The Arsenal Board doesn’t understand CHANGE or AMBITION!

A few wins in a row and Arsenal fans seem to forget years of hurt by KM

The AKBs are back with a bang! The mood at the Arsenal camp is swinging faster than a pendulum on a clock. Winning against the like of West Ham and QPR seems to be enough for some to forget the pain we suffered thanks to our manager in the past 10 years.

Winning 2:0 at Monaco is a bad result, because ultimately we got eliminated by Monaco. Make of it what you want but it’s a failure for me. Wenger didn’t win the Champions League in 18 attempts even though he had a squad like the Invincibles.

In his 18 attempts managers like Rafa Benitez and Roberto Di Mateo won the Champions League. Carlo Ancelotti did it 3 times! Guardiola, Jupp Heynckes and Mourinho did it twice. Klopp reached the CL final in his second attempt. Simeone was 1 minute away from the CL crown with a team of players, nobody had heard of before!

Please spare me the “give Wenger more time”. He was given all the time in the world and he failed. Forbes ranks Arsenal the fifth richest club in the world. You really believe we are “financially restricted”?

Even the kid next block doesn’t believe the Wenger lies anymore. The top players at Arsenal all left, because at heart they knew Wenger cannot do it. It’s the truth that hurts. Getting paid 8 million a year, given the squad and the money we have would bring any manager to the Emirates.

We’re afraid of change. Wenger is afraid of change. The board doesn’t know the word change. Not to mention the word ambition. We got humiliated 6-3, 6-0, 8:2, 5:0 by all the other top teams in England. We got eliminated by Monaco with Toulalan, who barely breathes in the second half, and Berbatov outrunning our defense.

Give me a reasonable explanation as to why Wenger should be given “more time” when he was given the luxury of 18 years in which it took him 10 between 2 FA cups. As much as I enjoyed the FA cup last year, we still had 2/3rds of the season being up top and when the time come to step up, we gave up and slumped to fourth.

If fourth is good for you, if the last 16 of the CL is enough, than fair enough, Wenger is your God. But your mind will be blown as to how others achieved more in less time and this could be at Arsenal. Only if we learn to accept that change is sometimes (in our case definitely) good!


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    1. Standard ignorant response. The guy wants the best for Arsenal fc and thinks we should be doing better than what Wenger is offering. You call that not being a fan. Hilarious

      1. He don’t want the best for Arsenal . Who is going to replace Wenger. Who will take over when top clubs are spending 200 million a season Arsenal manager get 50 million . Look at United spent 200 milion last summer will spend another 200 million this summer and Wenger have 50 million. Guess what United still behind Arsenal on the ladder . You don’t like Wenger I understand, then give me the name whowwould do better job with available funds.

        1. Who spends 200mil a season you clown? You realize Arsenal have spent more than Chelsea the last 2 years? You act like we’re some paupers, we’ve spent 190mil the last 3 seasons. Also, the idea that I don’t like Wenger is utter nonsense, he’s been the best coach in our history – but that doesn’t hide the fact he is tactically/managerially unable to WIN at the top in this era.

          Who do I think could take us further?
          Pep Guardiola
          Diego Simeone
          Jurgen Klopp
          Antonio Conte
          Rudi Garcia
          Carlo Ancelotti
          Marcelo Bielsa

          Pick one. We pay 7mil a year which is more than all but Guardiola gets.

    2. totally agree with you “julesvega” you cant win every game ,every cup or every title every year. Man U are just starting out on their barren years.
      Chelsea and Man C. will follow suit unless they each buy another team.
      Arsenal will always be among the top boys because we have CLASS

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  1. I’m an aob and I’ve stuck to my guns since the start of the season. But u cant conveniently ignore the massive stadium debt that limited us financially for a good 7-8 years. I think Wenger deserves some credit for at least keeping us competitive during those times.

    That said, the past 3 seasons have been unacceptable. Money have been spent yet we are not showing progress as club. Take away the fa cup we’re still ended up 4th and out of ucl by february.

