The Arsenal Board must force their hand on Arsene at the board meeting

Just like I expected a huge portion of Arsenal fans went to the #ArseneIn camp, because we won the FA cup. The problem is ignoring the bigger picture yet again. It’s terrible that people so easily forgot the Champions league humiliation, five away defeats in a row and the overall disappointment of the season.

We were kept in the dark all season by the Board’s and Wenger’s inactivity and the way Arsene had another dig at the fans was pathetic. He said we should support during the game and criticise anywhere else, but I have to disagree. Our support was immense, especially at away games and what did we get in return?

The game is where we can express our feelings in front of the people responsible for the results, not empty buildings. But I have to say Arsene played it really well. It was obvious there is a will for change in the Board, but they don’t have the balls to sack Arsene.

So what the manager did is delay the decision until now and there is no time to approach a new manager. Who’s gonna come if Wenger leaves? Arsene also pulled some wins against on-the-beach squads and won the FA cup and he’ll definitely ask for complete power and worse, the Board will give it to him, I think.

Regardless of the risks of Arsene leaving I feel the board must force change. The FA cup is papering over the cracks no matter​ how much people slate me in the comments. The FA cup is won in like 7 games, the league is won in 38 and we slept for 3 months, we didn’t have a blip like Wenger said.

What’s up with Ozil and Sanchez? It’s pathetic that the future of the club is put on the flip of a coin if an ultra rich old man will get the complete power he wants? City are already making signings, we are yet to know if we’ll change managers.

I will not back down, we need to look at the future of the club and not get swayed into false hope again. Tomorrow hopefully, we’ll finally see change. If not I’d like to see Gazidis and all the people pushing for change resign. We made enough old people rich. Time to put the club’s interests first.



  1. Godswill says:

    My problem is that this Board was not planning and is not prepared for Wenger’s exit now.
    Do they have somebody in mind to replace him? Whom (quality manager) have they discussed with?
    If Arsene leaves now, it is his decision and not the Board’s.

    1. Galen says:

      Replacing a manager like Arsene takes a period of planning and the board has not done that. My hope for tomorrow meeting is simple really

      1) Give sanchez £300,000 a week. bayen can’t match that?
      2) Give Ozil £200,000 a week Max
      3) Give Wenger 2 years Contract extention and tell him winning the league is the priority.
      4) GIve the manager £150 million to spend. No excuses.

      We played the 3-4–2-1 even better than Chelsea who has played it for 9 months. We played I think 10 games and we lost 1. Lets add a few quality players and give this formation a try next season.
      Funny everyone is saying that we won because teams were at the beach. Even the FA cup people are saying because Chelsea was celebrating.

      When are we ever going to praise our club?

      1. Zed says:

        I think Europa league should be the target, kill two birds with one stone like what Man utd did.

        1. kklin says:

          You meant kill one bird with two stones right?

      2. tas says:

        if the board is not ready then i agree with you on all points except two year contract,

        AW is getting a bit old now and has too much anger against his own supporters, he should really enjoy retirement at the ripe old age of 70 and what with around “accumulated” way over 100 Million in his account from salaries and sponsorship, he should be on the French Riviera sipping pina colada and checking out the talent on the beach from his yacht and not the talent on the bench,

        150-200 Million transfer money without losing Sanchez then ill be a bit content because we did win a cup

    2. Neil says:

      Its a valid point and I think most people whether AOB or AKB or simply Arsenal fans who love the team believe Arsene has too much say on matters. Every good business or team needs balance and difference of opinions but with everyone moving in the same direction.
      The ideals Wenger has for playing football in the right way I believe are the right direction for the club – however thoughts as follows:

