The TWO changes Arsenal will make for next game?

There has been a lot of criticism for the Arsenal manager this week. It’s hardly surprising really after all the great expectations carefully built up over the last eight months were left in a pile of rubble on the Emirates pitch on Sunday.

But while the boss must take his fair share of the blame for his team selection and tactics, the Arsenal players must also shoulder a large portion of the responsibility for their insipid all round and individual performances. And so there must be a few of them whose places in the starting line up are at risk for our next game, which is an away day clash with the Crystal Palace side rejuvenated under Alan Pardew.

And Wenger may well have to rethink his somewhat negative tactics in order to give the Gunners more firepower and threat rather than just tippy tapping the ball around. For me the first change would be to bring Santi Cazorla back into the middle in order to control and create.

And I would not just change the places of him and Ramsey but drop the Welshman altogether and bring a proper wide player in, namely Theo. I am sure that many Arsenal fans will want the boss to hand Alexis Sanchez a start but he looked rusty and I still think it is a risk before he is fully match fit. The Chilean would still be available from the bench if we need him.

The other change I would make would be to bring Arteta in for Coquelin, and not just because the young Frenchman had a bad day, but because the Spaniard is more attacking minded and would give the whole team more chance of creating chances.

What changes, if any, would you like to see Arsenal make?

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  1. Got a mate who works at Emirates, he got hold of Wengers team sheet and look who’s down to play next game…

    1) Belief
    2) Cohesion

    1. Nice one there @CC… made me laugh.
      Did your mate by any chance get a look-in on who Arsene plans to sign? I bet it will be:
      1) Nu wan
      2) Wi tryed

    2. Ozil

      Those 3 are the only world class players in our team .
      You will find players than the rest in teams such as Stokes, west Brom ,West Ham etc

        1. Speak the truth. Rest Ozils sorry a$$ until he’s ready to play. Tired of wRching his weak performances. Belle run and Gabriel should start. Maybe Walcott

    3. Ozil

      Those 4 are the only world class players in our team .
      You will find players than the rest in teams such as Stokes, west Brom ,West Ham etc

  2. I don’t care who Wenger picks against Crystal Palace all I want to see is 100% improvement on our last game. If not heads will role.

  3. i think sachez should play…even though he was rusty he was far better player then the rest…
    plus v cannot take chance in this match as a loss will again turn this season to the path the last few years have gone..

  4. The 2 changes that need to be made are:

    1. Sell a player
    2. Sell another player
    3. Repeat 1 & 2

    #WarChest #IvanKnowsBest

  5. “Arsenal face two months without Czech”

    Oh man, that news headline scared the crap out of me, until I carefully reread the headline again ?

  6. Anyone know where can I buy those rose tinted glasses Wenger wears?
    Plan to wear it whole season!

  7. As long as ozil is benched then im happy,lets select players who actually looks like they want to play. At no10 we need someone with:

    5)Scoring skills

    Ozil can only really do one of those (passing) but thats also on a good day.

    Cazorla on the other hand can do all the above.

    What kind of team plays with a no.10 that is scared to take a shot at goal?

    We literally paid 42mil for passing skills but truly speaking I haven’t seen any passes that warrant that amount yet…still waiting.

    1. @Bartender
      Thank you very much.
      I asked the question a few months back about why did we pay 42 mil for a guy who can only pass, yet was afraid to take on defenders. People came out of the wood work to try and justify his price. I still don’t see it.

          1. I am not being sarcastic or mockin you,
            Man I want to have a pla like you two here πŸ™‚
            So polite with each other, attentive.

