The actions Arsenal should consider after Ceballos, Everton, Saliba and Tierney deals.

We’ve been here before. If I could receive a 100 euros for every time I heard “ player to Arsenal nearly done”, I’d probably have my own private jet by now and I’m only 22. To be honest, as an Arsenal fan, there’s something frustrating about the way the club conducts business, it’s almost as if it’s run by amateurs.

Imagine making a £40 million bid for Wilfried Zaha, proposed to be paid in instalments over five years, this is the part I wish I could insert a rolling eyes emoji. It’s madness, especially with Man Utd expected to get 25 percent of that fee, you’d feel Palace would want to replace him with a promising player, making the proposed payment in instalments a big joke. £40-60 million would be the fee that Palace want to be left with after United have taken their 25 percent share, hence the £80 million valuation of the player, it’s not rocket science.

Another practical example of how much a disappointment our club is in terms of transfers is the situation surrounding Krystian Beliek, personally, I’d be unhappy to see him leave without getting the chance to prove himself after a fine display on loan last season. If we sell him, we should include a buy-back clause with a low fee, because it’s just a matter of time before he’s one of the most wanted CB’s in Europe.

Should that happen we’d probably not exercise it anyway; after all, we’re happy keeping Elneny when we can have Bennacer in his place instead. Bennacer is a far better option to have, he’s young, possesses great passing ability, he’s the sort of player you need alongside Xhaka and Torreira during a cold rainy night at Stoke and let’s be honest; he’s a better attacker as well. I sense a Gnabry type of story with this guy.

We need to get rid of Mkhitaryan, he’d be easier to offload compared to Ozil because a few teams can afford his wages, and Arsenal can get a younger first-team quality winger like Ismael Sarr, who’d earn far less than the £200k that Mhki’s currently on. Something isn’t right with him, maybe its confidence; a move might be good for him and the club.

On the other hand, we have a promising crop of youth players; it is important that we handle them with care and not play them out of position, but Freddie’s promotion will help integrate them into the first team seeing that he has worked with the young guns before. We will, however, need to loan out a few of them in order for them to progress, the Dutch and French leagues, as well as the championship, might be a good fit for some of them.

And then there’s the Koscielny saga, honestly, we have to let the guy go, did he go about it the right way? No, but it’s about time he leaves, he’s been a loyal servant. These things of playing tug of war with players create a bad picture of the club, and as far as it’s concerned, it’s already bad enough. Let him go, bring in Alves and another CB like Lascelles, and we’ll live to see next season.

By Kandy Theodore


  1. Had the player sales been so easy to be done, we’d have got rid of the deadwoods

    If Palace ask more than 50 M for Zaha, Arsenal had better bid for Pepe or Chukwueze

    Also no more old players like Alves. Arsenal already have too many aging players with bad forms that they want to sell

    1. Alves is not linchsteiner bro, He’s a fighter plus good option to have while Bellerin recovers.

      1. Plus Alves has won everthing, seen everything and isn’t done yet. He would be an inspiration to many.

        1. Ozil has won the World Cup/ La Liga and Lichtsteiner was a serial winner with Juventus, but they became too complacent after that

          Maitland-Niles and a young RB from the academy should be enough to cover for Bellerin

          Alves was world class in attacking, but he wasn’t great in defending, similar to Marcelo. We need to find a fast RB, not a slow one

      2. I would’ve thought Lichsteiner more of what Arsenal needed before we signed him, if you asked me – who of those two would suit our needs more, I would say Litch, because Alves for me would look like an Arsenal signing (quick exciting going forward) Whereas Litch was known for his defending like the fullbacks of old. It didn’t work out for whatever reasons, most of us saw it being a good move though esp for a reserve player.

  2. Working early to sign players(finishing transfer business early) helps players to integrate with the team very well and the selling club will get time for a replacement. The eleventh-hour signings could be difficult for integration and unwillingness on behalf of the selling club(a replacement could be difficult and there will be an increase in selling price).

    My lovely Arsenal is failing to do business early. After the 2007/08 and 20015/16 seasons, My lovely Arsenal is failed to compete for silverware.

    Arsenal players left: Ramsey, Cech, Wellbeck, and Suarez. If we sign four players, we are simply replacing the departed. Therefore, for the depth of the squad, we need more signings. But my lovely Arsenal is so silent. Okay, let me consider last season and this season as the transition. Are we preparing ourselves for the 2020/21 season?

    1. You forgot young players integrated in the squad, so 4 would be more than enough.

      More concerned about the new arrivals’ quality.