      1) Great FA Cup win… every true supporter of the club must agree on that and kudos to Arsene for changing the formation and eg playing Ox at Wing back and Holding in back three.. both played great last 10 games or so
      2) A director of football or whatever title should come in and once Wenger identifies the players he wants then that person negotiates the fees NOT Arsene
      3) Wenger should get a 2 year contract if only for now to ensure players now if they come then they come because of him and he will be there. A one year contract might cause confusion for a number of players including Ozil and Sanchez. I think if Arsenal play as poorly in PL or Europa he would walk away – he is not stupid
      4) I think Ozil and Sanchez could both stay but Arsene and the club have to for once be decisive and make quick moves in the transfer market and pay the going rate. Arsene can no longer play the waiting game
      5) I do agree we are only 2 players short BUT only if Ozil and Sanchez stay… a world class striker (to convince Sanchez to stay or play him up front and get world class winger) and defender (Kolasinac looks a tough tackler and good attacking)
      6) Whatever your point of view support the club and players and manager.

  2. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    Kroenke turns up for a match and it’s us beating champions in a cup final
    He wouldn’t know.about the fighting in the stands the unrest the 5-1. The 3-1
    The booing the airplanes.
    He moved the rams to another city
    This is nothing

    I fully expect wenger to get 2 years and full backing of board and nothing to chnage
    No big signings sanchez to leave and that’s it

    Curious about Ivan. He knows what’s been up an had pushed this director of football. will he submit to wengers crown

    1. Zed says:

      Stop being too emotional

  3. mark says:

    I’m changing my mind about AW. I was all for him leaving, but honestly, who would come in and do a better job than him? Plenty of high profile managers come to the EPL and are pretty average.

    Conte is a massive exception and we should not get carried away with their league success by thinking a new manager will instantly deliver that.

    IF Wenger stays I’m prepared to give him another year or so to prove he can look beyond 4th place and challenge for the league trophy.

    I just don’t see this paradise where a new manager provides instant success. Everyone I know who supports other teams says we would be mad to lose Wenger. So maybe we are all a tad obsessed with him?

    He’s not perfect, but is a damn sight better than most managers and f he can just tweak his ambitions slightly I’ll be a happy fan.

    1. bran99 says:

      “Everyone I know who supports other teams says we would be mad to lose Wenger”, which rival will not want Wenger to stay? they all know we will never win the EPL with the old man in charge, do you think they will want him to stay and challenge them? other big boys think with Wenger, Arsenal is not a team to give them headache, it’s one less rival for the race to the title.. Spurs were singing ‘Wenger In’ when they were beating us at their Lane, you think they would sing that if we were thrashing them? they would have been scared of Wenger staying, but they know the team can’t even beat them now they are very good, they finished above us and they’ll do it again

      the title is spot on

      1. mark says:

        I honestly think some fans are too involved to be objective. Wenger should stay for a year or two and the club must take that time to plan properly for his successor. 3 FA cups in 4 years is amazing and Spurs are a flash in the pan. Once their manager moves on they will revert back to what they were. As for other teams, I don’t care what they think. Consistency is better than a new manager every couple of years.

        And if we win the Europa next year that would be great too.

        1. bran99 says:

          “Consistency is better than a new manager every couple of years”, you could be right, but consistency of winning 4th trophy every single season? take a good look at Chelsea, Maurinho leaves on a high, comes back and starts winning again and also leaves on a high again, meanwhile Wenger is still there waiting to win his first EPL since after Maurinho arrived at Chelsea. yes consistency is ok but titles are sweeter mate. who were Chelsea before Maurinho? they kept changing managers until they won ECL, but we have been in the ECL for 2 decades and still we are like pedestrians, but that’s consistency too, get in the ECL every season without mounting any challenge = Consistency. good logic

    2. AY75 says:

      you guys keep running away from this change, but NEWSFLASH: it’s bound to happen sometime, like it or not, so why not now?

  4. Mangle says:

    Konstantin – How many away games have you been to this season????

