The Arsenal fans gave ‘There’s only one Arsene Wenger’ the respect he deserved

There were a lot of happy Gooners at the Emirates on Boxing Day but perhaps none as happy as a certain 73-year-old?

Arsenal succeeded in putting maximum pressure on Man City, sending the Champions to Elland Road 8 points behind us?

Our second half performance was one of our best of the season, showing resilience to respond to conceding first.

Yet the most pleasing aspect of our victory over West Ham was Arsene Wenger was in attendance to witness the whole thing, the first time he set foot in the stadium since he was our manager.

That was in 2018! 4 Years ago?

While Mr Wenger has maintained his dignity over his exit and got on with his life in his role at FIFA, that he stayed away so long tells you the grieving process he went through.

His love for the club and obsession for the sport is well known so he’s been staying away for a reason.

In his documentary, the Frenchman describes Highbury as his soul, the Emirates his greatest suffering.

That’s not due to just a failure to hand us the Premiership’s he won at our old home.

It was a feeling that he felt not appreciated for paying off stadium debt by selling his best assets, and yet still finding ways to qualify for the Champions League, which he ironically views as his best body of work.

It was an acceptance that he had been to loyal, turning down job offers when banks would only approve loans of the basis he remained in charge, only to not get that same loyalty back.

It was a feeling that some fans were impacting on the proud values he helped maintain, which he was vocal about.

Some liked to remind him he was an employee, he worked for Arsenal FC not Arsene FC… yet so much of the modern Gunners were built on his vision. Training facilities, stadium design, dietary and exercise methods, style of play, knowledge of transfer market.

So, mentally, Monday was a big moment for our ex-boss, part of the healing process.

When his face flashed up on the big screen, chants of ‘there’s only one Arsene Wenger’ were audible.

It reminded me of the Bayern Munich model where the stands are often filled with legends.

Mikel Arteta deserves credit for creating an atmosphere where that could happen.

I don’t know if we can maintain our title challenge.

Or how much funds are in January?

What I do know is everyone at the club is United, and it’s a long time since I could write that.

Every home match is now noisy and hostile for visitors.

Fans stick with the team, there’s not tension after an hour is things are going wrong.

Players tactically understand their roles.

Individuals have improved.

Now, the greatest manager in our history is getting the recognition that he didn’t get in his final few months in North London.

I remember YouTubers who’s views were based on verbally abusing the man, who didn’t have the dignity to stay and thank him after his final match in the dugout (to get more attention).

Our peers were watching this, thinking it was a reflection of our fanbase.

Here, fans were acting with class.

Just like our current manager promised when he first took the post.

In his first ever press conference, our former captain won over his audience with how he spoke, using words like principles, standards, when Arsenal knock, it’s a different sound of knock.

The Spaniard himself showed class, remaining humble post-match against the Hammers and keeping the attention on his former boss’ legacy. At a time when he could have made it about himself.

You always go back where you belong.

This is Mr Wenger’s home, where he belongs.

Three years since his debut as manager, Arsenal played football that got Mr Wenger out of his chair, and in turn Gooners got out of their chairs to applaud!

The Arsenal Way is …… just like Arteta promised!


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  1. Those clowns at aftv caused a toxic train of thought which grew and grew. So called fans who didn’t care about the clubs finances , lack of input from chairman (gazidis) yet expected the team to be competing

    Aftv were at the forefront when arteta struggled stating he should leave

    Both occasions these fans didn’t listen to the manager’s who would be informing them of the clubs situation – Wenger would state they don’t have the financial capability, arteta stated the club had been in decline along time ( even before he arrived as a player) and that it would take several windows – yet so called fans wouldn’t listen to that they felt we were entitled to success.

