The Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta is VERY annoyed!

All Arsenal fans were shaking their heads after watching an amazing capitulation by the team last night, but how do you think our captain is feeling! He was brought off the field with a hamstring injury with half an hour of the game remaining, but with a 3-1 lead he must have felt he had done enough to ensure the full three points.

Interviewed after the game, Arteta was very angry and at a total loss to understand how it happened. “I don’t know.” he said. “We cannot afford to make that many mistakes and to concede three goals after we went 3-0 up. It’s just not good enough. I’m very disappointed – we missed a great opportunity to finish the job today. It’s not good.”

Does he have any idea of what caused the collapse? Errr….no! “I don’t know. Even with the first goal, you have a two-goal lead at home and we know what we’re playing for. It was a massive day for us to finalise the group stages, and we need to analyse the mistakes and what happened in the second half, because it’s not at the level required at this club.”

Arsenal would have qualified for the knock out places with a win, but the draw now means they have little chance of finishing top of the Champions League Group. Arteta exclaimed: “As well! That’s the main aim when you start the competition. We’ve thrown everything away today. We have another two chances still, but you can’t miss your chances in the Champions League, because every team has qualities and you can see what happened today.”

Our captain has every right to be angry, and Arsene Wenger even said that the team was weaker after Arteta left the field. And now he is off to the treatment room so he won’t be available to help for a while….

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  1. I think we’re all angry. We have scraped a win and a draw at home against anderlecht. It’s a joke. Wenger has no new ideas, the brand of football just doesn’t work. Liabilities all the way through the squad. Sczeney, mertesacker, flamini, rosicky, are just a few that need to go. We won’t win anything apart from maybe a lucky fa or league cup for many years to come under the present regime. Wenger needs to do the honourable thing, if he’s waiting for a ferguson moment retiring after winning the league he will die in the job.

  2. LMAO! So Arteta is angry huh???
    what about the people that pay his salary???… YES THE FANS, how the f**K do we feel when the club is financially stable but can’t have adequate cover @ CB / DM !!!

    1. Don’t you think Arteta wants to play the position he always wanted? Like CM/AM ? He deserves that at Arsenal, all these years taking the $hit for every bad game the whole team puts in.
      I hope it was clear for everyone that it is not one man’s fault at the Emirates. This is the team we are talking about, our players don’t put the work in it. How comes Sanchez and maybe Ox works their arses off but the rest of them are walking the pitch like they won the World Cup?
      Fu ck I miss Giroud now !!! He may be a poor finisher but he works his boots off from box to box.

      1. Are you dizzy,Arteta is the worst captain Arsenal have ever had in terms of his ability on the pitch,he’s not good enough to play in an advanced position for us.if he was at everton he wouldn’t make their team so why is he our captain?i want him gone

        1. Do you prefer a big Giraffe as a captain then? Arteta is a good captain but bec of old age is not fit to be a starter in the team. Before you wish to see any player in the team gone, take a good look at the manager first.

      2. No he doesnt. How is this team supposed to get better if even the fans are to blind to realise the good and bad in the team.

  3. Arteta devastated by the result. Don’t be devastated by angry and turn this anger into motivation, has our club got any sports physiologists? God knows we need them now. As the captain I’d love Arteta to test the “my door is always open theory”, mikel you need to book some 1-1 time with wenger and discuss the result. At risk to your own career which is surely coming to an end at arsenal you need to tell wenger what we all know. Monreal is not a cb chambers is, bellerins pretty good at rb, per needs to leave the club, (tough one this personally pointing the finger atone player), whats wrong with campbell? Tell wenger he I is slowly losing the dressing room. Problem is wenger picks captains and vcs that are puppets/lapdogs. Can you imagine viera or roy keane putting up with this? They’d have to be vocal even if it meant ending their career which it did with keane. Grow some mikel and front up to the crazy stubborn fool!

