The 3 reasons Arsenal WILL sign Khedira in January

With Arsenal once again showing our soft underbelly with a tame performance and a disappointing draw with Hull City at the Emirates yesterday, the need for more power and fight in the squad has become more urgent than ever. And according to the latest Arsenal transfer rumours, Arsene Wenger is finally ready to act and bring in Sami Khedira in the January transfer window.

There have also been reports that Chelsea and Juventus want the Germany international but it seems that the Gunners are in pole position for a number of reasons. According to an Evening Standard report, the 25-year old has been swayed by to of the current Arsenal squad that won the World Cup with him this summer. Mertesacker and Ozil have been singing the praises of Arsenal and have even convinced him to lower the £150,000 a week wage demands that put paid to the transfer being completed this summer.

And then there is the matter of timing, with Chelsea and Juventus keen to take him on a free transfer next summer once his contract with Real Madrid expires. Arsenal, on the other hand are keen to bring him in as soon as possible, especially if Carlo Ancelotti continues to ignore the midfielder for the Champions League games. Having Khedira able to play for us in the knockout rounds would be a huge bonus and could easily offset the transfer fee.

And that fee is the third reason for Arsenal to be in pole position, because Madrid would rather get something for their player. It’s not as if they are even using him anyway. Khedira was an unused sub again as Madrid beat Levante yesterday and unless they suffer injuries to the likes of Modric, Kroos and Illarramendi at the same time, they will happily sell him in January.

So keep chatting with him, Per and Mesut, and get the chequebook out Arsene. It could just save our season!!

VIDEO – Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview…looking depressed…

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  1. I do think there is a high chance we will sign him and that he is a quality player, however with the combination of Arsenal’s curse and his injury record.. I doubt we’d see him play much!

    1. With our training methods khedira and diaby would just end up having fifa marathons in the medical room

    2. not that much different from what we already have. We need an heavyweight bruiser ,not another pretty player.
      His injury record is another thing.
      i would rather sign shneiderlin.

    3. Three reasons why Arsenal will sign anyone in January? Because:
      1. AW is toast if he doesn’t do something (and his salary of 8 million would be in danger).
      2. AW is toast if he doesn’t do something (and his salary of 8 million would be in danger).
      3. AW is toast if he doesn’t do something (and his salary of 8 million would be in danger).
      Arsenal FC for the last 10 years has been run for the benefit of Arsene Wenger not for the benefit of Arsenal FC. (Arsenal FC have paid a manager about 80 million to win the FA cup!)

  2. The difference between us and hull was simple they had that huge as dude DIAME hes a beast hes big strong and knows how to win a fight. This is what we don’t have and this is why we need Khedira.

  3. Doesn’t matter whether we sign khedira or not we need about 5 in and 5 out and Wenger really is struggling to get our players motivated at times.

  4. Yes unless Mourinho wants to be a van dijk about it. Mourinho seems to me to be very manipulative and vengeful. He may take him out of spite

    In a way I wish Wenger was a tiny bit like Mourinho. If that was the case he wouldn’t have sold Van Pursestrings to United and would have taken Fabregas for two reasons 1. Best midfielder in the league and 2. Wouldn’t basically hand over the title to Chelski.

    Wenger is so stubborn and arrogant. He has been asked several times if he regrets not signing Fab and replied No. If Chelski win the PL, Champions League Wenger will still reply “No”

    1. in today’s Telegraph sums it well:

      Wenger coaches like a Director of Football, while Jose Mourinho (as a comparison) directs like a football coach. While he is at Arsenal they will continue to be safely among the top four and occasionally push for a trophy win in one of the several competitions they enter. Mourinho is brutal, spends for the now and at the bare minimum demands that his team competes in every competition. Mourinho is tactically adept, sometimes winning games with the decisions he makes during a match, Wenger just puts different players on

    2. If Fabregas had signed for us we would still be nowhere near the title so us signing him or not is irrelevant in my opinion.
      I’m struggling to see how Wenger can continue as our manager can’t motivate has the incompetence to only have 6 defenders when we started the season a panic buy in wellbeck not that I don’t like Wellbeckwellbeck but we needed him anyway not just when Giroud was injured failure to sell players like Podolski Miyachi Monreal and Ozil in my opinion is costing us.
      I think he’s floored in almost every department right now as our manager.
      This season will be a long trophyless one hopefully scraping 4th but maybe us not making the champions league might be a blessing.
      Even if we had the best players in the league on paper I actually think Wenger would some how F*ck it up.

        1. Exactly, Cesc would have made a big difference for us.
          We simply don’t have a player of his class in his position.

        1. 25 shots on goal yesterday! No creativity!?
          Also don’t start the Wilshere bashing he’s actually bin of 1 our better players this season.
          And oh please!! like we would have bin much better of with Fabregas.
          It’s glaringly obvious our manager is the problem and some of our players are to comfortable on there high wages and low expectations.