    1. AFTV are a cancer on the club a money-making hating channel with that slob Robbie and the scum that appear on that channel, I am glad the real Arsenal fans chanted Wenger and gave him the respect he deserves, he started the Arsenal way and Arteta has taken it to a new level. So fair play to the Arsenal fans for that, where I was sitting everyone was singing his name. He did overstay his welcome and he did lose sight for a while but the joy that man brought to us will never be forgotten. Seven FA Cups, three PL titles, one won at Spurs, one at Man Utd, and an unbeaten season. Thank you Arsene

      1. You wrote a worthy account of AW’s time at Arsenal. His achievements were legendary and were widely copied. It saddens me still that he didn’t know when to call it a day and that the last couple of years in particular were not the best way of remembering what he contributed over so many years. I’m glad that he was given a proper welcome at the Emirates and lucky you for being there

        1. I’ve tabulated AW’s Arsenal record in some detail below. Form your own conclusion how bad or not so bad his later years were. My own view is that, perhaps other than his final season, his record was pretty commendable still, taking into consideration (again IMO) the twin effect of sportswashing rearing it’s ugly head in earnest around this time and the need to apportion resources towards the financing of the construction of Emirates Stadium too. Also, Arsenal’s post-AW records aren’t better than his, are they? Except this season of course – which I am very hopeful they will be champions.

          Season Post Pts Champ Pts Remarks
          96-97 3 68 Man U 75 AW’s first season
          97-98 1 78 Arsenal 78 FA Cup Double
          98-99 2 78 Man U 79
          99-00 2 73 Man U 91
          00-01 2 70 Man U 80
          01-02 1 87 Arsenal 87 FA Cup Double
          02-03 2 78 Man U 83 FA Cup winners
          03-04 1 90 Arsenal 90 Invincibles Season
          04-05 2 83 Chelsea 95 FA Cup winners
          05-06 4 67 Chelsea 91
          06-07 4 68 Man U 89
          07-08 3 83 Man U 87
          08-09 4 72 Man U 90
          09-10 3 75 Chelsea 86
          10-11 4 68 Man U 80
          11-12 3 70 Man C 89
          12-13 4 73 Man U 89
          13-14 4 79 Man C 86 FA Cup winners
          14-15 3 75 Chelsea 87 FA Cup winners
          15-16 2 71 L’cester 81
          16-17 5 75 Chelsea 93 AW’s first season < top 4;
          still, 75 pts is commendable
          AW's 7th FA Cup win

          17-18 6 63 Man C 100 AW's last & worst season

          18-19 5 70 Man C 98 Under AW, Arsenal only had 5
          seasons with less pts

          19-20 8 56 L'pool 99 Pts

          1. I think this was rather unnecessary.

            It was obvious to me that we were going the wrong way towards the end and I do mean longer than the last season. You have put the fact that we have not won a title for years down to external forces but why do I remember reading and hearing that funds were available, but AW didn’t spend.? Not enough of his later aquisitions were good enough and it showed.
            I have immense respect for his achievements but time caught up with him.

            I could ask you if Wenger would have turned around the club’s fortunes? I know what I think.

    2. Speaking of train.i still remember that video showing some Arsenal fans booing him,getting in his personal space in the tube…this was one of the lowest point, how disgusting,I was enraged.

      1. It was really sad and unfortunate to see Wenger hounded out after being one of the world’s great managers.
        However, it was increasingly evident in his later years that he had been overtaken by other managers and it became increasingly unlikely that he would be able to build a squad that could compete with the very best.
        He could not see this however and neither could the senior management at the club.

        1. David, Oh , I am convinced they DID see it. But were too terrified to take action, UNTIL the fans forced them to!

  2. Maybe am one of the happiest fan to see the legendary Frenchman put the sulking behind and return to his old stomping ground.


    But it was written in the sky, As Arsenal reserve the best come back performance in recent times to display it all be in front of our former manager, One Arsene Wenger.

    Even the once grumpy fans could be herd shouting coming through my tv set, It was a excellent gesture by the legendary Frenchman to get a first hand bird eye view of what was cooking at the Emirates.

    Surely one favor I will ask from the great man is to whisper a word of wisdom in the young Frenchman( William Saliba) ear before his departure.

    1. By staying away from the club, Arsène allowed the club to move on from him., something Ferguson didn’t do for Utd!had he stayed around it would have been a distraction and added pressure in the next’s no
      coincidence that he came back to the Emirates when he did.the club is in a really healthy position,the present and future are both looking bright. Lastly, people are speaking of the healing process having started, I’m hoping they’re right!!

      1. Siamois I just never look at it that way, just never think of that healing time process might be necessary, whatever the process was its seems to have worked nicely base on the reception and how comfortable and relaxed he was.

