The 3 players Wenger will spend £150m Arsenal transfer kitty on?

With Arsenal Football Club going against the wishes of a large section of the fanbase by handing another two year contract to our long serving but often under fire manager, it was always going to be imperative that Arsene Wenger was given a large transfer budget in order to change the pattern of recent seasons and challenge for the Premier League title.

Once it was clear that all of our big EPL rivals would have Champions League football to offer potential signings as well as the financial clout to buy them, Arsenal’s task in the transfer market seemed tougher than ever, so the club has reacted by giving the Frenchman a huge budget of £150 million to spend this summer, reports the Daily Star, and even the promise of more if it is needed to secure the right players.

As reported by The Independent, though, Wenger has suggested that he will be looking to sign just three new stars to boost the Gunners, so who do you think they might be? I think we can forget about the young Monaco striker Kylian Mbappe as everyone seems to want him and the prices being talked about are crazy but I would expect a top quality and established forward to be one of the three, perhaps Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon.

I also think that a top class defender should be on the list, with names like Van Dijk being heavily thrown about by the football press. After that I suppose we are looking at a midfielder but as we do not really know which current Arsenal players may be leaving or just what Wenger’s vision for the future is, your guess is as good as mine.

How would you like the boss to spend the £150 million Arsenal cashpot in this summer’s transfer market?



  1. michael nii lamptey says:

    i want mr wenger to sign alex lacazzette,mahrez and douglas costa

    1. Kostafi says:

      Lacazette £50m , Mahrez £40m, Turan £25m- the rest should go to sorting out Sanchez and Ozil contracts! Once done- get the broom out and clear out deadwood- Sanogo, Jenko, Debuchy, (it hurts to say) Wilshere, and Gibbs. Campbell on loan can go, as can Szeczsney with a buy back clause. Asano has me as baffled as Park from a couple of years back so he can get on his bike too. If Ospina wants out, then fine (reluctantly). The above should fetch £50m to £65m. Another goal keeper (not Pickford- £30m for an understudy is ridiculous), a right back/wing back as Bellerin understudy (or Maitland-Niles)

    2. Charlie says:

      I’ve seen Douglas Costa being talked about elsewhere too but why would Bayern sell a player that has been consistently brilliant for them and why would a key player in the Bayern team want to leave to join Arsenal ?

    3. Taxi4Wenger says:

      Arsene will re sign 3 players as the 3 new signings:

      Brokeback kalstroom
      ICU room diaby

      1. Tat says:

        We need to resign lord bentdner.

    4. John Westlake says:

      Changes Wenger needs to make
      Mbread and Buppy from Monaco ($115m),

      Aubamalangadingdong from Dortmund ($62m)

      Seroi from Nice ($30m)

      Pickford from Sunderland ($20m)

      Using any money from the Dead Wood stage sales (Buy a Right Back and a Center Half)

      Passengers for the Deadwood Stage
      Sanogo, Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenjinson, Walcott, Chambers, Ospina, Campbell, Gabrielle, Coquelin, Szczesny, Elneny, Wilshire, Perez, Akpom

  2. Scott says:

    I am confused. Wenger has 150m to spend but is that on top of the 140m just received from the premier league for our finishing position?

    Just buy the players to make our club great again. You have the money!

    1. Rkw says:

      And on top of money we makes from sales? Ffing typical business as usual corporate dishonesty has taken just a few days to return … 3 world class players are certainly needed if we are to compete … 2 attacking options and one to replace carzola … if we have left back sorted for free .. am willing to see that as a successful summer providing we get rid of deadwood and unless all or any of Sanchez ozil and bellerin leave .. which will require additional replacements

    2. funkyrith says:

      you dont count the 192M wage bill we have?

    3. Nebsy says:

      But he has to fund another kroenke’s ranch in the American mid-west, so no expensive transfer this time around either. But don’t you worry, he’ll find suitable replacements for Sanchez and Ozil. Not world class, of course, but almost as good.

  3. OZ11 says:

    Why would we need a defender ? There is no sense in buying a defender whether we go 3 at the back or 4 at the back. A good renowned striker Lacazette/Belotti/Aubameyang/ etc….. kind of player is the top priority.