          1. And this SEASON isn’t limited to one game…
            How many chances did we create against, CPalace, Everton, Chelsea, Leicster, Spurs, Beskitas, Dortmund, Southampton.
            We have been dire this season.

          2. @erg.. Shots at what? That shows that we were just shooting on sight because we could not create any clear cut chances.. So what we did was, keep shooting on sight and hope for the best..

            We lack creativity in the team..


          3. Wiltshire one of our best players??? Wise up.

            Just because he runs around like a fly in a jar (and gets about the same result) you think he did well?
            Do you even watch football?
            Jack is a busy fool, runs around, accomplishes nothing!

            So one player doesn’t make a difference? Tell that to Liverpool, tell it to Chelsea where Cesc is leading the premier league in assists.
            tell that to UTD when Wenger handed them the title by selling RVP (did the same for Chelsea by not signing Cesc).
            What a completely stupid thing to say that one player can’t make a difference.

      1. Cesc would have made a big impact, don’t even try it…. Name me any Arsenal midfielder in the current Arsenal team that has multiple qualities Cesc brings to the team?

        They all have 3-4 qualities of of 9 that cesc has.. The main problem right now is that without Ramseys goals and form we are struggling to create chances..

        We keep passing, passing and passing some more, get in and around the penalty box and look like League one quality..

  5. Wow. Great end to the QPR Liverpool game. Liverpool actually looked like scoring when they hit QPR on the break. Why? They were quick and direct.

    When we break we start off quick, slow down at the halfway line and stop completely about 2/3 up the pitch to let the other team’s defence get back. Then we just resort to the usual passing from side to side.. It’s not as if we don’t have the pace in the team to hit teams on the break, we have the pace to blow teams away on the break, we just don’t execute it properly..

    1. @Mick The Gooner
      QPR gave them that match. 2 costly errors gave Pool 2 goals(OG’s) out of the 3. QPR looked hungrier and was more of a threat. Liverpool was ran over.

  6. There was so much optimism this summer. 1. We had just won the FA Cup
    2. We had made 3 excellent signings in Sanchez, Chambers and Debuchy
    3. We won the Community Shield

    However, it has been ruined by Wenger in 3 ways;
    1. Poor tactical and positional methods
    2. Not making key signings of world class striker and DM
    3. A depleted Defense

    BUT all is not lost if Wenger makes 3 big signings in January to make up for the summer signings failure and plays more sensible tactics

    As awesome as United, Chelsea and City’s offense is, there defense is not of the same quality. We are just 3 signings away from being as good or even better then them.

    The ball is in Wenger’s court. Our seasons outcome rests on his decisions in the next couple of months.

    1. Unless those 3 signings are hummels, Javi martinez and Cavani i dont think we’ll be better than than chelsea or city…

    2. I agree with you but Chelsea and City have a good defense man across the back four, Sagna, Mangala Kompany, Zabaleta, Kolarov, Terry, Cahil, Azpilicuet, Ivanovic, now that’s a flippin good reliable mature defence at their prime.

      1. I don’t think City have a good defense.. Spuds absolutely made them dance Ballet all game. The difference was Aguero, but City look weak in midfield too, they had Fernando and Fernandinho but everytime Spuds broke, the 2 could not catch them..

    3. I agree with you 100%. If Wenger cannot bring in those 3 types of signings mentioned in Jan, then he has to go as it is blatantly obvious that is exactly what we need. My opinion on Wenger has been for the most part mixed, but ultimately he has my support until Jan and everything should rest upon the actions he takes/does not take come Jan transfer window. He has the cash backing, he has the support, now it’s time to act Wenger.

  7. If khedira has any sense he will run in the opposite direction why would he want to sign for a bunch of losers him alone would not solve our problems he is not a holding midfielder which we are crying out for and we need at least 2 more defenders to even get anywhere near having enough quality to challenge for anything!

  8. Whoever we sign they too will eventually get injured or decline in quality and enthusiasm. We need to raise the profile again for our team as we’ve forgotten about our history and previous success. Also wenger needs to spend big on defensively minded players not just skillful midfielders. About time we see the odd six foot plus, 14 stone plus fighter in our team. @fredc. Chelsea and cities defence not a s good as ours? Eh!? Ivanovix, cahill, kompany, zabaleta, kolarov, mangala and ao on all better than our players at the back, the only one I’d keep is kos and gibbs as cover. Chelsea and city are physical soldiers at the back!

