The Arsenal defence is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde – We want Mr Hyde tonight

The Arsenal defence has been much maligned this season and rightfully so, their end of season performances was dire stuff but it is unfair to only concentrate on the bad times and to ignore the occasions when they have done themselves and us proud.

I can easily go through the games when we conceded three goals and on one occasion the five against Liverpool but that is not the point of this article, the point is that there is more than enough room to be optimistic that our backline can stand tall this evening.

Remember, our lads kept Chelsea goalless in a 2-0 win over them at the Emirates, they kept Napoli scoreless in Italy and the Italians have scored for fun this season, we did the same to Portuguese giants Sporting Lisbon at their ground, we held Tottenham to just one goal and a dodgy one at that at Wembley, the lads beat Man Utd 2-0, Rennes 3-0, beat Watford and Everton 2-0 and held free-scoring Liverpool to a single goal in the 1-1 draw at the Emirates earlier in the season.

I know, I know, you can easily come back with the bad games and big defeats and I accept that could easily happen this evening but so could the strong defensive displays that the boys have shown on quite a few occasions this season.

They can contain this Chelsea team, they have done it before this season and stood bloody strong against some of the best teams around and there is as much chance of them doing that tonight as there is of them having a bad game.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that we see the strong defensive Arsenal tonight, Mr Hyde and not that bastard Dr Jekyll.


  1. Mustafi is our big bad CB. Rarely gets injured, quick, strong and tough in the air. There were few bad decisions from him, but I believe he would be our rock in the back tonight

    The three-CB formation makes our defense tougher, but it also reduces the number of midfielders in front of them

    Arsenal need a layered defense to weather Chelsea’s wing-play, hence I wish Emery uses 4-1-2-1-2 instead of 3-4-1-2. We used 4-1-2-1-2 successfully against Chelsea in EPL once, but with Ramsey as the false nine (not Ozil) at that time

    1. Musstafi??? You must smoke some mighty happy delirious one before watching games. Mustafi is as scary as your comment, suicidal. Must share us that smoke if hé is picked !

    2. No disrespect mate but you couldnt possibly pick worst… Watch games sober all day and sée how that smoke got you tripping. We must win this! Go gunnaz!

  2. Win and we play another one off fixture in August. Lose and we just have to hope Spurs do too. Them winning the biggest prize in club football means their fans are even more justified in mocking us.

  3. Sokratis and Boss should be up for it tonight. They will have to be at their best to keep Hazard quiet tonight. Torreira and Xhaka should also put in a defensive shift if we want to emerge the winners. Upfront, I believe Auba and Laca will at least get two goals

  4. This game has been a long time coming (13 years, to be exact!) I was beginning to wonder if we’d ever make it to another European final!
    To say I’m nervous, is an understatement, but am really looking forward to it, all the same!! Decided against going to the pub, so will be screaming, chanting & hopefully cheering on in my living room!!

  5. Arsenal Please sign off the month of May in style. I m gonna be nervous today even if we score two goals at half time.

    Super cup: Arsenal v Liverpool….

    C’mon you gunners!

  6. COYG!!!

    We have beaten Chelsea before this season and I believe we can do it again. The first go is always crucial in the final. I’m more concerned about the midfield of Xhaka, Lucas, Ozil being overrun than the 3 CB’s. Such games are perfect for Ramsey and sadly his not available.

    Could Emery bench Ozil for either Welbeck or Iwobi in an effort to track Hazard? Guess will have all the answers in a few hours.

    Best of luck to the boys and take care fellow Gunners, let us keep our emotions in check during and after the match.

  7. we must keep thé ball, all défend and support our attack double threat and we will gun chelki down. Disciplined hard working Arsenal team is very hard to play. Im expecting just that.

  8. As I always say it’s a 2 goal margin, do the permutations
    Arsenal 4:2 Chelsea
    Relaxed and looking forward to who ever shows up at the super cup.

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