Ok, honestly I hoped we get Madrid. Why? What do you think? It’s f**king Rafa!!!

      1. I love Arsenal to a fault, but I don’t still see us taking Barcelona out. I’ll come back to eat my words in this forum if it happens though.

        I liked it when we were top of the league for more than 24 hours…but you’ve got to love the way Leicester are are playing at the moment.
        Chelsea 1 point above relegation. Serious stuff.

        1. Arsenal007, I’ve noted you. I am a fan and a supporter. I don’t believe we can’t win until we’ve lost. This is football. At the beginning of the season it was “who will challenge Chelsea for the title” and now the current reality is that they are battling for survival.

          1. @Godswill, I agree that this is football… Anything can happen.
            I dearly want Arsenal to win the UCL…I have doubts though. I have no doubts we will win the BPL this time round though, but not the UCL.
            As I said, if we beat Barcelona (as I honestly want us to), I’ll be back on this forum to acknowledge my doubts…and I actually do hope so too.

  2. Dear Arsenal : “There really is no way to Defeat ur worst nightmare until u face ur worst fears”!…….


    Truth be told… Barca ain’t so happy facing us as well…..why should they? ….Keep that as a souvenir!

    1. lol…I bet you Barcelona are not worried about this tie. Of course they will not be careless because there is some talent in our squad but Messi, Neymar and Suarez….haha. Either way it will be fantastic to watch. If we are going to go out might as well to Barcelona.
      We will need a miracle to make it through this tie. Now this is the situation where we can term it a MIRACLE if we make through rather than some losing their minds over us needing to win a very inferior Olympiakos 2-0 to make it through (gimme a break, like that was impossible?).

      1. It’s not about miracles it’s about how you play on the day and on our day we can beat anybody. So bring it on and may the best team win. CB

      1. I’ll second that, but I hope Chelsea draw with them today because it looks like there is no stopping them.

      2. @Sack-Wenger
        Exactly. I also want Bournemouth to stay up. I admire Eddie Howe and what he’s done with them.
        At times it seems like our guys get on the pitch and forget all that they’ve done in training. Then when our backs are up against it, they get hardcore.

  3. A more revealing perspective
    Firstly, Giroud is not on Van Persie’s level. He will not match RVP’s best for Arsenal and that is just a fact. Look at the way RVP played that season not just his goals…everything (technique, dribbling, tenacity etc). Van Persie was phenomenal to watch. Giroud does not and will never have the talent, skill, technique and aura Van Persie had while he was here. Secondly, Van Persie came in while Henry and the invincible players were still here so of course you couldn’tt expect him to start week in week out until 3 or so years later. Giroud came in and there was no one to compete with him so the spot was automatically his. Giroud is good but not great. Rather than heap praise, we might do better to hope he continues his form. Not defending RVP because I was devastated when he moved but some of these comparisons are annoying because people don’t take a look at the whole picture when making them.

    Btw…Mahrez is a heck of a player.

        1. lol…just as I was typing he scored. The guy is absolute class. He is Leicester’s best player.
          He has lots of skill, exceptional dribbler and he scores and makes a lot of goals as well.

            1. lol…very true I tell you. This Chelsea debacle is astonishing. Why are they so bad? It will take until the end of the season for them to reset I think.
              Why couldn’t we beat them?

  4. Giroud has improved massively, and the fact that he ever present (Injury free) player makes him much of an asset. He just need to take those simpler chances more seriously.

      1. Almost every week I say it. The guy wow’s. He is fantastic to watch. Exceptional dribbler and there is always an end product to what he is doing.

        1. and he doesn’t dive like robben that wenger hates so much lol they’re saying 25 mil, he’s absolutely worth it.

  5. if leicester somehow wins the league, mahrez could become the first player to break the 100M dollar barrier

  6. Mahrez and Vardy deservedly receive the majority of the plaudits but Kante is an energetic B2B force in the midfield. Great engine.

    LOVE the energy and passion the club plays with, pleasure to watch and admire

  7. Wow Costa misses one on one from 5/6 yards and then Ivanovic point blank from the corner. Ridiculous! Not Chelsea’s season this one…haha.

    1. @muffdiver
      Dude is of the chain good…Seems like he would slot in perfectly as a replacement for Santi.

      1. what? hes good enough to replace santi?

        come on, surely not..jeeze i should watch him
        they only paid 400 k for him thats 2 weeks of james milners wages haha

      2. For Santi? Cazorla plays CM and Mahrez on the wing?

        And is he any good? He’s the friggin Algerian Messi!

        1. would love him just being the algerian Mahrez he is……… Anybody still hearing bout that iranian messi? L()L

        2. @juhislihis
          We slot him in the midfield and he’ll do just fine. His dribbling skills and eye for goals is magnificent…

  8. A record that had not be made by any good coarch in the world is about to be make by The Chosen One, the Special One and the Losing One call ”Mourihno”, the first coarch in the world that took a defending champion to relegation

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