The Arsenal Board should be talking to Jurgen Klopp NOW

Arsenal must act quickly or lose Jurgen Klopp by KM

While Arsenal sit managerless as Arsene Wenger is a deluded old man and everything but a decent football manager, a certain Jurgen Klopp hass issued his desire to come to the Premier league. While we all know Wenger is incapable of even thinking of change, since he believes blindly in a way of football that just doesn’t work I ask if at least the board is thinking rationally.

Arsenal and Wenger has been a happy marriage for both parties, that has doomed the fans for 10 years straight. It’s perfect, Wenger gets his wish for power, he is Arsenal football club from top to bottom, while the owners get their money. So why’s there a reason to care any decent side will beat Arsenal with ease by exploiting mistakes we’ve repeated for 10 years in a row, which will never be fixed ?

Is there a catch in this? Is there blind hope that the board actually realize that Arsenal has been going backwards for at least five years? No. I don’t think there is really. 1,302 days have passed since we last beat United, 1,122 since we beat Cheslea and 838 since we won against Man City.

Surely it’s time that a new face gets a chance to steer this football club forward. Jurgen Klopp will be managing a Premier League side next season. I can bet you that. Whether it will be Arsenal is another issue. We should be working on his contract straight away.

If we don’t get him, he will be snapped up by City, Liverpool or Man United if Van Gaal fails. You can understand Klopp’s frustration with the way Bayern keep buying Dortmunds stars. He dominated the Bundesliga with a team made made for peanuts and he has reached the Champions league final.

Famous for his infectious smile, his beard, his passionate celebrations and his famous hop, the man with the hat in black and yellow is the perfect man to come to Arsenal. If his passion is passed to the players so all of them play with the desire Sanchez does, we’d be cruising.

Klopp wants a new challenge and we need some fresh blood, before we totally bleed out. We could have any top football manager in the world if we take that “hard” step to leave whats holding us behind and look to a better future. I don’t believe in miracles, but Christmas is coming and maybe, just maybe, the board would for once do the right thing!

Konstantin Mitov

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  1. If Arsenal is only capable of finishing in the 4th place, then the board should accept it, reduce their exorbitant prices charged, and reduce the manager’s salary.
    Then we can talk.

    1. You would be happy with 4th place if you save a few pounds off the price of a ticket?
      What kind of half assed response is that?
      What kind of fan thinks like that?

      I am not happy with 4th, makes me angry as hell every year, I want it to change.
      I am not happy with the manager, I want him changed now!

      1. I’m not happy. But if the that’s the board objective, which seems like it, then they need to accept it. Simple.

  2. Klopp needs to get here soon. The roof is falling over the old lady’s head, as Usmanov would say. Wenger is like a bad case of domestic violence with the AKBs suffering from the battered-wife syndrome. Once a caring gentleman who once listened to his wife, he has now turned into an alcoholic brute who beats on his wife everyday & refuses to acknowledge his alcoholism. Yet the wife, despite all her bumps & bruises, still defends him thinking he’ll one day get back to his former self with more rehabilitation… Never gonna happen! Klopp, here is your destination outside Bundesliga!

    1. Comparing domestic violence to football. I have seen this site hit a new sad low of stupidity. As a Dortmund fan, Klopp won’t fix this team. You all don’t know anything about him but the positives. He isn’t far off from Wenger to be honest. You all will cry that I said this. Watch him for almost 15 years (I live in Mainz) and then we will talk.

      1. @muffdiver
        And I find that sad. Rodgers pulled Pool’s azz out of the fire in a short time. To pay him back for that by sacking him is inexcusable…

        1. i agree- seventh to second in one year? emergence of raheem?
          but hes spent more than 200 million- and the board wont let him forget that.

          amazing that daniel sturridge injury might cost brendan his job

        2. Liverpool have ambition. The Strong prevail, the weak perish. Simpel as that, Mr Hankey.

          Losing is not an option.

          1. @ks-gunner
            Losing may not be an option, but is mos def a “reality”. Try getting used to that concept…

            1. Reality is that Liverpool, fans and board will not stay quit and accept failuare. Where at Arsenal, the board ( money driven ), and the Wengerits ( AKB’s) do accept failuare with open arms.

              Wenger is a specialist in failuare.

        1. I’m a fan of Wenger but I wouldn’t want him managing my household. Huge mortgage with low disposable income. Three gas cookers but no dishes. No kitchen towel in January.

          No thanks to that.

