The 3 Arsenal players that need to step up next season

3 Arsenal Players With Much to Prove Next Season by AI

Arsenal ended the season on a sweet note but not much has been impressive beyond that. Arteta has improved the general play of the team and has consolidated a base to build on. But his pressers has indicated greater ambition to improve. Elements of his tactics from his early tenure shows that Arteta, despite his ability to adapt and counterattack, is forward-thinking at heart. He wants to play expansive football and attack teams rather than sit back. But he wants his team to be defensively sound and hardworking. These are the foundations for a great team in the image of Arsene Wenger, and many a footballer at the Emirates have to prove how fit they are for this philosophy of football. These are for players that are almost certain to be part of Arteta’s squad next season.

1. Emile Smith-Rowe
Two seasons ago, Emile Smith-Rowe announced himself to Arsenal fans with a banger of a goal in preseason. He went on to score three goals in the Europa League, got wooed on loan by RB Leipzig, and went to the Championship last season to save Huddersfield from relegation.

A superb ball progressor with great movement, decision-making and decent dribbling skills, Smith-Rowe can make himself important for how Arsenal move the ball up the pitch.

Head of his graduating class in the academy, can the Croydon Kevin De Bruyne can become the perfect Arteta midfielder and earn a regular role on the pitch next season?

2. Eddie Nketiah
One thing is sure about Eddie: he will always score goals. But can he score enough and work enough to be given regular minutes going forward next season?

It says much about Eddie’s talent that, at one point through the season, he was keeping Alexandre Lacazette on the bench. A hard-working forward with good movement, that key sense of a goal and decent ball-holding quality, Eddie Nketiah has something going for him.

But the 21-year-old is still too raw, too rough around the edges, and amid massive competition in the central forward role from Aubameyang, Lacazette (if he stays) and possibly Gabriel Martinelli, it is easy to fall aside and out of favour.

3. Nicolas Pépé.
18 goal contributions in his first season; goals or assists against Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham and Manchester City; three different managers and a 72 million euro price tag, Nicolas Pepe has had a divisive season.

Bought to complete what is a star-studded frontline, the Ivorian was a true transfer coup for Arsenal. But amid what has been one of the most disastrous seasons at the Emirates, the 25-year-old has chosen his moments to shine.

His first season is done. Going into the next season, he should have a starting spot, the trust of his manager, a better team around him and more space to strut his stuff. Arsenal need him to improve; he has to earn his price, and Nicolas Pépé has everything to do next season.

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  1. Pepe will be great next season. Looking out for Smith Rowe to cease the opportunities he will be given.

    We need at least one more signing in midfield, someone that can hold the ball well and drive forward too, then we are good to go.

    1. S. J, Emile Smith-Rowe could thrive this season, if combined in midfield with Thomas Partey and a specialist DM like Diawara or Marc Roca. Using ESR as the CAM instead of bringing back Danny Ceballos or similar transfer, would free up funds for Partey and a DM. These two transfers are higher priorities in midfield given Arsenal’s current midfielder options, including ESR.

      1. WE need to shift the players out that’s the problem right now why? does everyone go on about Partey Arteta is not MOVE ON PLEASE

        1. towny 254, I don’t disagree with the need to transfer out the deadwood; however do you really believe Arsenal’s midfield is good enough to take the Club forward and help climb the table?

  2. 18 goal contributions !
    Pepe has had a divisive season ?
    I would say that’s a pretty outstanding season in anyones book let alone from a player who’s in his first season in a new country and team .He was also in and out of the team .
    If he can contribute to 18 goals or assists this coming season again I would be more than happy .
    The problem is some fans have this weird fascination about money and what players are worth and how much they earn .
    I find it best to just see what they produce on the pitch and Pepe as had a great season in my book ,improvements needed in some areas but overall not bad .

      1. How do we overpaid for him, when the likes of Maguire is worth 80million and chillwell who hasn’t done anything is worth 50million, you guys wanted us to buy zaha for 80million even though pepe is a more complete player than him, Chelsea paid 56million for morata, man utd is negotiating 100million for an overhype Sancho, Sancho doesn’t even have half of Pepe ability, but you guys still think we overpaid for him, some arsenal fans are so pathetic.

        1. Lol… They’ll come for your head.
          People pretend like to pretend Pepe wasn’t worth the amount we signed him for, coming off the back of last two seasons? I mean for what he did that season, Arsenal fans really expected to buy him for 40 Milli? Or 35 million?