        Hope he’s able to say a word of wisdom to Saliba the young Frenchman, that some time it’s best to stick to the evil you know..

    2. I think “written in the sky” is something Arsene might prefer not to be reminded of, but it was great to see him back and with such a lovely companion (Annie?).

  3. ‘he stayed away so long tells you the grieving process he went through.’

    ‘he felt not appreciated for paying off stadium debt by selling his best assets, and yet still finding ways to qualify for the Champions League, which he ironically views as his best body of work’….i feel Mr Wenger’s greatest trophy is the Emerits stadium itself

    ‘It was a feeling that some fans were impacted on the proud values he helped maintain’….yep…and some fans weren’t..and you will know them…they are the ones who will berate a fellow gonner or call him names for his different point of view….Mr Wenger wouldn’t do that……!

    1. I agree,just look at the Sp*d’s and the likes,even with today’s TV revenues, sponsorships deals..they still find it difficult,they couldn’t and didn’t really invest in the playing squad for several imagine how much harder,it must have been for Arsenal 20 years or so ago?? I can’t believe some fans think that AW was happy to sell his best players year in,year out despite*constantly qualifying for the CL and before someone tries to correct me,he missed on the CL twice.

  4. There is Only One Arsene Wenger.
    I was so happy to see him in the Emirates , happier that the fans chanted his name.
    The only stain on his resume when he was our manager was not winning the UCL other than that he is ours and one of the greatest managers in football history. He gave us an identity that the whole world now identify us with.
    God bless the man.

  5. Wenger must’ve enjoyed watching the team’s performance yesterday. The boys played with a champion mentality by bouncing back and scored three beautiful open-play goals

    The home supporters gave Wenger a heart-warming welcome and were chanting Nketiah’s name to appreciate his scintillating performance. We’ll need them again in Brighton

  6. Good luck to aftv, they see the game as it is and allow for all different voices. There’s a lot of real intelligence and love out there which makes a change from the cringing fan boy sites.. Anyone who believes Wegner still had something to offer Arsenal in what proved to be his final season really needs a reality check. He had hit a dead end and had to go. I don’t see why that is being disrespectful. It’s about knowing your limitations.

    1. Agree. I’m grateful for the trophies and CL final but he changed his philosophy and for well over a decade we were in the wilderness and stopped even making the top 4.

      Again lots of love to AW but we did the right thing to let him go and we are finally be sweimg the benefits

      1. @Stephanie:even as one of his biggest fan,there was no doubt that it was time for a change.the problem being the manner in which it was done.not only that but the club had years to prepare for his departure,find a successor.they didn’t have to give him his last contract and they wouldn’t have to sack him later on before the end of it.

  7. Arsene is synonymous with Arsenal in the 21st century and will always be.
    He made me absolutely an Arsenal Addict.
    I Cesc Fabregas era team I cluld relate to. The football we played with that team just consistently mesmerised me all the time.
    The best football I have ever witnessed at Arsenal ever.

  8. When Dan writes one of his regular pieces in such wide thinking and far seeing style, his undoubted ability to reach a wide variety of Gooners, who may well come from many shades of opinion is heartening to behold.
    My own viw of AW’s long stay was a highly nuanced one. Firstly It was a great PERIOD for our club taken overall, Secondly -and this is not a contradiction, but a subtelty that some will be able to understand, but others will not be able to – by staying far too long in his job as manager, he left our club in a decaying state that the poorly communicating though talented Emery, was unable to resolve.

    It was left to MA, a man who has been undermined by a great many narrow visioned Gooners, since his very beginning here, to change course.

    But visionary MA has thrillingly transformed the badly listing ship of AFC that wasleft with a degre of player talent but a large lack of player discipline and a far too comfortable dressing room.

    Not a place in which far sighted fans could have any expectations of quick progress. Despite this , many narrow visioned fans demanded an immediate top four spot and had not the breadth of vision to see the EXTENT of the poor state AW had left us in , despite his first glorious decade.
    But given TIME, not a commodity some Gooners recognise as vitally needed, the AFC ship has regained its course and is now sailing in pleasant, welcoming waters, where almost,though sadly not yet all, fans are seeing nineteen lesser ships sailing behind us, at least seventeen of them almost out of sight behind us.

