The Aftermath: Europa Final Review and Arsenal Player Ratings


It’s time to talk about Wednesday night. A traumatic, heartbreaking, infuriating and agonising night. The consequences of this defeat for the club are huge, and we knew that prior to the game. Now we must face them.

The big debate over the line-up was all centred around who would play in goal. This debate almost overshadowed the rest of the side, and we seemed to lose sight of how important the outfield players performances were. We began brightly, limiting Chelsea’s threat as Xhaka and Torreira dominated the midfield battle. We looked expansive in possession, although not moving the ball with particular intensity, we were positive and seemed relatively up for it (as we obviously should’ve been). Our out-ball to Kolasinac in behind Chelsea’s defence seemed our most likely route to an opener, but the wing-back’s continually poor cut-backs and deliveries ultimately meant we wasted several good opportunities to go in front. Towards the end of the half our authority over the game faded, and Chelsea began to grow in confidence, threatening once or twice. It was a strange first period, with the atmosphere and venue effectively giving the game a pre-season feel, the pre-match tension dissipated by the ambience of Baku.

Whilst the first period could well be described as encouraging, the second could not have been more different. Once Chelsea opened the scoring out of nowhere, we fell apart. Heads dropped, nerves took over and we began to play frantically. We lost the ball in key areas, lost all defensive shape and structure and made it easy for Chelsea to carve through us time and time again. The introduction of Iwobi provided some temporary relief but this was indeed short lived as Hazard swept in to compound our misery, ending any hope of an astonishing comeback. A dark day for Arsenal football club, and one that looks set to haunt us in our immediate future endeavours. We have to believe that somewhere along the line there is hope, because without hope and optimism as a fan, you have nothing.


0️⃣1️⃣ Cech 7

0️⃣5️⃣ Sokratis 6

0️⃣6️⃣ Koscielny 4

1️⃣8️⃣ Monreal 4

1️⃣5️⃣ Maitland-Niles 6

3️⃣4️⃣ Xhaka 7

1️⃣1️⃣ Torreira 6

3️⃣1️⃣ Kolasinac 3

1️⃣0️⃣ Ozil 4

1️⃣4️⃣ Aubameyang 5

0️⃣9️⃣ Lacazette 5 –

1️⃣7️⃣ Iwobi 8

2️⃣9️⃣ Guendouzi 6

5️⃣9️⃣ Willock 7 –

Tell me your thoughts below, and if you don’t understand some of my ratings, ask below and I’ll give some justification


  1. It’s quite amazing that no action has been taken from those higher up regarding the players or the manager yet. Or at least there hasn’t been any credible reports of action. All that we know so far are the players leaving at the end of their contracts. Maybe everyone’s on their holidays now?
    Tbf I don’t agree with sacking the manager because it doesn’t send the right message, it means the players can get away with having half a season no matter who’s in charge!

  2. Drain the swamp.
    Can’t wait for most of these parasites of players to be drained from their dirty comfortable swamp they made here at my beloved club.

    Can’t relate to them.

  3. Does xhaka deserve 7, don’t even remember one of them that really impress me in that match, is time for Arsenal to be ruthless, sell those crooks and give our youths chance, I guess the like of willock , ESR, Nelson, Nketiah has something to prove, our budget is sucks, we. r not ambitious.
    the only joy Arsenal can give me now is to build a dynasty with those kids, forget competing with our Superiors, let enjoy football like the barren 9 years of Wenger, if we had luck we may win trophy during the process, look at ajax today, most of their players are their youth graduates.
    let start the rebuild, forget chasing top four, I wanna enjoy good football

  4. Some serious changes need to happen at the club this summer and the first casualty should be Steve Bould! I have no idea why he was kept on something about familiarity I read.. wasn’t that the problem in the first place ? Wenger being there too long and the club as a whole just content of mediocrity! Get rid of Bould and bring in Freddie Ljungberg as his replacement as he’s doing such a good job in the u23s! Secondly the squad needs major surgery I don’t even know where to begin the obvious being the defence but with a miserable tight budget it’s gonna be a problem buying recognised international defenders but with Arsenal’s defence being so poor you could probably build a better back four shopping between the championship and league one! Mustafi, Monreal, Koscielny and the awful Kolasinac should all have played they’re last game at the club! Sokratis only joined last summer so he’s likely to be kept on! Midfield needs addressing also, absolutely zero creativity, no wingers either! I’ve never joined the Ozil in or out club but for the sake of Arsenal and his own career it’s best he moved on.. and lastly if we want to revamp this squad one of Lacazette or Aubameyang will have to be sold, I can’t see the club generating a lot of money in player sales with the rubbish we got so one of the prized assets may have to make way! So bitterly disappointed after that horror show on Wednesday.. those players were nothing short of disgraceful to put on such an abject performance in a European final… They should be ashamed of themselves! It should be a privilege playing for Arsenal but those players just don’t care, they don’t get the meaning of playing for a wonderful club like ours! With an attitude like the majority of those players they don’t deserve to be playing in the Champions League! The only people that deserve credit is the fans… Paying good money and supporting that rubbish all season and having the p*ss taken out of them by rival supporters!