        2. I bet he is willing to get him at all cost, even if it means selling his beloved hamster to gather some cash.

  3. Now it is clear after Usmanov has declared that Arsenal have the money and the investors have given him the power to spend it as HE LIKES.
    Therefore it’s Wenger to blame for not dealing like a professional manager should in the transfer market.
    Time to go, Wenger.
    January, ideal, or else end of season

  4. If Wenger is to leave, there’s no one I would like to see take over more than Klopp. He would bring high intensity football to us which would suit our summer buys. I’d like to see wenger finish his contract and win another trophy though.

  5. Off topic this was said by Ustanov on sky sports

    “My opinion – and I tell it openly – we need to strengthen every position to play on the level of such teams in [the] UK as Chelsea and Manchester City, in Europe like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris St Germain and other clubs.”

    This excites me someone who wants the best for the club

    1. what does it matter- stan kroenke is ruthless. we are paying the price for him grabbin those last shares.
      wish id made more of those times in highbury-
      we dont appreciate things till there gone

  6. This Wenger Out campaign will tear Arsenal a new one.
    Their is a rivalry among fans now. Now everyone wants an opportunity to say “I told you so” be it pro-wenger or anti.
    And click bait journalism is not helping.

    There was a guy holding a A4 banner paper with ‘Enough is Enough, Wenger Out”. Before the steward confiscated it, he received a shower of abuse from the pro-wenger fans.
    There are small reports of bickering and arguments on match days between fans now.
    I mean are Spurs our rivals anymore? Or is it the fanbase?

    People begging that we go on a losing streak so they can be proved right and Wenger gets the sack. Without failing to understand that even if we get relegated that no fcuking one has the power to sack him.

    Maybe 25% of the fanbase is either strongly Anti or Pro Wenger but the rest 75% is in a fix (as evident on here -a hate filled forum- by the polling after our away loss to Swans).

    Arsenal has won two thropies just 6 months back. Spent 86mil. Stop this non-sense WengerOut campaing.

    Its either put up or shut up. Realise this and stop. We will put togather a string of 5-6 good performances and you will be isolated (Look up Pardew situation) and we will have a bad run again and everybody will be on the fruitless bandwagon.

    1. Stupid comment sumo which will come back and bite you in the ass
      Don’t talk about the last 6 months and lease don’t count the charity shield its a friendly
      Talk about the last 9 years ??
      25% for or against wenger again stupid comments and a guess
      I will pull together when we have a manger that sees his mistakes and tries to change them, and a board that wants success not just profit
      And finally how can stewards confiscate banners ??? That won’t be supported by police so they won’t take mine.
      And if anyone gives me abuse I’m a big boy and will cope
      It’s fans like you that are happy to get 4 th and minor trophies that are ruining this club, we don’t have to win everything but we are a club that should be able to compete with Barcalona and Real Madrid let alone chelsea and City
      Or should we compete with Swansea ?
      The fans pay big money and we expect the big success

      1. Stewards can confiscate banners if it’s stated so in the terms and conditions of the purchase of a ticket. So, if there is such a term then there needs to be a total boycott of Arsenal matches and their products. The board needs to wake up then. They charge such high prices for such shitenes, and people willingly pay. It’s something I’ll never understand.

      2. Last 9 years?
        First London Club to reach a CL final in 2006. If it wasn’t for Mad Lehman Moment, actually let that be.
        2007 Capitol one cup final (Should have won)
        2011 Capitol one cup final. (Should have won)
        2014 FA Cup. (Winners)

        5 semis i guess, one UCL against ManU.

        Also the money we have today, we didn’t have back in say 2012 or 2006. We now have it due to frugal man-management by Wenger and shrewd negotiations by the Board with companies like Puma and Emirates and many more. Wenger was involved in every stage pf planning of the stadium and making it.

        After the compilation of the stadium, do you think we purpose sold our naming rights to the Emirates? Do you think the club didnt wanfbto name our own stadium? No, we were penniless, we needed money for the club and gate-receipts weren’t enough. Without money its diffucult to compete.

        “The fans pay big money and we expect the big success”

        And this is where the problem lies. Spurs have the second higest cost of tickets after us and they expect the same. And that’s why Adebayor comes up with a statement that it is better to play away than at home. I don’t underatand fans sense of entitlement.There are 20 teams and another Big 5 but only one can win the PL.

        I know it wont make a tiny weeny bit of difference to your way of thinking, no matter what i say, but its time even fans/supporters get a bit of prespective.