    Then looking at rumours of Turan, Mahrez. Lemar maybe a winger is on the horizon too. None of them are wingbacks so will play behind the striker in 3-4-3 formation and wingers in 4-3-3 formation.
    We havent been linked much with midfielders even though we really need the next cazorla in our ranks soon, Ramsey and Xhaka looked good in the latter part o season will see them again in pre-season and then the curious case of Mr. Wilshere a great player on his day if that day ever comes.

    I really dont know what to hope or expect in this transfer window, just keeping my fingers crossed

    1. bran99 says:

      Koscielny is getting old

    2. Frank says:

      If Wenger signs Turan and Mahrez, it is to soften the blow on Sanchez and Ozil leaving.
      So if that comes true the three players (plus the two above) I would sign for £150 are,
      Javier Martinez from Bayern
      Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from Dortmund
      Moussa Dembele from Celtic
      But Wenger also needs to buy another CB to replace Mert retiring.

  4. SAMF says:

    Kolasinac free (not counted) …
    Top striker (Auba, Cavani, Lukaku, Lacazete, or Mbappe)
    Top Winger (O. Dembele, Costa, Lemar, Di Maria, Mihrez or Turan)
    Mid (Nainggolan, Gueye, or Bakayoko)
    No need for new defender, just focus on the attack side, and most important give Sanchez what he wants, Ozil salary max 200k/w or he can go …
    Perez (he wont play under Wenger)
    Theo (long ago)
    Per (he said it)
    Wilshere (too much injury)
    Jenkinson (not good enough)
    Debuchy (not good enough)
    Under study for next 4 monthes :
    Stick with Wenger for two more season is so so hard …
    One can dream …

  5. Nebsy says:

    I think it will be the following three players:

    – Hashtag
    – Fake
    – News

    By the way, has anyone seen the new 3rd kit? It looks so cool. I think I should buy it, especially since we have a 150 million quid kitty that we’ll DEFINITELY spend on top signings like Hashtag Fake News!

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      im gonna buy an Arseanl ‘MUG’…no fans more deserving of such quality items made in china.

      1. Nebsy says:

        Good idea, kind sir. That’s exactly what every Arsenal fan deserves. A MUG. And maybe an Arsenal mop. And definitely tissues.

  6. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    If Wenger keeps hold of Sanchez, Ozil and The Ox then maybe the addition of 3 signings should just about be enough to challenge for the Wenger trophy, next season.

    Personally, I think that we’ll need around 5 new signings to challenge for the league title.
    AM +ST or 2x ST

    In the meantime, Wenger is in the news crying about one of his nearly signs… Utd’s M,Carrick ??fork my.

  7. dennis the menace says:

    Wenger ‘the fraud’ already mentioned that he will sign max of 2-3 players this summer
    1. Kolasnic
    2. that henry guy
    3. Cazorla – will be like a new signing

  8. McLovin says:

    Aubameyang £65 mils
    Lemar £25 mils
    Goretzka £20 mils

    Rest of the 40 mils to cover Sanchez’ and OX’ new contracts

  9. JPS_AFC1 says:

    150 mil Belotti , Isco , Douglas Costa, Idrissa Gueye , Kolisinac (free) and Van Dyke

  10. bran99 says:

    If that’s the war chest Wenger has, I think Mahrez is Ok, and a striker will be good. but I think we should hijack Salah from Liverpool’s nose. that guy is a gr8 winger, very fast and we should sell Walcott who’s still living in his prospect era, or Lemar will do.
    A strong DM will be very crucial, the middle is soft with Xhaka, he is slow and aggressive (a red on progress), Coq had his time and now no longer the same..

  11. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Need a left wing back and a right wing back. That would free Ox to go back to his natural position in the middle instead of Ramsey and then Mahrez.

    That doesn’t really look too good though if Ozil and Sanchez leave.

  12. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Ozil has posted a picture of himself behind the wheel of his car, on social media. His tag as change to ?M10 ?…. Which could mean that he has Signed a new contract and got the number 10 shirt… Bye bye Jack wheelchair ?

    1. Nebsy says:

      It actually means that he’s got a number 10 in his national squad. I’ve looked it up.