  4. 1. Bad defending you dobt say. Lets loan our versatile rb jenks and sell vermalen but buy no cb to replace. Then lets play players out of position, monreal is a lb only, chambers better at cb or dm, mertesacker needs getting off the pitch and not on the bench either. This shows to me how blind wenger is and how little influence bould has over wenger. I cabt belueve when the window shut bould would not have said let’s try and get a free agent cb. Tis a thankless job being an arsenal fan and wengers #2. Wenger is currently now the best manager to crush players confidence ability etc. Monreal will be strongly effected by last nights game.

    1. I have said this before, Bould’s hands are tied.
      He arrived and made great strides at Arsenal improving our defense until he got too much good press and Wenger grew a gash and got all jealous.
      Defensive drills banned and we almost missed CL football, only a late reprieve from Wenger allowing Bould to coach the defense again saved us by one point!
      Wenger doesn’t like anyone on the coaching staff doing well at the club and getting press for it.
      In the words of JayZ “Males shouldn’t be jealous that’s a female trait”


  5. Just bench Mertesacker, swap Chambers with Bellerin and set Chambers in the middle as he is worse at RB position. I can’t take any more games and see Mertz simply walking on the field.
    Once Debuchy is fit drop Mertz for good. I mean ffs Everton played the whole last season with Coleman and Soton with Shaw. What the fu ck is wrong with Bellerin? He’s young alright but he’s not really inexperienced. Why insisting with Flamini in deep role when he clearly is not a link between defense and middle field? Why keep Cazorla on the field when Ox looks bang on the money? Why not pairing him with Campbell? Keep Arteta fit because at the moment he is the only DM with a clear head even if he’s old and not very gifted defensively.
    What the fu ck happens with Diaby? Why is Rosicky in an awful form? Why is Podolski bored to the death in the field after making selfies in the training smiling ear to ear ? Why is Welbeck still played with Sanchez next to him when is clear that Sanchez is EVERYWHERE? Why is Ramsey totally out of sync ? What is up with the morale at the Emirates? Why are we worried instead of thinking how to fix mistakes ?
    I tell you, maybe we will have a good run against MU but dont forget that Soton is coming at the emirates. They are not fu cking around this time. Not like they ever did.

      1. I don’t see why we can’t train harder.
        A fighter doesn’t train at a low level and use the fight to get fit, WTF he does that in training.

        There are serious issues at the club, the manager is simply not cutting it and hasn’t been for some time.
        The fact that Shad our new fitness coach said some players have been irreversibly injured is f**kin unbelievable!
        Transfers, ticket prices, Kronke, all things that need to be addressed, people should be culpable for the decline of this club.

    1. Its quit simple, the question you make are childs questions and easy to answer. Diabby is finished, he has to retire, simple as that.

      Podolski is not motivated bec he doesnt care. Why does he not care? Bec Arsene doesnt care about him. Freezing him out for months only to play a minor role at the team. Same goes for Rosicky. No thx mr Wenger. Poldi will be off in january.

      Wellback is the new boy and till now he is doing okeys. You want a Sanchez a like striker, then go spend 50m on Cavani and not 16m on a young English man who was the 4th choice manure striker.

      Ramsey is out of form bec he cant adapt to his new role. Bec of Sanchez his free role around the pitch is not needed. And him being an inferiour footy talent makes him look like a total waste in the team.

      Moral of the Emirates. Paying the highest ticket prices for shet performances happened.

      Last question is bec of Wenger. He is the man who is like cancer to us. Let the disslikes beging. You stupid Akb freaks.

  6. Lastly apparently Bould suggested Chamber as a permanent DM and bellerin at RB. Clearly Wenger ignored his comments. What is the point of him having a number two who is supposed to be a defensive expert. If true then Wenger does indeed need to pack his bags, he’s become stubborn and non receptive beyond belief. Also I don’t want him upstairs overseeing the next manager, he should collect his thank you carriage clock and move to France to manage the international team or Monaco.
    #David Dein and Roberto Martinez

    1. It’s probably because Chambers is even more prone to commit fouls than Monreal and Flamini are. Can’t really have him as CB and Wenger is probably too scared he will get injured at DM.