  9. guys like me believe in the end
    the end is important than the beginning. hope you remembered what happened to arsenal/liverpool/man city last season…..
    lets see what this team will achieve at the end of the season…
    no need carrying any wenger out or wenger in banners,its only gives u more health problems..
    the season is still a long way to go,
    we have lost just once in the League but our game is not very impressive that does not mean that wenger has to die…
    FOR the wenger out fans I advice you stay calm and hope for the best cos you cant really do anything about what happens at Arsenal, we are fans not the board/wenger….

  10. The problem is that Arsenal cannot recognise where one chapter in its history has closed and another is about to open.

    In fairness Wenger is not entirely culpable, if the board of directors is willing to keep him on at £8 million a year and seemingly be happy with Arsenal finishing merely in the top four then he would be a fool to walk away from that.

    The problem is there is no one to influence the board to make that decision. Arsenal fans are a myopic bunch who moan about the status quo but do nothing about it. In fact, there is a general lack of motivation and commitment in all aspect of the club.

    If things continue as they are we might as just well write Arsenal off for good as there is nothing much going for them without commitment – one bad season at Man United and all hell broke loose and what happens at Arsenal after ten years of garbage ? NOTHING !!!!

    Change is needed and the sooner the better….

  11. No disrespect but to me, kondogdia would be the better DM for us to sign, he is more physical, tracks back a lot to win balls , has pace, and is less injury prone!

    1. Khedira?That would be some serious lack of ambition..Not young..permanently injured..nothing special about his play.most likely high wages..ok then

  12. No disrespect to sami khedira, but to me kondogbia would be the better DM for us to try and sign! Kondogbia has pace, is aggressive, is less injury prone, and tracks back to win balls a lot when lost in midfield!

  13. Khedira is a good player but he is so injury prone.. We have enough injury prone players already.. As good as Khedira is I just don’y want another over paid expensive injury prone player taking up space that could be taken up by another player..

    We have Diaby, Wilshere, Ramsey, Podolski, Sanongo etc who are all injury prone players, and now you want to waste more money on a player that is the only one who can compete with Diaby for the most injury prone trophy?


  14. We have enough injury prone players in the team.. No another one please, there are other players out there..

  15. West Ham are in the top 4 and have been giving it hell this season so far. Alex Song has been the anchor in their midfield and I believe he is one of the reasons for their success thus far. Arsenal should bring him back as well as sign another top DM like Schneiderlin or Lars Bender. I always thought we made a mistake selling Song, and I still do. He was nothing but brilliant for us.

  16. i saw the Liverpool and Southampton match both teams are performing and scoring a goals especially when i see the unlucky arsenal being taken to regrets and chelsea are the same but with more interested group of players,staff and managers and ours is like we are conceding a lot of goals due to defensive issues and old village idiot is asked whether they should have signed a defensive player old fool replies you people don’t see the match and not knowing what he said and the media has got the frenchie by his nuts and when squeezed blood is more than just will come out, i can’t say i hope he leaves cause the board only took questions they liked the BBC journo showed right down his throat asking cut-throat questions the way i like it. I would like all arsenal fans to be happy after we finish 5th cause then a good sack or a possibly some life threatening problem can only change the mentality of the club

  17. I dont blame Wenger for using the plot. There are no football people on the board who know how to manager a football club. Sure the money is important, but the Fans have to be always in the center of the focus. Without the fans there is no club, no manager, no board no nothing. The fans have the ultimative power, but people are a bit lazy and some are way to overtached to the past, so they tend to be all forgiven.

    I know that The board are no football people and only care for the money. But i hate this pretending and the idotic fan base who fell for this everytime they do.

    Like it or not Wenger is the one who keeps the board together. He is the one who earn good money and who pulls the strings. The Akb’s tend to say that somehow it must not be Wenger who is the problem, but he must be some Bat man a like Carakter who works on the shadows behind the truth making himself a bad man, only to be some kind of hero in reality.

    Take a look at Southupton people, look at them rrly good, and now look at us. We have a good team, but an outated manager who holds us back. Arsenal are a great club and we do not need mayor changes in the pitch ( players) but rather a new leader who leads this club to glory.

    ,,Not afriad of an lion army leed by a sheep, iam afraid from an sheep army leed from an lion.” A.G

    1. @ks-gunner
      The sad thing is, you really believe this silly sh*t you write…Move over Forrest Gump, there’s a new chocolate in the box…

      1. At least i do have an openion and do believe in something. Compared to me, you are an old fatt ass Yankee who knows monkey balls about football. A puppet who believes blindfold in his master, morsherie Wenger. hahahah.

        1. @ks-gunner
          All you have is a myopic as well as ignorant and biased discomfort stemming from your impotence and inadequacy.
          A belief is too powerful for your limited brain to fathom. Keep working on forming an opinion. You might get there one day. Hey, even guppies evolve. So there might be hope for you yet…

          *Learn to either spell or get hip to spell check muppet.

