The AFTV v Moh spat is not about politics, it’s about discrimination

There are some readers who feel that politics should not be part of sport. Yet the point is that in my previous article about Moh’s argument with AFTV at zero point have I discussed mine (or Mo’s) views on the issues going on in Palestine.

Just like Moh never wanted to express his opinions on AFTV.

He simply happened to be wearing a badge and someone on the AFTV objected, even claiming they had been threatened legally. In the process that was the platform giving their political views, not the man wearing the badge.

That’s why I feel the need to write about this.

AFTV claims to be the voice of Gooners. While they don’t speak for all of us there is a perception that they do. Sky Sports, Talk Sport, etc, will reference them.

Arsenal themselves were previously forced to release a statement to remind the public they are not associated with the platform.

I should stress there has yet to be a reply from AFTV.

They have directed copyright claims towards Moh which again contradicts their ethos that they give everyone a voice.

Moh claims that before a post-game Fan Cam he was asked to remove a hoodie that had the Palestine flag image. To clarify, someone was being told he would not be interviewed based on a flag being on his shirt!

This was going against a compromise that Moh had already reluctantly suggested.

It was noticed that his videos were being zoomed in to show his face, editing the badge from the screen. He was being treated differently to other guests purely for which flag was on his badge. There’s a word for that.

Moh thought he had an agreement that he could be treated the same as others as long as he covered any words such as ‘ Free Palestine.’

That was until Robbie again asked for Moh to get changed due to complaints the channel was getting.

It’s hard to believe that anyone with any kind of education would believe that any legal action could be taken based on a YouTube Channel showing a flag of a country.

If that were true, the Channel would have sued several times with Turkey, Nigeria and Jamaica constantly referenced.

Moh has shown a message asking for this legal complaint and claims he hasn’t got a response.

Just think about that. In 2021, a grown man, a father, was being told he could only talk about Football if he wore what the interviewer told him to wear!

If it were an English Flag, French, Spanish, etc., he wouldn’t have been singled out. I can’t pretend that I can relate and understand that discrimination. Yet I can call it out.

Isn’t that what we are being encouraged to do? Point out and share when someone is being treated differently based on race, religion, culture, etc?

Moh never got paid for the constant videos that helped Robbie’s business grow. Not that you should tolerate discrimination even if it’s your employer.

Moh was giving content free of charge, for the love of Arsenal, he simply (like the rest) of us enjoyed an outlet to talk about the sport he loves.

If I had a family and a career to look after and my friend asked me to dress a certain way to qualify to talk about football, I would walk away. I would be hurt if I then saw my friend contradict his stance.

Other Flags are shown. Other politics have been mentioned without approach.

I actually think politics have been used as an excuse to hide behind in this situation. Moh does not (and has not) used AFTV as a platform to talk about politics.

In this article I do not talk about politics.

By getting sensitive to the pure sight of a flag isn’t that making a political point?

Yet it’s easy for some to play that card instead of just saying they messed up, they caved to peer pressure.

Robbie’s handling of this has been horrible and he will lose viewers based purely on principle.

If sponsors hadn’t got involved when Son was racially abused, he was willing to keep someone on the channel who not just was guilty of the abuse, but was with defiance refusing to apologize.

Meanwhile, another person is removed because the flag he displays makes you blush.

That’s disgraceful.

AFTV wants to know why they will never be taken seriously as modern media. If Sky asked someone not to show a flag but then allowed others to do so ……. there would be an uproar.

At a time where we are being asked to call out discrimination on social media, this is me calling it out.


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    1. I thought this site was just about Arsenal, yet you seem to spend quite a bit of your time talking about AFTV. Stick to your name JUST ARSENAL that’s why I’m here

      1. can you give me a list of articles about AFTV? in the last week
        As far as I know , there is today and a week ago ?