    However, if wenger can achieve 3rd or even 2nd and retain the fa cup, I may change my stance seeing there’s some progress. But he must absolutely be challenging for the title next year. We can’t be offering the man the job for life based on past glories.

    1. I agree with what your saying but the last three seasons Have been unacceptable?

      Slightly disappointing but they’ve not been unacceptable.

      Three seasons ago we we still having to sell players (RVP).
      Had we not had to sell the likes of fabregas and Nasri the rebuilding process over the last couple of years would have been much quicker/ easier. Although long term I’m glad they left because we might not have the likes of Sanchez who are better players. Wenger wanted to build the new team around these players but they turned there back on us.

      We’ve won a trophy, got world class players in the team better squad depth were spending money. Injuries have cost us the last couple of seasons & that is disappointing but it’s far from unacceptable.

      Over the “financial restricted” period out team got worse and worse over that period and we’re building from the lowest point it takes time unfortunately.

      People moan about the lack of silverware. Then we win something and that trophy isn’t good enough and completely disrespect the FA cup.
      People moan about our spending. We spend a fortune & it’s not enough.

    2. That money argument is a convenient truth in some ways. Yes we couldn’t match the spending of the 3 at the time, but have we ever? Also, run through the players we had in 2009 say, and the quality was far better than what was achieved with the squad. Not even an FA cup in the “hard financial years”? Portsmouth managed one.

      People get it twisted when others say Wenger underachieved in the last 10 years. Nobody expected a move to the emirates to come along with 6 title wins, but we weren’t even close…and as I said we couldn’t even muster a league cup with nasri, fab, song, rvp, Ade, Eduardo. I mean cmon.

      About the Emirates, why did we move there? We moved to compete with any team in Europe. Well we’ve had no restrictions for 3 years and our last 5 seasons have been top 4, knocked out the CL in the last 16.

      1. exactly man even with those players we couldn’t manage a league cup but now we’ve won the fa cup because we are building a very good team. Good players don’t mean sh*t you need to have a good team with belief. wenger has laid a strong foundation and now he’s adding world class players to the puzzle.

        And you seriously expected us to be competing with the 2 BILLIONAIRE sugar daddy clubs along with man u who essentially has unlimited resources too? we’ve increased our point tally every year from 2010 and we have a chance to come in 2nd for the 1st time in 10 years and we can possible win the fa cup back to back. and where the hell do you come up with we have no restrictions you seriously just pull sh*t out of thin air.

        1. “even with those players we couldn’t manage a league cup”, “Good players don’t mean sh1t you need to have a good team with belief” – uhmm exactly why WENGER underachieved and is accountable. LOOK AT WHAT YOU JUST WROTE.

          Play the billionaire card all you like but Atletico just schooled the two biggest teams in world football last season through superior management and tactics. Dortmund have brilliantly battled with the Bayern machine on a fraction of the budget. Having billionaire owners gives you a greater chance, but certainly shouldn’t mean we don’t feature for a DECADE…..10 years mate, not a few seasons.

          Also, we have the 2nd richest owners in the league but refuse to use them on ‘principle’….another fools choice. United and Liverpool get outside investment but nobody calls them plastic because of their history. Refusing Usmanovs handouts is pure cliquey nonsense from the board who don’t rate ‘his type’. Dinosaurs.

          I pull sh1t out of thin air do I?? So we haven’t spent an absolute fortune the last few years on players? That would be the ‘no restrictions’ I allude to genius, 40mil on a luxury AM, but you’re right, we got to watch the pennies. You sit and make every excuse under the sun about why we haven’t competed – you’re an apologist who is happy to shrug his shoulders and say ‘was too much stacked against us’, rather than sit and challenge the running of the club. The board is profit driven, not success driven. The manager falls in line with those parameters, and what happens is Arsenal FC parade an FA cup victory like it was CL glory because we shift what “success” means to this club. It’s pathetic. Anyone who backs that running of the club needs a reality check.