  5. Judith Le'Strange says:

    Unfortunately the Board have allowed Wenger too much of a free hand and now he can dictate things to his advantage, and the Board are allowing him to get away with it. What hold does he have over them or are they so weak as to allow him to dictate when he decides to leave. With most owners who want to succeed the manager would have been sacked if he had failed to bring Champions League success or even Europa League, but no for the past 14 or so years we have continually failed to get further than the 4th round, and yet he is still manager. The time has come for Kroenke and the Board to finally say, enough is enough, thank you for all you’ve done but it’s time for a change, and start looking for a new manager.

    1. Gunner 71 says:

      In your mind Ozil didn’t feature. He was a magicician an turned Chelsea inside out an brought out the best in the Arsenal players around him

  6. benjamin says:

    City are buying players ,so what? They did this last season spending much money but still they won nothing with the players that they are buying we have enough In our team as wenger said WE NEED ONLY TWO TOP SIGNINGS and I reckon with him .#wengerin

  7. ArseOverTit says:

    I’m with Konstantin.
    For me an FA cup run and win (as great as that achievement is in itself ) does not erase all that goes before in terms of our league and European exploits.

    As for those with short term memory loss asking who could do better than Wenger..we’ll let me see: allegri, jardim, ancelloti, ranieri and countless others.

    Let him leave now on a high and limit tainting his legacy anymore.

    1. Red Dawn says:

      Perhaps not Ranieri
      But you are right there are plenty of top quality managers out there and Arsenal are an extremely attractive proposition to any manager – a top London club with one of the best structures in the world in place and huge resources. We could attract anyone..

      1. bran99 says:

        true, and who would turn down an 8m a year salary?

        1. Bermy Ras says:

          It depends on who the next manager will be because not every manager would be offered that amount (8mil). That is arsene wenger’s rate which I think would be lowered for another manager!

    2. Zed says:

      They look good where they are but the fact is they are managing teams that are expected to win their leagues every season so they might not be as good as you think (Pep)

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        He finished above Arsenal didn’t he?

        1. Zed says:

          3 points above Arsenal on the final day of the season in what has been termed Arsenal’s worst season

  8. Red Dawn says:

    The FA Cup success does and should not detract from the fact that we were bloody awful in the Premiership and Champions League – it cannot be disputed.
    There HAS to be changes within Arsenal – even those who support him know that change is required. Not necessarily him leaving but having him do what he is paid to do – manage the team and let other non-football issues be managed by others. If he objects then he should be reminded that he is an employee and can be removed from his post.
    The positives aside from the cup is that the new 3-4-3 formation employing wing backs is really working for us. I see our priorities in the transfer market using this formation being a new left and right wing back, a center back, a defensive midfielder and a striker. It will be an interesting summer that is for sure – one that could make or break everything..

  9. Paul says:

    Great and beautiful win, kudos to all d players for their energy and passion and will to win but don’t forget d real issues…………Now mertesacker is a great defender even with is faint hearted block to Costa’s goal, even with the way ospina conceded d goal was enough reason why cech would av been better any day anytime and still wenger chose ospina at the most important match, and because Ramsey equalised after we conceded under pressure when we were one man up, look at d replays, only Ramsey was not a pussy, d rest were scared of not conceding more by staying close to our goal, Ramsey ran forward and was d only player apart from Sanchez and ground looking for d winner. We call ground substitution a masterclass and he could hold d ball and look up if there were his teammates around, he just crossed hoping someone will be there whereas welbeck or a better striker would have held d ball, tried to dribble or do it all alone. Because we won the f.a cup, we’ve forgotten the 10-2 drubbing, the humiliating loses…….ah, arsenal fans. We had chances to score, we should av put d game to bed at d first half and because we av ozil and pussies, we couldn’t. We have great players though, the likes of koscielny, bellerin, Sanchez, Ramsey, Wilshere, xhaka, Perez, welbeck, coquelin, szesny would av Ben better than ospina at arsenal, yet wenger chose a pussy ospina. We need a new coach that would bring out d best in our players, be decisive in d transfer window on time (Suarez, lacazette, hazard e.t.c), a coach that wouldn’t look for cheaper and lesser alternatives than what he wants, a coach that will instill confidence in his players, a coach that won’t dither in replacing a player that is underperforming no matter d price tag or fame…….. the list goes on, wenger was great, now we need fresh ideas and energy and dogged spirit and confidence out of our dear arsenal. Arsenal fans shouldn’t forget our failings because of a beautiful f.a cup win…….