      If he only offered a little more for Sokratis we wouldn’t have had this problem at all. Lose Koscielny = dropping towards Championship level in defence.

  7. I can see why Arteta is angry, he left the game while we were leading, but we need to replace him too anyways. The person that disappointed me most was Ramsey.. my God!! Ramsey was terrible, he has become so tactically naive, it’s like he is more concerned with bumping forward to score leaving whoever is the Dm exposed. When we played Arteta and Flamini together in the last two games, we didn’t concede just because they stayed back and protected the defence even tough they are both poor, Ramsey comes back in and we are exposed because he is found most of the time in the box trying to score like he is a striker and when we are hit on the counter, you will see him running back like he can catch up. I am really shocked with how he is playing and wenger needs to instruct him to do his job has a cm and keep things simple. Has for our defense, i rest my case

    1. Agree with you. Ramsey did not even look happy when congratulating Sanchez for his goal. I think he is pissed off not being the main man.

  8. I’m angry at Mikel Artea for his poor play as a captain,angry at Wenger,angry at the board,angry that we still don’t have the DM and CB we requires so Arteta must stop telling us of his anger cause they’re the ones who must sort out our problems as a team Sanchez can’t do it all alone!

  9. @budd. As long as Mertesacker is at the club Wenger will use him and at some point when we get the inevitable injuries well have to use him. Coming of the bench he’ll be not match sharp, and even less agile/fast. He’s a liability that has to go. Hayden should be blooded now and I’d take one of many free agents with a smidgin of pace over Per any day. How many more errors does Per have to make before Wenger sees this? Also why the hell does Per keep going up for corners, (which we know rarely come to anything) and then walks back. If you are going to do this at least injury Ramsey or someone else to sit back, take some responsibility Per you are the VC for goodness sake. #get him off the pitch!

    1. Hayden is injured. Maybe out 6 weeks. Even if he were healthy, Wenger would not use him except as an emergency sub on the bench.

  10. I hope one of the players or Mikel reads this post, I gather some of them do. It’s time to take control guys and front up respectfully to the boss! #grow some.

  11. We need to do some serious spring cleaning. We need to install some fear back into playing arsenal, we roll over far too easily when things aren’t going our way.
    Mertesacker – not good enough
    Sczezeney – not world class by a long way
    Flamini – past it
    Arteta – ”
    Cazorla – MIA presumed dead
    Rosicky – plays well just before contract talks
    Podolski – ineffective
    Wenger – past it, ineffective, too stubborn to make the cuts needed.

    2 CBS – (one in and one covering vermaelan sale) schar? We need quality and strength!
    2 DM – needed for years a real midfield enforcer to protect our more attacking midfielders. Cissoko, song, khedira ANYONE
    I don’t care about pedro, reus, higuian, just buy what we need and have needed for years.

  12. He is not the biggest, strongest or fastest player but he does a job for us.. He is not DM and it’s not his fault that he is being played there.. He is better than Flamini 100%…Arteta is smarter and more intelligent when it comes to reading the game, Flamini is just a thuggish accident or red card waiting to happen. I don’t know how he is a footballer.

    1. Arteta does the CDM job only against weak competition. He is a huge liability against quality opponents. Flamini has become completely useless this year. We’d be better off using Coquelin. It was very stupid to loan him out since Coquelin is also an emergency defender (played well in his one game as a LB).

      Wenger will take huge risks for his favored players (Sanogo starting against Bayern) but won’t give guys like Campbell or Coquelin a chance. Coquelin could not possibly play worse than Flamini and has better speed, size and athleticism.

  13. Guys, who is our best CM? Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky,? Etc? Who can actually say they deserve that CM position?

    1. None of the above at the moment. To be fair to Rosicky, he has not been given a chance. The others have and have failed miserably.

