The arrival of Jesus simply must make Gooners more positive, surely?

The arrival of Jesus simply must make Gooners more positive by Dan Smith

I waited over a week to write this, but Arsenal, in typical fashion, took forever to confirm the capture of Jesus.

Only we could leak out pictures of the player hugging Edu and having a tour of the Emirates yet still take so long to announce the signing.

Gabriel Jesus is quite simply the type of purchase the Gunners should be making.

I say it all the time, it’s up to Arteta and the Kroenke Family to make the likes of me positive.

When they make this kind of transfer Gooners can’t be negative can they?

No different to if you finish in the top 4 you can’t be accused of regressing, can you?

Within the divide in our fanbase that’s what gets lost, the players are the ones who can delete any negativity.

If you get outplayed at Palace, Spurs, Newcastle, etc, you are open to being questioned.

A Man City follower making Jack Grealish’s form an issue when they are lifting the title is negative.

The Kop complaining that they only saw two trophies held aloft is negative.

Saying Arsenal in 2022 should be doing better than 5th is not negative!

I’m sure Man Utd fans feel the same about 6th.

Yet when Arsenal gets it right, don’t think I have a problem giving them credit.

Looking to replace Aubameyang and Lacazette, this is the best striker we could have got.

Not in an era where we can attract world class talent, Jesus is the kind of individual who could develop into that.

While he can play on either side and it will be his tactical understanding which impressed our manager, he might thrive with the responsibility of being our main source of goals.

A little shark in the ocean that is the Etihad he might become a huge fish in a smaller pond.

I admire the 25-year-old for stepping out of a comfort zone to try and prove he can be the main man elsewhere.

He could have stayed well paid in Manchester winning trophies but instead wants to play every week.

He’s accepted more spotlight and pressure by moving to North London

45 million is allotted to pay for a player who would have been a free agent next summer, but for once Arsenal adapted to the market.

With only Nketiah and Balogun as our forward options, they identified Jesus as their main choice, so who cares if they had to pay a little bit over the odds?

Is he alone enough to close the gap between those who finished above us? No.

Can we win the title in three years times without any more marquess signings?

Don’t be naive.

Is he a very good start? 100 percent!

Welcome to Arsenal, Jesus.

Dan Smith

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  1. Almost everyone has said Jesus has made our team better, the gripe was over the price but what’s done is done and I’m happy he’s at Arsenal

    The arrival of a powerful DM would make me a lot happier though, this is the position we need to strengthen most IMO.

    1. I would argue the price is very good, and I don’t see why people think he was expensive?

      We won’t know if we’ve overpaid for a couple of years, but as of now, if we have overpaid, it won’t be by much.

      He may have only had a year left on his contract, but we’ve seen how expensive players can still be in that situation. He’s also a big name, quality player, tons of EPL experience, and taking a step down joining us.

      I think Edu and Arteta have pulled off a great signing considering the gulf in quality between us and City, and no CL football.

      1. 45 mil is too much for a player with 1 year left on his contract, that even with a ton of EPL experience and surrounded by some of the best players in the world, only managed a goal every 235 mins last season.

        I’m glad he is with us and I’m sure he can improve those stats but based on the facts I believe 45mil was too much. I don’t need you to agree with me ThirdMan 🙂

        1. I think the reported 210k a week helped with his signing as well
          Been at city for 5 years never been above 90k a week

          1. The reason why he was at 90k then was that he came from the Brazilian league remember ?(90k a WK for an unproven striker) I’m not saying that 200k is worth it but you don’t expect Jesus to NOT ask for an upgrade especially after his(his club) achievements

        2. @PJ-SA

          We don’t need to agree, but people are making out like its almost like what Real paid for Hazard with a year left. When looking at comparisons, the complaints about the fee holds no water.


        3. Something I think you fail to consider is that at 25 he still has sell on value in 3/4 years time so its actually not a bad investment. If he had 2 years left the fee would have more likely been in the 50-60+ range.

          1. Yes our history of being able to sell on players and break even/profit on them is fantastic I forgot.

      2. Jonbo I agree with you. I don’t think City could have been bothered Jesus running his contract down, we needed a striker, should we have waited till he is a free agent? What options did we have that could have been cheaper with a relatively equal or more in quility?

      3. Jonbo, compare this transfer to Haaland and one can see why some are questioning it.
        Not me though!!!
        If we are to compete with the clubs that finished above us, we have to be prepared to pay for the talent required.
        I think this is a brilliant signing and shows we are still acting like a top four club.

  2. The Jesus signing for me as filled a gap that needed filling ,as he made the team better ?
    Time will tell but if he’s expected to do the same job as what Laca did last season then obviously his goal input will be drastically reduced from what you would expect from a CF, I read fans saying he will score 20 goals plus ,he never did that at Man City with all their attacking riches so I’m struggling to see where those 20 goals will come from in our negative set up unless Arteta has learnt that his tactics over the last 2 seasons stump our Attacking talents .
    I’ve been reading for 2 years how he wants to go with a more attacking 4-3-3 but I’ve seen no evidence of that as he favours overloading the defensive side of the game .
    Telling that the top 2 teams have now gone for the big traditional number 9 ,but that’s what top managers do they evolve rather than copy what has been tried and tested before hand .

