The Arsenal Chap Diaries – Time for Podolski to shine?

The Arsenal Chap Diaries – Is now the time for Podolski?

There had been indecision about where to play Lukas Podolski, indecision about his application and now indecision on whether he will stay at the Emirates Stadium. This has been the story for the World Cup winning German so far. That is until today, when Arsene Wenger seemed at last to be making a stand on his future.

“Podolski is in the squad tomorrow and will stay with us,” Wenger said on ESPN

This statement has gone against the flood of news that his linked Podolski with Juventus, Wolfsburg and more. The Germans agent also has said there has been no contact and despite the avid glee he may feel in linking up with Nicklas Bendtner again, it looks like he will be staying in North London.
The main problem he has encountered during his time at Arsenal has been the dilemma of where to play him. Normally played out on the left, he has often been hauled off after 60 minutes for being ineffective and yet still many at Arsenal class this as his position. Just because he plays something similar in the German National team, does this necessarily mean it should suit him in his current surroundings?

It seems even Arsene Wenger is divided about where to use him and how he can unleash one of Arsenal’s most prolific finishers.

In April, Wenger told “I played him center forward a few times and I felt he came a lot to the ball, more like an off-striker than a target striker.” He went onto say “But he is a fantastic finisher because he has unbelievable power and a very short backlift. So the one you want to have a chance is him.”

This may sound like something of a contradiction as even if he came a little deep, he still is by his own Coaches admission, the one man in the team you want the ball to fall to. Olivier Giroud is also perhaps one dimensional but as he is a target man it is understandable that he gets the nod. It still begs the question that if this is the main issue would he not suit a change of formation perhaps playing off another striker?

In May however, Wenger changed his mind saying that he believes he can be effective in the centre. “I believe so, he has the qualities because he is a good finisher,” the manager said on “He has a good technique and because we have a game based on very quick combinations I believe he can be a part of that. Overall I am convinced in the coming games he will show it. At the moment, yes [I will play Podolski in the middle]. A definite decision has not been made but if there is an opportunity then there is a good chance I will do it.”

With the-afore mentioned Olivier Giroud seemingly injured for an unconfirmed amount of time, the usual panic about not having enough strikers ensues. Whether Alexis Sanchez should play in the middle is still in debate and Yaya Sonogo is still absent.

Could the answer be under Arsene Wengers nose once again? Could Podolski be the man that could provide cover for Giroud? Admittedly he may take time to settle into the role but Arsenal will create chances, and who did Wenger say he would like the ball to fall to the most?

The solution may not be perfect but had the Frenchman trusted Lukas Podolski and not Yaya Sonogo on what was the collapse of last season and would the North London team have been any worse off?

By Richard Hall

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        1. we got this lads dont care who we put out.

          arsenal at the emirates on a quailty pitch?….

          besiktas will be crying into their pita breads all the way home

      2. It is now or never. Wenger needs to trust in Podolski and stick him upfront. He wont let us down. He is an all out striker so give the lad a chance

  1. So Manu thrashed out of the Capital One Cup By MK Dons 4-0….

    That is big news…. but no where media is highlighting this…. If it was Arsenal ……………

    1. True d@. If God forbid we lost tonight’s game even by goal difference we would hear about this for the next ten years.

      The entire MK Dons squad cost £235,000 – Equivalent to less than a weeks wages for Wayne Rooney!

      Wenger should probably bring Afobe back to Arsenal just to play against Manure

  2. someone please tell me these zigic rumours r a hoax.

    r u punishing us for the lampost giroud gags?!!

    here have a real lampost u ungrateful fans- wow wenger tell me its not true!!

  3. Good article.

    I think tonight is the perfect opportunity for Poldi to show what he’s worth, I’ve never doubted his ability… Just needs to up his work rate a bit, that’s all.

    If Poldi plays tonight, starting or off the bench, I’ll put money on him scoring!
    Just have that feeling in my bones:)

  4. Podolski is a good squad player, but he is not the answer upfront, we all know that.

    OT: I see lots of our fans praying for Carvalho, I didn’t watch him to be honest except in WC and there’s nothing special in youtube, is he that good or just because of his skeleton?