  10. Galen says:

    Wenger is right. Some of the fans were a disgrace. I will stand by that. But its just a small fraction. You hd people thats were happy for us to lose games, only so that they can say we told you so.
    How can you call youself a fan and hope we lose the FA cup semi finL VS CITY OR the final vs Chelsea or the league game vs manchester United?

    With regards to City? come on Admin? Are you even gonna compare us with them? Franch Tv insist that
    Bernado silva is atleast £60million
    Ederson £45 million for a keeper we never heard of
    Mbappe £115 million after 1 season of football
    mendy £45 million for a LB

    Come on, I want Arsenal to be ambitious , But we cannot spend £300 million in 1 summer like Manchester City. Its still June and look at the figures City have put on the table? Even real madrid fans with all their money , are asking themselve, What is happening at CITY? Did they win the Lotto?

    The FA Cup over the Top 4. Nobody remembers who came 2nd last season? All they remember was leiceter the winner and now they would remember Chelsea for winning the league. The FA cup is the next big thing and I would take it anyday anytime. That said we can do better in the league

    1. John0711 says:

      We could spend half of that and become competitive but it’s getting the right players. For me mustafi is just ok

      1. Galen says:

        I agree with you too. I don’t think we are too far back. But we really need quality , no need spending on squad players like PErez or Elneny. I rather we bring just 2 or 3 players, but they must be of super quality really.

        1. bran99 says:

          you wanna do that, good. but does Wenger want to do that? he’ve been reluctant to but world class players all his life, why would he listen to you? he is so stubborn and most fans want him gone coz of that, and cluelessness as well but his stubbornness and stinginess have made most fans to want him out, and tactically inept – never saw him prepare for a match, all matches are equal and we should play the Arsenal way and hope for the best

  11. John0711 says:

    Que Vlad to be obnoxious and vulgar

    Good post with common sense approach

    I’m (hoping) that the board have alegri lined up and won’t say until after the CL final would he come, yea for 8 m he would

    I would also take Henry

  12. MikeSA says:

    Whilst the general hoi-paloi are easily swayed by something like this win and quickly forget all the issues going before, there are two really two important areas that have to be looked at.

    The first is competence.

    This is where most fans and people get caught up in debate, it becomes a battle of opinions and argument around Wenger’s competence as a manager and coach.

    The second is risk.

    This is by far the more serious issue from an ownership and board perspective.
    A corporation the size of Arsenal simply cannot have no other footballing knowledge and skill at senior management level other than Wenger.
    Wenger seems to be resisting the import of any such additional skill and knowledge.
    From a risk perspective this is simply unacceptable from a corporate perspective (what if he were to be hit by a bus?).
    From that perspective, which far outweighs any discussion around competence, Wenger either has to accept some additional senior management coming in, or he must go, there’s no other sustainable option.
    If the board doesn’t draw this line in the sand then they they are guilty of dereliction of duty.
    The owner can take risks if he wants, but directors are still responsible for governance and can be held liable for poor decisions if it goes wrong.

  13. Galen says:

    Gladiz is pushing for change? he is the the most Fake person ever? I don’t even understand some of the debate. Do you guys really belive that Wenger refuses to spend money? You think if a manger is giving £200 million to spend, he would say No the money is too much I just want to spend £50 million?
    The reality is that Wenger was given Pnuts and he accepted it and said he could work around it by selling certain players and buying younger players. All of a sudden Gladiz of all people is looking for Change?