      2. And also young man, this is called JUST ARSENAL, and in case you hadn’t noticed, AFTV is an ARSENAL fan site…

  1. A social media owner can decide what to show or not on his or her platform. If a guest doesn’t want to comply, he or she just needs to stop coming and shouldn’t have publicly attacked the platform owner

    This is why we shouldn’t mix sports with politics. If we really have to do it, we have to make sure the message is universal, not favoring a specific identity group and totally related to what’s happening in the field

    1. Of course an owner has the right to do what he wants on his own platform
      Equally viewers /public have a right to point out if someone is being discriminated
      That’s literally what people are campaigning for

      1. If someone feels discriminated, he or she should’ve complained legally. Publicly insulting a person on social media is wrong and Robbie could’ve sued Mohammed because of it

        According to Robbie, he informed Mohammed about the termination personally. But Mohammed chose to embarass Robbie in public

        1. So to clarify …..
          Robbie is allowed to stand outside another company and film that companies employees being verbally abused
          But no one is allowed to critique him or his channel ?

          1. Criticism is fine, but public humiliation and personal attacks aren’t

            I have never watched AFTV. But as far as I know, Robbie has never abused or attack a person on his channel

          2. Youtube is a public platform
            trust me , players , staff, the club very much been humiliated and publicly attacked
            The F and C word used frequently
            Giroud – lampost
            Bellerin = constantly mokced for growing tress and being a model
            Son was racially abused on the channel
            so you can’t have it both ways

  2. I was actually not aware of this problem. I completely agree with your comment, everyone has their personal views on such issues. It is completely wrong not to a show a particular flag, due to pressure from sponsors. In the long term this is counterproductive!!

    1. The particular flag was at war with another. That is the difference. Showing the flag would mean supporting that view and all the other things that go with it.

  3. Sorry but this still just seems like he was trying to show political support for something when they asked him not to. Everyone knows why he’s wearing that flag, it’s nothing like showing a Jamaican or Spanish flag today.
    What is the basis for the claim of discrimination? I can’t see past “political” discrimination, which is going on all over, and, rightly or wrongly, I don’t think it’s seen as remotely akin to racial discrimination (because it’s based on how you see the world at a given time, rather than an innate characteristic).
    I’m not saying I think it’s right (I certainly wouldn’t kick someone off a show for something like that), but it doesn’t seem outrageous to me either, given how divisive the topic is.
    Just to be clear, I know very little about Aftv or this incident and am happy to be corrected if there’s something I’m missing.

  4. I see your argument, but the fact of the matter is that its Robbie’s platform, Moh had his own OPINIONS which Robbie didnt approve of, and Robbie is free to do as he pleases on HIS channel.

    The only reason this is such a big issue is because Moh and I’d assume Dan, as some vested interest in what’s going on in Isreal.

    When Africans are being treated as slaves in Middle eastern countries for decades no one is writing articles on Just Arsenal or speaking on AFTV about it, but you don’t see us Africans calling people cowards for not mentioning OUR issues on THEIR platforms.

    As much as you have a right not to support and watch AFTV, Robbie has a right to put forward what he thinks serves HIS channel.

    You have to just grow up and realize that life isn’t fair and sure damn isn’t supposed to be.

    1. For record
      I don’t have enough knowledge on the subject
      This is literally about principle
      I think everyone should be treated the same
      So if your not showing one flag , don’t show another
      If your not including politics don’t then speak about politics

    2. Also If Robbie banned African flags from channel then yes , 100 percent I would have the same stance

      1. That’s a very flawed argument I’m afraid, all I’m saying is that I can’t hate, publicly shame, slander or force my beliefs and faith on others because I have a certain agenda that the other person doesn’t share.

        As an ADULT, I realize people have different views and interests than what I have and I have to accept that. If Robbie or Just Arsenal put up the old Apartheid flag of South Africa, I’d simply disassociate myself from those platforms like an grown man instead of emotionally throwing my toys out the pram like a baby because I realize people have a right to express their views, and oddly enough I’d fight for them to have that right as well.