        1. Ahhhh I’m sorry I see now you don’t want to win things your just happy with taking part, as far as I remeber 2/3/4 th is not classed as winners, you sound like wenger

          You need to get a perspective we used to watch Henry, VIera,Adams Bergkamp ,Wright

          Now we watch Welbeck,Flamini,Wiltshire and Giroud

          Look how far we have come
          Your argument is full of flaws,

          And penniless Ustanov said we have over 170m to use , and if he was in charge we would be competing with Chelsea on every transfer , don’t you want that ?
          No your happy with beating Hull
          With winning a friendly
          And getting into the capital one final , that’s an embarrassment , you should be ashamed of yourself
          I could appreciate your argument IF we still played the football of a few years ago but even that has gone
          Wenger will go and he won’t last 3 years-why , because he won’t change so we will continue to struggle and when the money doesn’t come the yank will go, and you can still go and support wenger and when we start to win I will remind you , you wanted wenger stay

        2. Your an idiot

          While you took the time to point out the trophies and achievements we ALMOST won….. Truth is- we DIDNT win them you stupid stupid child. go back to sleep

    2. No, everyone is not saying ‘ I told you so’, it’s your delusion.

      Your point that Wenger cannot get sacked has no substance, given that now even Usmanov has spoke out. However those wishing that we go on a losing streak, shouldn’t do so. But I don’t think even if we manage 4th place(not likely), that people will stop calling for his head.

      It’s not Arsene Football Club. Get over that.

    3. @Sumo
      Thank You for the common sense Sumo. Sad that many are too stuck on stupid to get anything from it…

  7. What I have learned on this site, is do not criticize AW. Just keep living in the past and never look at now or the future and we will be alright. This is a big shame !

  8. The Arsenal board should be talking to Usmanov’s lawyers and Wengers lawyers.
    A change is needed from top to bottom including the wine buyer as I’v heard that the wine thrown over the man u bench was of poor qutility.

  9. And people saying bring back Dein, i say what for? He cashed up as soon as he got the chance. He and Lady Nina. Go look up at what amount he sold his shares. He wasn’t a kid, no one forced it. They cashed in plenty from Stan.

    Assume (though it’s very unlikely)-
    Wenger walks away tomorrow. But than suddenly Klopp says London is too cold for my liking, or Martinez says i can’t take up that mess. Than what? Or even if they came and fail? Than? What will we do? Become the trigger happy club like Spurs? Sack a manager if he is not working? Than who will come in knowing that you will get the sack if you don’t get off to a flying start at the club?

    It’s all Wenger’s fault actually. He set such high standards that people started leap frogging expectations. Why don’t people look up average Arsenal league position pre-Wenger before making fun of “4th place trophy”?

    1. You talk like Wenger’s not had his chance. Alright, so if 4th place trophy it is, then he shouldn’t the salary he does, and the board shouldn’t charge the prices that fans pay for the products.

      Also, this argument of yours doesn’t take away the fact that Wenger’s not doing his job correctly. It’s the boards job to identify potential managers and hire them. If they can’t then even they need to resign. They are being paid for doing their jobs.

      1. You argument is an informal fallacy called a straw man.
        You’re just trying to hide Wenger’s fault by claiming nobody else can do better.

      2. Yes Wenger is having some problems but we are rectifying.
        Injuries- bought in Shad.
        Academy- bought in Jonkers.
        Those are reputed names, best in the business. But it takes time bro.

        We needed defenders??
        Yes 100%. I agree.

        Did you see the crisis of defenders?
        Loveren – 20mil
        Agger- wouldn’t have joined us.
        Marcas Rojo- 16mil
        Injured Vermealeen- 15 mil
        Benetia- we didn’t stand a chance against Brayen.
        Can you see this pattern? There was a dearth of defensive cover.

        We still have Mesut, Walcott, Koscielny, Debuchy, Ospina, to come back. And these players make a difference in any match bro.

        Szczesny is out of form, he needed to be benched, but we can’t call on Ospina. Our whole team is out of form. At this moment we need cheers and not boos.

        1. Ahhhh Chelsea bring in Costa and Fab
          We bring in shad and jonkers

          Ok we are good now do you read what you put

          We need a loveren not the best but better than Mert and Monreal
          And if ustanov was owner we could compete with Anyone financially

          1. We bring in Shad, Jonkers, Sanchez, Mesut.

            “And if ustanov was owner we could compete with Anyone financially”

            And be called the Russian owners play thing? Have you seen what happened to Monaco this summer? A project like Chelsea and City was started there. They bought in Falcao, James, Moutinho.
            Jorge Mendes-The super agent was incharge of bringing in players to compete in the Champions league.
            And now the owner has some problems and they are having a mass exodus.