    2. Thank you for your view. I repeat Ozil is a waste of money and space. This is his third season at and we are still waiting for him to justify his 42m price tag. He might have had pockets of performances here and there but they are nothing compared to the top AM in the league. I will gladly play Cazorla ahead of Ozil any day. Ozil’s place should be on the bench until he is ready to play

  8. I’ll drop Ramsey. And play Walcott on the flank, Sanchez @ LW and Giroud up top (He is the only striker we have and Crystal palace defenders are tall). Alternatively, I’ll play Walcott up front with Sanchez (LW) and OX (RW). If Ozil don’t step up, I’ll drop him against Liverpool and move Santi @ No.10 position while Ramsey slotting in to partner COQ. If players don’t play with their hearts and are under performing, then freshen things up. Rotation will be key…. Hector should be back too’ even if Debuchy is good. I think I’ll also drop BFG for Gabriel… We can’t afford to lose to crystal palace. Oh Lawd, its looking like last season poor start all over again. A Win against Crystal Palace and Liverpool should make the start relatively good. COYG!

  9. What I find hard to stomach is not one player or the management, have come out and said sorry to the fans about the performance against West Ham. They live in their own little worlds it’s about time this changed.

    1. Sorry?

      It was a match and we got beat, that’s part of the sport.

      No one needs to apologise, no one died, all that is lost is 3 points.

      What’s more important is the team bounce back and come out fighting harder than they did last Sunday, this time better prepared with a lot more quality and ideas.

      My changes against palace would be to add more pace, so in come alexis on the left, Walcott at centre forward, keeping ox on the right. Le coq would keep his place behind Santi and ox. Bellerin and gibbs on the flanks with Gabriel and koscielny. Cech keeps his place

      Bellerin Gabriel koscielny gibbs
      Coquelin cazorla
      Chamberlain ozil alexis

      I don’t think we can get more pace than that from our current squad and I believe we will need counter attacking football against palace and with that team we could shred them to.pieces.

      Ospina, chambers, mertesacker, Monreal, arteta, Ramsey, giroud,

      would be my bench.

  10. Mostly agree.


    Bellerin – Gabriel – Koz – Monreal

    Coquelin – SantI

    The Ox – Ozil – Sanchez


    It’s no insult, we’re a squad, Gabriel needs to start to play alongside Koz. Ramsay has to be benched and depending on Sanchez fitness, the wing roles are between Sanchez, the Ox and Theo (in that order). Given Sanchez came on last weekend, I don’t think Wenger will be able to keep the guy out the team. So Theo’s also there to replace Giroud if we need.

    We need to start putting out our first team, with players in their best positions and back to basics with pace in defence, pace on the wings and stability in the middle.

  11. My 80% guess will be that Arsene being Arsene will field same players, same formation.

    But I get the feeling the general consensus among commentators is that Santiago Cazorla has to return back to playing alongside Coquelin while Ramsey returns to the bench. I agree that Ramsey cannot quite provide the distribution and control that Santi offers in the position next to Coquelin’s. So if the Welshman isn’t starting from the bench, he may as well start from the RW if he must start at all.
    Santi makes Coquelin better = Coquelin allows Arsenal attackers play better.

    Until Alexis fully returns to take his place, this will be my preferred formation.

    Debuchy . Mertesacker . Koscielny . Monreal
    . Coquelin . Cazorla
    Ramsey . Ozil . OX-Chambo
    . Walcott/Giroud

  12. Ozil thrives with pace around of him. Plays better with players on his same wavelength. I would someone to dig up no of chances he has created in arsenal vs goal ratio with that in madrid.

  13. Nobody mentions the Ox-bow incident in giving the ball away for that second goal. I call that Bias~.
    Everyone makes mistakes though

  14. Cech
    Bellrin Gabreal. kos. Gibbs
    Arteta. Coq
    Ox. Cazorla. Sanchez
    this team will destroy Palace and pedrew.

  15. 1)play walcott as striker with ox and iwobi/rene on wings
    2) sit back and defend and play on counters for first half and shift a gear in second half while going forward.
    even if we dont score (highly unlikely), we should not concede, a clean sheet is must to boost confidence of cech

    1. Why do we have to sit deep and defend in the first half when we can just kill games off at HT? Y’all forgot we always seem to take the lead at HT, hold on to the lead, and even score more last season. We tend to play our best games before HT. We hardly win games that we’re behind or haven’t scored before HT. Best thing is just take the game to them. We have enough to win games like this… So because of the loss to Westham we are all back to panicking? Y’all should get your grips together.

