The Arsenal Board is rubbish, but we have a great First XI!

Arsenal as a whole!‏ by S O’H

So now we have had our AGM meeting at Arsenal about a few topics that needed addressed but did we get proper answers to our transfers in the summer and Conman Stan’s 3m payment? I dont think so! Their answer was we have spent when it’s been needed and changed the whole team over the last few years. I do agree we have brought in quite a bit over the last 3 summers (summer when Santi came) but what did we do in the summer bar Cech (10.9m) when we had all that money? Even one outfield signing? Proper answers still needed to fans paying over the top!

Stan’s payment of 3m was the same answer as last year so, in my opinion, get that man out of Arsenal whatever jobs his company does, we don’t need him here at Arsenal FC. Ticket prices need to come down and wasnt it just last year he wanted to put prices up by 8% but was convinced to do a 3% increase instead by Ivan? Who as well, imo, needs to go! Get Dein back! Again, money that could be used to bring prices down for fans who maybe can’t afford to watch Arsenal, as I know I’m not loaded and cant really afford it, as its too expensive to travel from Ireland every home game!

On to more brighter and important business as to what happens on the pitch! We have started to kick into the next gear in the league and our players are more confident than I’ve seen in a long time!

Its great to see the hunger from the players especially our new rock Gabriel Paulista… this guy, plus Alexis, from their backgrounds and passion are showing our Gooners how to put everything on the line every game…look at Mesut now; who has covered more ground than anyone this season so far and playing fantastic all round at the moment. Bellerin has created the most clear cut chances in the top 5 leagues in Europe. Cech is going to break the clean sheet record at Arsenal very soon, and his influence on our back 4 from the shocker at West Ham has been absolutely fantastic. If it wasn’t for him, Man United (via Martial) would’ve been back in the game no doubt! Coq has been a revelation. Monreal/Boss up there now in top LB/CB in England, and our li’l magician Santi has been nothing but spectacular since the day he signed – and with age is getting better! Adapting to the Deep Lying Playmaker role is not an easy job. Walcott – I wont say too much yet – but this could be his season and looks like could be a handful for certain teams.

As you can read, in my opinion we have a great first XI capable of winning the Premier League this season, as long as we stay injury free and take advantage of other teams bad form or injuries to big stars… It is usually the other way around when it comes to bad luck and Arsenal.

Thank God the International break is over and Arsenal stars have came home unharmed and kept their good form up. Oh lastly, Real Madrid keep your dirty tapping up tactics for another mug club. You will be getting nothing from us… just ask Alexis. Face with tears of joy New contract please!!

Sean O’Hara

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  1. The Board is NOT rubbish, we are here to fight the good fight!

    #PraiseTheBoard #WarChest #IvanKnowsBest

    1. Getting paid £2m+ for what?
      Being 7th richest club is not good enough…we should be at top by now!
      Back your bags baldy and f off to Safa #Hairychest

  2. Sean O’Hara, if reports are true, would you agree with me if I say Real Madrid are hitting back at Arsenal by also showing intreast on Sanchez, as Arsenal have shown intreast on their Benzema? It couldn’t be more than that, could it?

    1. Im not sure but wouldnt madrid be slimey enough to try and tap up Sanchez? Would they not want another world class star to maybe replace Ronaldo for 4/5 seasons if he leaves! Only a few players madrid could go in for to suit their Golactico model wouldnt he be one of them atm?

  3. I don’t care what happens with the board. As long as my team plays entertaining football and keeps winning, I’m good.

  4. Yes we have a very good first X1 IF everyone are healthy because we still lack depth

    We could use another DM, CB/LB, LW

    If we lost Coquelin, Alexis or Koscielny for the season we are screwed

    1. Completly agree with the depth and i have flapped my gums alot about that but there isnt anything the club can do until january or possibly the summer so tried this sort of Article that the board is useless and dont care but the team seem to be coming together nicly! Positives from the field negatives on what happens behind the scene. Ivan made a good point again no signings are made unless wenger says so that means hes at fault for alot. Still if we win the league then Wenger is a genius with only bringing a keeper in. He did that with the invincibles did he not?

    2. IF we lost Coq, Alexis, Kos, Santi, Walcott, Giroud, Ozil, Flamini,Ramsey,you, me… you can have the whole squad here.. just Keep your chin up until last November everyone where claiming we don’t have a DM and now we have Coq.. we will find someone.. the most Important is the enivronment within the Team, anyone can be made to fit into it. Don’t worry just sit back and enjoy. Everything will be good

      1. If’s will always be there even if we have Pogba,Coq and Vidal and if all three gets injured then? let’s buckle down and stop turning our back….

  5. Ahh why is it that football fans these days focus on other things rather thn the game itself… The team is on a good form, our top eleven looking good, enjoying the team atmosphere, bench players looking good. I know we didnt buy any senior outfield player, but damn its in the middle of the season now so just support the team. I dont care what ivan or stan is doing right now. My team is looking good so Im happy.

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