      1. Just taking a few days out Sue so p*ssed off after that game on Wednesday I foolishly believed they would give something back to the fans but no same old crap different year I’ve had enough of defending these clowns.. even Giroud taken the p*ss! And once again a former player comes back to bite us on the a*se and a manager who has never won any piece of silverware wins a European trophy against us of course! So sick of it Sue! That’s Real Zaragoza, Galatasray, Barcelona and now Chelsea I’ve watched sweep us aside! Complete bottle jobs in Europe even spurs have 2 Uefa cups we have 2 European trophies that doesn’t exist anymore! Pathetic. We’re just a domestic team and not even that anymore.

        1. Growing up I was always envious of teams winning European trophies always wanted us to win the Uefa cup or champions League they’re beautiful trophies all I can do is just imagine what it’s like! So damn hateful. Younger fans will only care about champions League because they were born in an era where the champions League was the only trophy that truly mattered but English teams struggled in Europe especially after that European ban after the heysel disaster so even winning the Uefa cup was a big thing.. it was always Italian teams winning it and I’ve always wanted to win that competition.

          1. Yes, like you, I thought we might put in a performance & finally win something! Boy did I feel a twat afterwards for thinking that!!
            Gutted, to say the least.. I knew Oli would score, Hazard always scores & to ship 4 in a final (against those bell ends) is totally unforgivable & unacceptable & unfortunately unforgettable ? they’re beyond defending, Kev… every bloody one of them..on Thursday morning I wanted to sell the whole bloody lot of them.. right now, I don’t really care who goes, they don’t seem to care, so why should I.. what a sh*t end to our season (once again) so close, yet so far is the story of our lives!!

            1. Yeah Sue I’m not buying into it anymore! We could get to another final next year and most likely lose to man utd when Arsenal meet an English team in Europe they are like a rabbit in the headlights! Let’s be honest out all of all European teams who are capable of reaching a final we would choose Chelsea especially that Chelsea team and we still manage to embarrass ourselves! I’m with you, I couldn’t care less who leaves the only player I want to stay is Leno other than that I couldn’t care less! I got into work I had to listen to so much crap it got very heated! If it’s not bad enough enduring that complete rubbish I have d**k heads going overboard wanting a fight as well!

              1. I mean I already know Arsenal are an average team do I need to listen to glory hunters constantly giving me grief over it? I just support the bloody team I’m not an employee.

                1. So far, I’ve avoided all of that, only because I was off work, haven’t been to the pub & turned my phone off ??
                  Jesus, it comes to something when it gets like that, I mean there’s banter, but that’s taking it to another level.. talk about kick someone while they’re down ? not good at all, Kev… that’s just it though, I said that – you don’t need to be told (over & over again) how bad your team is, when you already know.. the jokes, the wind ups, the pi*s taking – it’s relentless! And to think, it could get a whole lot worse tomorrow ?
                  I’m glad it’s over, so we have a break (as it’s needed!) I’ll just watch the darts, boxing.. whatever sport is on & hopefully get some enjoyment out of that instead!!

                2. Haha Sue I got told *you can’t take it* first thing I said was we aren’t good enough we got what we deserved! So where in that is me not taking it? Look Chelsea can and should enjoy it now cos Hazard is off to Madrid, I’ve had to listen for years Chelsea will always have a chance because they have Hazard even the neutral wanted Chelsea to win to give Hazard the perfect send off! So what they gonna use next season ? Chelsea will win the Champions League because they have Pulisic ? They got what they wanted Chelsea won the cup and now they can wipe the drool off they’re mouths and stop banging on about Eden bloody Hazard! Im glad the season is over Sue it’s been another nightmare let’s just hope Liverpool win a boring final it’s bad enough having to hope they win the CL as they’re fans are unbearable as well ? let’s bring forehead back to Arsenal next season he’ll steady the ship ?

                  1. Sod the lot of them, Kev! I cannot wait to see the back of Hazard, i detest Chelsea even more now (if that was possible!) I’m not overly keen on big Oli ? and tbh I’m glad we won’t see Cech anymore! So happy days ? it could have been so different… if only we’d shown up!!

