The Arsenal Board are hearing – but not listening

Protest before the game is justified and it sent a message that was heard. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello everyone and congratulations, Arsenal won a game! So let’s not waste time on pointless analysis on how we beat a non-league side that was dead physically in the second half and focus on the main problems at this football club, starting with Arsene and the protest yesterday.

“It’s never your fault, it’s never your fault, Arsene Wenger it’s never your fault”. I think the guys have it spot on! Enrique said he’s leaving after a 4:0 defeat which was overturned 2 weeks later! When was the last time Arsene took responsibility for bad results? He stated again that the ref killed the Bayern game after he watched it 3 times!

This is part of the problem, but to further prove the point people want to get across let’s look at Arsene’s record in the champions league recently. His last win in the first leg at the round of 16 is in 2010/11 when Barcelona was beaten 2:1 the emirates. At the return game the ref, really did kill us with sending off Van Persie for no reason, but against Bayern, it wasn’t the ref really.

In 7 meetings with Barcelona, Arsene has won 1, drawn 1 and lost 5 (including the 2006 final) and he’s never gotten past Barca. Against Bayern, Arsene has 10 games. He’s won 3, drawn 2 and lost 5 with never getting past the German giants. We’ve not past the RO16 since 2010 and only won the group stages twice – ironically this year, and that time we faced Milan (then coached by Allegri) who thrashed us 4:0.

Against top 6 teams this season we’ve won 1 drawn 2 and lost all the other games including recent humiliations against Chelsea and Liverpool. Arsene has lost almost half the games he’s played against United! His record against Mourinho and Chelsea (since Abramovich) also need no comment.

This is why people protest. Arsene said we needed to bounce back against Lincoln. Is this the game that lifts our spirits? Anything but smashing Lincoln would’ve been shocking. Our real tests came against Bayern, Chelsea and Liverpool and we showed exactly what we’ve become under Arsene.

The protest is there because we are stale. And the board finally heard something was happening. Their message didn’t really say all that much, neither was something said because we are the laughing stock of Europe (with PSG…), but it shows the protest was heard, although not much was said. For me it’s staggering that it’s a “mutual decision” on his contract though. Is Arsene part of the board or something I missed here? He shouldn’t be deciding whether he stays. He either gets a contract or not, he’s got one on the table so the board is supporting him.

I heard a Newcastle fan saying “Wenger is still a top manager”, “You won back to back FA cups!”, “You are always in the top 4”, “You know how many clubs would like to be in your place?”. And recently I talked to a Barcelona fan after their remarkable comeback against PSG and our humiliating exit against Bayern and he said this. “The fact the board is ok with the manager after 10:2 on aggregate…”. The three dots say it all really. You see how people supporting a small club are happy with the top 4 and the FA cup, whether fans of big clubs want nothing else but the title and the Champions league. It’s a mentality thing. Now think for yourself which is more important to you and do you believe Arsenal is a big club?

I think we were a big club before Arsene, and we will be big after him. We have one of the largest fan bases in the world, we’re always in the top 10 richest football clubs. In fact we are ranked 5th this year (compared to 7th last year), after Barcelona, Real Madrid, Man Utd and Bayern. We’re ranked above City and Chelsea! Squad wise and result wise we’re nowhere near them at the moment.

Unlike Arsene I do care what the fans have to say. I do not agree with all of them, but I respect them and when I read the comments and people put a valid point, I try to take it into account and improve the message I want to send across. If you have a valid statement, backed by real arguments as to why Arsene should stay I’d be happy to debate on it.

But right now I wanna finish with the fact, that from what I am hearing a lot of fans believe that Arsene will leave this summer. They just can’t figure out what Arsene has done to deserve an extension and I agree he hasn’t done on the footballing side anything to deserve it, but he will sign the contract. If he wasn’t we would be talking to managers right now. Working some sort of a plan. We’re not doing anything, because as reports suggest the contract is all but signed. We’re just waiting for the “right time” as our board members statement said.

The club is just waiting for things to calm down a little. If he announces it now, the protest would only grow stronger because we’re still hurt from the painful losses of late. But the moment we will 2 or 3 games, a lot of people will have it all forgotten. It’s happened before, but this time it’s not one man with a banner it’s 200 and for 2 more years we will be seeing the same. It won’t change over a summer.