          1. why is ozil a luxury buy i don’t understand it i really don’t. when a world class player is available that can improve your team why wouldn’t you buy them? he fits in perfectly with our playing style and a signing of his caliber has given the team a new found belief and thats what you want.

            and no wenger didn’t under achieve the man has been over achieving for years he put together the best team possible with limited resources and at the time the team wasn’t capable of challenging for trophies. and you keep mentioning atleti and while i applaud them for there accomplishments that was 1 year where they “schooled” the big boys and now they are 10 points behind 1st place. seriously there a top team after 1 year? lets see how they do for the next few years before making these claims.

            and when have we spend an “absolute fortune” i mean what are you on. and your seriously going to blame wenger for the owner being a snake that has no passion towards football and the board for being outdated and money hungry? now I’ve seriously heard it all wow lets blame wenger for not buying the majority stake in afc at the time? smfh. and who seriously refuses these rich owners? me and you? listen to yourself man seriously.

            1. wow so much drivel to try and respond to.

              How was Ozil a luxury? because Santi Cazorla had been a revelation for us the previous season at CAM with Rosicky as backup. We had no elite ST, no elite DM, and no partner for Koscielny. What did we end up doing? We spunked 42mil on a CAM when we could’ve easily bought a top drawer DM AND CB, or a class ST that we needed. You tell me what would have improved the team more.

              Please explain how a team with Fab, Song, Nasri, RVP, Ade, Eduardo “overachieved” to finish 4th and win no domestic cup….when Portsmouth were capable of winning the FA cup and Villa, Birmingham (Fun times), Bradford, and Swansea were able to make the Carling Cup final. I’d love to hear how we overachieved, I really would.

              Ok write off Atletic, they through to the next round of the CL, and just you tell me how many points Arsenal would be off of Barca and Madrid….because it sure as hell wouldn’t be 10. I see you ignored Dortmund, convenient. How about Liverpool too? Their squad is soooo inferior to ours but look what having a quality system and management team does for you. Title run last year and could quite easily eclipse us i the league and FA cup this year.

              Lastly, we haven’t spent a fortune lately? We’ve spent 90mil NET the last 2 seasons, or 190mil on players the last 3 years excluding sales. You make out as if we’re surviving off academy prospects and cutting edge coaching methods.

              It’s funny, I don’t even know your argument because you’re just so hell bent on refuting what I say. What’s your method for seeing this Arsenal team progress? Or are you just the type to sit and cross your fingers and toes saying “next year is ours” until you eventually luck out and can sit back like a boss who “kept the faith”?

              1. Your views are flawed your perception of the club is flawed. We have an excellet team littered with talent, we’ve added grit and the ability to grind out games to our repertoire, were not selling off our prized assets while adding world class additions to our squad. Wenger has set us up for success for the next 50-100 while the oil rich and sugar daddy clubs will slowly fade into obscurity. Sure the last 9 years didn’t give us instant success but now were finally reaping the benefits by winning silverware again this year and by finishing 2nd which we haven’t done I’n 1 years. But I’m done with you, you’ve never once highlighted the positive moves arsenal has been making it’s just b*tching and moaning since we haven’t won the cl when you would’ve liked.

                1. My views are flawed and my perception of the club is flawed. Why?Because you say so evidently. I’ve explained my rationale with reason and evidence. You have simply come back and said I’m “bitching and moaning”, cool argument.

                  I acknowledged we had great players a few years back, I’ve said we have a fantastic squad now which is superior to teams like Atletic/Dortmund/Liverpool, I also stated our resources are unbelievable because of this Emirates move. However ALL those factors simply mean what we have “achieved” is sub-par…….ergo the management (Wenger and his boys) are NOT fit to lead us to Premier league title challenges and CL runs. And that is based on evidence and fact my friend.

                  You tout the FA cup success last year as your sole reason for optimism, I say Porsmouth and Wigan have won as many trophies as us the past decade. Instead I look at the fact we’ve been a 4th place team in the league for a decade and show no obvious signs of changing that.

                  “were finally reaping the benefits by winning silverware again this year and by finishing 2nd which we haven’t done I’n 10 years” – just re-read that statement of yours again. What is your view should Liverpool or Reading beat us in the cup and United and Liverpool pip us to top 4? You realize we are 3 points from being 5th right? Your arrogance to suggest we’ve sown up the FA cup and 2nd pace is astounding.