                    1. I don’t like anyone from Chelsea, never have Sue they are the enemy! Giroud can enjoy his last season in top flight before he’s sent back to Montpellier! We don’t show up though do we Sue ? haha he’d certainly cause shockwaves wouldn’t he ? so what you doing tonight Sue ? Watching anything ? ?

                    2. Hahaha well, I ain’t watching that pile of ?, if that’s what you’re getting at ? desperate times call for desperate measures.. so I’m going to the cinema, even if it’s to see a crappy Avengers movie or even Aladdin.. anything is better than the spuds & scousers. Joshua fights later, much later.. want to watch that though ? you gonna watch it? ?

                    3. It’ll probably be early hours Sue at your age is that even feasible ? ? So your trying to say you won’t be watching the match then ? ? Yeah I’ll watch it but don’t think it’ll be a very good fight ?

                    4. Well I’ll set my alarm, just in case ? in actual fact, you’ve helped me with staying up late, so yes I’m sure it’ll be fine!! ?
                      It might be over in the blink of an eye!!

                    5. Ruiz looks like he just stuffed his face with junk food in preparation for the fight ? I would like to see Joshua fight Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder those are the big ones ?me ? how ? well Arsenal’s seasons over so early night’s for you now ????

                    6. Up all hours discussing Arsenal, well & everything in general ? yes that’d be a great fight.. Fury is such a weirdo!!!

                    7. I’m not Fury’s biggest fan I’m actually a critic of his but every time I criticize him he proves me wrong he’s a giant of a man and hard to hit it would be a good fight ? don’t you enjoy it ? ??

                    8. It has to happen sooner or later!!
                      Of course I do, Kev ? I just caught the news.. there’ll be a minutes silence for Jose… then I had to witness the sea of red & white & that horrible scouse accent, so turned over ?

                    9. Wilder did floor him in December just wasn’t enough ? oh the Scouse accent is just lovely isn’t it ? what time is the movie Suzanne ?

    1. I agree totally but I must emphasize that we have been a shadow of the George Graham and early AW times because of one thing….defence. George used to say ‘ dont conceed and you dont lose, dont lose and you carry on with conviction’. It says it all because as soon as AW abandoned his inherited back supe fsix we satrted to flounder and have carried on every since. We all dream of being in charge but IF after supporting the Gunners for 67 years I could have a month, I would start down the GG route. First I would buy at least four top defenders from the lower teams like Burnley and Brighton, then I would add strength in our spine with a destroyer followed by a classy winger or two. I hope that we do have the much needed clear out and are able to spend up to £120 mill. To do that we need to sell some top names ie: Ozil, Kolasinac, Lacazette, Monreal, Kossy, Jenks, Elneny, To many old men and too many overpaid merchants. If we have a strong defence from the start and add 4/5 of our U23s to new signings we will take off….!!

  5. Emery deserve a zéro & go as. Cech & Ozil he played, ruining out chance, instead of Leno & iwobi who run his ass off all over pitch; a, fighter!. Zéro & go for xhaka as well, instead of gendhouzi . Once more; you a double zéro for this rating. U defenetly smoke or take some crazy shit making you see it all pinky.& purple, We in wonderland, Yep, with a rainbow too, right; highlights a great future for us.! No mate, when you Come down back to earth; you realize we in a full reality check. Palace Everton or leceister kick our ass , progress as Spurs passed us few years now… Man U will buy players as each of thèse team’s, spending more than us today, progress, beat us down as Chelsea highlights thid reaity check, they on a different level in many ways. How ironic for Giroud to gun us down. If you raté Cech a 7, conceeding 4 goals, u will make him our first Keeper next year, but he even Saïd; no more! Anyway, these teams beat us like a joke; progress, reality, we can be 8th, 9th if wolves eat us up on the way!

    Reality; we must get rid of 2/3 of this squad and put money to as Liverpool done it forbpast 3 to 5 years, even sold Suarez. Their board knows better; got it right, got right coach, spend the money smart, tale risks, believe, deserve to win tonight!

  6. The valid truth is that arsenal lack a bold leader on the pitch since Viera and Co left the club. No matter what players we buy if we don’t have an infield general the team is bound to fail

  7. A very reasonable observer, not an easy game to judge fairly on, the author comes across very sensibly. This isn’t because I agree with him on all or even most counts, like with how some people say wow! yes! that is profound! stuff ..when they are in agreement with someone.

    I liked what the author said about hope at the end. Because I do really hope that the club does have a clear plan and it was in place whether or not we won this comp, we are one of the biggest clubs in world football so we should not be pinning our hopes onto one game like we are in a relegation scrap.

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