The Arsenal board are close to sabotaging Mikel Arteta

Mikel Arteta needs reinforcements and the board must back him

It is rather an obvious statement that the Arsenal board needs to back Mikel Arteta, well, obvious to everyone except the board that is.

Arteta is having to deal with some players that are not up to Arsenal standard, he is having to put a team together with a significant injury list and he is having to deal with certain positions that have glaring holes in them.

It is almost criminal that a club of Arsenal stature and finances to be penny-pinching at a time when the last thing the club should be doing is closing its wallet.

It is in effect sabotage, I cannot think of any other way to put it.

Let’s look at the situation we are in right now, we are using a teenager out of position as a full back, we have substandard centre backs, we are lacking massively in creativity, we are weak on at least one wing and the forwards are starting to age.

If the board cannot see that then I question if they are fit to be running a club the size of Arsenal.

Arteta needs help, that is clear, he is doing a good job in terms of getting the players mental attitudes right but he can only do so much with what he has at his disposal. If Arsenal is to turn draws into wins then they need players to help Arsenal to take that next step.

I will say it again, the Arsenal board is very close to sabotaging Mikel Arteta.


  1. well said admin, totally agree,This board are a joke i hope they all choke on their cheese and cucumber sarnies,i feared the worst when it first became evident the an American franchise owner was going to be owning this wonderful club and my suspicions have turned out to be correct,Arteta is as you say doing as good a job as he can with these players, but the majority of them were bought on the cheap and they look it. come on Kroenke help help the poor guy out,if not now then massively in the summer window.

  2. Well even though I HATE Kroenke with a passion, he hasn’t been penny pinching so far except for choosing managers

    I’m sure he chose an inexperienced manager because Arteta is easier to control. He could have got Allegri, Ancelloti, etc who had more experience but chose someone with zero managerial experience

    It’s lucky and awesome that Arteta is doing so well and improving our team. But not sure if Kroenke trusts him with big spending money

    Only time will tell

    1. If he doesn’t trust him with big spending money then what is the point in hiring him? Or are they saying that Arsenal don’t need defenders or any other player?

      1. Arteta cannot decide to sell dead wood like Ozil, Xhaka, and Mustafi. Those 3 players earn more than 300/week. The wage bill is too high

  3. Please sell the club to the African billionaire when he calling. I can see him, as an arsenal supporter piling money into buying top top players. He is what we need, really hope he keeps his promise to buy arsenal in a couple of years.
    How good would that be

    1. Ahaha! Aliko Dangote is a BUSINESSMAN! If he comes here he comes for the money and profit. Stop deluding yourself that he will buy the club and waste money experimenting on various players. In fact, don’t delude yourself anyone on this planet other than the Arabs, has money to burn for entertainment’s sake.

      1. Erm no hes an arsenal fan and hes worth something like 18 BILLION…he could overhaul our club without breaking a sweat, and last I looked Abramovich was Russian not Arab lol and hes only worth about 7 billion

        1. And how much money does Chelsea spend? More than we do? I don’t think so! Abramovich built Chelsea and as soon as they could stand on their own he took a back seat and let’s the club finance itself.

          1. Lolol seriously daft comment, look at there spending since he took over its leaps and bounds more than us! And hes not going to spend money when they dont need to that’s obvious but to say they dont spend when needed now is laughable, so why cant someone buy us, spend and then let the club finance itself like Roman supposedly has done? I don’t care either way but for you to say people are deluding themselves that this scenario can happen because “only arabs” have the money to do so is nonsense and a lil racist to be honest lol

      2. Are you saying that those who bought Chelsea, Man C and Liverpool are not business men but were driven by charitable causes? Please be positive and stop this insinuation.

        1. Man City is a toy for a wealthy Arab with too much money to spend in a lifetime. Abramovich stopped spending on Chelsea recklessly.

          Please, let us stop this mentality of expecting handouts from rich billionaire owners. The club can be successful without relying on owner’s wealth.

      3. Quantric Dream all billionaires are businessmen mate. That Nigerian guy is no different, but we can at least expect him to do better than the Kroenkes because not only is he a football person, he is actually an Arsenal fan. What more do we need?

  4. years of poor management from the higherups have led to this. Too much power given Wenger, poor recruitment, no direction for the club. I believe we have to slightly worry about FFP now too and need to sell some players. Even if Dangote wants to buy Arsenal, Stan has to want to sell, and he seems content with the cash he is getting from us.

  5. I think arteta knew all bout this before he got the job and accepted the conditions the board put on him.
    And he is doing a good job infact a wonderful job with the players he has got.