        1. The reason this caused a stir is that people are aware of what is going on in Palestine and if by Moh just wearing the flag stirred some emotion in some people who are anti palestine then those are the ones making it political. Everyone knows about the apartheid happening there and as a non white southafrican who lived through apartheid we would not be free if it wasnt for the support of everyone from around the world. #freepalestine

    3. Well said mate. There are actual slave markets in that region where you can buy an African for $300 US dollars but not a damn thing is said about it because it might offend followers of the “Religion of Peace”
      And since when was Palestine ever a country? And why are the supporters of the Palestinians so fixated on Israel? Why dont they vent their spleens at Jordan as well? I think we all know the answer to that one.
      I`m no fan of AFTV, in fact I hate the site but they`re perfectly entitled to stay away from the politics of the middle east. Politics should be kept out of football altogether because it only creates more division.

        1. Dan it is becoming very clear that you have interest in this that you do not want to admit publicly.

      1. Johnno, non sense you have proof? Stop shooting things in air I can another islamophobic here.

        What you wrote showed how much of a knowledge you have. Dude! Palestin is a country which is recognised in UN charter along with most of the counties of world. Palestinians are fixated on Israel because they are the invaders not Jordan or some other country. The land belonged to them and as jesture of support they allowed some Jews to settle in after what happened to them in Germany but slowly they formed their own country called Israel which by the way is not recognised by a lot of countries in this world and start to expand their territory by throwing innocent Palestinians out if their homes. Israel has full army with iron dome for God sake and Palestinians have just stones. How can there be a comparison that whonisbthe aggressor here. If I walk into your country and slowly try to form my territory like Israel did by throwing you out of your home, killing your family and destroying the peace which was there then I will ask you who is right and why don’t you vent your anger towards your other neighboring countries. Issue today is more then half the world has no clue about the history and believe what they see in BBC or CNN to be most authentic. Even then they don’t read or listen to whole news and are completely unaware of facts.

        1. My fear of the “Religion of Peace” is perfectly rational. Jordan was once part of Palestine but you dont see thousands of rockets being fired towards the Jordanians. I wonder why? And the Jews didn`t slowly form their own country, it was given to them by the UN. Of course, the followers of the “Religion of Peace weren`t too happy about it and declared war on the new Jewish state and got their arses kicked as usual. They then complained about getting their arses kicked and they`ve never stopped since. There`ll probably never be peace in that region because the followers of the “Religion of Peace hate the Jews more than they love their own kids. Quite sad really. As for watching CNN and the BBC, hahaha. You couldn`t be more wrong.

      2. Johnno for your information regarding how long that area has been known as a “country”
        The area known as Palestine derives from Philistia, the name given by Greek writers to the land of the Philistines in the 12 century BCE. The Romans revived the name in the second century CE to describe the southern portion of the province of Syria as Syria Palaestina, which made its way into Arabic, where it has been used to describe the area since at least the early Islamic era. (source Encyclopaedia Brittanica). That is in recent history about 1400 years.

        1. I`m not bothered about whether it has been known as a “country”
          The fact is Palestine is not officially recognised as a country and to the best of my knowledge, never has been.

          1. Johnno, please educate yourself about the British Mandate and the.various UN resolutions on Palestine and the establishment of the State of Israel. Read up about the Stern gangs as well as the PLO. Unfortunately the education systems fail so many people.

    4. Canonspike, as a broadcaster on Youtube, AFTV can raise awareness as they choose. However, they should not claim they do NOT suppress any issues that they do not agree with.

  5. AFTV does NOT claim to be the voice of all Gooners, and that has repeatedly been said by Robbie. It is a platform, for Arsenal fans to voice their opinions on Arsenal/football.

    On the politics issue, Robbie is being a hypocrite though, allowing Ty to constantly take the knee in support of BLM.

    The way I see it, is that Moh should not be bringing ANY politics into a football discussion, and that Robbie has the right to decide whether that happens or not, but that Robbie is being a hypocrite because of BLM.

    It’s a shame what’s happened because I have always enjoyed listening to Moh’s analysis of our games.

  6. When you put it in that way, Robbies actions are a helluva lot more flagrant than first thought. It has all the elements of a discrimination. Footy is footy and should never be politicized or conflate with any ideal that sows division, but supporting a country or a people with whom you empathize, is humanitarian and nothing to do with politics. Shame on you, Robbie Lyle.

