The actual betting odds on who will replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

There have been hundreds of posts and comments from pundits discussing who could become the next Arsenal manager if Arsene Wenger steps down at the end of the season. There have been 4-man shortlists, 6-man shortlists, Arsenal Board shortlists and some ex-players just giving their opinion on who they would like to take over next season, but who is the money actually going on from the punters?

Well here is the real factual odds that bookies are offering right now on Wenger’s replacement (sorry, I mean ‘The next Arsenal manager’)….

Well first of all, the two hot favourites are Carlo Ancelotti, who certainly looks to be ready and waiting for the job to become available, and Joachim Loew, although I can’t see the German leaving his national team until they fail to get past the quarter finals of any competition, and that seems unlikely!

So here is the full current betting (as of right now) from the Oddschecker website, who compares all the bookies….
Next Arsenal Manager Betting

There are lots of interesting names in there, but to be honest if (and that is an enormous IF) Wenger leaves this summer (or gets sacked sooner), I can’t really see any of them coming except for Ancelotti. May be worth a little bet at 7/1….

Who would you pick looking at those choices?


Updated: February 27, 2018 — 10:03 pm


  1. I’m okay with any of them except for Brenda Viera and Arteta.
    The last two are huge risks and haven’t won anything as managers
    Brenda hasn’t won anything
    Id prefer even Zidane, DiMatteo or Benitez over Brenda because they have won Champions League innit

    Let’s get someone who deserves 9 mil per year who has won trophies

    Im happy with any of Ancelloti, Loew, Enrique, Tuchel, Allegri, Jardim

    1. I apologise. Brendan has won Scottish Premiership, Scottis FA Cup, Scottish league cup and Championship playoffs

      1. Anyone could win that with Celtic

      2. I think Simeone would be the best because he has won LA liga, reached two champions league final with a team not considered a giant and has since his arrival at athletico made Barça and Madrid work for their money. He brings out the best out of players, makes his defense tight, each player knows his job. His squad is not very costly but is a threat ever since. Besides, he is got passion, desire to win. He would definitely make Arsenal strong and be competitive once more.

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter

          Simeone for me too for all the reasons you state Sydney. How much would it cost to prise him away from Athetico Madrid?
          Arsenal needs to rebuild the spine from the goakeeper forward with defensive strength without sacrificing attack. On field leadership is severely lacking and is a high priority to address.
          The next manager has to instill mongrel and a never say die attitude.

  2. Allegri ticks all boxes for me
    Pedigree experience class tactics contacts
    Plus he could nab one or two from juve

    1. you would be look at parking the bus regularly…

      would prefer Tuschel but he fell out with Mislintat

      1. Allegri, Ancelotti, Conte all know how to set up a defense, they are not parking the bus.

        1. they are all Italians…very defensive

          besides all 3 have manage clubs that are moneybags or have huge budget

          1. Guys do NOT feed the troll. Hafiz does’nt know anything about football, he’s just stirring things up here.

        2. How can you mention cont loew is acceptable at some point i hope not ancelotti nut dont pit you down for mentioning him but cont cant beat wenger why would we want to replace our curre t manager with someone who cant beat him and has lost big games against him??

      2. Juve do not park the bus. Are you saying that because they have good defenders?

      3. I have no idea why Tuchel’s name ever comes up. He has no pedigree, and if we are giving young managers a fair crack then we have ex players to think about. Bayern must be sick that they went for Pep Guardiola. They had an excellent team which Pep dismantled, and now they get the manager back in who built that side. They’ll have a really difficult time replacing Roben and Ribery though, two excellent wingers with work rate and deadliness.

  3. Luis Enrique for me. And some one not on that list. Zidane. don’t think he having a good time at Madrid at the moment and all knows what Madrid dose to mangers who don’t win Lega and Champions League. He could be up for grabs. Zidane with Henry doing what Arteta is doing with pep.

    I’m allowed to dream.

  4. That mistake by Mustafi, I think whoever was the one who played Aguero onside is after avoiding allot of the blame. Even Ramsey named Mustafi which surprised me, as they usually say we made a silly mistake. But who was the idiot out wide that left himself as the furthest man back. I think Mustafi is unlucky, he was stopped from getting in line with the ball by a player that didn’t make an attempt to win the ball. And he was supposed to be the last man back in a three, which would have put a stop to it altogether, am thinking maybe that’s why he he didn’t chase Aguero, he thought it was offside and that the player obstructed him.

