The Arsenal fans are starting to show their feelings – and it won’t end well for Emery or Xhaka

More misery as Emery fails to make improvements again by Konstantin Mitov

Another poor Arsenal performance ends in another disappointing result. We haven’t been playing well all season so it makes sense that our performances continue to be poor. But there is one thing I like about this situation and that is that the Arsenal fans are starting to show their feelings.

Granit Xhaka got booed off again and told us fans to “f*** off” and I think this is excellent. Arsenal fans don’t like Xhaka in general as he brings nothing to our game and makes a lot of mistakes so him starting a war on us is gonna result in only one direction. The club starts and ends with the fans and right now, I tell you, the Arsenal fans are angry.

News suggests that the player went straight to his house. Is this a soap opera? Those are incredibly highly paid professionals in a public game. You’ll get praised for being good and be criticized when you do bad. It’s how life works in general, even though the world sometimes tries to pretend that it doesn’t work that way.

Back to the game, our performance was shocking even though we had a 2:0 lead. Our inability to defend and our superpower of making every player look like Messi made sure we blew it. True we tried at 2:2 to win, but why does it have to go there? We have zero idea how to control the game and this trend is something that has barely changed since Arsene left.

But even he left, and the club is still here, but Emery has slipped down a pitfall that does not end well. Once things go south, they rarely go back and Unai look lost. I don’t think he’ll last the season. We are travelling to Liverpool and I expect a hammering. Then it’s Wolves, not an easy task by any means.

The season is still early and we could salvage something if we act quickly. If we don’t we’ll pray on the Europa League until we meet another English club or any other decent team. Anyway, some people think I’m negative and to my highest regret results vindicate me. We’ve won 1 point out of 6 against Sheffield and Crystal Palace. Think about that for a moment. We’ve completely lost our ability to frighten teams and beat them.

Everyone feels they have a shot at us and they are right. We hired a failed manager, and we’re getting exactly what a failed manager delivers. Even Wenger eventually crumbled under bad results. The good thing is Emery has done nothing for us to hang onto. He’ll be gone soon and we’ll have the ability to talk about the football again.

Perhaps we’ll see some more of Ozil, who knows.



  1. OT.. What a surprise, ref watch said there was no foul in the build up to our 3rd goal… absolutely bloody useless lot.

  2. I agree that players should get praise and be criticised if they play badly because they are all paid extremely well. But I do draw the line when they are booed and abused but this does not condone Xhaka’s response. As captain he should be setting an example for the younger players as to how they should behave. He should give up the captaincy immediately.

  3. May be somebody at var wants manu to go above n chelsea to remain top 4 socratis hauled down by shfld docratis denied 3rd goal explsins alot for asnl

  4. “Another poor Arsenal performance”

    Or, do you really mean that Arsenal performed well enough with the system they are being asked to play, and it was not good enough?

    It is not Xhaka’s fault that he is having to chase around and find himself out of position. The entire team is being made shapeless! They are running around like headless chickens.

    You cannot build an attack without shape and without visionaries.

    Ozil has the keenest eye for the game, and without him there is hardly an attack. (Goals are coming from set pieces, and accidents, unlike in the Wenger era when goals were created.) With Ozil the team gets into shape in front of him and behind him. He can at any time put a deadly pass. Laca, Auba and Pepe will destroy goalies with Ozil behind.

    But, Ozil cannot perform if he is asked chase the ball like an 18 year old afraid of Emery.

    Nor can any of the forwards along with Ozil, attack without supply, and link play. Playing from the back is killing Arsenal. That might work in Spain, but not in the EPL with some of the fastest players and the best tacklers in the world.

    Arsenal needs to get back to playing proper clearing defense. Maintain clean sheets. Then the attack will begin to make itself felt. That means a team a stay at home central duo shielded by a fast DMF. We had Koz, who saw the utter stupidity of Emery’s plans, and left. Xhaka cannot cover the back line, as that is not his role. The back four cannot cannot play Emery ball from the back.

    1. I couldn’t agree more. This style of play from Emery is worse than the stuff George graham served up. It’s totally different though, whereas grahams was frustrating for its lack of creativity, Emery’s is frustrating for its lack of discipline, tactical awareness and totally laughable defending.

      For me it was and still should be first about winning matches.

      The EPL is currently the most competitive league in the world. It is high octane and can be very toxic. Emery has already pushed out a number of decent players with his style and if he stays there is no future for a number of players. But it could get worse, if we don’t sack him soon, I fear that Lacazette, torreira, aubameyang and even Tierney will start wanting away.

      We have won just 4 of our 10 league matches against those super powers of Newcastle, Villa, Bournemouth and Burnley. All 4 wins were by the odd goal and matches that could have easily ended as draws or worse.

      Again we have so far failed to beat any of our “big 6” rivals and with Leicester coming up soon and back into the group to make it a “big 7” who is to say that won’t continue. In December we face Man City and Chelsea with Man United on New Years Day. We also face difficult trips to West Ham, Bournemouth and Everton in December.

      If it were up to me, I would be changing Manager today and Captains of course. I would hand the task of beating Liverpool on Wednesday over to Freddie Ljungberg and be looking to bring in a more experienced guy like Allegri to takeover for the Wolves match, providing him and Freddie will work together.

      The rest of the back room choices should be down to Allegri, but we clearly need some people with tactical know how, defensive discipline and people that understand the true values of Arsenal Football Club. People like Adams, Wright, Keown, Overmars, Bergkamp, Henry, Vieira and even Arteta. OK a couple of those appear to have chosen punditry rather than stay in the game, but their views and experience of the EPL and AFC should not be ignored.

      Emery has lost the dressing room, with players sulking all over the place, some getting too involved with off pitch stuff and now even crying cos their team mate is getting booed.

      Grow a pair gunners, this
      El Bruce Riocha has to go. He is 11/1 with the bookies to be the next sacked. So stick £100m on him this morning and then sack him this afternoon, preferably before Southampton, Watford or Spurs beat you to it.

      1. Aitd, you claim George Graham managed sides had no “creativity”. Please check the goals for and against for his First Division title winning teams and come back to me. In one season they lost one game.

  5. We thought VAR would bring truth and facts to decision making. In reality it introduces another level of corruption/delusion. The VAR official was either incapable or corrupt. There should be a complaint to the EPL and then investigation to stop or prove the rumours going around.

    1. my problem ain’t the VAR my problem lies with how the referees are ordered not to apply Onfield VAR monitors.As in its their ,in good condition why doesn’t he use it.

  6. @JJ
    I agree and said that in many posts.
    the trio upfront with Ozil linking up play become very efficient and present a clear danger even to the best teams in the EPL.
    Stick Mateo and Toreira as DM with one as a box to box and now our defense gets slightly better because there is proper cover.
    If Ozil is tired/off form at least you Ceballos to help and add youth when needed to start building the group. It is not rocket science. Lampard is doing this well at Chelsea and see where they are.
    The problem we have is Emery whose personality must be miserable to play for. I have never seen Arsenal so divided and I was praying for Wenger to leave. If he stays the entire year he will destroy the club to the point where major funds and time will be necessary to get back competing for anything.Need a massive rally to get our point across. He needs to F…k off not the fans

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