The Arsenal fans are cheering the Gunners up to the next level

The importance of having the fans behind you can never be underestimated, and that was proven even in last week’s away game at Palace, where the travelling Arsenal fans often drowned out the Eagles faithful despite being completely outnumbered.

But yesterday at the Emirates the home fans took it to a new level with the incredible vocal support from the stands, and it got even better after William Saliba gave away a very unlucky own goal.

It is ironic that Arsenal hadn’t conceded a goal with Saliba on the pitch until the mad moment when his back header crept past Ramsdale into the net, but the reaction from the fans afterwards was amazing. As Arteta told after the game: “I’m really happy with the performance, the victory, the three points and with the way we played. I think it was a really good football match against a really good opponent and it was just a joy to play in front of this crowd.

“I think the crowd was special, especially after Saliba’s own goal. The way they reacted was something I’ve never seen in football; the amount of support and connection they are showing with us, and especially with William, lifted the team straight away. I have to thank them so much for that.

“From the first minute, they were electric. You feel like they are totally with us, totally engaged and it is so energising for the team. The boys keep talking about it – they can’t wait to play in front of this crowd, and it’s making a huge difference.”

Arsenal now have the team to be successful, and with such support behind them we can hope to see the Emirates turned into a fortress with the 12th man being worth at least a goal in every game.



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  1. Supporting a player after a mistakes is not often seen in football games…It helpes him get his confidence back AND to know that he’s in a special place…..A supporting “masterpiece”

  2. That’s how it should be. Support whoever dons the shirt regardless however they play.
    We are a class club with class supporters.

    1. That’s what we preach on JA everyday, and that’s exactly what the supporters did for saliba yesterday, support ur team all the way, they are not perfect they will make mistakes but as long as they put in the efforts support them so that it can energize them to be more

  3. We love you Arsenal, we do,
    We love you Arsenal, we do,
    We love you Arsenal, we do,
    Oh, Arsenal we love you!


  4. It’s great to have got rid of all the negativity that have been surrounding us inside out for a long time. COYG

  5. I have been to the Emirates in the past and the atmosphere has been poor and the type of the fans around me was similar to the type of fans you would get watching Wimbledon Tennis. I would be interested to know from fans who have been going through the years why there has been such an improvement in the atmosphere. My crackpot theory is that the less successful a team is the more loyal vocal supporters turn up and then if the team does become successful again out come the fans who just sit there waiting to be entertained.

    1. Interesting thought John, also maybe the Amazon “All or Nothing” behind the scenes TV has provided more connection with the team, showing us that they are only human after all, and we all need some encouragement from time to time?

  6. Two fingers in the air for Arsenal, raise it up if you are rooting for the gunners ✌️coyg.

  7. One of the many cheergful things about todays crowds featuring amajority of young fan s is th tendency to cheer in support of those player who have been unfairly criticised SAKA at thethe Euros after missing “that” penalty , was a case inpoint, with the huge surge of suuport he received from all decent people everywhere. AND NOT ONLY GOONERS EITHER.
    Fan s are not fools and know when A PLAYER HAS BEEN UNLUCKY, NOT NEGLIGENT .
    Gooners will already recognise a fine and honourable young colossus in SALIBA. AND I confidently predict his star and crowd popularity will rise to unforeseen heights.

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