    1. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

      Wenger himself said he has not been restricted with funds.
      Others have come out saying he was backed financially but made his choices

      So no don’t let winning fa cup fog ur eyes

  14. frank says:

    real talk

  15. citrenoogeht says:

    I’m hold the “Wenger out/time to go” point of view. However, looking into the players’ eyes and listening to them after they won the FA cup, I was trying to glean from them where they stood on the Wenger issue. My point is, if the players stand firmly behind Wenger, despite what I think, it COULD be counter productive to go against their wishes.

    What do other Gooners think?

    1. SAMF says:

      Wenger has to go …

  16. Sandziso says:

    Give Arsene Wenger a break. We have won 3FA cups in 4 years running. We have been in the champions league for 20 years because of him. We only came 5 this year for first time in 20 years. If you are not happy with that then move on and support the other teams you think are doing great. Nobody forced anyone the to support arsenal. The day I will not be happy with arsenal will be the day I stop support it. Hate me or love me for all who care, I don’t care. Be and man and stop moaning and make your own decision.

    1. SAMF says:

      “Give Arsene Wenger a break. We have won 3FA cups in 4 years running.” What that suppose to mean? what about EPL?
      “We have been in the champions league for 20 years because of him” Did we win one?

      1. Zeek says:

        Are you kidding me?.It seems you’re not getting what we are saying here.
        we wanna win too…we don’t wanna participants no more.. all the big clubs on our level….have won.the champions league in this space of 20 years.
        C’mon this thing is not hard to see. Other top club managers would have left willingly within 10 years with our so- called Wenger’s achievements.
        except you don’t love winning tho…
        Arsene should stop claiming he loves arsenal.Every manager is expected to love his club(esp the one you coach for more than 5 years).
        One thing I only see about him is..he does not know when to call it quit. He believes every opposition esp. from the fans he must always conquer…he can do nothing substantial no more..that’s the truth…of course he’s. an arsenal legend

    2. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

      You a real unique kinda dumb. Clearly international fan cos u don’t understand how support works
      If your not happy support another team?

      I was born into this. My dad. My dad’s dad.
      There is no choice. The club is your family. If we went down to non league I’d still be there

      Internet hasn’t given everyone with ‘logic’
      A voice. Even ones who don’t understand football

  17. Olusoga, Badagry . says:

    My beliefs is that wenger should stay and giving condition that if he fails to win the league within two years of new contract he should consider himself sack automatically without negotiations, during this period the board should be searching for new manager to move the club forward and everything will work well for the club and the faithful Fans.

  18. bur says:

    This is typical, people forget the misery this man has heaped on us the fans over the last 10 years, embarrassment, torment, humility etc, etc. yes we have been in the champions league for the last 20 years but we got to one final. is that good? laws of average would dictate we should have won it at least once or twice. Let him go on his way and bring in a younger, passionate man who will drive those players (the ones that will stay after the shambolic defeats we suffered) to win a EPL and put us on top once again where we ought to be!!!!! Rant over.

  19. Vlad says:

    Just like you can always count on sun rising on the east side every day, you can count on Konstantin coming here almost daily spitting out the same garbage. What a muppet. Two days haven’t passed yet since we’ve won FA Cup final, he’s already with Wenger Out chants. You are a miserable SOB, aren’t you Konstantin? It’s all doom and gloom for you. I bet you’d find something to complain about even if you’ve won the lottery and were dating Scarlett Johansson. Let it go, dude. Just let it go.

    1. Gwin says:

      What a plastic fan he is.

  20. Bjoerk says:

    Konstantin says that the FA cup is worth nothing, the sPUDs say they are glad they didn’t win it. At least some agree with you. Your ways of supporting the club is not understandable. Nothing should ever be done by any true fan to destroy the chances for Arsenal to win a game. Pundits around the world were laughing at our club when you and your pals were out and sabotaged. What in the world are you thinking? What do you think you can gain by turning against your own (?) team?

  21. Yossarian says:

    Well said Konstantin. This article is 100% correct.

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