  7. Provocative article that does not belong on this forum. People from all over the world comment on this forum and it is NOT a political forum. I would hope there are not background editorial prejudices that are allowing support for one group rather than another. I am a Buddhist but I do not push the Tibetan flag even though they are along with the Uyghurs the singular most oppressed people in the world. This push to put the Palestinian Cause on Just Arsenal is more than wrong. Is this an Anti-Israel pro Hamas site? The “Hamas Charter”, which is online, calls for the killing of ‘Jews’. I hope that the Palestinians, Uyghurs and Tibetans gain more freedom, all people deserve fairness and respect. I am sad that the Editor allowed this article to sour the pages of Just Arsenal.

    1. But mate with respect
      It’s you being uncomfortable that makes it political
      The article simply says , should a man in 2021 be allowed to have a flag on a jumper ?
      If not then don’t have any flags
      Would you for example be uncomfortable if this was a Spanish flag ?
      That’s discrimination

      1. But Dan let us not pretend here, you very well know that was not just a flag and the timing too.
        You and the admin are proving that you indeed do have hidden interest in this topic though you are trying to cover it up with ”no politics in football” statement.

        1. Dude if I believed in something I have zero problem telling you so
          Honestly don’t know enough about the conflict to have an opinion either way
          I believe someone shouldn’t be treated differently and shouldn’t have to conform

    2. Another one that thinks this is about politics….
      As Dan says “Yet the point is that in my previous article about Moh’s argument with AFTV at zero point have I discussed mine (or Mo’s) views on the issues going on in Palestine.”

      This is about discrimination. So if you were told that you couldn’t wear a Tibetan flag on your jumper, you would be okay with that?

      This is not about any cause, it is about the hypocrisy in allowing BLM salutes but NOT allowing a simple flag on a hoodie…

      Dan would support your right to have that Tibetan Flag, it doesn’t mean he is a Buddhist!

      1. Admin Pat

        If there was a Tibetan football team in the Euro’s I would wear a Tibetan Flag. I am very strong in the Free Tibet movement….it just does not belong on this forum. Don’t conflate supporters flags with political issues and politically implicational flags. There is a complete difference. It’s not rocket science.

        1. Palestine actually have a team and are playing in World Cup Qualifiers (They play Singapore in 3 days time).
          Just sayin…..

          1. Pat
            Then when they play I hope they wear the Palestinian Flag. When it has a definite political purpose as it had with Moh, then it means something else that is not meant for football.

          2. but thats point Sean
            who are we to tell someone in 2021 when they are allowed to wear something ?

      2. I didn’t see anything on BLM hypocrisy in the article – it seems there is a section here that wants politics out of football and a section that wants “just” causes to be broadcast.
        At the end of the day, this is about a fan site run by someone else with their own pressures who is seemingly happy for certain political points to be broadcast but not others – yes it’s hypocritical, but that’s hardly surprising in today’s world. Calling it discrimination is a bit disingenuous though imo – calling it that (while technically accurate) makes everyone’s head jump to racial discrimination or something similar, which this is not.

        1. Because how you decide a ‘ just cause ‘?
          For example I disagree with the political party BLM
          But have to accept TY taking the knee and promoting it
          I disagree with North Korea politically but does someone have a right to on a platform wear their flag of course
          All are you saying its only the causes you agree with ?
          That’s why I agree politics shouldn’t be in sport because this happens
          But it can’t be one rule for one and one for another
          So if Robbie told Kelechi ‘ don’t mention SARS and TY no more BLM’ then that’s one thing
          But he’s not
          And here’s crucial point , Moh never spoke about politics , he happens to be wearing a badge and others made an issue of it

          1. I think we agree more than I’d realised; I would prefer politics to be out of football. Agree with you entirely on the hypocrisy, I think it’s just that you’ve taken a stronger stance against it, but I think the term discrimination is loaded and a bit too strong in this case. I don’t agree with Ty here, but believe he’s just concerned about his platform.

