The 3 Arsenal stars of the season so far!

Three players who have been superb for Arsenal so far by SE

In what has been a moderate start to the campaign for the Gunners, it’s worth mentioning that they have had spirited performances coming from unexpected corners of their squad. When the season started, Ramsey was expected to continue from where he left off last season; Sanchez, although a spark in Arsenal’s season so far, hasn’t really set the stage on fire; Wilshere continues to be a skeptic of his own self. In the meantime, however, Arsenal have had some stellar performances coming from relatively unexpected individuals in their squad:

Calum Chambers
The 19-year old starlet has lived up to his 16 million pound price tag and, through his rollicking performances, earned himself an international call-up from the England manager, Roy Hodgson. More than the perfection to his defensive game, it’s the flamboyance and audacity that has been most impressive about Chambers. At Center-Back, he hasn’t found himself troubled too many times and, having played against the trickery of the likes of Demba Ba and Jovetic, already, Chambers should be up and ready for much bigger challenges that await him.
Performance Rating: 8.8/10

Nacho Monreal
What co-incidence it has been for the Spaniard to step into the shoes of Gibbs, and muster some great displays – both defensively and offensively – for Arsenal. The Englishman’s injury on the opening day of the season meant that Monreal has been able to feature regularly at Left-Back for Arsenal, which, subsequently, has helped him immensely. Otherwise, he would feature one week, and go completely oblivious for a length of time.
Monreal might have much bigger tests awaiting him but, during the first month of the 2014/15 campaign, he has been simply brilliant for Arsenal.
Performance Rating: 8.5/10

Santi Cazorla
The Spaniard, too, has been a tad fortunate to have made regular appearances for Arsenal this season. Barring the odd rusty game against Besiktas in the first leg of the Champions League playoff tie in Istanbul, Cazorla has been of great utility for Arsenal and Wenger. In fact, the Spaniard has created 9 chances for his team mates, second only to Sanchez’s tally of 10. Playing alongside Ramsey in Arsenal’s engine room, for a change, Cazorla has had the license to drive forward and aid Arsenal’s attacks – something he has relished doing. But, with the acquisition of Welbeck – and Walcott set to return to action shortly – the 29-year old’s place in the starting XI could become uncertain. However, he has done himself no harm by utilizing the opportunities that have come his way, during the month of August.
Performance Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thought
Prolific performances from the aforementioned trio can only be a positive for Wenger, who would want all his players fit and firing at any given stage of the campaign. Also, performances from unexpected personnel of the team can keep the more regular starters on their toes, and create a healthy competition for places.

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  1. tnarl says:

    There are no stars in this team so far, please stop exaggerating! It’s too early in the season to jump into conclusions.

    1. JDodge says:

      No, this team is full of stars but they just have to believe in themselves. Once they have that, the likes of Ozil, Sanchez, Ramsey, Walcott etc will be ripping teams apart.

      1. ljgomez says:

        i honestly don’t think santi has been a star
        hes had good games
        but he’s had some really poor ones to
        giving the ball away and also not tracking back

        1. seancali says:

          1. Chambers

          2. Koceinly

          3. Monreal

    2. atid says:

      Totally agree, there has been no stand out performers for me. However to say it has been a moderate start? A 3-0 trouncing of the champions at wembley to clinch yet another trophy. A qualification for the champions league group stages for the 17th season in a row and extending our unbeaten run to 15 matches, wow how many teams can match that moderation?

  2. NickTheYank says:

    How Sanchez isn’t on this list is beyond me. Sanchez’s work rate is second to none and he’s finally getting goals too. I think he or Rambo will be our player of the season.

    Chambers has been stellar and will be an arsenal legend.

    Monreal is definitely turned around from last seasons form.

    Santi has been quite good so far but I’d put Sanchez in his spot of top 3.

    I hope Wenger stops playing Ozil on the left wing because we will not get the best from him until we do. Podolski or Welbeck should be there and Santi or Ozil running the show from the middle.

  3. Greg says:

    For me so far its sanchez, chambers and santi! Coyg!

  4. davidnz says:

    Have to agree with Bob here.
    Chambers Sanchez Nacho.
    But mention also of Debuchy
    Szcz Wilshere Sanogo.
    Two concerns
    1. Thin in the back four.
    Maybe Wenger has a plan? Hope so 🙂
    2. Perhaps not a concern but
    more of a challenge.
    How to accomodate
    Arteta Flamini Wilshere
    Rosicky Walcott Ox Cazorla Ozil Ramsey
    Campbell Wellbeck Sanogo Podolski Bellerin
    Giroud on his return.
    Surely Gnabry Coquelin Ryo
    should either go on loan or be sold.
    Diaby. Hospital mascot?

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Ryo is on loan the Twente I think.

    2. Mesut O-thrilled says:

      lmao at Diaby hospital mascot. and yes Ryo is on loan.

      what is the deal with Gnabry. Haven’t seen him since he was suited up at the FA Cup final…

  5. Mick The Gooner says:

    I just hope we beat City at the Emirates, the only thing that will put my mind at ease over our chances this season…

    1. Mesut O-thrilled says:

      Highly second that notion. Beating City could be a good sign to the squad that we are capable of beating any of our big rivals at home. No more draws!

    2. rools says:

      It will be our test

    3. tafolabi says:

      Honestly, a win over Man City will be superb!
      My main concern is not to loose the match at home to Man City.
      This is not the right time for us to play Man City. However, I have the feeling that Arsenal’s Forwards may be out individually to prove their worth/stake in the Team, thereby bringing the best in them. They sure should build on their supremacy on London soil, carrying on from Wembley last month.

  6. pubgooner says:

    Cazorla pretty good, has been helping the defence as well. Upfront, he is always a threat trying to conjure something out of nothing..

  7. Twig says:

    Hope Wilshere knows it’s a waste of time trying to take on everyone that tries to criticize him…

  8. Greg says:

    Beating man city is all that matters to me! 3 points at the emirates to make this gooner happy! Coyg!

  9. dilla says:

    really been impressed with debuchy, he’s been a huge upgrade from sagna. more pace, more physical, better defending and tracking back, and can actually CROSS into the box-something we’ve been missing for years.

  10. th14 says:

    Id put debuchy and sanchez ahead of cazorla

  11. Mesut O-thrilled says:

    Chambers, Nacho, and Sanchez for me. But don’t forget my guy Kosclieny. Besides that Leicester city goal where he was playing unconscious, I think he has been solid and the most reliable in the back.

  12. pranavTrue Gooner says:

    Fair assesment. I’m soo happy for monreal. He has been solid. Wilshere also looking better

  13. Kentox says:

    Hmmm.,…. For me it’ll be Chambers, Ramsey & Sanchez…
    Chambers > He’s showing potential. Thats gud, i pray he dosen’t end up not Achieving it.
    Ramsey > Not at his best yet but stepped up when it mattered… He scored goals when we needed em’
    Sanchez > Still adapting, but is giving his all on the pitch & scored a needed goal (even though we’ll never win the Competition under wenger).

  14. mark says:

    Sanchez has been great so far! How the article can say he ‘hasn’t really set the stage on fire’ is beyond me..

    5 appearances, 2 goals. He defends, attacks, tackles, runs for 94 minutes and is so tenacious it is almost unreal.

    And he will only get better. For me, Sanchez has been a star so far. Long may it continue.

  15. Young Gun_AFC says:

    Sanchez has been awesome

  16. tafolabi says:

    Just hope he is not going to be run down/burnt out like Ozil last season. However, am happy Welbeck is here to reduce the pressure (stricker) and allow Sanchez to settle well and adapt fully to the English Premier League Football.

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