    I hope the board atleast get him one player on his wishlist in the summer window

  6. The board have given us a 200+ M squad. Their only fault is hiring the wrong people to manage the club and the club took a big financial hit for that mistake

    We can only call it a sabotage if they don’t give Arteta decent transfer budget in the summer. Arteta knew exactly what he had to deal with before taking the job

    What Arsenal should do to help Arteta is selling the divas in the summer, to make Arteta able to start fresh in the next season

      1. The problem with the Board has not been the amount allocated to transfers, but the fact the players scouted and recruited have not been those requested by the head coach or to address the obvious deficiencies in midfield and defense. A large part of the available funds went to Pepe; not arguing he may not come good, but he wasn’t what Arsenal needed at the present.
        Apart from Edu the football knowledge is sparse.
        Arteta, like Emery before him will be made the fall guy, if not supported.

  7. The scouting and recruitment of the Wenger regime or was it Ivan or both?
    We had poor signings for decent fees and transferred players out for free/ peanuts.The owner I feel does not scout or does the negotiations.Except Leno and Gabriel have any other signings worked in the recent past? Torrera has flashes and maybe termed satisfactory. So the money has been wrongly spent and the consequences have been 2 coaches gone in 2 years.Stan will definitely not put his money in if it will wrongly spent.We need a proper scouting and recruitment policy first.I am willing to wait for the 21-22 season once Ozil is out, then only we will be genuine title contenders.Till then let Mikel slowly build up his team.

  8. Dont agree with the article I think the squad isnt as bad as said just that its been hugely underperforming ( thank emery for that). Arteta is a good young manager and yes they should be looking at reinforcements and sales in the summer window. For now it’s just for arteta to get us back in cl which is probably easiest via winning the el.

    1. Guru, can you give background to your assessment that Emery caused these “professional” footballers to underperform or for the squad to be decimated by injuries at the end of his first season (fifth position, Europa League final)?

    1. Hallelujah for plain speaking and getting at the heart of what is harming us. HOW TYPICAL OF YOU TOO,GRANDAD!

    2. Couldn’t agree more…..

      As long as Kroenke owns the club, Arsenal will not win the EPL or CL…..

      No matter how good Arteta is, he’s working with the handbrake on…..

      The day Kroenke leaves the club’s we can all be hopeful again…..

      There is only two reason Kroenke will sell……

      1. If the stadiums are empty…..

      2. If the stadiums are filled with people singing Kroenke out for months on months….. (Eventually the bad press will get to him….. with CNN and FOXnews knocking on his door every day….. he can’t remain Silent Stan)

      1. But the uk fans for me are one of the weakest and easily swayed in the world. For me Kroenke is not the problem, but those fans are.. if a United, persistent protest is staged for half a season, ditch games and stand outside the stadium, that leech will be gone

  9. I agree kroenke has not stepped up to the plate as a responsible owner! They only threw money at the squad in the summer because the fans stopped paying at the door!!
    Now it seems they think changing the coach will wave a magic wand,well Arteta is good very good! But he needs a very good center back now!! Not in the summer so cough up and help us out please!

  10. It may be that the cost of getting quality is too high right now.

    As well, there are some great premier league defenders who would step in and offer a lift, but so few clubs are out of something right now that teams will be reluctant to sell.

    Other posts have talked at length about reasonable alternatives to bring in, but I don’t know if the teams would let them go or if they would want to come to Arsenal right now.

    Doing nothing is better than doing something stupid for too much money. We don’t need people who have significant injury records or who are at the end of their careers (or both).

    Maybe I am giving management too much credit and they are just being cheap, but I am not sure what is really available…

  11. While we can get all emotional on our support of this club, i doubt anyone will be sabotaging the success of his own investment by purposefully starving it of funds. There is a lot we are not privy to in deciding players transfer and acquisitions. While we prefer certain players, the professionals that run the club may think otherwise based on certain conditions and circumstances known to them. Arteta have been doing a decent job and i’m sure he’ll get better players as needed.

    1. Based on what evidence exactly? I STATE THE EXACT OPPPOSITE AND I OFFER ALL OUR DROSS AND DEADWOOD AS EVIDENCE. Agree on Arteta though and my comments refer to the filthy disgusting owner and his boardroom stooges.