      1. Dear Diogenes, integrating the young is a positive I can take. If all 4 new players are with experiences and immediately incorporated into the team would impact.

      2. I suggest the coaches to use the young and fresh blood player to complete the vacancy

  3. Nonsense about Crystal Palace.

    The 25 percent to ManU is because United signed him for 10 mill. from Crystal Palace, then sold him back for a measly 3 mill. Nothing to do with us or any other team that wants him.

    See, palace had earlier decided that paying 10 mill. for him was a waste of money, and 3 mill. and future percentage was better for them, so now it’s their problem…

    I still say don’t give them more than 60 mill. as his value will fall to about 20 – 25 in a few years. Palace would still reap about 1.400 percent profit. Not bad considering they had used the player through most of his best years.

  4. Tierney? Everton? Done deals. Pure fantasy. Remember Higuain of years ago…certainty. We are getting close to the new season and loadsa talkie talkie and no players. Don’t hold your breathe with Satan Kroenke and Son of Satan. My guess is we will sign Saliba because it involves no money this year and all the rest is shite, except if they get Ceballos as he will cost wages only. As for spending real money, in your dreams. The Kroenke’s want to get in the Champions League without spending. Rest assured Kroenke will let you down one way or another.

  5. The one thing that disappoints me this close season is the decision not to give Bielek a chance. He surely must be a better option than Mustafi. He’s bided his time , had a good season out on loan last year and still Emery won’t give him a chance. He’ll probably go and in a few years be playing for a top Italian club.

    1. I guess Bielik’s fate would depend on Elneny and Chambers

      If Elneny and Chambers stay, there will be too many CB/DM hybrids

    2. This closed season he was a chalton player and was their player of the season. All this talk about we not give him a chance was because of what he said. I’m damn sure he hasn’t had chance to talk with Emery as the boy joined up with Poland under 21. The club hasn’t decided anything as regard him. And if he wants out fine. 20m from any team that want will do with buy back or sell on clause

  6. Have some of us taken time to analyse why player deals take long to complete? I strongly believe that buying players should not be compared to walking into a shop and buying the commodities you need. No sane manager or Club executive will pay whichever money is demanded for a particular player without assessing a number of factors such as the player’s history, his quality, his age, his valuation, his resale value etc. This process can’t be hurried. Any serious Club will want to get maximum value for its money. When some fans urge the Club to just pay whatever money is demanded they are expressing a lack of responsibility. We need to examine the problems we have with Ozil and Mustaphi to appreciate this point.
    A football club is a business venture which must aim to keep a healthy financial position if it is to survive in the competitive world. The reasonable demand we, as fans, can make is to get quality players using our available resources and leave the nitty gritty to the club management who are employed to do that. Of course we should demand accountability from those who are charged to carry out these responsibilities. That is how modern institutions run.

    1. This is nonsense. We understand it is not like walking into a shop and buying a snickers. However no business just wakes up one day and decides to buy another without assessing these factors (and more) that you talk about. These are done before arsenal even walk through the door to enquire about a player or his price.
      What they also have is a ceiling price for that player before they move on to option b. Again all work/research done on player b before hand.
      This then gives you the upper hand when telling a club that’s the offer take it or leave it because otherwise option b suddenly becomes the more attractive option.
      I agree with you that we shouldn’t just pay what they want and some bargaining is inevitable. However arsenal do seem to make a right horlicks of these basic things every summer. ?‍♂️

  7. I don’t care how successful players have been in the past we should stop buying old ones,l know how easy it is but what we need right now is a good mix of youths,young(25 or so) and couple of 28,29 even 30 years old players in defense basically an energetic physical team for 90 minutes,we can still dream!!

  8. It seems that Ozil will be here too, I honestly thought Emery didn’t fancy him too much. But Ozil says they have a good relationship, then Emery talks about getting the best out of Ozil. He also said that Ozil is one of his captains. I can’t believe that no team would want to offer Ozil that wage, sure some average enough players were getting close to that over in China, aging players well past it, Ozil would be a big signing for that league. Then you have the American teams that were doing similar, R Keane, Gerrard, Vieira, Pirlo, so I reckon Ozil could get that money elsewhere. Maybe we’ve all been reading our own feelings into this one, and Emery sees getting the best out of Ozil as a challenge, he did want him at PSG so he knew a bit about the player before arriving.

    1. B-o-t, Ozil also acknowledged that he had been plagued by injuries affecting his performances last season; yet many claimed that Emery had agenda against him.

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