The Arsenal dream can always come true one day…

Even I can remember the days back at Highbury watching Arsenal players like Johnny Radford and Peter Storey from the boys enclosure (just a long trench alongside the pitch! 10 bob entrance fee!)) and wishing upon wish that one day it would be me playing on the pitch in the famous red and white. I was at the same school as Steve Gatting and played alongside him in a few games and could see there was a possibility of really going all the way in the future. Such was my dream..

I never made it, but Gatting finally did and is now back at the club as youth team coach, but for most of us it stays a dream. On Saturday that dream came true for another lad who joined the Arsenal academy while at primary school. Alex Iwobi got his first start for the team against Sunderland, and played very well, despite his excitement. “It is amazing,” Iwobi said on “It is the best feeling ever. It is a dream come true. Since I was a young boy I have always wanted to put on my shirt with Iwobi on my back with the Emirates [crowd] screaming my name.

“As a young kid I always wondered if I would get there and to have this opportunity today, I’m just thankful. It was a young boy’s dream come true. Playing at home with everyone screaming your name and giving you the confidence to express yourself – it felt like a proper debut.

“Training and playing with them [the first team] every day is such a learning curve. Hopefully I can train with them more and play more so I can develop every day.”

He certainly looked like a star in the making and it shows how far you can go with ten years of hard work from an early age. He is an excellent example to all the new kids watching at the Emirates. Iwobi made his dream come true, so why can’t they?

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  1. Hard work pays off! so Alex Iwobi apply this to your game, and you will have no problem making your arsenal first team dream a reality in the near future!

  2. He showed some encouraging stuff on the pitch, still got some rough patches which a consistent run of games can clear.

    He looked abit shy on the ball sometimes especially in the first half, its like he was trying so hard not to make a mistake. Once the likes of Sanchez, Welbz and Wilshere are back say next season playing time will be hard for him so lets send him on loan to an EPL team that will actually play him.

    I think Wenger needs to monitor Jeff’s weight, I might be wrong but he looked way bigger than in the summer (its either fat or muscles). Look what that did to Gnarby (fat) or Depay (muscle). He looked more agile and quicker when we got him, hope he uses he muscles the Ozil way.

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