                2. I apologize I left out the word potentially I do not think we’ve sown up the fa cup and 2nd place and you should kno I never intentionally meant that cause I’ve always eluded to the fact thT nothing is certain in the prem, which is ehy I also agree that we could finish 5th miss out on the cl. But here I’s why your views are flawed cause conversely we can just A’s easily finish 2nd which would be our best finish in a long long tine and you e never once acknowledged that fact it just always seems negative with you.

                  And the wigan and portsmouth thing doesn’t have much substance to me cause who do you want to win the fa cup real Madrid? There’s a reason these cup competitons are so special cause 9/10 times the smaller teams would lose but it only takes that 1 bit of magic or luck to get them a win which happens quite often. The prem results are what you wanna look at cause a 38 game season doesn’t lie and we’ve been improving points wise the past few years. And Portsmouth is a team that
                  had money and the owner got bored
                  and look what happened to them but that will never happen to us thanks to wenger

                3. What’s the Madrid comment about the FA cup? Weird. You can’t understand that winning a cup Wigan also won is not a sign of progression? You say focus on the league….very well…

                  There you have it, finishing 2nd yet NEVER at any stage being competitive in the league is deemed successful by you. I don’t acknowledge that purely and simply because it’s not cause for celebration. You’re putting so much stock in what place we finish between 4th-2nd as if it makes a great deal of difference. By your logic why wasn’t it ok to say we regressed after finishing 3rd in 2012 and 4th in 2013?

                  Most important element is we haven’t competed for the title in a decade and the reason is our approach/tactics/management have been limited. It’s being proven in numerous cases around Europe that cutting edge management (like Wenger 20 years ago in another era) is the key to success in modern day football. Ours by comparison is dated, and stale.

                  None of what you say acknowledges that, you simply congratulate Wenger for laying foundations of future success. Completely understandable, but not at all relevant when the question is how to make Arsenal a real force NOW. Can Wenger do that? He’s proven he can’t, which is why so many say it’s time for change in order to progress. How can you not understand that?

                4. Look at the players wenger has added the past 2 summers and don’t tell me were not a better team with out our star additions. I think wenger will make 1-2 big moves in the summer cause of the previous trend, plus he brought in a £11.5m defender in January who can take our defense to the next level.

                  And we increased our point tally when we came in 4th now but why can’t you just say we’ve progressed if we get 2nd? It shows we’re capable of getting 1st with a little more consistency or with 1 or 2 more additions we can be genuine title contenders.

                5. I’m not saying we’re not a better team, I agree we have a better team. But one big point you’re failing to understand is that with that better team we’ve achieved NOTHING BETTER than a top 4 finish the last decade.

                  So the squad is better, but we’re still not competing in the title race….HINT HINT…..what’s still the same????????? The stale management.

                6. But better is relevant. Better doesn’t mean best. With the emergence of coquelin and with ospina’s composure and assurances in goal our team seems now able to compete with the big boys which is evident in our games against Liverpool, Everton, and the Manchester clubs.
                  Every year we’ve been improving our points tally (2010-) which shows progress. Wenger knows if this team is capable of genuinely challenging for the tittle next year and I believe we are and like I said previously I can see wenger adding another BIG signing over summer to really allow us to push on from here on out

                7. You have no reasoning to your argument whatsoever. You’re hypothesizing that because you think Wenger will add a big name in the summer that will somehow transform us.

                  We added Ozil 42mil – top 4
                  We added Alexis 30mil – top 4

                  Top logic though mate, do the same thing and expect something different. We’ve done the big name thing and still we’re shown to be lacking tactically. That’s it though, you name Everton (what are they 13th?) as a big club, and say a draw at anfield is signs of progress. Well Liverpool could easily beat us at Emirates next week while Chelsea/Spurs/Southampton/Monaco all slapped us. You go hope for the best all you like, with 10 previous years experience I know what’s coming next year if Wenger is in charge.