    1. I reckon this will be podolskis breakthrough year if he gets regular playtime. Sadly, i think cazorla and maybe sanchez will be infront of him for the lw position. I really like podolski, but i think it would be a win/win situation if he’s sold to wolfsburg/juventus and we buy someone like reus (maybe trade poldi+cash for him), as he obviously doesnt get the best of his potential in arsenal/PL

    1. oh dear…my my you might be in for a shock.

      falcao cavani?…

      wenger maybe thinking zigic- kalou- kebabman keith

  5. So, allegedly, Zigic is having a medical ahead of a shock transfer to us. We have gone from being linked with world class talent, Higuain, Benzema, Cavani, Balotelli etc etc and now we’re looking as though we’ll get Crouch’s brother. You couldn’t make this sh*t up unless you were an Arsenal fan and used to it. Sort this out Wenger FFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least players like Bony and Welbeck can move.

    1. The bid for whoever Wenger wants needs to happen now, clubs are less likely to sell if they do not have enough time to find a replacement. As soon as the game finishes tonight AW needs to get on the phone.

        1. Out of the 2 it would be Bony for me, I can’t see LvG selling to us after the Vermaelen slap in the face! But if Man U were selling I’d even go for Chicharito.

  6. Arsenal has about 19
    Most are injury prone.
    Most are inconsistent.
    Their form line is mostly
    1 good game
    1 average game
    1 poor game
    3 games injured.
    It means every game requires
    a different line up, changes of positioning
    and new strategys. Arsenal is on permanent
    injury enforced rotation. Keeps the players
    the fans and the opposition on our toes 🙂

  7. Podolski is not cut out to be a lone striker but I believe he would shine in a 4-4-2 formation alongside Sanchez. The only problem with this is that it leaves our naturally soft midfield weaker and the back line exposed.

    A formation to use against the less organised teams maybe?

    If we need to replace Giroud we have the extortionate loan option for Falcao (20m for a year!!!), the expensive and maybe not even available Cavani or we could try lower budget with Remy but that would be a temporary fix rather than bring the team to the “next level”…

    I am seriously hoping for reinforcements, I would pass on a CB and leave Chambers there for a year and prioritize top DM and top CF, or ever world class LW instead maybe and use Sanchez as CF. We can’t buy another makeshift player, we need quality to challenge or existing squad.

  8. @leo any updates on Carvalho, Martinez? Damn we need a DM like 2 seasons ago.
    Anything else to add??

  9. Fans expectation = Cavani, Reus, Falcao
    Wenger choice= Kalstrom or no one. Reality Slap!!

    It must be not a big signing, some one like Bony would be just fine. But Wenger can take positives about everything. Maybe Poldi scores a goal today and he will be named our main striker, same goes for Young Sonogo and Cambell.

    “I think ehhh, as you can see, Sonogo is a good player, and Cambell is to. People say why dont you buy a big player? And i want to explain that to do so, a new player must be a top , top, top player and better the the ones we currently have. This is not a matter of quality. Its a matter of belief and mentality. Sonogo has them both. Getting a new player means only hindering the future of Giroud as he will be back in 3 months ( means, 5 Arsenal months) and he is still young and developing 27y old. Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir??? Wenger Smile, at the end.

  10. i like podolski and dont think wenger has ever really got the best out of him but even at his best he is no longer a top flight player…we need to sell him and bring in someone who can really add to the level of our attack…and carvalho is now a benchmark for gauging wenger`s ambition… the lack of proper defensive cover is one reason our attacks have become much less threatening as players dont want to overstretch knowing what`s not behind them…i am pretty confident we will beat besiktas (a team that would be hanging around the bottom of the epl if not lower) but the fact that we are in this position again speaks volumes for the way the club is run and managed

      1. yes he will, then the man u squad will make him look bad and many arsenal fans will come out exclaiming how we were lucky to miss out on him

  11. “#AFC unlikely to sign striker despite Giroud injury. Not definitive but current plan is existing options rather than buy/loan #bbcsportsday”

    David Ornstein (BBC)

    So there you go guys.

