The 3 BIG plus points for Arsenal from international break

As Arsenal fans, we usually look forward to an international break with something combining p0anic, dread and resignation, as the Gunners have had more than their fair share of players picking up injuries while with their countries.

But this one has actually come at a good time for Arsene Wenger and could be just what Arsenal need to put the slow start to the season behind us and come out with all guns blazing. For one thing, it comes at a time when the Arsenal squad is stretched quite thinly but we have quite a few key players close to a comeback.

And this break gives Arsene Wenger some much needed time to work with his players on the training field, because the World Cup, injuries and our heavy fixture schedule have not really made that possible. And this break is better than usual for us because a lot of the Gunners are not involved for various reasons.

So Wenger will have Mertesacker, Monreal, maybe Arteta, Flamini, Diaby, Coquelin, Sanogo, Walcott, Gnabry and the players from the academy like Isaac Hayden and Gedion Zelalem who can all work hard together and get used to what Wenger wants from them. Also, with Calum Chambers picking up his 5th Premier League booking against Chelsea, it gives the manager a good amount of time to work with Hector Bellerin and get him ready for Hull City a week on Saturday.

Then you have the fringe players like Podolski, Campbell, Ospina and Rosicky who should all get some valuable playing time, so could this be the best international break in many a year for Arsenal?

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    1. …it musts dent wengers ego he has never beaten big mouth…but then he jumps in his porsche 911…gets head the whole way home from a french model..jumps on his waterbed orders pizza delivered by monkeys wearing white tuxedos…8 million a year sounds just lovely

  1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic: I was good enough to join Arsenal – they should have known that without a trial
    yeah wonder if they made park WHO young/giroud & sanogo take trails

    1. Lol just think people if zlatan was in this team
      And was all alone in the dressing room after 6-0 defeat to chelsea

      Who do u think would enter the dressing room at that moment to calm him down
      And what would be his reaction?

      1. they would send in gunnersaurus to calm things- zlatan would kick seven shades of sh*t out of him…dare to zlatan πŸ˜‰

      2. @TMTR
        Kos would break one off in him. Because Zlat would have been part of lettin that azz whoopin happen…

      3. If Zlat was there last year he would be on the bench or the wing while Giroud played through the middle


    2. Ibra knows that Wenger is a P$$sy of a person. Even if we would buy the likes of Ibra, we would probably sold him like we did with all our star players under Wenger.

          1. Well, I wonder how far it is going from A to B, because had Wenger made it early enof from A to B, we could have won.

  2. Since Aug. ’10, no PL-player has conceded more penalties than Koscielny (7). no. 2, another AFC-player: Szczesny (6).

    1. Frankly he is not at fault. He is many times the last men which makes the diff between goal and no goal, and sh$t simple happens. Merti is not helping.

  3. Keane’s book on Vieira and Arsenal tunnel row: “If it had come to a fight, Patrick could probably have killed me.”

    & now we got diaby (our new singing) & then we got players who takes selfies says it all

    1. He’s been comfort eating since Wellbeck came and is the size of a whale. Doesn’t want to be seen in public.

    1. really transfers again? smh …ok…ok…realistic targets:
      marco reus
      e honda
      sub zero
      the chinese kid from indiana jones

      1. We have the Sub zero brothers already in Joel Cambell and Lucas Podolski. Frozen out already rrly bad.

  4. The debate keeps raging on whether Wenger can β€˜still do the job’ or
    Whether Wenger can ever recreate the β€˜invincibles’ team..

    Whether Wenger can adapt and change his tactics in tricky games

    Whether Wenger can ever beat the so called β€˜big teams’

    Whether Wenger can actually spot talent anymore

    Whether Wenger will ever buy a defensive midfielder instead of constantly buying lightweight fancy dans with no spirit or manly (wilshere apart) power to ever realistically win a PL title??

    Or adequate defenders that aren’t constantly making errors or found floundering because they are as slow as hell when we are on the attack and look helpless against any team with an ounce of pace!

    Whether Wenger can ever get us past the last 16 in the CL

    Or whether Wenger can actually win us the PL ever again..??

    The simple answers to all these questions are within everyone who know anything about football..

    What can be done….?

    1. Wenger is immune of losing and being shamed. What Arsenal needs is total failuare to get rid of him once and for all. Shock therapy

      1. Totally agree..

        I guarantee you will get comments on here after worthless victories
        Against the cannon fodder of Europe and he BPL from Fickle fans shouting off at how great certain players are and how ‘le prof’ is masterful and genius..