    Even the HMS SPUD has fallen so far behind us that its captain, the fiery Conte, may well leave as captain, despite an offer to stay beyong his present contract.

    Meanwhile, the HMS ARSENAL sails serenely on in calm waters with a spirited and highly active crew who all adore him. So do ALMOST ALL of we Gooners. Finally!!!

    1. Didn’t you want Arteta sacked yourself jon ?
      Berating fans for the same way of thinking that you yourself posted .
      Strange how you forget some of the things you said when it suits eh .

      My advice to you would be (and to a few others)to sometimes write a post without having to try score points against fellow fans ,you never know you might get a reply that might make you feel good about yourself.

      1. NO Dan, I did not.

        What I did say just on two occasions was that I held some doubts about MA’s ability to transform our fortunes. I said this , twice close together , around the time we dropped into the lower half of the table during his second season, prior to recovering our position to finish eighth. Most Gooner have at one time or another, during his first two seasons, held some dounts and that was my own TRUE position. That does NOT of course come anywhere near your lie of me “wanting Arteta sacked”!

        Knowing from long and unpleasant experience of your long in years vendetta against all I write, I have come to expect such an underhand tactic from a person such as you. I can promise you that your antipathy toward me is a mutual one.
        I am a truthful person and a committed Christian and I also know that as a Christian I OUGHT to forgive you for your regular lies but I am not that good a Christian, so I find forgiving you very difficult.

        I have a very good idea why you so constantly lie about me, the Ozil factor being one reason but not the whole reason, not by a long chalk.

        But I will leave itmainly unsaid as to why think you do it so regularly. In any case, explaining why you do it will not stop you, so its a waste of time.
        I write this not so much for you to read, but so that others can read my thoughts on the way you lie about my posts.

        I wish you would stop but, sadly, I know that you will not do, but your unfounded hatred of me is harming you more than it ever can harm me.

        1. No jon you said
          “I now believe that I have to join the Arteta out club .
          Or something along those lines .
          Atleast man up and admit your mistakes .

          1. ” Or something along those lines”! It may sound plausible to those who are unaware how much you loathe me and easily lie about me.
            But I know PRECISELY what I said – as in my post above- but as usual, you want the last word. A lying last word!

            I am not remotely surprised that you cannot let that bitter hatred of me go! There are many other regulars on JA who will remember that what I SAY IN MY ABOVE POST IS TRUE. THEY KNOW YOU LIE ABOUT ME CONSTANTLY.

            1. Ok
              So you didn’t join the band wagon wanting Arteta out ?
              Unfortunately for you I have a very good memory jon .

              1. He didn’t say he was joining the Arteta out club, he said after thinking deeply he has come to the conclusion Arteta is not the man to take the club forward.

                I had bookmarked that article for future reference but I cant seem to find it. I will dig deeper.

            2. Isnt saying Arteta isnt the man for the job implying you dont think he should be manager?? That in itself is stating you dont want him here as you think he isnt good enough or are you one of those fans that suddenly enjoys mediocrity?? It sounds like yourf trying to hedge your bets so you constantly stay on the anything positive side. Glad you have come around though although i find it strange as Arteta hasnt won anything yet

      2. Does it matter if you change your mind, my opinion on Xhaka was at best an average, brain fart of a midfielder, up steps Arteta, gives him the role he is suited to, now look at him, I ate humble pie for the thigs I said about Xhaka, now I gladly sing his name when I go to games. Sticking to your views when it is so evident that you are wrong is the problem, changing them proves you are still wise enough to see that

    2. Decaying state, really Jon?he left the club just outside the top 4.when he left we had a cash reserves of over 300M,which the club wasted in no time,on bad signings.had Emery been allowed to sign the players he wanted, given some support by the club hierarchy.we would have been back in the CL(possibly EL trophy too) in the first season after his departure.

  9. “It was a feeling that he felt not appreciated for paying off stadium debt by selling his best assets, and yet still finding ways to qualify for the Champions League, which he ironically views as his best body of work.”
    This was all the propaganda I didn’t like. It always gave us an excuse and allowed the squad to degrade over time – the culture/player mentality was very poor when he left. I didn’t care that we didn’t win the title in those dry years, it just didn’t seem like we were trying to.

