The Arsenal defence were rubbish!

Bayern Munich thrashed Arsenal last night to get revenge for their defeat at the Emirates a fortnight ago, but basically the Gunners defence gifted them their five goals. Arsene Wenger was not at all happy with the performance and said after the game. “You have to give credit to Bayern first for their quality and on top of that we made things quite easy for them.”Le Prof said. “It was a bad defensive performance and we were extremely poor defensively. We were not at the races. The funny thing is that when we went forward we created good chances. We had a chance to score early but with a defensive performance like that, you go nowhere.

“My memory of 19 years is not too accurate if I’m supposed to tell you our worst defensive performance. It’s certainly not going to remain in my memory for anything positive. There is still a chance to qualify. Olympiacos have to lose here, we have to beat Zagreb and then we will see when we play Olympiacos away. It’s a small chance but it is a real one. We have to realise with that kind of performance that we had today that our chances are minimal.”

“No matter what percentage we have, we have to dig in for the chance to qualify. We now have to focus on the Premier League on Sunday and bounce back with a different performance because we are in a good position in the league. It’s important that we realise what we did today and we know that.

Arsenal were on a brlliant run up til last night, and Wenger is keen for this setback not to affect our performances in the Premier League. “We have to analyse it and not be too negative.” Wenger continued. “That’s top-level sport. You can understand that you have to be strong enough to face a performance like tonight. It was not good enough and we will have to focus on the next game. We live in a world where you have to face reality.”

Bayern Munich may have struck form yesterday, but Arsenal gave a masterclass in how NOT to defend against one of the best teams in the world. We may have been missing Bellerin and Koscielny, who will hopefully be back from injury for the Tottenham game, but that hardly excuses such a dire defensive display.

One positive from the game. Giroud scored yet again, although it was a little late to make any difference!

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    1. Slept poorly last night. Embarassing night for arsenal an there fans.
      Only smaller european teams would look at this loss an say well its bayern.


      All this does is show we are f’ed without one or two players an it puts us back in tier 3. In one group we jave been anilihilated by bayern. Weve lost to dinamo habeeb and mount of olympus or something.

      Every year we get destroyed by someone.its getting old.

      Those spuds r in serious trouble. Have no doubt we will destroy them.
      Great time to restore pride…in the nld derby

      1. Hahaha you’re right, every year it’s a must for us to get embarrassed at least once . If we’re going to lose at least let’s do it with class .

      2. Lol @ “Dynamo Habeeb”.

        It’s not all bad, man. Yes, at first glance 5-1 it looks terribly terrible…but when you remember that

        1. Our’s was a side ravaged by injuries to 4 (FOUR!!) key 1st teamers (Walcott, Ramsey, Bellerin, Koss) who all contributed to our win against this very same Bayern a few weeks back. And our bench was thin on the night because we have extra 6 squad players out with injuries (Welbeck, Ox, Wilshere, Arteta, Ospina and Rosicky).

        That’s 10 (TEN!!) players we have unavailable for us to use against a fired up Bayern (arguably the best team in the world right now) as we played them at their own turf right there in Munich.

        2. We certainly ain’t the first big team to experience an embarrassing defeat this season:
        Barca 0 – 4 against Athletico bilbao
        Man City 1 – 4 against Tottenham
        Only that our’s was against the best team in the world right now.

        “We have to analyse it and not be too negative.

        This part of Wenger’s quote makes sense now as it not a case of us being a terrible side at the moment. On the contrary, we are one of the most in-form team in Europe who had a very bad game against the best team in the world last night.

        1. If we can’t get to the next round I’ll prefer we come last in the group and avoid ueropa league. We are not Spuds and we should not get use to Thursday matches except it would be for the likes of Macey, Iwobi, Debuchy, Fortune, Chambers and the likes. Not for our 1st 11.

    2. slept comfortably Last night!………… Seeing as we are just not ready to compete with the bigger boys + all the pathetic injury woes……. Why should this disturb my sleep?

  1. Mertesacker is the Captain for Heaven’s sake, he is called the organizer but yesterday he was really piss poor. Even if Gabriel doesn’t understand much in English, but he has been in England for nearly a year now, surely he should understand some words by now or some sign language. Anyway, I think Mertesacker has been poor since the Shellfied game, hopefully he doesn’t start on Sunday because those white Lane guys are really fast and can run for hours.
    Campbell has played three games in about eight days, I think it’s a little too much for someone who haven’t played for a long time, still he tried his possible best but yesterday just wasn’t our day.
    Mertesacker watched on As Muller took a shot for the second goal after a clumsy clearance from Debuchy, setting an offside trap in your own box was silly and when Alaba dispossessed Santi, why was Coquelin still ball watching, although Cech was a bit off his line.
    Giroud’s goal was fantastic, I hope he continues to score as Walcott is out till God knows when.