      Opinions divided… What do y’all think?

  16. Except we sign another attacker and/or Injury/form issues ruin OX-Chambo’s season, Alexis and Chamberlain will eventually own the wings. Though Theo is our most direct player, at the moment, only those two (Alexis and OX) provide us with the type of balance, energy and creativity needed from the wings.

    I predict a stable front four of :

    OX-Chambo . Ozil . Sanchez
    . Giroud/Theo

  17. Sanchez
    Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez
    Sanchez Sanchez
    Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez Sanchez

  18. I hope he brings Bellerin and Gibbs back if they are fit.People seem to forget how consistent Gibbs has been over the past years.Injuries have halted his abilities a lot.When he was young i thought he was gonna be world class.Monreal inform aint better than Gibbs inform.Debuchy has not won the battle yet to start at right back hence he should come back.Gabriel should have started over Per from day one but for language barrier.Also Ramsey Cazorla and Ozil should not be playing in the same team.

  19. …………………………Cech

  20. A team needs a leader – someone who leads by example by inspiring with their ability and work ethic (Sanchez) or by dominating the team with their personality (Keane) or the threat to shag your girlfriend if you don’t perform (Terry).

    So bring in Sanchez and drop Ozil (off at the airport)

    1. We need big strong players like Keown and Vieira true leaders. Mertesaker, Arteta and Giroud are soft and pathetic leaders. Krychowiak is what we need someone who can beat the hell out of Stoke and Swansea players.

  21. OT: All AFC players have a lot of class and flair. But what they do not have is the FIRE and ENERGY within – it is just plain missing. The winning attitude rolls down to the players through the Management and the Fans. Just see Mou in his last match with only 3 minutes to go he was all over the Doctor for wasting time and a game opportunity. The fiery look on his face and his shouting transfers to the players and they know they have to give all 100% or nothing. Only 3 minutes to go and he still wanted to win the game and with only 10 men. This presented a winning and fiery attitude. I don’t know how Wenger would have reacted to a similar situation I guess he would have been all goody and nice to the Doctor. I know how the Red Nosed would have acted – he would have just kicked the Doctor out!

    1. What Mou has done was utter non sense. For sake of winning you can’t put someones life in danger. Referee called the doc after seeing Hazard condition (if he was feigning that is different).
      Doc’s first duty is to make sure player is fine and then they take them to line to check further. I can’t support Mou on this.

      1. No – the FA or at least Abramovich should step in on this. If Maureen is telling players to go down as a tactic, then he got the punishment he deserves, and he should not pass it on the the doctor.

        The point is that the referee called the doctor on, and it would’ve been unethical and unprofessional if the doctor did not go on. There is always a chance that it wasn’t play acting, and if that had been the case, the doctor would have been totally at fault for not going on. Maureen really needs to be disciplined on this, you can’t play with peoples lives,.

  22. No more excesses Wenger. I can cope with they were lucky but what I can’t cope with is our players not giving their best. Through the hair dryer and the kitchen sink at them:-) I want more and every fan should do as well.

  23. Sign Krychowiak and make him captain. I am tired of lack of leaders at Arsenal. We also dont have any physical player in the team. Gabriel better start ahead of Mertesuker. Bellerin better start ahead of talentless Debuchy. Drop Cazorla or Ramsey. play iwobi or sanchez on left wing and drop Wenger’s pretty boy Gayroud and play Walcott as CF. Ox is good at rw.

  24. i would say that ozil’s assist for giroud’s goal vs aston villa was worldclass nd shows y dat sort of fee was paid for him…d lad needs someone to run unto his passes nd finish dem not someone to “hold-up play”…until we can give him dat,no one should ostracize him.

  25. I think the balance was of for a big reason and that was our right back HB that boy must start
    I would drop BFG and captain of our team would be KOS
    TW to start and I would start A S

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