Alexis is leaving for me and reports suggest he’s an outcast at the squad. Ozil was offered a huge pay rise but it’s uncertain whether he’s staying. The Ox reportedly wants to leave. Theo hinted things “happened” in the dressing room. I’d like to remind you how Conte dealt with the Costa situation at Chelsea. He was dropped from the squad and Chelsea still won 3:0 the next game.

Arsene dropped Sanchez to the bench in hope that if things go wrong, he’d save him. Pathetic! If you wanna drop someone to show him you’re the boss, leave him out of the squad. Give him the managerial injury. These things are my motives as to why Arsene should leave. He can’t take us to another league title. He can’t take us past the ro16 in the champions league.

Give this great club to someone who can. The protesters said that if he signs the extension, banners are coming to every game next season and I hope so. People are starting to open their eyes and Arsene and the board need to open theirs. Enough is enough, Wenger’s gotta go.



  1. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    Sorry OT but the topic is boring.
    Let’s beat spuds in semi and then City in final.

  2. N4NICOLAS says:

    Pains n agony of an Arsenal Fan… we have a board that doesn’t have a say on who n when to hire a coach, we have a Manager that doesn’t want to leave in fact he has d luxury of deciding when to leave then we have fans who don’t know between Wenger n Arsenal which they like more.. well am sure Wenger is going to stay on to continue the heart breaks…

  3. legend Henry says:

    It’s really painful to see a greedy board backing a useless manager for just no reason.
    Certainly,they are useless too.
    The proper Arsenal fans should take the banners to matches always.
    But I think that’s not going to hurt them more,the proper Arsenal fans that are making us proud should come together to boycott matches.
    If Wenger the expect in failure signs, proper Arsenal fan should buy merchandise,tickets………
    It will hurt the greedy board.
    It’s time for a change !!!!
    Wenger the dope out !!!!!!

    1. Nebsy says:

      Not possible m8. There’s just way too many tourists and ignorant fans that will take your place. Voicing discontent is the only thing a reasonable fan can do.

  4. legend Henry says:

    oops * must not buy merchandise,tickets…….

  5. gmv8 says:

    Just watching the Liverpool v Burnley game … Burnley are showing how to tactically beat them ATM … very embarrassing when we looked clueless.

  6. goonerboy says:

    Don’t worry, we will still lose against S’oton away, Spurs away and draw ManU at home, so the protests will surely go on…

  7. HA559 says:

    Almost every other team in the league take better corners than Arsenal. When we have a corner you know most likely nothings going to happen. The defenders come up but the corners is either too shorts, to long or when it does come in a good spot it is floated in. No wonder our CB goal tallies are low.

    Do they not even practice corners?

  8. hecmanx says:

    Poisonous atmosphere at the Emirates and its the fault of wenger, that’s why he needs to go.

    He is clueless on how to solve the problems of the club that have been very obvious for many seasons now.

    The fans that are protesting are not doing so because of how current poor form, but because wenger seem to make same mistakes over and over again, and he just can’t motivate his players to perform.

    Big ups to the fans that made their feelings known to the greedy and incompetent board, let them know we are not happy with how things at the club, let’s keep the heat on by doing the same till they listen to the fans that invest their emotions and money on this great club

  9. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    The draw is fixed, we know that so:
    Arse 3 spuds 1
    Then Arse 2 City 0

  10. RichSAAlao says:

    Which Board would listen to a protest to sack a manager who has not coommitted a crime, and is almost the club’s best, earned the Board’s respect by his Performances of set objectives in bad times,and currently still above those considered best ib the league.
    So, boards don’t decide by protest, they manage them. And are doing that now. By the way is it, fans that say It’s not Arsene fc, and parroting on Fans TV, Sanchez is world class, he is going to leave at every chance, going for Alexis Sanchez fc instead of Arsenal fc?

  11. RichSAAlao says:

    You know what, Sanchez’s so good that Barcelona sold him on, and paid hefty some to sign his replacement, Neyma.

    1. Franko says:

      And yet he is the highest goal scorer in the EPl so far. He is that good and by the way, don’t be jealous because he is the best player at Arsenal right now.

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