            I would rather have self sustaining model any day of the week.

            1. A sustaining model lmao what a joke , I would rather have a team to compete with than this average team with a manager that cannot see his problems, I do not know anyone like you or NY Gunners but I bet you know a few like me who have had enough 🙂

        2. You’re trying to justify failure. Wenger is paid to succeed and not fail.
          This isn’t his first season in charge. Other teams haven’t got anything to do with it. If our manager is not capable of signing players GH end he needs to step down.

        3. When the whole team is out of form and we have played 12 games already, I will obviously call into question the credibility of the person in charge, the manager.
          I will ask for him to be kicked out because this keeps happening repeatedly.

      1. If you think my attitude when we lose a match is “O we lost. But Wenger shouldn’t go. We will win the next one.” its not. I feel as mad as anyone. But to vent it on the manager cause Valencia deflected a offside pass via a injured Gibbs to goal? No I am not that stupid.
        To say Wenger Out cause Jack didn’t have his shooting boots? No I am not that stupid.

        1. Yet you can happily ignore that we haven’t beaten the teams mentioned in the article for such an long period of time.

        2. chesney to blame for 1st goal: didnt call for it
          (or gibbs: didnt listen to chesney)

          2nd goal: clearly mert’s fault: dont be up the field so much when u run like a giraffe.
          isnt the 1st time its happened.

        3. Are you kidding me Sumo? There is a chain of Wenger´s decisions that got us in this mess and guess what, If you think that we will make 4th then you really need a reality check. Look at a the sats…we are terrible in every single aspect of the game. There is a fundamental problem in coaching techniques and drills on training ground.
          If you are too stubborn to accept it then you are too a specialist in failure.

    2. It is not that we are upset with, we are upset because our club doesn’t move forward, or doesn’t even try to every season. Not every club has the resource to move forward, Arsenal have, but we are still 4th place every season and in last 16 of UCL every season. The reason we can’t be title contenders and be in the top 8, last 4 in UCl is because we are always short of options. We have one CB injured and one fit CB, what does that say about squad depth? What other premier league Manager has gone into this season without atleast 3 first team CB? It’s only Wenger who thinks he can go half a season with two CB only.

      1. and whats even worse is that we are short of options “voluntarily”: by not planning for our inevitable injuries and having good backups. by not paying the market rate for 1st rate defenders and CDMs. despite having the money. year after year: not a one time deal of “o there are no quality players available” – yes , they are all available if you pay enough. #wengerout

    3. This is nonsense – Dein didn’t ask to walk, he was made to because he was in the Usmanov camp to buy Lady Nina’s shares, not the Kronke camp. The rest of the board and Wenger were against Usmanov, as they thought he would interfere. Also there was the problem that Usmanov and Dein favoured Arsenal playing at Wembley, rather than building a new stadium. We have put up with 10 years of mediocrity and pay the top prices in the league, Wenger no longer seems tactically aware, he seems more concerned with saving money and keeping Kronke happy, rather than keeping the fans happy. Even then the money has not been spent in the wisest way.

  10. The boards fortune is linket to Wenger. Gazdis is around bec of Wenger, and Stan is a yanke who doesnt know what football actually is ( just like many muricans ). I bet that he would also fail to name the starting line up in the current team, let alone name 10 of our former legends.

    Snake a like image. If we kill Wenger off ( head ) the board ( tail) are going to be useless.

  11. I do understand the anger with Wenger, because we wanted very much to win Manure last Saturday, and I don’t understand why he keep playing Monreal as CB and Chambers as RB, while he could play Bellerin as RB and Chambers as CB. But I don’t understand why some of you want Wenger to be sacked, and even worst, to be replaced by Klopp. Why all this love toward Klopp? BVB is 16th in German League while we are 8th. It does not sound very clever. I thing it’s only about anger and frustration, but we have to be clever speccially in these occasions. Wenger makes mistakes and is stubborn. Everybody makes mistakes, besides which manager is not stubborn? Let’s support our team and wait until the end of the season! The race is not close yet, let’s fight! Come on Gunners!!!

    BECAUSE HE WAS NOT REGISTERED (as he was injured).
    So we have Sanogo and Welbeck for those 2 games.

    Getting better, just better…!!