    1. i would sell this man (mert) for FREE…….. If i must recieve money for him…… It won’t be any more than a pence!

  2. What where we doing with offensive midfielders when defensive midfielders should have been the order of the day to help our inept defence. Oh sorry I forgot, Wenger didn’t see any improvement players in Europe or south America to improve our squad in the transfer period.
    Make sure we don’t finish 3rd ,even if we put out a weakend side.Arsene. Try using your tactical brain for once.

  3. There is a positive among all this. Times we would have rested Kos and maybe Bellerin in the swa game for Germany, but we took those points as serious as ever. Rested Kos for tott game who am sure could have played seeing as he made the bench. I have a strong inkling that Bellerin will be avail. If I where to choose one game from the three in which to lose one would be how it went thus far. The tott game is the big one, and I for one am really excited also there is a difference between confidence and arrogance.

    Another positive from the multitude of negatives is that if this game had of been a double header on aggregate like it will most likely be next time we play, well then our players would not have given up the fight after the first half mauling and may have even got our goal before their fourth went in. Even at four one it would have been delicately poised with twenty minutes to go. I would have liked if our players had of treated the second half in this way and used it for practice.

    Bring on the $%&%$ ..COYG.

  4. guys
    lets not beat the dead horse and stay pragmatic. we could have lost 2-1 conceding at 89′ and were heart broken now. We have to beat CSKA and Olympia (2 goals margin) to qualify and in normal days we can do that.
    Team should focus on the NLD with Kos and Bellerin in the team defense will be much better and hopefully we get the 3 points n stay at the top of EPL.
    stay positive it looks much better this year than previous years

      1. u r rite Dynamo Zagreb is the other team
        If Arsenal beats Dynamo at home and Bayern wins over Olympiacos at home then there will be a final match between Olympiacos and Arsenal in Greece where arsenal needs to win by 2 goals margin
        all these are doable

  5. Guess we all looking for a scapegoat, unfortunately Bayern showed their class.In our entire team, almost every single player gave a stray pass – which u cannot afford to do when versing a class team..

    1. Showing there class doesnt me we lose 5-1.

      Theres no excuse for that.

      Weve let in 8 goals since start of season.

    2. We were losing team pressure from front to back. No cover from midfielders to our back four then it was over. Debuchy got his ECL dream game but gave us a nightmare to remember. He was awful dealing with Alaba and Costa except one clearing over Robben chance. Overall, minus five Emirates starting (missing Bellerin and Kos were fatal), we were simply out classed by Bayern. Can’t wait to see the men bounce back against Spuds. Good news is, we’ve one day recovery as advantage. Spuds will play tonight at Europa league against ….well that’s not important. Get rid this bad day and focus on EPL. COYG!!!

  6. yes….we all gutted….miserable and disappointed..

    theres a chance…..a glimmer of a chance……….

    I disagree with one thing……I do not believe Bayern are thaaaaaaaaat above us..

    every single one of them fit…..
    first 11 – cech, bellerin, Gabriel, koscielny, monreal, coquelin, santi, ozil, alexis, walcot, welbeck/giroud.
    subs – ospina, mert, gibbs, ox, giroud/welbeck, ramsey, wilshere
    reserve- macy, chambers, debuchy, campell, rosisky, Campbell

    that is a pretty strong squad….Bayern only had gotze and ribery out,,we had 9 yes arguably 9 first team players that can play in the first team…

    I repeat, everyone fit, we have a 1st 11 to challenge anyone in Europe and a powerful bench. We have the squad, the quality…….

    but there is just this injury curse we have….something has to change somhow,someway.

    My prediction……Arsenal gets angry…wins both Zagreb and olimpiacos 3:0…….Bayern I feel will win em….and we qualify……

    Last 16-atleast 5-6 of the first teamers will be back….

    im tryna be positive……

    cumooon……..lets put in a string performance in on sunday

    Ozil really wants CL, I sense this silenty hunger from him

    cheers Gooner family

  7. What sickens me even more is that most if not all of our injured players will be recovering just when the January transfer window opens and thus the usual excuse “we don’t need to sign anyone because so and so is coming back “….. Once the window shuts,they start dropping one by one like flies only to recover when the summer window opens….And the cycle continues.A clever manager should have identified this awkward cycle and dealt with it by offloading all this bit part glassware players.But if memory serves me right,we kept diaby at the club for over five years thinking he will eventually become the new Vieira, look how that turned out.

    1. Agree about the timing…dont forget we coined the phrase…he will be back soon…that is like a new signing.

      Oh yeah…nice!