          2. yeah if the rules were no flags , no politics , etc then thats fair
            but hes got one rule for one and not another
            that’s discrimination
            Be like saying in work cover your tatoo up because we have a no tatoo policy , then someone walks in with a ttaoo and owner says , well he’s allowed

        2. @Davi, occupying someone’s land and expelling them is not a political issue, it’s a right or wrong issue.

    3. Sean I understand in some respects the point you are trying to make that this site should not be about politics. I would however put forward the thought that politics is about people and football is made up entirely of people, players fans, everyBODY connected in any way, however loosely.
      We are all people and to try divorcing politics from sport and football in todays social media driven world is a losing battle and not one your viewpoint can ever hope to win.

      While not wishing to actively encourage political dissention in football the very fact that wehave taking the knee as a weekly happening reinforces MY point.

      A separate, though related point, is that free speech is a hard won but easily lost privilege that decent and brave humansthrough history have fought valiently and mainly successfully to achieve in todays world. To attempt in any way to restrict or bar free speech from anyone who wishes to use that privilege is harmful and retrograde to we humans.
      And finally Sean, we humans, all of us, are far more important than “MERE” football. I say that, even as a lifelong football fanatic. But the greater picture of humanity should never suffer because of our(meaning ALL of us) joint JA and AFC obsession.
      Please give my post some deep thought and re examine your own view. It is not as if we have a great amount of politics on here after all, is it Sean!

      1. Jon
        You have no idea how much I reflect on these issues. Of course we all have different views. Every day of my life I meditate (examine) on kindness, compassion, the happiness for the welfare of others and……that we are all exactly equal. The politics we hopefully filter out of this forum. I support equality. Football supporters flags are a way of ‘deflecting’ the selfish/political issues that lead to violence and wars. Politically motivated flags have a root ‘associated with selfishness and violence’. It’s good to be able to see the subtle difference Jon. You have a good heart Jon, stick to it like glue.

        1. SEAN, A thoughtful and well meant reply. What I esp like is the undoubted fact that you are one of the number of deep thinking fans on here, for which I personally am most grateful. If there were not that number of reflective fans among us in this site, I would have long ago left JA. SO MANY THANKS, SEAN!

      2. What you seem to be proposing is that politics be imposed onto every part of life (everything is about people at the end of the day). That sounds like a horrible existence. Can we not just enjoy something without the constant reminder that horrible things happen in the world?

        The free speech argument gets complicated here – the owner of the camera has the right to broadcast what he wants to (though it seems to be getting complicated with Twitter and Facebook). Moh hasn’t been arrested and is still able to say what he wants through his own channels or others that are happy to allow it. This site can and will ban people or censor posts that go going against their rules, and I don’t think many would object to that. How is this different? (Given that people will take offence to a Palestinian flag, whether we agree with them or not)

        1. Davi, No, you could not be more wrong in saying your verY first sentence.

          Perish the thought that I or anyone else should actually SEEK to impose politics onto this site ! Definitely not and I am acutely aware, as are most on here, that this site is named”JUST Arsenal” and long may that stay the case.

          I did actually write “while not wishing to actively encourage political… etc” which, perhaps you overlooked ?

          I do choose my words carefully to give the exact effect that I MEAN to say, Davi!

  8. Dan
    You ask for kindness, which I respond to. Kindness is an amazing thing. I don’t think your article is kind, and I meditate on kindness every day of my life. I do not think that this article belongs on Just Arsenal, it is stirring negative stirrings that belong outside of football and ‘Arsenal’, and I for one do not want to see the Israeli flag or Palestinian flag on any Arsenal forum. Arsenal vs Tottenham…..yes….that’s enough.

    1. Mate in zero way am I trying to be unkind
      It really is as simple as me thinking someone should not be discriminated
      Eg , I worked in a setting where a parent had the same flag on
      I didn’t treat them differently and at zero point did they mention politics
      Moh simply wanted to talk about football and wasn’t allowed based on someone not liking the state of the flag he was wearing
      That to me is a dangerous road to go down
      And my stance is you can’t preach your not a political platform but then talk about BLM and SARS
      But you too are now trying to suppress my rights
      I write about racism in football , why footballers should be allowed to wear poppies , pep wearing a yellow flower and defended Ozil when I felt arsenal didn’t back him over his comments regarding situation in China
      You didn’t mind then ?