        The problem is that these victories are false.. These victories are papering over the HUGE Canyons of mediocrity running throughout the team..

        Wanting arsenal to lose is blasphemy .. But I understand your reasoning.. However we’ve had embarrassing results in the past and look where that got us…Wengers here for some time yet – we’ve just got to hope… ???

        It will never change until Wenger decides enough is enough but Wenger feels he can still win the BPL …!!!!!!
        So like most on here, expectations have now been lowered so far that we can’t really be too down after that defeat yesterday..
        I for one expected it, and there will be more expected defeats this year than most, purely because Wenger has failed yet again in strengthening the right areas!

        1. @p-t-n
          Victories are victories dude. They all count and have as much worth and are as real as any loss. Just as last season Chelsea and MC might have beaten big teams yet were beaten by the “cannon fodder” of the BPL.

  5. I simple dont know what to think of Arsenal anymore. I always had great hopes but the truth kinda is tough. We where always close in being a big club but nowdays it seems that we are way to far away from it.

    What made me smile about Arsenal last game was.

    Flamini elbowing the shet our of Costa, and him being to scared to respond after he saw that Flamini was kinda not of the same sort of player he is used to fight against.

    Wilsher totally ignoring Fabregas, and s#$ring at Terry, bec of him trying to make the ref take Koscienly off.

    Winning is not everything. Not trying is what makes Arsenal so ugly to watch lately.

  6. As you all might know. I have been an Arsenal supporter for 41 years. If our great club carries on like it is we will end up a mid table club. No player will want to join us because of the boards and Wenger’s ambition. I am fed up with all the negative stories about our club but I am starting to think they all can’t be wrong. Can we all please get together for the sake of our club. post an email, wright a letter or protest.

    Thank you and you will see that the fans have got more say than you think.

    1. Andrew.. Many hundreds if not thousands agree with you but to actually implement your suggestions will be nigh on impossible..?

      The majority on here see the problems and some become so despondent feel so deflated they can’t be arsed to comment because it is as we all predicted ‘groundhog day’

      You would need a good few thousand to overthrow Wenger ( or get him to change his philosophy) if ever possible with constant banners and match day demonstrations … This ain’t guna happen with the corporate majority attending and Wenger/board officials keeping their big bro eye on trouble makers..

      I guess the way governments are overthrown could be the way forward..?

      1. I keep on going back to other teams and how their supporters react. Would Wenger have survived at Chelsea, Man United or Man City the answer is no. It’s time for the supporters to make a stance or stop moaning.

        1. You are dead right.. No other team in world football would reward a manager for perpetually failing for so long…
          We were once a well respected powerhouse of domestic and European football..

          What have we become….?

          A laughing stock of Europe and domestically..!

          I watched the game on sky yesterday and although Gary Neville was a twat of a person and player, I respect him hugely with his football analysis.. He is spot on in everything he says regarding our team and previous teams.. I’m not repeating it but we both know.
          Even souness, I don’t always agree but he says our soft centre and persistent lack of replacing top,players with top players.. We don’t have a winner in midfield.. He said flamini has the heart but is just ‘not good enough’
          EVERYONE can see it.. It’s painful and often embarrassing watching us cave into the bigger more powerful teams …

  7. Stop bull shitting us Wenger!!!!! Quote we will only buy players that will improve the team, I can think of at least 5 positions that can be improved.

  8. Idear start a facebook page (we are unhappy about the way Arsenal is run) I will like it straight away. Over to you everyone we can all make a difference.

  9. Interesting Stats Wenger vs Mourinho
    W 0
    D 5
    L 7

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  10. Instead of players that we are linked with but never actually buy.. Who would most like to replace Wenger when he eventually leaves..???

    My money is on Guardiola.. @33/1 Is a good price for someone who once stated he liked our footballing philosophy..?
    How about these..
    Diego Simeone, slaven billic, Michael laudrup Joachim low, jurgen klopp, guus hiddink, fabio cappelo, Mancini, otto rehhagel , unai emery, luciano spalleti,ottmar hitzfield..?


  11. Some of you guys make me f**kn laugh. If you think that getting rid of AW is going to herald in a new era of football dominance for AFC, think it over thoroughly.
    Then get back to me…
    I’ll wait.

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