Opinion: The Arsenal ‘fan’ that attacked Roy Keane should have been jailed

Back In September I reported that an Arsenal ‘fan’ had been caught attempting to headbutt Roy Keane after the Gunners 3-1 victory over Man United.

I cited it as the latest example of the UK having a serious issue with grown adults thinking that in the confines of a football stadium they can say and act however they wish.

Some readers asked for it legally to be proven that Scott Law did anything wrong. Well 9 months on, shock horror, it turns out video footage was legit, Micah Richards had been telling the truth and another eyewitness wasn’t lying either.

Now did anyone ever truly believe Sky Sports, CCTV footage and the government had a conspiracy against some random 44-year-old?

Of course not. The reality is the idea of critiquing Mr Scott made some blush because he happened to be a Gooner and the pundit he attacked happened to be a Man United legend.

Those preaching innocent till proven guilty would not say the same if that were Ian Wright being assaulted at the Lane.

Which proved my point…

At the time I felt obliged to use my platform to educate the next generation of fans that a definition of a supporter shouldn’t be defined by how vile your language is or how much violence you display.

The reaction to me doing that highlighted how many needs educating.

My principles tell me that no one should be going to work not feeling safe.

At that point I don’t care about the badge on your shirt or your footballing opinion, nothing as trivial as sport should make you threaten someone.

You can’t help Mr Scott or indeed those who make excuses for him. If you get past the age of 40 and need to be told that football banter isn’t an excuse to hurt someone. He can’t be saved.

My priority instead is how do we teach youngsters that it’s unacceptable and that your behaviour will have consequences?

That’s why I have always insisted on zero tolerance. Name and shame individuals, allow his employers to be aware how he spends his weekend, let his children always be able to read how their dad played the tough man only to then end up crying in court like a coward.

If I were the judge I would have sent him to jail.

It was suggested to me that everyone makes a mistake and it’s inhumane of me to punish someone for one error.

Yet as expected, there was zero apology, devoid of any accountability, painting himself the victim.

Tears only flowed when he realised his version of events had flaws.

Having worked with children, I would say lots of children get emotional when they have been found guilty.

Yet most over the age of three understand that trying to headbutt someone is extreme!

They would then try and say sorry while they are taught empathy for the person they wronged.

Mr Scott is 43!!

The fact 9 months on there is no remorse should warrant Prison.

Instead, he was fined in total 764 pounds, 80 hours of community service and banned from all stadiums for three years.

Not enough I’m afraid to be a deterrent.

If you don’t believe me, watch ‘The Final – Attack on Wembley’

It’s a Netflix documentary of grown men believing that taking cocaine, damaging property and breaking into a building is okay because the Prime Minister broke Covid Rules?

There’s one moron who’s so proud of being recorded standing on a moving bus, he can’t wait to one day show his children his proud moment.

Society let him and kids down.

How do you stop people climbing on a moving bus?

What if they knew their actions guaranteed them being locked away for months?

At least the internet means Mr Scott’s crime will live forever where he’s essentially been called ridiculous and untruthful.

He called his season ticket his prized possession. If your pathetic to act this way over something so trivial as a match, then it probably will hurt him not to attend the Emirates for a while.

I hope it also impacts his marriage and causes him to lose his job.

Anything that makes that next yob think twice.

Football is a beautiful game, but it is just that, a game.

Dan Smith


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  1. He should have been jailed, season pass taken away and banned from stadiums.
    I don’t mean to be political but our sentencing system is a joke. I read couple of weeks ago about a rapist get 5 years in prison. This doesn’t deter crime

    1. Stephanie, I visited Alcatraz way back and was suitably impressed with the harsh conditions that prisoners endured for their crimes.
      We have a new prison built up here in Scotland (Edinburgh) and each cell is fitted with computers for the two prisoners, along with a fully equipped gym, library, cinema, you name it they’ve got it.
      At Christmas, they have a menu to choose from… the mind boggles!!

      1. I have a good deal of sympathy for your point of view Ken1945, with caveats.

        Incarceration itself is a dreadful proposition.

        There are those who end up in prison who can be rehabilitated into normal life. I agree that computers in cells seems excessive, but access to learning and self improvement for life on the outside must be the aim.

        Of course there are the hardened criminals and serial killers for example, who I have no sympathy at all with and deserve very little.

  2. Dan, if one takes the very basic code of our system, which is “innocent until proven guilty” then it is obvious that people were saying they needed to let the law take its course and prove he was in the wrong.