                8. We haven’t competed for the title in a decade? How about last year? damn you are so cynical it’s like you want arsenal to fail seriously. We were top of the prem for like 100 days which was way more than any other team but injuries destroyed us in the final 4th of the season and we couldn’t complete the job.

                  We added ozil, and we won the fa cup for the 1st time in 10 years. And we put together a genuine title challenge. Coincidence? No. We added Sanchez, we can possibly win the fa cup back to back and can finish 2nd in the league for the 1st time I’n 10 years. But none of that I’s progress right? We got smashed by pool at anfield last year, this year we were unlucky to only draw. And seriously everton are no longer a top te after 1 poor season? The speed at which you label teams top class or bad is making you sound less credible to me.

                  And seriously stop being so f*cking negative yes pool can beat us but we can also just as easily beat them.
                  And if you think my argument is based on wenger adding a top player then you should stop criticizing people for there comprehension skills and work on your own.

    3. To me, the best game this year was Man City 2-0. We had form, possession, played defensively without giving away a million chances. And Ozil wasn’t in the lineup. I like Ozil, but we found our form while he was recovering from injury and with him back, it’s not the same. The Manu game was good as well and guess what he was subbed early. We have an anazing squad. We need to use them wisely. For that I blame Wenger.

  2. The Board doesn’t understand change? What you mean the board that has overseen a 500 million pound project to build a stadium training facilities and turn the club into a financial powerhouse and one of the biggest clubs in the world.

    Highbury was home but it wasn’t great if we were still there what would now separate us from the likes of QPR & Crystal Palace? Yeah we’d have won more over the last few years but it would be difficult to stay at the top without the facilities.

    The future is bright.

    The writer of the article doesn’t understand anything.

    1. So winning on the pitch was secondary to building a stadium.

      And now we have the Emirates, the library with no North bank for the prawn sandwich brigade.

      How can you see the future is bright with your head in your backside exactly?

    2. What a warped view. “what would now separate us from the likes of QPR and Palace?” – do you hear yourself? We were leagues ahead of that calibre of team at Highbury, so how would staying there have resulted in anything of that nature changing? Pure nonsense.

      Why did we move to Emirates? Answer that.

      We were told it was to COMPETE with THE BEST IN THE GAME. Are we doing that? NO. And you actually think there’s no room for debate. Get your head out the sand.

      Wenger has done a wonderful job on a shoestring budget, but he doesn’t have it about him tactically or managerially to turn the team we have into title winners. That much is abundantly clear the last decade, more-so the last 3/4 years. If you argue that evidence based perspective you’re simply going with Wenger on FAITH.

  3. Just Arsenal, spend more on your writers, as current ones suck. / #RahmanKnows

    In all seriousnes, there is no depth to your analysis, KM. Arsenal might be the fifth richest club now, but that wasn’t always the case – it’s just the last two years that Arsene has the spending power other, richer clubs had. Not only that – Wenger basically MADE Arsenal one of the richest clubs by over-performing, considering the financial limitations! You (and many other arsenal fans) obviously fail to see what was done in the past ten years – current success was conciously forfeited, as it allowed for investment, which made Arsenal part of the elite club in England AND world despite lack of oil investment.

    I honestly don’t understand people when they say that Arsenal is entitled to winning things because of the success in the past. If stadion wasn’t built, and if there was anybody else than Wenger behind the wheel, Arsenal would routinely finish between 7-10th, and Arsenal would become the very definition of average – look at Aston Villa. They are a glorious club with history, right? Great winners of the past, what good it does to them… Pain you suffered during the last 10 years, due to our manager? Well, I think Aston Villa fans would kill for the supposed ‘pain’ you’re suffering.

    However, tables have turned, and for the last two years players are being bought, not sold. Progress is obvious (atleast to me), Arsenal has the most exciting team in the league, and for the first time Wenger can be sure his best players won’t leave because of other clubs money. Exiting times to be an Arsenal fan!

    1. Be sure and cut and paste that last paragraph into next years summation. Just as you have done the last few years. Exciting times ahead and all that…..when those exciting times will actually be realized is beyond me.