      1. You guys recommend some great shows Sue. I went and saw After Life when you and Dan talked about it a few days ago and never regretted it. It was hilarious. Going through a bad break up, it was actually what I needed. Thank you guys. Dan recommend some more(might have seen it). I think you talked about Mr Robot being one of the top series of the last decade, I saw it before you mentioned it and I agree.

        1. I love it, Kstix and can’t wait for the next season!!
          I’m sorry to hear that – keep your chin up!! You never know, we may have some news – big news! – tomorrow, to put a smile on your face!! (Yeah, yeah, I know 🤣)
          If I come across any others, will let you know…. and you can, always on the look out for a decent watch!!

          1. 😂😂😂Thanks Sue I think we need to lose Against Liverpool on Saturday for the club to act really fast. Talk about making the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. I know I will be gutted to see us lose but I can live with that if that gets us Partey, Aouar, ceballos, Gabriel and Auba all announced next week, I’ll be happy as a kite..

          2. I can’t handle a loss against that lot, Kstix! Imagine the teeth!! It’s the stuff nightmares are made of haha!!
            Well we’ve banked 3m so far… that won’t give us much of an installment plan for Partey 😂 So we really need to pull our fingers out!!!

  3. ESR could be the ideal midfielder we are looking for provided he is groomed properly and is surrounded by a world class midfielder like Partey. Nketiah will get lot of games considering the number of tournaments Arsenal will be playing and he will get a very good opportunity to do much better than this season, and as for Pepe I think he has done a good job in his first season and surely will do much better as time goes on and Willian around, he will get the extra motivation and tips to succeed.

  4. Aouar is willing to spend another season at Lyon if Juventus or City refuse to make a bid this summer.
    It’ll be very hard to convince him to come to us.
    Ceballos wants to come back, he’s very happy here, I hope the club comes to an agreement with Madrid.

    I’m hoping Smith-Rowe won’t turn out to be another Gedion Zelalem. (That boy was a gem).
    Well aside Saka and Martinelli, I should inform y’all ahead, as someone who follows our academy players and watch them.
    The next talented kid that could be bursting out is Omari Hutchinson.
    He started out as a Left Back, the boy gives pure joy if you watch him play, Omari is probably the most skillful player in our academy. Take it from me, you know I don’t talk bout our academy players if I’m not convinced.
    The boy was the better version of Davies in the league category. Skillful and matured to the point he has be converted into a number 10.
    For like the past two years I’ve slowly and quietly watch him, hoping he earns his promotion soon.
    Remember when Nelson was skillful and very technical for the U23, well Omari all his years in our academy has shown he’s light years ahead skillful and technical among his age group.
    He’s 17 and
    He’s part of the U18 now.
    Hoping to see him play for the U23 and senior team soon.

    1. If he plays as an LB, does he have the required qualifications for you to say that he should be converted to CAM? If that is true and if he is in the first team picture soon enough, with enough development, then will it be right for me to say that we have got a player in the mould of Kimmich for that left side of ours? Just asking.

      1. I’m not saying he should be converted.
        He has already been converted into an attacking midfielder, and he’s bloddy solid in that position… Scores a lot, with his foot ft and right foot, scores curlers both in and outside the box.
        We haven’t gotten a Kimmich, Omari is a player looking like the hybrid of Robben/Cazorla/CR7.
        I think you should do your research, you will definitely see lots of YouTube videos about him for someone his age

        1. Eddie, instead of tying Hutchinson up, Arsenal will probably develop him and allow him to leave for a relative pittance like Greenwood and Balogun.

        2. I don’t follow our youth team, so am always excited for news regarding them. You are right, I need to do some research regarding our youth teams, will get to it after my exams finish on 9th. Thanks for the information!

  5. Eddie Nketiah scored 2 goals from 21 appearances! How can you say he has keen sense of goals?

  6. Interesting and controversial point of view from Agbooola that last season was”one of the most disastrous seasons at The Emirates”.

    I’d call it one of the best in recent times for two prime reasons. Firstly, we won a trophy, the world renowned FA CUP and secondly we appointed a man in charge of team matters who I am utterly convinced will be one of our greatest ever managers.

    I’d call it a turning point of a season. To my mind, by far our most dismal season at Emirates was Wengers final one.

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