    1. Cant be offside from a goal kick anyways. Mustafi’s fault.

      1. I didn’t know that, thanks for the tip dude.

        1. Still was a foul but ref didnt call it so its not a foul thoigh it was

        2. Any true fan should know that ! Basic football knowledge for proper fans, anyway!

      2. Mustafi was weaker than a kid against Aguero, not only as weak as a kid but as naive as one as well.

        Should have made sure he was goalside and been solid in the ‘shoulder’ challenge.

        This should be a lesson on why you play to the whistle and not gamble that a foul will be called, unless it is called, assume all fouls will go against us. Show the fight that Vieira and Co shown.

        It frustrates me to see players flop, Wilshere bugs me how easy he goes down and I hope he stays on his feet more if he isn’t given a foul every time he goes down.

        Stirling bugs me with how light he is on his feet and gets the fouls called for him…

        Heck, spud players don’t need to be touched to go over and still get the call…

        Infuriating. I want our players to show fight and kinda unite in a “world against us” type of attitude. Not look to win a free kick when getting caught out of pos.. get in pos and fight the world.

  5. Anyone to be honest, it can’t be any worse than right now I honestly can’t stomach seeing Wenger as our manager next season he’s been hogging the managerial hot seat since 1996 I was a 14 year old boy then now I’m a 35 year old man forgive me if I would like to see someone else given a chance preferably before I’m 40! Simeone would be a good choice he gets the very best out of his players they play above themselves for that man although some of the football isn’t pretty.. Monaco play some good stuff so Jardim is probably my number one choice but like I said I just want to see another face in charge next season. Wenger and Bould out!

    1. I would retain Bould coz he didn’t get a chance to work on our defence completely while under AW. His experience is still valuable for our defenders… my 2 cents

    2. another vote for jardim here.

      the man knows both how to win and how to develop youth players.

  6. I want someone who can set up a defense to play properly, Simeone, Ancelotti, Allegri, Conte all know how to do that well.
    To be able to beat the likes of Man City – which is the Barcelona of Pl. We need to become a hard hitting, hard defending Atletico type team. We dont have they money or the quality to compete in the beautiful football department. So i say play like Atletico or Juve, very solid defensively and with a few talented forwards to help win the difficult games.

    1. That makes sense, but there is a team that is geared towards that type also, Mourinho. Liv are gonna try and take city on in style. Spu are trying to get the best of both worlds, in an ideal world Spu would be the right choice. A top balance between the two so long as you’re attack is as good as the best attack ..or close enough, and as solid as the best defence ..or not too far off.

    2. We could have more money if Gazidis had done better over the years with sponsorships, Gazidis has been around for nearly a decade now… We have lost sponsorships due to contracts running out.

      He has his pal, Raul Sanllehi, in to help us and he has contacts, he helped Barca increase income for spending… Like Ed Woodward increased UTDs income before he stepped up and started spending it.

      Silent Stan may not be putting his cash into the club but he isn’t paying for AFC with AFC income like UTD was bought, they can spend though due to the work Woodward did with the income.

      Why shouldn’t AFC Look to exploit Raul Sanllehi contacts for sponsorships?
      We have money in the bank, we are one of the richest clubs in the world, even though we have been dropping sponsorship deals and lacking on that side, we was still only around £30 million income short of City.

      IMO we should fight fire with fire, we have 2 of the deadliest CF in our team along with 2 assist masters… If we can get the CM sorted and train the players in how to defend… I do believe we can go toe to toe with City and beat them.

      What we are lacking now is a 3? 4? players to compliment the current squad and a manager that knows tactics and what defending is, well, from my perspective at least 🙂

  7. The defence has been a perpetual problem since Adams and company left.
    The problem is the fm believes in attack without shoring up the defnce.
    Its time he goes otherwise Arsenal will slip further into the quagmire.

    1. Really?
      So… It was a problem in our unbeaten year?

  8. Brendan Rodgers over my dead body! He’s a no mark manager who burnt his bridges with me over the Suarez affair.

  9. Jardim all the way-young,dynamic,modern thinking,attacking-style football….don’t need big money or big names to play entertaing football.He done wonders with a decimated(by selling almost the entire team) Monaco team(humilliating Arsenal-included).Promoted a plethora of yexcellent young players(sold for huge amounts of money to biggest clubs in Europe).The other options-no experience or too “parking the bus” minded or too expensive (requiring huge transfer money -just like Mourinho).