    Unless, of course, you believe that blaming the Liverpool fans for the troubles at the CL final, only to be proven they were not, was an OK thing to do?

    Or perhaps the Hillsborough disaster would be a good example , when the might of the establishment tried to blame Liverpool fans for that terrible tragedy, only for the facts to reveal that it was the complete opposite.

    Now that this idiot has been proven to be guilty, I agree that he should be punished and he has.
    The fact that you think it’s lenient is your opinion and I agree with you.

    I noted that you want to send him to prison – would you also, then, want the establishment, who tried to cover up their crimes by blaming innocent football fans (in both the cases I gave above) should also have been given prison sentences?

    I might add that those who falsely wrote damning articles about said incidents might also be viewed as deserving of punishment themselves – at least the Sun rag eventually apologised…… over to you Dan!

  3. The likes of Keane, Carragher and Neville are very provocative with their bias towards their loved clubs.

    Keane and Neville brothers should have been jailed for what they did to the late Reyes.

    Carragher spat on a little girl why hasn’t he been jailed or at the very least lose his punditry job?

    1. He should have done mate
      But how does Carragher spitting make this man’s actions okay ?

  4. I don’t do this Ken
    It’s deflecting lol
    Like I said In that Netflix documentary it was okay to take cocaine and damage property because someone else did something wrong ?
    I stopped reading at the Liverpool thing because it has nothing to do with him attacking Roy Keane

    1. Dan you should have carried on reading, otherwise you won’t be able to debate properly and continue to have a narrow view.

      As a football fan, you seem to come down on other fans before you known the facts, as was proved when you accused liverpool fans alone for the mayhem at the CL final.

      Were any liverpool fans convicted of taking cocaine and damaging property?
      If they were, what percentage of the fans out there did that equate to?
      Were any other fans or local people convicted of drug taking or damaging property?
      Did the French government and EUFA admit THEY had caused the problems?

      Now we know the facts about this person, we can actually discuss his punishment and Stephanie made three points that I completely agree with.

      But, until he was proven guilty, how on earth could we judge him?
      Unless, of course, we do it simply because we can’t wait for the facts.

      1. It’s not a debate mate
        It’s wrong to go to football and attack someone.and by saying ‘ yeah but what about ‘
        Or ‘ such and such did this ‘
        ‘ but Jamie Carragher ‘
        ‘ but Roy Keane did this tackle ‘

        How can we judge him ?
        Look at the video footage ?

        No .. lol
        Lets stick to the point , you dont attack someone over football

        1. Dan, I’ve said that he deserve what he got and I would have given him more.
          You stated that if it had been Ian Wright who was attacked, Arsenal fans would not have wanted to wait for proof – well here’s one who is saying the complete opposite.
          On matters like this, you always jump to conclusions and condemn others and THAT’S why I used your completely wrong assumption about the CL final.
          I find it very interesting that you cannot provide any evidence with regards to your claim that liverpool fans were destroying property and taking drugs – neither could you answer if there were rival fans or locals who WERE arrested on those charges.

          If your going to accuse football fans, no matter what their persuasion, of hypocrisy, you need to ensure you are not doing exactly the same thing.

          Accusing a certain section of fans of doing that in this article, while never addressing your mistake in labelling liverpool fans as being the sole reason for the problems at the CL final is a perfect example.
          If you want to be the person who preaches about how to behave, some humble pie regarding your mistakes would not go amiss.

            1. Well then Dan, your narrow mindness on this subject knows no boundaries.
              I’ll let you carry on being the policeman for the rest of us football supporters – guilty until proven innocent.

              1. He was proven guilty
                Not hard to police , just look at video evidence
                And the reaction of comments below mate is why we can’t deflect ?

                How can we help someone understand that headbutting someone is serious
                We do that with zero tolerance where we don’t say ‘ what about ‘ or ‘ but he ‘
                No , we simplify it

    2. You ‘stopped reading at the Liverpool thing because…’ it proved your hypocrisy!
      The sentence on Scott Law may have been lenient, but no way should anyone suggest that his marriage and work should have been directly impacted.
      Are you quite well?

      1. Can I ask why ?
        If I was sacked because I headbutted someone am I the victim ?
        If my wife left me because I was a thug have I been wrong done ?

        Can I ask what punishment you think he should get ?

        1. That would make this a double and even treble jeopardy issue. One sentence, probably a short custodial, is quite sufficient, and then you might even have got your hope of a marriage breakdown and job loss. Well done Dan👏.
          I still look forward to your articles. Always interesting, provocative and controversial. Keep ’em coming.