      1. Doesn’t the problem get worse when the owner doesn’t truly understand the ethos that is the EPL? The social history of what Arsenal, Burnley, Villa etc mean to their supporters and communities? Great grandparents through to their great grandchildren supporting THEIR team through thick and thin.
        One day, hopefully sooner rather than later Kroenke may realise that Arsenal are not his franchise but part of the fabric of British society
        He sees a cracking business opportunity and clearly doesn’t give two Bob about us

  12. please tell Stan kroenke to stand down if he s can’t support the team financially. I love arsenal with my soul.

  13. I reckon Arteta was told when offered the job there would be no funds for major signings this window and his remit is to just avoid relegation, nothing else, and funds will be available in the summer.

  14. We haven’t got the money, before anyone starts harping on, look up and familiarise yourself with FFP.

  15. Refreshing to read a post that is about the real problems Arteta and the team faces instead of some boring off the scale transfer rumours.
    I am in total agreement AdMart, well done!

  16. I’m hoping someone on this site could clarify the position, but I think Kroenke bought Arsenal for £1.5 billion and it is currently worth approx £2.4 billion AND without Kroenke putting in any of his own money since the purchase, as the club funds itself. A cracking good investment from his point of view. We do not have a fairy godmother or the likes of Abramovitch to magic funds for new players as it is a case of sell to buy and rely on profits made elsewhere.

    Not sure about sabotage. Without the benefit of football men at the helm (except Edu) it might be difficult for Arteta to get the players he wants at a price that will be sanctioned. It is difficult if the owner doesn’t follow ‘soccer’ and has to rely on these executives to do the buying and selling.

    1. Except KSE did put their own money into the club this past summer. It was acknowledged by Raul that they put money in so that we could buy Pepe and pay the £25 million (in one go) for Tierney. Last summer was the first transfer window that KSE had complete ownership, so I don’t blame them for not putting in money before.

      1. Well I missed that so I’m pleased you put me right
        He is though, sitting on a profit of nearly a £1billion if he sells


    1. The truth is, he and they are not Arsenal Football fans, they are absent owners and this club is not run with winning trophies as the only goal.

  18. Has the money grabbing Kronkes noticed that Liverpool are about to overtake Man Utd as England’s richest club, and don’t they realise with a bit of investment that could of and should have been us.

  19. This is coming a bit too late, this greedy board sabotaged Arsen Wenger , they did the same to his successor now they are exposing Arteta to this hazardious route.
    They honestly want Arsenal to be relegated, and they will surely get their wish.
    For the past four years the board have refused to look at the team’s problems, instead they keep buying players in areas Arsenal do not need.
    Arsenal has been plagued with defensive problems but they refused to solve it by buying players.

  20. The only way is for fans not to buy/renew season tickets. Once the clubs starts losing money, the owners might be forced to sell to someone passionate about Arsenal.
    If not Arsenal will continue the drift to medi
    ocre status.

    1. I respectfully disagree….

      There is a way to get the Kroenkes out…..

      When the whole stadium is singing Kroenke out, he will have 2 choices…..

      1. Spend money

      2. Sell up

      The fans have known for 10 years that Wenger wasn’t the problem and that Kroenke is the problem…..

      It’s time to do something about him….

      We all know that the little boy that is silent probably has something to hide……

      We all know that the little boy that has something to hide needs some attention……

      60,000 fans singing your name is the kind of attention that’s hard to ignore…..

  21. Keep on slagging the owner will not endear him to the fans or their wishes. If he truly did not care about Arsenal having success he could make things worse.

    But then his portfolio would decrease in value from his Arsenal investment. As an obviously successful businessman he knows success increases a club’s ability to make money. It then depends on how much Arsenal as a football club has in the bank, as we know Arsenal work from a self-sustaining model.

  22. Arsenal board and Kroenke arr the cause of the team misery and Arsenal fans must campaign to get them out of the team.
    They don’t love this team and Arteta can do nothing if there is reinforcement. The team need to be in the hand of passionate people who love Arsenal and can invest to build the team.Let us campaign to get them out pls

  23. The problem is that we panickbuy and panicksell too much all in the name of business. We have not been good with our business for the past 5 years or more. Look at arsenal of khleb, nasri, fabregas, rosicky….now left with ozil and willock as creative midfielder. We sold Gabriel kept mustafi, koscielny for Luis, got socratis for Big German, we panick buy lacazatte, sokratis, Luis,pepe,mikhitatian, ceballos?. Not that everything is that bad,just get us a defender, get rid of socratis,Luis,mustafi, let holding,chambers, salliba and mavropanous grows, get us ball playing midfieders like cazola, creator like fabregas or young ozil and someone to replace lacazatte missing goals. Sell the dead woods at the back and the forwards and midfielders will have freedom and more confidence

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