  9. This moderate and deep thinking article by Dan is typical of the best by far of all the REGULAR JA writers. So full of common sense and factual content.

    As to AFTV, way back then, I was much in favour of the concept of we fans having an outlet for our voices. But this one sided channel has become a parody and a vehicle for uneducated, uncouth ranters and shouters.

    Moh is an thinking and intelligent exception and would be well advised IMO to leave this disordered platform asap and thus no longer be tainted by such as Troopz, DT and other unpleasant people. I regret to say that Robbie initially created something that had the power to produce great good but has let it become an out of control monster.

    Just my take but I believe many will agree.

    1. jon, my view on Moh Haider is the same as yours. He along with Turkish, Lee Judges, Graham, Kenny Ken and Lee Gunner were the ones I listened to. Most have now left to go solo or cooperate on other channels. Robbie keeps bringing new young blood in or retains others, who to put it plainly aren’t as “inciteful”.
      Robbie Lyle’s handling of this issue and treatment of Moh has lowered AFTV in my estimation.

  10. Just playing devil’s advocate, but what if he had worn a swastika? I know it’s a strong comparison, but as much as there are well-intentioned people who want to see an independent Palestine, there are also many people (Hamas etc.) who actively want to murder Israelis. The Israel-Palestine issue is one of the most difficult global political issues with bad actors on both sides (don’t let naive pro-Palestiners tell you otherwise, and if they do, ask them how gay people would be treated in a Hamas-controlled state). I don’t blame Robbie for not wanting anything about it on his channel.

    1. But in my opinion that’s making it political
      No where in this piece can you gage my opinion on the the political situation. In Palestine
      Only those sensitive to it are making this political
      Would I compare a United Nations recognised state flag as a swatstika ?
      But I’ll entertain you
      If Robbie did allow it , he couldn’t next week not allow another symbol else that becomes political

      1. Hi Dan – the state of Palestine is not universally recognised by the United Nations. And I agree – Robbie has to have a stance of 0 political symbols on AFTV if he is to avoid (fairly) being called a hypocrite.
        The reason that wearing the Palestinian flag on AFTV was sensitive was that in that same week Palestinian rockets were raining down on Israeli civilians.

        I’m *not* saying that Israel was not also being an aggressor, I’m just stating a fact. Robbie made his decision to avoid AFTV being seen to have a side in the conflict, which is much more complicated than many ‘commentators’ seem to realise.

        1. Claudio S, UN doea recognise Israel as invaders though you forgot to mention that part also Hamas has nothing to do with Palestine as a state because it’s not controlled by state. Hamas is intervening in other countries as well so that shows its not only confined to Palestin. Another point to make is how can you compare Israel and Palestine and say have bad actors on both sides. Have to looked the death toll since Israel was forcefully formed on both sides? Have you looked as the military might of Israel Vs what Palestinians. No one who is fair and truly fair would ever say that Israel are in the right here. Israel even did not exist before Palestinians let Jews settlers from Germany in and welcomed them in time of tragedy. Also who started this recent conflict as well who sent police and army to be aggressor against peaceful people praying in mosque. Also those are not Palestinian rockets those are Hamas rockets. Get your facts right and stop putting spin on things. You make me laugh when you say Israeli died by those rockets tell me how many Israelis have died and how many Palestinians have died in recent aggression from Israel. Israel has iron dome man, hardly any Hamas rocket has penetrated it while it is clear by footage how Israel air force has devestated building with cilvilans inside. Israel is not even a recognises country and is a terrorist organisation only different is because it’s backed by UK and US so it’s fine?.

        2. It has relations with the UK and is recognized by 140 countries
          It’s mere flag is not offensive like the example you gave
          I see it everywhere , including in football
          Should someone be treated differently for wearing it ?
          eg , where would you stop
          Should Moh have to take it off if he goes in a shop ?