      “I don’t understand people when they say that Arsenal is entitled to winning things because of the success in the past.” – You don’t listen to what people say obviously. I’ve never read anyone claim we have a divine right to titles, but I have seen people say we should be competing given the resources we have. Just way more convenient to say “Villa fans would love our ‘failure'”.

      Terrific stuff. But If they earned what we do, charge the fans what we do, could pay what we pay to players/manager, then they wouldn’t be content with being also-rans. But shhhhh that doesn’t fit your fantasy.

  4. Did Hafiz write this Article?

    Honestly, if we retain the FA Cup and finish 2nd (which I honestly think we can), there is no justification for getting rid of Wenger.

    Btw, with the way we have been playing and the way city has been playing, I predict we will finish 2nd. We have been playing fine football since we lost 1st leg to Monaco

    Lets win against Newcastle and continue our unbeaten streak going into the International break. A win against Newcastle will mean 6 PL wins in a row and 6 total wins in a row

  5. Admin, I judge you for letting twats like these spew such nonsense on this page. Its easy to call out our failures, you need to have better insight to take a holistic look at the situation at Arsenal. Yes we went trophiless for the longest, been at all UCL since 18 years ago and yet to lift the trophy once, we got humiliated by teams that were ‘supposed’ to be our rivals; but look, we are on the rise, asides the naivety we showed at home to Monaco, i bet scumbags like you wont have the fuel in you to slate this team for how weve performed this season. You need a room with scholsy and the pack if all you want to talk about is the negative aspect of the Club.

    Ill tell you a few positives if they have somewhat eluded your brain, We are on the Rise, dont forget, we are a club running solely on its revenue (The clubs you compare us to dont have a new stadium, rather they have sugerdaddies handing out money to buy the toys your selfsustaining club has to cough up to buy, yet you say we lack ambition),we’ve become financially capable to compete for quality players; one of those quality players carried us through the first half of the season, the rest of the team seems to have gelled, by the way we are breathing down the neck of the top 2. I bet top players would choose to come to Arsenal if we were interested before the go to City, Utd or Liverpool, Cite Fekir (who would love to), Alexis, Ozil. We are less than 3 quality signings away from having an all round complete squad, and its almost summer, with deadwoods understanding Arsenal is no more a place to come and earn free money. Asides Dortmund, tell me what other team you expect Arsenal to be on par with didnt use money we didnt have to buy players they got.

    So my friend, next time you want to think of Arsenal, think Objectively and not with your ass in your head. Yes,its frustrating, but stuff like this separate true fans from glory hunters.

    1. Hey Robb, you may judge me if you like, but I am of the opinion that “I may hate what you are saying, but I will always defend your right to say it”, so as far as I am concerned this is a forum for ALL Arsenal fans, whether they support Wenger or think it’s time for a change. Personally, I would keep him at the club for ever if he could only satisfy our desire for a “proper” trophy now and again. This coming summer is crucial for Le Prof, as he knows he now has the financial power to build a proper title-winning team. If he fails again next season then I will consider calling for his head, but until then we should support the team, whoever is on the pitch….

      1. Oh, and by the way, if you disagree with any of the contributors, you could always send in your own article in retaliation! I will publish any posts from TRUE Arsenal fans, as long as it is well-written, grammatically correct and has a valid point to make…..

        1. Spot on admin! You have the task of viewing all articles, and if you started deciding which articles to publish, then most users will feel dejected…

          From my view point, we have built much of a title winning squad, our players are in form, they very much like the club and would stay loyal to it for years, Also Wenger has been spot on also in his overall performance, giving Coquelin place in starting team, same for Ospina, same for Monreal, same for all players who are in form, and not his favourites. I like it very much, when he calls up for defensive subs in final minutes, because in last minutes, when we are settled good, 1-0 or 2-0 score, he would definitely kill the game. He has mixed attacking and defending prospects in a very good way, thats how we beat both Manchester clubs and Monaco away too….
          So, I would give Wenger chance until his contract runs out, because he has changed , might not be completely, but very effectively, and that can be seen as a result in fighting for second place, when the top fight is too tight…