  12. All Germans should be in the starting lineup
    They know how to win

    Put Mertsacker, Ozil, Podolski AND Gnabry


  13. If Wenger gives him chance then he has all the qualities to shine.Would like to see Campbell given a start though.

  14. All German players should always be in the starting lineup. They know how to WIN


  15. See Guys I don’t really think that we need a striker at this moment …we desperately need a player who can cover DM and CB position…. we have the likes of Theo, Alexis, Poldi, Sanogo, Campbell and off course Giroud (I hope his injury is short term)….. We all know none of them are scoring at the moment but they will …. until then we have a great support from Rambo and Santi from the midfield….. and sometimes Koss helps the cause…..we can’t guarantee that the new signing (Cavani for example) will start scoring goals from the first day….Hence its better to train and fine tune with what we have….and we do have one of the fastest and technically gifted side…now I expect..Ozil to step us his game this season and Rambo to Continue his great form…rest of the things will resolve themselves……

    Positives from start of the season = Comm. Shield + 1 win + 4 points on table after a derby game and trip to Everton….

    Negatives from start of the season = 2 draws

    I don’t think thats bad…… For today It will be Arsenal 2-0 Besiktas….

    and Rambo will be completely fresh for the weekend….


  16. ZIGIK to sign for Arsenal ,,,,,OMG what would this say about arsenal

    if this happens
    WENGER OUT !!!!

  17. If this zigic rumor is true that he is having a medical than i will firmly become a wenger out supporter cheap skate to a new level

  18. these cavani rumours are REALLY cruel i wanna believe them but i know the truth Zigic will have a meical tomoz, honestly arsene at least buy rabiot 4 DM if not a world class player because arsenal CANNOT rely on arteta n diaby

  19. Utd have Strengthen with Di Maria, Rojo and Vidal…

    and we are having Zigic……so much about ambition…..

    time to go Wenger

    1. Didnt we strenghtn with Sanchez, Debuchery, Chambers and Ospina? And when did ManU sign Vidal? Wait, Zigic is a Gunner? Man I am behind the times.


    now we’ve embarassed over the years taking scraps from rivals (sylvestre), loaning players from rivals (benayoun), getting our teams torn apart by rivals (from ashley cole to rvp) we’ve even been DEMOLISHED by every top team there is BUT THIS IS DEFINITELY MY MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT AS AN ARSENAL FAN, THIS TRANSFER ACTUALLY MAKES ME WANNA BURST INTO TEARS, I’D RATHER PLAY AKPOM OR BEG CHELSEA FOR TORRES, IF BIRINGHAM DON’T WANT HIM, WTF IS HE GONNA DO FOR US???

    1. Embarrassing is the right word. Wenger would have to have balls of steel to do that. Signing no one and promoting one of our young players is preferable and wouldn’t cause a tenth of the uproar Zigic would.

  21. If wenger buys that zigic guy,then we all know that arsenal main priority is to gain profits cause making it to the championship is also money, they are not after trophy and it will be shameful even to our key players like ozil and sanchez, but I doubt it.

  22. i would rather him but no one than Zigic and here is why
    if he buys no one and says he has faith in the other forwards thats his opinion
    if he signs Zigic it shows Aresanal and Wenger will never sign top players and its all about the buisnees, we as supporters have been fooled again, please WENGER supporters dont come up with the usual trust in wenger as hes had enough time to strengthen and at the moment weve bought 1 player

    1. We’ve bought four players. Jesus people, whinge all you like but at least get your facts straight.

      1. We have bought 4 and sold/released 3 players, meaning we have essentially signed/added one player. Get your facts right before commenting.

  23. You know your football team is doomed when they go in for a player who’s contract expired at Birmingham and they didn’t want to renew it. I am seriously fuming at the moment. It’s never a world class striker that comes in. Instead we have the choice of a stop gap/loan or a guy who is over the hill.

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