    2. He only wore a small Palestinian flag!!! He didn’t make any political statements!

    3. The swastika is not a flag, but an ancient symbol now associated with a political party, not a country.

  11. Good Article Dan, AFTV are useless any ways. Who has time to listen to and argue with these morons. Eleney should ignore them and just do what he thinks is right. I don’t even care what the club says when it suits the club to support something like black life matter then they do when it suits not to support similar cause like what happen in China then they don’t by hiding behind political movement excuse. If you believe what something to be right and truth then a person should stick with it because if truth can be bent or give even a little bit away then it’s not the truth. If I believe in something and my employers try to stop me I don’t care I would still go in to do what is right. It’s free world and my freedom rights let me think, live and display what I want as long as it’s not hurtful to innocent people.

    1. Logic, The man named Moh is a committed Arsenal fan and definitely NOT Elneny, though they, coincidentally, share a first name. Just thought you should know this !

      1. Oh, thanks Jon Fox I thought it was about Elneny. My mistake 🙂 but even though if it is some other person my argument remains the same. People should always have opinion and should be allowed to express them in peaceful way other wise no one would say wrong to wrong.

  12. AFTV will never be taken seriously cause they all know why they do it for the negativety and to get more views…but at the same time all the big broadcasting shows used them as a stick to beat Arsenal with.

  13. I think if you insult your employer anywhere in this world you can reasonably expect to get fired. Moh Haider was out of line trashing AFTV. I feel bad coz. I enjoyed Moh’s analysis but it is what it is.

    1. wasnt his employer
      he had done a friend a favour by giving content for free which made a friend money

  14. AFTV has always professed its idea to give fans a voice and be heard on football matters and more especially arsenal. Mo has been on the channel many times and called out AFTV via his twitter account as they were not putting his personal opinion and agenda through on a subject he felt strongly about. AFTV is not there to discuss or liberate on political matters. It is for fans to have an opinion on football. MO had an agenda and by wearing his various clothing or being told to not wear certain items was to ensure that the AFTV platform did not support any political issues which are not football related. End of the day everyone is entitled to their own values and beliefs and bottom line AFTV is a football channel not a political one.

      1. You keep asking why they speak about BLM and Sars?

        Now let me enlighten you.
        BLM is not a country fighting against each other, they are organizations in every country. You can’t see American BLM coming to England to fight, vice versa
        If you’re not a racist, you will always take side with them.(Though I prefer All Life Matters).

        End SARS is not a country fighting against other but a group of organization fighting to end Police Brutality in same country.
        If you’re not crazy, you will always take side with them.

        Palestine and Israel are two diff countries, if you have half isreal and half Palestine or your platform, nobody will tell you not to take side but your brain will.

        So the two thing is different. I support Robbie for that, just that I love Moh’s sense of reasoning.

        1. And to add to that…
          Endsar and BLM are protesting to there individual government against harsh treatment on them.

          But Palestine and Israel are fighting wars against eachother with Guns, Missiles and all dangerous weapons.

          1. you miss the point
            it’s still using a football platform to talk about politics
            BLM supoort violence against the police in a very sensitive time so I don’t see the difference

  15. According to you, Moh’s not paid by Robbie but according to Robbie, Moh is paid. I suspect, in this instance, Robbie’s telling the truth. It’s a small point but one that casts doubt on the rest of what you state. I sense that you have an agenda here as wearing a Palestine flag at the time is obviously far more incendiary than a Nigerian or Jamaican one and to suggest otherwise, is ludicrous. Further, this is a political issue and not one of discrimination. If Moh wasn’t insistent on wearing a political statement this would never have happened. For the record, I dislike AFTV with a passion but Moh was one of the very few worth listinging to.

      1. Clear up any confusion, Moh was not paid for the fan cams, which he did free of charge and which Robbie monetized on his youtube channel. Moh was paid for being a panellist on a podcast which was behind an AFTV paywall.