  13. RichSAAlao says:

    Good, Le Prof is staying. Just buy a set of players who are going to be willing and ready, be very ready to play whenever the manager wants them to play. It is enough of having disgruntle great players.
    I prefer physically strong and 120 minutes durability performers, ability to improve over the contract period( So past development should be considered) and big games stand-out acceptable performance.
    Any name that has plenty of those qualities would be fine, definitely we now know that ”Huguine ” is not one to fit-in, AKB.
    Hope by two years football would have brought up better coach and manager than an Allegri, or that Pep Would be available then.

  14. Uwot? says:

    If the tightwad ( ditherer) does spend supposed warchest(season ticket renewal time-cough!!cough!)it should be on a goalie ,van dick,le ar,tolliso & mapped.end of.

  15. INFINITI says:

    Wenger should definitely sign Sead Kolasinac as Monreal is leaving. Sead Kolasinac had a great season with 3 goals and 5 assist. He is also a smart and aggressive player.

    Wenger should also sign a CB which I recommend Van Dijk for the 3-4-3 system. Having Holding back there is definitely not safe and secure due to his age. He needs more experience while Van Dijk plays at the starter.

    Wenger should also sign Aubameyang as he is a fast goalmachine. The current striker, Olivier Giroud is useless in the 3-4-3 system as his dribbling and pace is weak. Furthermore, he had a fantastic season with 31 goals, Arsenal definitely needs a goal scorer in the team.

    If Wenger signs the three players above, the team will look so sick:
    Sanchez Özil
    Kolasinac Ramsey Xhaka Chamberlain
    Mustafi Koscielny Van Dijk

    Also, there are rumours that Arsenal is going to buy Riyad Mahrez, Henry Onyekuru (top scorer of Belgium Leugue and is named the best player of the league in case you don’t know him), Pablo Fornals, Arda Turan and even Luka Modric.

  16. Gworm says:

    Just watched Sead Kolasinac on Youtube, he looks like a strong boy who’s not afraid to put his foot in! I’m happy with him as 1st signing. Dembele as the striker could be a really good value alternative to all the top names who would cost a fortune. I don’t think we need another defender because we have Chambers and Beilik as backup, but I agree that a hard tackling, mobile midfielder would add to the squad. After that I’d prefer to see the kids like Maitland-Niles, Reine-Adelaide & Co being given a proper chance for squad rotation.

  17. Ezekiel Mphaninga says:

    Regardless of the dire need for strengthning at Arsenal, Wenger will as usual sign the following: -DEAL DONE, DEAL CLOSE and CONFIRMED

  18. ajekorkor says:

    No matter what we think Mr wenger has set his mind on something else and return the money back to the board.

  19. GoonerSean says:

    Van dijk, Turan, mahrez, lacazette are all affordable and available so no excuses this time mr wenger

    1. John Smith says:

      Need more then 3 and AW knows that

    2. bran99 says:

      he doesn’t like to be told who to buy, he thinks he is the only genius at at Arsenal so he’ll give Sanogo and improved contract and buy Onyekuru, with kolasnic, that’s 3 players as promised

    3. Nebsy says:

      “But eeeer, we made ze bid, it wasn’t accepted. You cannot say we zidn’t trai.”

  20. John Smith says:

    Just get rid of KG CC MD SC JW CG Sorry BFG as new defending coach LP OG DW get rid and free up cash. Then replace with a CB A RB DM AM CF RW

  21. Charlie says:

    Van Dijk will go to one of the teams in the Champions League, City or Liverpool most likely. Mahrez is an interesting one considering the contract between his last two seasons but I Think you need to look at how good he can be and then aim to get the best out of him. Hazard was no worse in the previous season to how Mahrez was last season. If the bid of £95m for Mbappe is genuine I cannot see how Monaco can reject that. Yes they have billionaire owners but with Financial Fair Play in effect these gusy cannot spend from their personal bank accounts. That sort of Money can keep Monaco ahead of PSG for the next few years if spent wisely. It’s not like Selling a Bale or a Suarez, Mbappe is not the only star of that squad even if he has the most potential. Bernardo Silva was probably as influential and they let him go for a fraction of that amount.

  22. Macdon says:

    I think we need just three players as mentioned by wenger a center forward, a midfielder, and a central defender. For a striker I think mpappe is big risk I would go for morata/Auba/lukaku/belloti I think lacacette is too short for epl, then in midfield bakayoko/Martinez/W. Calvalho/R. Barkley, for central defense van dijk or smalling if Manu sells or if we sell paulista, but if no sell C. Defense then no buys, then maybe we can get Maghrez in a swap with theo Walcott, then Henry and mahrez in the bench waiting, we have already bought a left fullback

    1. Abel says:

      How tall are Aguero, Defoe and Gabriel Jesus? Come to think of it. How tall were Ian Wright and Micheal Owen?