    1. Dan kit, if a player never scored a certain amount of goals in a team doesn’t equate to necessarily him failing to hit the numbers in a different set up. Messi scored more than 50 goals a season at Barca! He scored less than 15 at PSG

      1. @Kenya, wrong comparison first Messi is on decline & past his best he is 35 years old. Where as Jesus is going into his prime. Second Messi played whole his club career in Barcelona so its a big change for him where as Jesus has played how many years in City? Third Messi goal plays more of a creator now and feeds mbappe n Neymar where as Jesus is out n out front three. I hope Jesus can hit more then 20 goals but won’t hold my breath if a season after season proven goal scorer n golden boot winner Auba can be turned into garbage by Arteta then what chance Jesus stands.

    2. You complain about every single thing….God!!
      The negativity around you is so glaring….
      I guess you’ll also complain about why we humans breath in oxygen and why not carbon!!
      Its ok to have an opinion about something…but urs is always over the top….you act like your all knowing…..things are not always as they seem
      You might think you know something..but in more realistically…you dont!!
      Stop acting all knowing….

      1. Hey Prof – it’s called an OPINION and DK has proved to be right more times than he has got it wrong.
        What, exactly, is wrong with what he’s saying, regarding Jesus playing the Lacazette role and how that would affect his scoring opportunities?
        That makes perfect sense to me, but I don’t think Mikel will play him in that role…. so am I acting all knowing now?

      2. You’re new rules have already stopped have they Pat ?
        What happened to you asking posters to be more polite and challenging one’s opinion,all I see from Prof lalallalalallalalallalallallalalalal are insults .
        I gave an opinion which I thought was sound in thinking and I get a child like reply .
        New rules new me I thought .

  3. I am delighted to have such a quality player in the squad. Gabriel Jesus is very good at pressing from the front. And scores goals as well. We are moving in the right direction.

    We need 3 more signings

    Ruben Neves

    We need more goals and creativity in the squad. We should go for Gnarby. If we can’t get him, Then keep Reis Nelson this season.

    But the Ruben Neves deal is important.

  4. We only missed CL by 2 points and were 6 points clear with 6 games to go without a number 9. I believe any one could play up front for Arsenal and do as well as Laca 5 PL goals Auba 4 PL goals and Pepe 1 PL goal did last season. Did we need a 50m striker? No we did not. Nketiah Martinelli Marquinos Balogun and especially Mike Biereth would have scored enough goals to get top 4. Vieira Odegaard Saka ESR Martinelli Marquinos Pepe will provide a lot of chances and I see Eddie getting ten and expect Jesus to get 20.

    1. @fairfan, as you mentioned above that we were 6 points clear & blew it, is exactly why we should sign players that have been there & knows how to handle pressure talk to Saka, ESR, martinelli how to deal with a must win game. Those young players are good but they just couldnt handle the pressure when it counted the most. If we paid a bit more then your evaluation just think of all the extras benefits he brings to the team.

    2. Well how about if we had a better manager like conte we would not have blown our chances to qualify for fourth. I blame Arteta more then players for blowing up 4th place , his tactics and player mgmt were poor. Well tactically he is one of the weakest manager in top 6.

      1. After only 3 years as manager and he is actually worse than Pep, Klopp, Conte and Tuchel, surely he should have overtaken them by now….

        You said “one of….” Who are the other ones tat are worse than the above named?

  5. Yes the arrival of Jesus makes me feel very positive, but on the other hand I’m getting very negative vibes this morning hearing the rumours going around which are hopefully speculative rubbish. 🤞

  6. I’m usually positive. But I heard Scotland Yard just arrested a famous 29-year-old international EPL footballer at an address in Barnet, North London, on suspicion of alleged se*ual assault

    There are few 29-year-old international EPL players who live in North London:

    – Thomas Partey
    – Granit Xhaka, lives in Barnet but is supposedly on vacation abroad with his family
    – Mohamed Elneny
    – Bernd Leno
    – Lucas Moura
    – Heung-min Son
    – Matt Doherty

    1. It’s not Partey according to media / police. All the players on your list aren’t 29 years old…

  7. In general I’m positive to our recruitments, but we have some issues with our wingbacks and our central midfield, which we should solve before next season.

    We shouldn’t start a new season without solving our most obvious weaknesses. A decent window could be a fantastic window, time will show.

  8. Arsenal and city both agree Jesus and Phillip deal same day and unveiled both players same day, how is it that only arsenal fans complain about the time of unveiling.
    Are we being overreacting most time?
    So far it’s been a good window, just 1month and we already sign 2players that could improve the 1st team?
    Are we getting confused by the noise from our neighbor down the road.
    I don’t know much about Jesus but his work rate is fascinating, am much interested in who we bring in in the middle, and lw.

    I think we should give Pepe one more chance
    Dana as Taveres,
    I don’t trust Martinelli so I’ll buy a lw and Xhaka?
    People want him gone but his physicality, I doubt Tielemans can give us what he give, but I’ll keep him as back up to Partey then buy Tielemans for 4-3-3

    1. Trouble is Jax, its been known that accusations can be made that are groundless.
      Until the law allows for a person to be named, IF they are found to be untrue, the cards are completely stacked against the party being accused… as they WILL be named.

          1. Ken, bad news mate.
            Chris Wheatley just reported…
            Thomas Partey is currently in London and did not travel with the Arsenal team to Germany. Apologies for any confusion caused with earlier tweet. #AFC

  9. I think he is a very good addition and make Arsenal and adds more to the attacking front but Arsenal probably need another head there with some physicality in some games.
    I think that is more important than a holding MF . Arsenal need to score more than what they have done in the last 2-3 years.

  10. I believe he’ll be a massive upgrade on Laca and that he’ll pull out a Sanchez. I just hope the rest of the follows suit and that Edu&Arteta manage to sort out dmf and lb. Hell, maybe even rb.

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