  14. Why for God sake it has to be us always???
    Arsenal 4-4 Newcastle after going up 4-0
    Arsenal 3-3 Anderlecht after going up 3-0

    It means we cant be too confident if we are 5-0 up against a good side like Dortmund so far there is still 10 minutes to be played. SMH.

  15. None of the above at the moment. To be fair to Rosicky, he has not been given a chance. The others have and have failed miserably.

  16. He can only be upset if he advised the manager to buy a replacement for himself and/or an additional center back, just like the majority of fans have. He should be annoyed of his own poor fitness levels, breaks down every couple games.

    1. Arteta’s fitness levels are not his fault but rather a product of his age. He should be a squad player at this stage in his career. It is Wenger’s fault for counting on a player Arteta’s age to be the starter in a position he is not suited to play in the first place.

  17. If mikel arteta feels annoyed about yesterday’s shambolic defensive display, in us letting a 3-0 lead slip to a 3-3 draw, how do he thinks us arsenal gooners supporters feel?

  18. Regarding the 2 matches against Anderlecht, I thing we did not deserve 4 points.
    The away match to Anderlecht was tension soaked till last few minutes.
    The home match yester-night was tension soaked at the last few minutes.
    By and large, I think Anderlecht deserved more than a point over the 2-legged bout.

  19. neither arteta nor flamini is good enough to play for arsenal per mertasacker should be our 4th choice cb he can play well against less technical more physical teams like stoke but he is not good enough in big games we need 1-2 cdm’s/cb’s what will happen in jan only time will tell

  20. You deluded fools deserve every thing what happenes to the team. If you dont learn from the past humiliations we have been served then i dont know what else can you guys make you angry.

    Is there any thing yet which hasent brought us shame? We have experienced everybad thing what can happen to us as fans so far.

  21. We can blame the Rev for the penalty
    We can blame Monreal for the Pen
    We can blame Mert for the 3 rd goal

    But who chose the team, who cose the two CBs
    Who sold Verm
    Who didn’t want Fab
    Who didn’t sign two yes two DM
    Who didn’t sign two CBs
    Who is on 8 million a year 8 fecking million a year Jesus wake up and smell the coffee guys , wenger out shout it from the rooftops have the balls at the next home game no matter what the result to have your say

  22. Now per is angry too at the players,but wait isnt he the one who was worse.sometimes i wish our players would sh*t-the f*ck up,winners dont talk(sanchez and koz) and loosers aways talk.per does not need even to on the bench.oh by the way f*ck scsz

  23. One thing that can get the board to act,fans need not go and wacth games let the stadium be empty for 3 games and see how they will clear that the wenger out does not work

  24. I always thought that a ‘çoach’ and ‘tactician’ meant the same thing in footballing terms but after watching Wenger yesterday, I came to the conclusion that there is a difference. A coach knows what to do before a match but a tactician knows what to do before a match and during the match. Unfortunately for AFC, Wenger is a only a coach.

  25. 1. It was obvious that Ramsey was ineffective through out the game but Wenger did nothing about it.
    2. It was evident that Chambers needed cover but Wenger did nothing about it.
    3. It was evident that the Ox kept their fullbacks busy but Wenger opted to take him off.
    4. At 3:0, all Wenger needed to do for AFC to maintain the momentum was to bring on players with hunger and desire but he waited till the 80th minute.
    It shows that our beloved Wenger has become docile and tactically inept with age and its time to GO!!!

  26. If the players are going to comment all I want to hear is “we were awful tonight and got punished we let ourselves and the fans down” enough said. Even pardew or other under fire managers mention the fans and that they are either happy for them or apologise when the team has let them down. How often do the players or wenger mention us? It’s like we don’t exist and we are lucky to be allowed to support a club like arsenal.Grrrr! I predict a riot, I predict a riot!

  27. all of you wenger fans , of which the numbers are dwindling at an alarming rate i am glad to say , you so deserve each other , wenger and his ass licking boyos , together the best partnership in failure . love jose or hate jose , but we have to admit that he was spot on with his comment about wenger being the specialist in failure . oh how jose must be laughing at us all now .

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