  23. Oshmann says:

    If d bid for kyllian mbappe is true (cos I don’t think wenger would spend that much) then the three players should be mbappe,mahrez and maybe Arda Turan(he still has somethings to offer with his experience)..
    Gibbs can go since kolasinac’s deal is about to be announced! Let’s have faith in mustafi,kos,rob and maybe get a back up for them cos I’m not really feeling Gabriel!
    Ox should be given a new contract,alexis too and maybe ozil just signed going by his last post on his IG page..
    belotti or lacazette can come in if we can’t get mbappe..And honestly I don’t know what he would do with theo,but I think Perez should be persuaded to stay at least one more year cos I believe he has a lot to offer us!! When d Season comes,lets get behind the team as usual!!

  24. Spendah says:

    Aubameyang (70m)
    James Rodriguez (40m)
    Defender that can actually defend (up to 40m)

    And I’ll be a very happy gooner.

  25. donzona says:

    The first and foremost thing for Mr. Wenger to do is tie down Alexis Sanchez And Ozil with a new lucrative long term contract before going about signing 3new players.

  26. Joseph says:

    It’s gonna be interesting if we buy Mahrez, Morata with Kolasnac being the first signing we can experience new Arsenal spirit. But I would much prefer if we buy typical striker after Morata an Mahrez since Colasnic is not being included in the 150mill target; so Aubumayang or Lacazette would be ideal. You know fans may prefer many players to come in but I think that’s not a solution since team like Arsenal can not b completely reshuffled lest we can hugely face disaster. It not simple to replace harf of the team and still maintain team spirit; it’s absolutely impossible to fix all players In just one season. Fans mostly better how to point a problem but never able to even improvise one; though Wenger has shotfalls but understands How to do with his team. 3 good players are not bad addition, even one player can bring huge impact an bbalance.

  27. Kenima says:

    Wikipedia already has Kopasinac as an Arsenal Player. Welcome Kolasinac.

  28. Oshmann says:

    If d bid for kyllian mbappe is true (cos I don’t think wenger would spend that much) then the three players should be mbappe,mahrez and maybe Arda Turan(he still has somethings to offer with his experience)..
    Gibbs can go since kolasinac’s deal is about to be announced! Let’s have faith in mustafi,kos,rob and maybe get a back up for them cos I’m not really feeling Gabriel!
    Ox should be given a new contract,alexis too and maybe ozil just signed going by his last post on his IG page..
    belotti or lacazette can come in if we can’t get mbappe..And honestly I don’t know what he would do with theo,but I think Perez should be persuaded to stay at least one more year cos I believe he has a lot to offer us!! When d Season comes,lets get behind the team as usual!!

  29. Midkemma says:

    Wenger said a max of 3 and then he talked about how other teams have greater funds, this I took to mean we will only be able to make 3 respectable transfers and then that will be the funds blown.

    If Arsenal are pushing Wenger to spend and compete, 3 players is the max we can look at and then some for the future for minimal fee and not worth counting for next season.

    I bet the 3 will be a CF, AM and a CM.
    Rumors of Lacazette for around £52 million and Auba for £60 million still persist and we know Wenger likes MBappe. CFs.
    Lemar from Monaco and Mahrez are AM, rumors for them still keep coming.
    CM lastly, Seri from Nice? Wenger is there… well pics of him with Gazidis in Nice has shown up for random rumors. Could be on way to another city though and just taking a break in the Nice weather (pun intended!). We have been linked to Tolisso and that Juve CM as well.

    How much do you think 3 of those players will cost? If we get MBappe for around £100 million then we might only be able to get 1 more with the £50 million left… Might get Lemar for less than that or Mahrez has been rumored to cost that much…
    Excluding MBappe then we could afford around £50 million per player multiplied by 3. I do say around, Lacazette rumor is £52 million and Mahrez £50 million so this would leave £48 million for a CM….

    Wenger did say 2-3 players…

    Wenger does also say that if we sell any players then they of course need to be replaced.

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