          1. I just know if my best mate phoned saying he lost his job because he headbutted someone I would say ‘ well that was silly ‘.

            Only a bad friend would say , ‘ oh poor you ‘

            Even from a common sense point of view
            You headbutt a celeb in a stadium you must know your going to get in trouble

            1. Of course. If he’d also lost his job and wife that would just be tough, and some might say deserved luck, but they’re not punishment add ons.

                1. Yeah! I wonder if Scott Law has lost his wife & job as a consequence. He’ll most likely lose his season ticket and maybe even get a deserved life Emirates ban to go with the general 3 years football stadia ban.

  5. I tend to agree, but I’d rather the example was made when people assault shop workers rather than high profile rich people tbf.
    If this idiot was sent to jail it only deters those who attack the rich. The shop workers would never be offered such protection as having assailants getting jailed for a head butt.
    If we’re going to make examples, it needs to be clear this behaviour is NEVER acceptable. It has to be bottom up.

      1. Now that I agree with you 100% Dan and neither should one’s gender reflect the punishment one receives.
        The need, therefore, to ensure that anyone found guilty have been given the opportunity to defend themselves – but as we can see with city115, money can influence so much and, in some cases, the final outcome.

  6. Should be sent to prison for a headbutt 😂. Do that on a Friday or Saturday night in town and the most you’ll get is a fine and maybe a few hours community service.

    1. Exactly my point?
      Fact you find the idea funny that someone should go to jail for attacking someone ?
      Only way to change that is by people going to jail

        1. Too true HD – ever since the victim became secondary to the criminal… say around the 80’s by goody goodies?
          I wonder if this idiot really will keep his season ticket?

            1. Arsenal haven’t announced any actions, but surely if you lose or give up your ST, then you have to go back on the waiting list again. I’ve yet to hear of a suspended ST, they want the money.

              1. Jax, my grandson informed the club that he had one more year at Brunel university and was finding it hard, financially, and asked if he could defer his season ticket (which he had held since The Emirates opened) for one season.
                The club immediately agreed and said he would have the seat back for the following season.
                He sits next to my daughter and what the club did, was to sell it to other red and silver members for that one season.
                Now that’s what I call a class act from our great club.

      1. Indeed Dan, after they’ve been found guilty of course and not been sentenced by a lynch crazy mob of one!!
        I should have stopped reading after the mention of jail though, as it has nothing to do with Kean being head butted, but I like to read other people’s views!!

        1. Well the consequences of someone’s actions is part of the article ?
          Not the same as saying ….. ‘ yeah but over here ‘

      2. What’s next DS, 50 lashes for dropping a piece of litter ? Chopping of a hand for thieving ?

        1. Isn’t it sad that the idea of someone going to jail for attacking someone is such a crazy idea ?

          Chopping off hand for thieving ?
          Yes. Will stop people from doing it

          1. Ever thought of moving to Iran ? You’d certainly fit in well there.

            Ps, you really shouldn’t use the term Gooner in future, seeing as you are against any form of violence.

            1. Or you could just not break the law ?
              Crazy idea

              So to be a Gooner you have to like violence ?

              1. So everyone that breaks the deserves to go to prison ?

                Well seeing as the Gooners were violent, then the answer would yes.

                1. Context of course but yes if you go and headbutt someone you should go to jail

                  I believe it would educate others to know it’s wrong

                  Not all Gooners act the same . I like to think majority of Gooners don’t go around headbutting people .
                  Unfortunately though , people do bad things . Who they support has nothing to do with it
                  There are murderers and sex offenders who support Arsenal .
                  Do I have to agree with them to be Gooner?
                  It’s called an education

                  1. People are educated to know that murder, thieving, drink driving, etc are wrong, but they still do it. Education hasn’t stopped any of it.

                    Yes all Gooners act the same. The people you refer to aren’t Gooners, they’re Arsenal fans/supporters.

  7. Violence attempted or otherwise should not go unpunished. The problem is the jails are full and prisoners are being let out early. Community service on a really s**t job on weekends would probably be better and cheaper. Maybe in an orange jumpsuit? Dan, football used to be a beautiful game but the gloss has worn off a bit. Imo money and mega cheating has diminished the sport. Of course there always has been a level of cheating in the game but now it has become an art form which pundits sometimes applaud like, that was a professional foul or he/she took one for the team. A medal of honour for cheating? Oh! and I forgot the screaming and rolling around in pain clutching one’s knee to find the slow mo indicates slight contact elsewhere. Football must be addictive, I still watch it. Good article Dan!