      2. You are right, everybody should have an opinion to speak. I totally support that too. I wanted Arsene gone a few seasons ago, only because he didnt adapt tactically, i couldnt blame him for the financial situation at the Club. However i recognized he did a fantastic job at helping the club stay in Europe even with a lean squad. But he has adapted this season, and he doesnt need to be shrewd in the market as such. He should keep the momentum going so that the next manager that comes has a good foundation to work on, No manager can do what Wenger did at Arsenal, it was beyond footballing duties, and we appreciate his efforts.

        1. Appreciating his efforts is fine, but doesn’t answer whether he’s capable of turning us into title challengers. Instead his last decade (particularly the last 3/4 years) shows he hasn’t the tactical/managerial ability needed to win at the top in this era. There’s no arguing otherwise, hence why people want a change.

    1. Konstantin can’t get laid when he’s emotionally down and I understand the feeling. His Dydimus (that’s what we call it here) won’t stand up to the task.

  6. The akbs are back…its the other way around. I was reading a pro Arsenal and its manager post a couple of weeks back and they got their comment in at the very top. I couldnt believe it when it had well over sixty thumbs up and there was none for down. In the end im sure a few of the brick walls got some thumbs down pushed but i didnt go back to look. I was amazed to say the least and i can only surmise that there is a minority who are jumping back and forth, thats to be expected i suppose as with the heat of the moment and the hurt ones feeling will vent anger frustration abuse etc etc but in the end sense prevails.

    We are reining FA cup holders. We are going to Wembley. We have a resilience and are beating teams around us. We are finally targeting expensive professionals. We are Arsenal we have Class.

    All in all your just another brick in the wall, and we are a little weaker for it.

  7. For the potential coach replacements, such as Pep, Simeone, etc. I challenge them to beat Southampton under Ronald Koeman, Crystal Palace under Alan Pardew. That too when you have injuries to main players season in, season out…

  8. We consistently qualified for the Champions League during that decade (ensuring further revenue), despite the fact we were outspent by at least seven teams. You’ll perhaps notice that Wenger improved the results and team considerably upon arriving. Things started to go downhill when we left Highbury and we are now showing strong signs of recovery, after a decade of austerity, brought about by the building of the Emirates.

    The existence of the Emirates and the revenue from Champions League qualification have put us in the top five richest teams. Not only the money derived directly from both, but also the lucrative sponsorship derived from such stature in the game and consistent exposure around the world. We now have a strong team and an excellent platform on which to build further, without the restraints previously imposed us. The future looks very bright, and that’s before you consider the fact that we were consistently overachieving in the previous seasons.

    If you see all of the above as a cause for petulant, childish moaning, and not a spectacular achievement on Wenger’s behalf, then there is little point in trying to reason with you.

  9. the 4th place junkies (aspiring to 2nd place and a possible cup win) are out in force again …. We have had ten years of underperformance and arsenal have been in the top ten income earners for all period with rising tv incomes gate receipts merchandising etc … Stadium should be simple costing exercise over anticipated life of stadium at least 30 years on generous accounting…. none of this explains selling our best players and replacing them with mediocrities or the holding on to shit players way past their sell by date or the general descent of quality of our play… that’s all about management failure … Think dortmund or athletico or Porto or juve etc etc are richer clubs than us? no….. but all can claim better records in last five years … Management failure is down to wenger’s mindset and it’s not a winning one … That simple really … So good piece at last

    1. Juve and Atletico are in the top ten richest, difference is they had full use of their earnings and we didnt even if people like you believe they could have managed it better, i believe Dortmund are in that category also if im not mistaken. Your also forgetting a certain rule which benefits clubs situated within the better Nations game. Home grown rule, German Spanish and Italian will obviously have advantage over their English counterparts.