  16. Inasmuch as you may have written with a clear conscience to delineate the double standards at AFTV regarding the case of Moh, nevertheless, you should be more aware of the intensity of happenings and the feelings of people regarding the underlying context of discussion.

    You should be ready to get your hands burnt if you play with fuel close to fire. Quite known to you, the case at hand has far more reaching effects to violence even across the world than you may think. You may be defending an issue on AFTV, but you need to be cautious of the effects you opinions and stance may have on another platform like JA.

    You cannot claim that your article is void of the politics at hand when the basic underlying context of the mistreatment concerns the issue of politics. You have written once about it, and your points were clearly made then. Why do you still need to write again about such sensitive matters, and claim not to have an agenda.

    My intention is simply to inform you that your point has been made in your first article, and there is really no need for the second, as it begins to demonstrate insensitivity to the underlying issues.

    1. because I write about anything Arsenal related
      eg if I thought Garry Neville’s punditry was poor would that be picking on Sky
      Should AFTV only once mock Xaka or Bellerin or are they allowed to revisit it ?
      in 2021 I will call out discrimination as I see it
      My hands burnt ? I have zero Idea what you mean
      Agenda ? Think your looking way too much into my motives.
      I know my opinions will not cause offence simply because no where in my article have I expressed an opinion about anything going on regarding Palestine
      It’s as simple as if other people can talk about what means something to them and spread awareness , then Moh should at least be allowed to have a small flag on a hoodie
      and to clarify , Robbie had said it was okay
      Is Paul Pogba , Elneney , Mahrez , etc causing violence ?

      1. Your power is in your writing and when you have driven a sword deep into a defeated foe, why drive it a second time, that’s all I am saying. Why is a second article needed on the subject MATTER? What added information have you presented in the second that differs from the first except emphasize that Moh was wrongly treated, which you have rightly made in the first. That’s all I am saying. Because the underlying issue goes beyond just Moh and AFTV, even though you have tried to stay clear of it.

        You have called out AFTV’s flaws a number of times and no one is perfect. Why is it all about the AFTV platform? Aren’t there other injustices going on on other Arsenal platforms. Strange you never have written on any of them as though they are all perfect.

        By burning your hands, I simply meant the underlying context behind the events leading to Moh’s treatment is fiery, sensitive and means a lot to many, and by dwelling on it, you should expect many to read different meanings and lash out at you.

        I hope my points are clearer. Please spread awareness as you have been doing but do so with some sensitivity.

          1. Great! I trust you will release a third part whenever Robbie does same!

            Great writing skills all the same Dan. JA benefits a lot from the gift you possess!

  17. If wearing a badge/flag/insignia of one side, right in the middle of a violent conflict isn’t being political, then I don’t know what is.
    It was clearly a political statement.
    It’s up to AFTV to decide whether they want that on their platform.
    People seem to forget that freedom of speech works both ways.

  18. i dont think anyone is genuinely outraged. Moh wants some attention, everyone else just wants a pat on the back for “getting behind the cause”. It’s a youtube channel and robbie trying to keep his sponsors since that’s his income. Truth is most ppl would do the same if it affected their pockets. When it’s not going to affect your own business then suddenly people have a backbone.

    1. RSH, How well you understand human nature and the fact that a level of hypocrisy is present in all of us.

      I do not even think that a modest level is even a bad thing TBH. IT IS ONE OF THE THINGS THAT MAKE US ALL HUMAN AND ALL INTERESTING.

      The only humans I disgree with on this matter are those who simply refuse to accept the truth that, at various levels, we all are hypocrites. I am constantly aware of my own hypocrisy, anyway!

      And as you say, it is far easier to be noble when you are not directly involved or personally affected by the subject. That is another of lifes general truths, I’d suggest!

  19. Shameful is what it is.

    Robbie fell under pressure and he’ll suffer the consequences way more than if he had let Moh wear the Palestine flag.

  20. Robbie said he was threatened with legal action because Moh was wearing a flag of Palestine badge during his interviews. That sounds both laughably absurd and a complete pack of lies. AFTV can get in the bin, together with Robbie’s honesty and good conscience.

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