    2. You sum it up excellently well!

      It’s bad enough that injuries continues to be a recurring feature of our affairs season after season. But what’s more worrying is that these injuries have a systematic way – a pattern- of ensuring we fail to achieve our true potential as a club, season after season.

      Until this monstrous problem is put to a permanent stop, we will continue to underachieve. And I don’t think the solution lies in the the transfer market. There is something we’ve been doing in-house that is results to our players getting injured almost all at the same time.

  8. “No one should ever criticise Ozil and Giroud again”. Enough of calling Giroud a ‘Donkey’. He has been scoring goals so I respect Him. I criticise a player constructively and professionally when He is not doing well. Expect players to be worn out and out of form sometimes…

    My worry is why do our players get injured when it matters most? Kos, Bellerin, Walcott, Ramsey and Ox…

    Anyway, We lost to arguably the best team in the world. We defeated them 2weeks ago but wished the scoreline was respectful last night….Qualification now is abit hard but its not over yet. We’ll fight till the last game. If we end up to thursday night football, then Wenger shouldn’t always risk our senior players in that tournament knowing fully well that our Priority is the EPL since we are still in it.

    You win some, lose some and draw some… Didn’t feel cool after the game but its time to pick ourselves up and focus on the Derby game on Sunday.

    Arsenal is my team no matter what!

    The defense didnt

    1. “My worry is why do our players get injured when it matters most? Kos, Bellerin, Walcott, Ramsey and Ox…”

      And I’ll add “almost all at the same time?!!!!!!”.

      In the space of about 2 weeks we have 5 (FIVE) players -part of which form the core of our first team– all go out injured?????

      This isn’t coincidental. The pattern of this recurring phenomenon leads me to believe that we have been doing something (training system, physiotherapy, medicine, diet etc..) in a way that it results to these injuries.

  9. I am wengers biggest apologist but for the past 2 or so seasons i have stopped defending him… Its getting beyond a joke, sturbbonness, cocky etc.. This season er all said we had a bery good chance to put the icing on the sugar but he refused to sign any outfield player. He know that Wilshere, Rosicky, Walcott, The Ox, Ramsey etc were injury prone but he refused to be told what to do.. No players out there that would improve our squad he keeps saying, but the other serious clubs keep finding these players, if they are good enough for the real big hitters then why not our soft sorry lot. So frustrating.

  10. Is it me or do we always play much better in the second half of most games, we always come out a different team which presses and looks top. Cazorla and Ozil start to dictate games high up the pitch etc, but during most first half’s we just sit off and run about. In that first leg against bayern we lucked out as Cech made some crucial saves, they were all over us but the ball would not fall for them properly in and around the box.

  11. I coudnt sleep last night.. 1-0, 2-1 or 2-0 is fine but 5-1 was just too much for me.. that was embarrassing.. only a 6-0 win against the Spuds can make me feel better.. COYG!!! Gooner for life

  12. It`s still a mystery to me how we managed to beat Beyern Munich at Emirates. We deserved
    a flogging and we got one.

  13. If someone told me we would get 3pts from the two Bayern games I’d take that. I feel we still have a45% chance of qualifying but I don’t think we will win champions leauge wich ain’t a surprise.

    Tonight’s results flattered Bayern we had many chances aswell
    Eg ozil @ 1-0…..santi miss….Nuer one vs one save…….Giroud got called wrongfully offside.

    All today’s result shows we need another quick attacker, we had to rely on Gibbs and iwobi as subs which was a joke (eg aubemyang,welbeck?)

    Dm to challenge coqulan, chambers looked awful and isn’t mobile to play in midfield (krychowiak,bender)

    I think going into the eufa cup would be good for us as it will force we get to add reinforcement who can use the cup as a way to ready themselves to support the title challenge or recall players who aren’t getting the best out of loan spells eg gnabry,zelalem.

    Players like Campbell,rosicky,arteta,chambers,ospina would also be able to keep sharp.

  14. despite losing ozil is still pure class …santi was sh*t he just can’t score …per the most patethic defender…. gab still has a lot to improve on …giroud and lecoq impress……we need kos and Hector for spuds game…coyg

  15. You simple had to compare the starting line up to each others to know the outcome of the game. Not only the defence, but our team was outclassed by a superiour team.

  16. Sad part is the team to play spurs will be almost the same. Expecting only Kos to be back, most likely replacing Gabriel.
    I would prefer Jeff Reine-Adelaide in place of Campell.

    3 points must as its a home game for us. I hope we get it.

  17. anytime either of debuchy or gibbs is playing, i already know we will loose.
    those two are pathetic to put it midly.

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