    1. I wonder who made that decision , let’s see if Sumo and NY Gunner can find someone to blame quick guys quick

  13. The fans are the only ones that can change something. Because our board still think wenger is brilliant. Once upon a time he was yes….. But the time has come. He’s developed Alzheimer’s

  14. Sumo OG cannot play in the remaining CL games as he’s not been included in the squad, who’s decision was that ??????

    1. Look on the bright at least the Stud wont get injured playing in CL…Name exclusion is Wengers new innovative advanced injury prevention method!

    2. He was supposed to out until December. I don’t think Wenger has a crystal ball. 😉
      It’s good though. More option upfront in the PL.

  15. The fans will not change the done…
    They are the ones running like little chickens (basically mugs!!) to the shop to get the new shirt (sales have increased by %400 with the new Puma shirt… Almost equaling Real Madrid shirt sales figures, but the comparison stopped there because the Madrigal are just another kind of beast ).
    They are the ones who don’t mind paying the outrageous seat prices.

    Let the team play 4 or 5 games in an empty stadium and see what happens…!!

    Fans complain, but sometimes you wonder if we are not part of the problem.

    1. How I sometimes wish Arsenal was in South Africa then you’d see how fans do when the manager isn’t delivering. Our London fans are too “gentlemanly” to do “barbaric” (protest) acts to save our beloved club. They’re all too happy to pay silly money to watch silly football.

  16. some AKBs just don’t know how to Let go of wenger…… Even when they try to ruin kLopp’s reputation…… Smh

  17. @Thando

    It will never happen.
    The fans talk a lot but do nothing else.
    I guess they have money to blow.

    I bought my season ticket (for this season) and returned it a month ago and got my money back … They did want to reimburse me the cost, but I treated them with a letter and got my cash back… Damn f*cking right.
    Paid £900 for this sh*t… Better give me my money back.
    Also I did not get the new shirt because I am no mug!



    Usmanov would have made us great… Yes it might have been at coup of millions, but we would be up there right now. He said it clearly, “he would have made a point to challenge Chelsea every season”… Right Chelsea is on another planet.

    The Chelsea chairman attends every games.
    Our chairman just does not give a f*ck… What did you expect while giving the aim to an American? This is not “soccer”. You need to love the club and feel the history before you even start to consider buying the club.

  18. Could we have been beating about the bush or walking down in a dark alley without seeing where we should stop. We ‘ve been crying foul in the wilderness of failures for the past 10 painful years with no succour in sight. But a compassionate samarian was passing by the other day as we were languishing in thirsting. Seeing us thirsting for water, he had compassion on us and gave us a big silver and golden Cup and pointed to a stream to us go there to collect water to drink. And we went to the stream and collected some water and drank it and we were relieved. But we are still hungry as we have not eaten any solid food for the past 10 years. It is only some water we ‘ve now had since that long time. As we were craving to have some solid food, the good Samarian man came passing by again. And asked us, “what are you people still doing here? Haven’t you people gone to the stream that I showed you people to go and collect water and drink it with the Cup I gave to you people? We told him we went there and took the water but we are starving as we have not eaten any solid food for the past 10 years. Then he asked us, where are you people from? We told him we are from the Emirates Stadium. And he said to us, is there no any food at the Emirates Stadium for you people to eat? We told him there hadn’t been any solid food there for us to eat since we have moved there from our former home. He then asked us of the name of our former home. We told him it is called The Highbury Stadium and we were having some solid food there to eat whenever we are hungry. Then he exclamed. Alas! I have seen you people problem now. Go and rename your new home and call it The New Highbury Stadium. And you people will henceforth be getting food there to eat whenever you people are hungry and needs food to eat. He finally revealed a hidden secret to us that the name Emirates Stadium is an accursed name. And if we don’t change that accursed name to the blessed name of The New Highbury Stadium, solid food will continue to be hard for us to get there to eat.

  19. i wanted wenger sacked but against utd i realize this. how can you blame him for the chances that the players lost??? we played very good and his real mistake was that he didnt buy a cb and a dm. So lets wait and support our manager until January . If he will not buy players then he can leave the club.

  20. What the obsession about Klopp? He is struggling in the Bundesliga with worse teams than in the PL. If Wenger leaves we have to find another coach not Klopp!

  21. I don’t think Klopp is the answer ! I personally would much preferre Roberto Martinez , good tactics , good judge of player , and has premier league experience

  22. Let’s not be like wenger. Let’s ‘act’ in the hope we can change things.

    Sign this petition and share it with all who care about AFC (A is for Arsenal and not Arsene)!


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