    1. He’s a bit too open in play, good for spectators but very difficult to win things without much resolve. Klopp is a good example, he has a more expensive better attacking team to contend with in Man city, and an ultra defensive team in Man utd. Then Che and Spu trying to get a good balance, I don’t see Klopp winning anything big in the foreseeable future. Che will be back, Manu will try to buy a title, us, we have to try and get past Spu and Liv before we can even think about titles. It’s gonna be tough, Wenger has to go, but am not sure Jardim is the right choice now that I think about it. I was initially thinking he might be a good fit, but now am thinking that our players will need a more hard lined manager or they will never get shot of their bad habits.

  10. Just one person Leonardo Jardim…he took on the PSG and won ..we need a manager that can make us punch above our weight simples..

  11. Kim jong un or Donald Trump will do just fine.?.

    1. Putin, because it sounds like something to say before spitting in someones face.

  12. I really want us to beat city tomorrow, as well as win the europa league………. but if it comes at the cost of wenger staying, I don’t think I want it anymore. I’m just still trying to be optimistic about our remaining matches……. but our chances of performing well are just too slim with wenger in charge…… He manges to make all our players play much worse than they actually are…… not that I’ve watched them play since they left, but I’ve been hearing good reviews about the performances of Coquelin and Gabriel

    1. Forgot all about that match, weird, seems like a dead rubber for some reason.

  13. Heavy snow will see City missing out in that game and award 3 points to us…..

  14. Its easy to win the league, look at leicester. But how do you maintain that club at high level? tahts another piece of work

  15. I would like Simeone as first choice – his Madrid team is strong defensively and they score plenty of goals.
    Ancelotti is another excellent choice – so much experience
    Loew scratches his arse on the touchline – been out of club football for too long.
    Allegri is another excellent choice – his Juventus team are a great team.
    Enrique has had success with Barcelona – but who couldn’t ?
    The rest – no thanks…
    I would like to see Henry or Bergkamp and No 2

  16. I hope for Enrique.

    We may not be winning stuff to attract the big manager but we have been making changes and Raul Sanllehi did aid in him getting the Barca job, he could be the man to convince Enrique to manage us and turn us around.

    Enrique knows the style of football AFC would like to achieve.
    Enrique had a better point per game ratio at Barca than Pep.
    Enrique had a better win ratio at Barca according to transfermarket and Wiki.
    76% for Enrique and 72.5% for Pep.

    I know we also need the coaches and I would hope AFC continue the ‘catalyst for change’ with hiring some top people to train our players along with a top manager.

    We have some highly talented players in our squad, I think we do have the quality to challenge for EPL right now! If only we had a coach who could develop our players, like how Wenger used to be able todo, we could be in better shape than we realise.

    Chambers is regressing but he is a top CB, if we could get someone to train him properly… He has some pacce, he isn’t a midget, he is vocal and could be a leader but not while his confidence is being destroyed.
    Holding shown a lot of promise, does have an issue with holding players but I guess that’s his gimmick… Holding is holding again XD

    Bellerin stormed into the 1st team but started to regress, he can defend and he can attack, he has lost his form and consistency needs working on.

    Sead was in the bundesliga team of the year, he is a tank!

    Imagine if Pep was working with them, do anyone honestly believe they would be performing so badly? I think we need to give some players a bit of a break, they have regressed but with clarity and fresh manager/coaching… I think we do have some potentially fantastic players!

    1. I think you are kidding yourself over the abilities of those in our “defence”. Chambers has NO pace at all; a bizarre comment of yours! We have not a single defender or keeper at the club who is remotely good enough and just hoping or hyping them will not change that clear fact!

  17. Simeoni is my best…. He is young, defense minded, does not spend madly and he achieves result… which suits arsenal ,Ancelloti is getting old and will become senile like Wenger …Patrick should assist Diego and arsenal Will be the best again.,

  18. Spot on John. Simieone has already indicated he is more interested in working in Italy than England so we can forget about him. Jardim ticks all the boxes.

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