  8. Didnt need to read that wall of text, headline said it all.

    I hadn’t followed what happened after Keene was hurt, but if the perp didnt get jailed then it’s completely nuts (no pun intended).

    Football violence has been treated as a special case for too long – there is NO reason to harm anyone over a game.

  9. I knew of the head butting incident and the sentence but not the perpetrator’s snivelling.

    In my book you have to be innocent until proven guilty otherwise serious miscarriages of justice would be the norm

    Andrew above is right about prison overcrowding so a custodial sentence seems over the top but some unpleasant community service wouldn’t be amiss. The thing he treasured was his season ticket. Should be banned from Arsenal life so no season ticket and a 10 year stadium ban elsewhere for example.

    Sadly, I suspect that whatisname has always been a total jerk and the fact that he’s in his 40’s won’t change that. What is just as sad is the future behaviour of his family. History has a habit of repeating itself.

    Dan, stopping reading Ken1945’s valid points was a mistake.

    1. It’s not sue
      And it’s not anything personal
      His points probably are valid

      It’s just anything like this I have zero tolerance
      So that lad finding it amazing the idea you should go to jail for headbutting someone ?.

      My attitude is how can we help educate him

      We do that by saying ….In this moment
      I dont care about what I said about Liverpool , or Jamie Carragher spitting , or Roy Keane’s tackle on Halland … .that’s deflecting

      I simply need that person to hear it’s wrong and here are consequences not but or what about

      That’s my principles

      1. Dan, everyone is agreeing with you that this idiot deserves what he got and it should have been more, as SueP indicated.

        But you said in your article that Arsenal fans would have reacted differently if it had been Ian Wright – from the comments, that is wrong.
        What was being said was, let’s wait for the evidence and THEN react.

        I have to say that your principles don’t seem to let you admit when you get something completely wrong and that’s why I mentioned your article regarding the CL final in Paris. a
        Again, you presumed guilt before the facts were known and you still haven’t apologised for being 100% wrong.

  10. Truth is, you rarely get jail for nutting someone nowadays. This guy is a fool of the highest order and should never be allowed to a football match again. He is dangerous. I am sure his boss and his family know him well and will give him the benefit, if he deserves it. And if he doesn’t, they are aware of what he is capable of. He probably needs help and guidance because people should not be doing what he did.

    1. Yeah only got a three year ban , community service and a small fine
      Zero apology , crying like a coward

  11. Suarez headbutted chiellini. He should have been jailed for that base on your theory. I didn’t buy that and that doesn’t mean I support violence. There’s degrees of offense that’s why there’s degrees to punishment. Headbutting someone is in the same bracket as hitting someone they’re both not criminal offense and I believe prisons are meant for criminals who are considered to be a threat to the society.
    Mr Scott is wrong and uncivilized but he’s not a criminal neither is he a threat to the society and believe me several cases like this happens every day on the street amongst common folks and it’s settled without involving the law but, of course, this one involved Roy Keane so it’s a big deal.

    1. Sorry hitting someone or headbutting someone is illegal , it’s a crime
      If you go down the street and headbutt a stranger you will get arrested
      How’s that not being a threat to society ?

        1. Probably. If you hit someone randomly, without provocation then it would most likely be criminal. Self defence, retaliation and accidental might get you off.

                1. And that in a nutshell mate is why I won’t let you deflect because no , writing what I wrote is not the same as headbutting someone
                  Hence I never been arrested lol
                  But feel free to ask the police

                  1. Why are you saying I’m deflecting?
                    I’m agreeing with you regarding his guilt (now proven by the courts) I agree it should have been tougher and I agree that he should lose his season ticket.

                    What I’m NOT agreeing with you is, that within the article you wrote, you criticised Arsenal fans for wanting proof and I’ve given you a perfect example of when YOU didn’t wait for proof and ended up with egg on your face!!
                    That’s the part that you won’t debate /admit and, as an Arsenal fan who wanted to wait for the courts decision in both cases, your silence is deafening.

                    By the way, this moron is going to appeal his sentence!!

        2. It’s context mate
          But yes if you go down the street and hit someone you will get arrested
          Yes hitting someone is against the law lol

  12. Because I’m simply answering the question …
    ‘So you mean if hit someone now you’re a criminal?’

    Yeah that’s why I have zero sympathy mate.
    If he shown any accountability or remorse that would be a start

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