          1. Wenger works over 18 year in England and still doesnt master the english language how he should. So be more forgiven with my spelling. Hahahah

            You have non, as i said before. If you do, tell me with what you dissagre with instead of acting like a douche who is on his period acting all crazy and butt hurt.

            1. @ks-gunner
              Still pushin your myopic Ukip bullsh*t huh jr.? Wenger is fluent in English as well as a few other languages.
              Get ya head out ya azz and read. Then you’ll know exactly where I stand son. Now go play in traffic.

          1. Argument, loool. Bro he is a troll. A fatty yankee troll.

            A person who would rather blame his own mother for Arsenals current poor performances then pointing Wenger with the blame. He suffers from the W-Virus, and has turned into what scientis do know as an a Wengerit.

  18. People on here were crying for BALLOTELI all summer.. Oh sign him, he is will be a very good investment, he is only 24, blah blah.. Both Milan teams tried him, City tried him, Mourinho tried him, Mancini tried him, but it have never worked..

  19. Against Anderlecht


    There is no one to replace Mert.
    Monreal probably played with back injury against Hull yesterday at CB.
    Scszesny just isn’t saving enough shots. Which one on one has he saved for us this season?
    Scszesny is just a good shot stopper. He is hesitant in making decsisions from set piece, and one on one situation.
    Leave Koscielny out for another game, you don’t wan’t him to come back only for to be injured for another game afterwards.
    Joel Simply better than Chamberlain.
    I want to see us play without Ramsey and Wilshere, and want to see Diaby.
    Bellerin is better at RB than Chambers. Even Jenkinson is better than Chambers at RB?

    But I know Wengers selection is based on favourtism, then price tag.
    100% my lineup will not be real, becuase Wilshere (favourite), Ramsey (Favourite + £5m) and Chamberlain (favourite + £12 or £16m?) will get the nod ahead of some of the players in my lineup.

  20. Mr Wenger, we are currently 8th place, tied with Spurs and 11 points behind the leaders

    Just saying in case you aren’t aware


  21. give wenger a 10 year contract we should have changed /never given wenger a contract extension need some one with fresh ideas ……………another year another fight for 4th palce trophy wenger didn’t sign because he had ozil as no. 10 & then he plays ozil on LW won’t be surprised 1 bit if ozil leaves arsenal this summer & joins bayern

  22. glad people are seeing Khedira would be a bad deal. Not a bad player, but is constantly injured, so what would be the point of paying him those huge wages to hang out with the medical staff? Look for someone younger and less injury prone.

  23. Now let me say why we conceed toomany goals from set. Pieces. There is no giroud in the team..he may not be a natural goal scorer yes but you can’t fault his work rate. Giroud will defend corners for you,free kicks and he will head balls down for the runners. Wait until he comes back and play with sanchez. And then again there is no bacary sagna. Last season he won most aeriel duels in d premier league. And yes we miss debuchy. You can’t fault scezcny wen almost every game he is plaaying with diff back four. I know injury is not an excuse but it is down to it we are where we are and also wenger’s incompetence. I tnk a lot of players need to step up. You can see few of them wants to fight why some just lazy about. From yestrdays game I thought bellerin was good and monreal and sanchez(mr reliable). That was d only positive the rest was average and oh ox well no comment is it 3 seasons now am counting noting to show since he was signed. Thank God walcot and gnabry who in my opinion is way better and have all round play than the ox.

  24. Arsenal have been dying a slow death for about 6/7 years now..
    The board and Wenger have virtually destroyed this great club..
    I was amazed at the AGM that chips Keswick stated “nobody questions Arsene.. As he IS arsenal”

    if ever there was proof Wenger believes or appears bigger than arsenal it is now – this has to stop!!
    This season We are about to finish the lowest ever in Wengers tenure ..
    We can’t beat hull at home, Leicester away Everton & spuds we are thrashed by city Chelsea Liverpool and an 8-2 at old Trafford
    Our players are constantly injured and our manager buys players in the wrong areas or plays them out of position.. On top of being lied too year after year.. And excuse after excuse ie
    After the hull game.. “Their first goal should not have stood.. They had 2 shots on target all game and scored”!! I’m sorry but excuses against dross over the 90 minutes is inexcusable!
    The board continue to support the manager because he rewards them financially yet not on the pitch where it is most important.. As without us fans .. There would be no arsenal!

    The sooner Wenger leaves this club the better.. We will never win the premier league under him and we will always lose against the better teams..
    11 points off runaway leaders Chelsea who in the summer bought players in fabregas and costa.. (Players they needed) who will surely win the league..

    Wenger meanwhile refuses to see the glaring defensive deficiency EVERYONE in the whole of mankinds existence ‘ever’ can see we sorely miss yet FAILS REPEATEDLY TO RECTIFY…!!!!

    Wenger please f@k off

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