      I dont think youl find many Gooners who believe that Juventus or Dortmund are better than us, Atletico and Dortmund have made a CL final but they havent won it just like Wenger did. Juventus are doing in Italy exactly what they should be doing. The only real surprise for me was Atletico claiming the title, when Dortmund won theirs they were absolutely blessed with young German talent as well as other. Then a familiar occurrence… they got cherry picked. They fell hard, allot harder than we ever did under Wenger. Does that make Klopp a bad manager, not for me but im guessing you reckon his marbles are lost.

      dont know why you brought up Porto as they are a feeder club in the same way as Ajax is.

  10. @NY_gunner
    The Yankee doodle dandee and son plus the cowboy U S of investors who wouldn’t know an offside from a backside plus the rest of the leeches that sit on their A****voting whatever the chairman wants.

  11. I guess many don’t remember or weren’t around for period 1974-1987…those were tough years. Losing 2 out 3 FA Cup finals, losing the European Cup Winners cup…finishing outside the top 4 far more than often. I think we ended up at 17th one year.

    George Graham brought some glory back to the club but after he had to go, Bruce Rioch didn’t last long (1 season?) and then came the Wenger years. Then came the long term plan and the investment to ensure we didn’t become a Nottingham Forest (2 European Cups) or a Leeds United or any of those clubs who were once mighty and now not so. To forever cement our place in the top flight without fear of relegation and provide a foundation from which we can build sustainable success (not flash-pan success). Bayern and Barcelona – have been built this way. Real Madrid – well let’s not go into the way they finance their business (that is a house of cards which could very well crumble at any time). Man City and Chelsea HAVE NOT got a sustainable success model in this new world of Home Grown talent and FFP. Quite simply they can’t just keep churning their squads and spending hundreds of millions (see FFP), even though they can afford to.

    To achieve all that we have, while still competing at the very top is absolutely remarkable – and it’s not all AW, it’s the board and the whole club who have managed to achieve this. So hopefully this addresses the claim of “no ambition”.

    Wenger’s time at Arsenal is winding down – 2 years perhaps. There are a few additions he will definitely make to put the team in good stead for a transition to the next manager. Players in their early-mid 20’s who will be able to contribute for the next 6-8 years. Depth in positions with equivalent quality. He will ensure a strong academy with burgeoning talent to form the next generation. Ensure a strong U21 team ready to push for the 1st team. All this so the best young talent around want to come to Arsenal. He will build a team and a club with a collective will and a shared culture.
    “A champion team will always beat a team of champions”

    The next manager can implement whatever playing system he wants, introduce whatever tactics he thinks fit…but that won’t change the culture, the foundations, the dna of the club…all of which have been architected by the Board and AW. Whomever replaces AW will still have to bring a brand of football which is attractive and wins titles.

    I have been disappointed by the limited success over the past 3 years – not the past 10. I think perhaps we should have achieved more in the past 3 years than we have, and I think AW would probably think so too. Injuries, bad luck, some bad decisions, some tactical errors all played some part.

    But the brand of football Arsenal plays, when they are flying – is the most perfect expression of football I have ever seen. You watch football because of the anticipation of that style of play – the quick moving passes, flicks, touches and then a sublime goal. We’re capable of the most breath-taking football on this planet – but we don’t produce it consistently enough. And that’s where I think AW is focused on – to put everything in place so that the team can deliver those performances more consistently.

    I will always remain grateful to AW for bringing that brand of football to Arsenal; for ensuring that I never have to worry about relegation; that I never have to worry about the financial stability of our club and for giving me the belief that in the not-so-distant future we will be the Kings of Europe with a long reign.

  12. The first game I watched was with my father and I was 5 years old in 1948. I lived off Stroud Green Rd some 1/8th mile from Highbury Stadium. Seen them all come and go.I Hopefully will see a few more come and go. The football club and that what it started out as is now a business who’s main sauce of income is a football team and run on American lines where winning a trophy is only a pipe dream. Their games remind me of a circus.
    We are the Arsenal football club and should be winning trophies more regularly than we do, no excuses.
    Anyone want to question my loyalty?I criticise because I care.

    You so called supporters where having your butt wiped by your mum when I was watching the Arsenal.

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