Opinion – The Arsenal Board are making a big mistake in keeping Emery

Back to the “drawing” board for Arsenal fans by Konstantin Mitov

Well, lovely Arsenal people, if your footballing weekend was bad already, the news are the Arsenal board are “100 percent” behind Unai. The man who gave us our worst start in 37 years!

I lauded the Arsenal board for signing Pepe and giving us funds this summer, but Emery is a disaster, and if Raul and Edu do not make a bold decision, the banners will be pointing at them too.

It is incredible how people in the Arsenal Board hide, only to leave the manager to take all the blame. It really feels like nobody really cares about this football club at the top, and it’s difficult to find evidence that things stand otherwise.

We should most definitely be talking to someone. I sometimes wonder what difference would it make if I’m the manager. Surely I will do not much worse as we can’t win a game of football anyway. I would even do it for half of Emery’s wages, and at least I’d know I am the problem and I’d have the nobility to leave when things are not going our way.

The only reason I can think of to not sack the manager is the lack of desire to hire someone new. There are too many people in the Arsenal Board who do not do their jobs. This goes from the top to the bottom. Is it because Raul asked for money to support Unai that he is now afraid that he’ll have to go and tell the owner we need a new manager and more money?

Job security after bad decision? I have a prime example from the place where I work. The company isn’t delivering and there are a few people who are the real reason, but just like the manager at Arsenal, they are untouchable and job security makes them a nightmare to work with.

Whatever the real issue is, I don’t rely on our owner to make a bold decision as he is again nowhere to be seen. How do you manage an entity as big as Arsenal football club without even bothering to attend from time to time?

Not sure he even knows what our league position is. Not sure he even cares. There are empty seats at the Emirates. People are bored watching the club. We cannot celebrate having the lead as we are not sure we can keep it. Going away we know we are beaten. How can you support this?

The banners need to come out. I am sorry, I don’t see another way. We will throw away another year into the abyss for the sake of the Arsenal Board not having the reputation to sack managers often, even if they are crashing us to the ground. I hope this nightmare will end soon, but it could take a while.



  1. No need to protest, because Emery’s contract will definitely be terminated if he keeps losing

    But if he wins all remaining home games, his job will be safe till the end of this season. Then he will surely be replaced

    I’m more curious to see whether Xhaka is sold in January or not

    1. I don’t think Xhaka is going anywhere. Emery is playing in a way that somehow would suit Xhaka’s playstyle, even in his absence, just to make the case for him, and to make the fans see how much we need Xhaka, LOL. I even saw an article over that. Emery was using Luiz to move to midfield and distribute passes like Xhaka used to and only tracked back when without the ball. Xhaka will come back I tell you.

      1. Daulat, You are out of touch with all reality then! “We need Xhaka” like we need Emery and Kroenke and your daft comments too; NOT AT ALL!

  2. Sorry to go OT but The Athletic is claiming:

    “Aubameyang has reportedly been urged to stop engaging with ‘Troopz’ – one of AFTV’s most notorious contributors – after Aubameyang seemingly invited him to games at the Emirates in his executive box.”

    1. Heheh that is funny. Is Aubameyang a child that needs to be told who to associate with. In a way he is smart though, by befriending those fans he frees himself from harsh criticism 🙂

  3. In my knowledge of football history,when the board give 100% backing to the existing manager coming up to December!
    It usually ends up with said manager getting sacked .

  4. well to be fair if we lose the next 2 games then Emery should go….

    the board is just doing their job ensuring the kpis and target of the manager are being met

    1. He should have left after the Leicester game, because the team’s performance gets worse in his second season

  5. Emery should not delude himself that the board is giving him 100 percent support. His days as Arsenal manager are certainly numbered .Let him lose or even draw at home to Southampton after the break and see what happen to him. Even the so called board will not be able to guarantee him his job then. Because of this man Emery, I have suspended watching Arsenal matches for the past one month, as his pattern, if any is so so boring. Worst still, no certainty of winning, even if we are two or more goals up. He has to go. The sooner the better.

  6. They’re the clueless muppets who hired him in the first place… Of course they’re going to say that, so as not to expose their ineptitude. Clowns.

  7. I’ve always maintained that he should have until January. I think the board feels similarly

    But If we lose our next 2-3 matches even I will say he needs to go. We will be beneath United and Spurs

    There’s no excuse for losing home matches

    Our next match is a MUST win

  8. I’m afraid they’re waiting for the contract termination.The Americans don’t spend a single dollar unless it well justified. I agree the banners are the only way out.

  9. That is 2 points out of 12, dumped out of the league cup with a draw in the el. Is that good enough for Arsenal? No it definitely is not! He has to go before it’s to late. We need to rescue the rest of the season starting now.

  10. No successful business ever acts without an alternative plan in place so there’s no question Arsenal will be making discreet enquiries for options. As unlikely as it may seem Emery might even defy complete logic and walk and so the board would certainly have to be ready to if it’s their option or his. The board that hired Wenger is not the same who hired Emery and so how they act will be different. That we don’t have a historical culture of hiring and firing doesn’t mean that they may not adopt it. If he goes before Xmas an incoming manager still has the option to maybe one or two players to come in and help sort out our defense.

  11. Totally agree. The supporters and players have been lost by Emery. Some managers just don’t gel at a club. Emery’s English is so poor I don’t understand anything he says. I assume the players cannot connect with Emery’s language, ideas, or meaning and everyone….even Emery is frustrated. If Emery leaves now and Freddie takes over we still have a chance of improving. Emery should leave now.

  12. Give him time to turn things around? The Arsenal management’s eyes are completely closed to the reality, which is clear as daylight, that Emery is uncapable of turning around in bed, let alone turn around the fortunes of a struggling football team.

    By the time they do open their eyes, it will be too late to salvage anything from this season. This will have unintended consequences re both signing of new players and retaining those that are good enough to form the nucleus of a winning team.

  13. I have been watching Arsenal since 1958 and even I sometimes have to stop watching a game even during it’s progress, it hurts too much. I have never seen this before at Arsenal. A team that gets confused give’s up. Watching the unhappy faces on the players says it all. They are miserable. Just look at Ozil and Lacazette…miserable. Where is that Aaron Ramsey smile. This team cannot crack a smile….they are unhappy. I am bored with them, it goes on and on. It is the managers responsibility.

    1. arsenal steve, I also started in 1958 and have never seen the club so hopelessly run in all that time, even when Billy Wright managed in 1962-66. Not the team though, the club itself. Nothing is right at all.If I were choosing a club to support for the first time today we would not feature in the competitors. I want a club where fans feel a huge part of the whole thing. Liverpool for me stands out a mile as the very best run club around. I want them to win the title and think they will, I much admire everything about that club but unfortunately for me, I DO NOT support them. I am stuck with our disfuntional club which is run rottenly from top to bottom thanks to this appalling owner. It ALL stems from him. WE ARE TOTALLY WITHOUT SPIRIT IN OUR CLUB AND OUR TEAM.

      1. Same here – 1958 and same feelings as you both. There is some truth in the saying ‘Gunner for life’. I cannot recall feeling so frustrated which I fear will continue until the end of the season. You are spot on about the absent owner Jon, it does all stem from him.And I agree with you arsenal-steve they are a miserable lot apart from Auba who just can’t help but smile. Mind you of late I haven’t smiled much either!!!!

  14. They don’t care, sold shirts and passes for all season games, their target is EL to make it to CL, they found coach to execute, repeat what they confirmed, take the blame, booes & shut da heck up.

    As long as he keeps EL title dream alive, they happy, we’ll finish first of group stage, get a weak team & reach 1/8 finals round by March, season ends in May, they will keep him
    and sack him AT NO COST, no matter if we are out or in, even wins EL!

    They do still believe we will finish 3rd or 4th and indeed win EL, as long as we all in stadium booing or not, they make millions and asleep in LA or somewhere after partying all night, all drunk and waisted mocking us!

    Maybe we should all get waisted and miss the game, even watching it as board, we will all then agree that we are making great progress!

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