    Anyway, nothing can change the fact Arsene Wenger created two great teams and helped propel football forwards in this country. He’s still our best ever manager and of course an arsenal legend.

  10. So Auba cant even get into this Chelsea team? Crazy how his influence has waned but with bags of money of course!

  11. Great to see our greatest ever manager get the welcome he deserved,after being away for 4 and half years .
    Our Great Foundation was built on his genius ,no matter what is written about him from some silly fans .
    A pioneer of the sport and doing his best still to further the game at FIFA .
    I will admit myself of not having enough respect for him when he was ran out of the club ,not knowing what sacrifices he made for this club and what we are seeing today .
    No Arsenal team will come close to the one he produced in the early 2000s .
    Was a privilege to see him back .

  12. What a class act most of The Arsenal fans are.
    I was at the game and couldn’t believe Arsene was there.
    Within seconds the crowd were chanting Arsene’s name and it echoed around the stadium…. Two minutes later, the crowd were chanting Mikel’s name and it just seemed such a wonderful way to recognise them both.

    The “master and his apprentice” came to mind and how sweet it is to know that Arsene recommended Mikel for the position, only for kronkie and gazidis to, once again, go behind his back.

    Great to see PL football once again and talk about The Arsenal in such a positive way.

    Methinks the statue will finally be unveiled, once the exterior work at the Emirates is completed.

    Maybe at the start of next season, with the PL championship flag fluttering in the breeze?!?!

    1. Good to see you back on JA Ken.

      I was wondering where you had been or if you were ill.

      Glad you seem to be back and OK! It must have been a wonderful occasion to actually be there and see that reception for AW once the crowd realised he was present.

      1. I get bored with the incessant transfer rumours and the world cup was a no no for me…. although I did watch the final and what a game that was!!

        Let’s hope all the negativity regarding both AW and MA can no be put to bed… Mikel seems to want that to happen and I hope Arsene realizes how the majority want him to be associated with the club once again.

    2. Yes Ken1945. I believe (from what I’ve been reading elsewhere) that the statue project is now underway, and also that Arteta has been involved in getting Arsene back to the ground.

  13. We annoyed you,we abuse you for know for give us for what we have done to you, you remain a legend for ever because of your contribution to arsenal club.thank you happy Christmas.

  14. The stadium debt was not paid off by selling players, as only 30% of any fee received for a player was allowed to be used, as per the agreement with the RBS.

    Respect is a 2 way street. He disrespected the match going fans in certain games by fielding weakened teams and they returned it. He also blamed the matching going fans for the club not winning the PL in 2016. When things didn’t go his way he always blamed others.

  15. As you were wrong about the length of time the banks demanded Arsene Wenger had to agree on staying before they agreed the loans, perhaps we should all accept that everyone makes mistakes?
    I certainly have and I haven’t met anyone else who hasn’t.

    As an example, Xhaka was nearly hounded out by a section of the fans.
    It seems that they are quite prepared to “give it out” but can’t take it themselves.

    As the crowd proved against West Ham and, judging from the comments regarding Dan’s fine article, most fans are prepared to move on. There’s obviously a few others who want to keep the animosity going….I guess one has to ask if that is really supporting the club, or massaging their own bruised egos.

    Great article Dan.

      1. It’s aimed at anyone who wants to continue the feud regarding Arsene Wenger.
        If MA wants him back at the club, shouldn’t we ALL be behind his wishes?
        The only people who still seem to bear animosity to AW, are those who, in my opinion, need and/or want to keep causing animosity amongst the fanbase.
        As they say, HD, if the cap fits, then wear it – but it really was just an observation based on what happened at the WHU game and words spoken by MA and Saka.

    1. The reason I asked was because of your first paragraph, as, as far as I know I was the only one that mentioned the so called 5 year contract that he allegedly had to sign. Also I don’t recall being proved wrong.

      1. The first paragraph was, obviously, for you, but then it was a general observation of the fanbase.
        You stated that you believed it was a three year period in a previous post, while AW has stated that it was for five years, collaborated by David Dein.

        I guess one decides who they want to believe, who was involved in the contract talks and, as either you, Arsene Wenger or David Dein are wrong, it shows my claim that everyone makes mistakes as a true observation.

        I just can’t imagine why AW and DD would make something up, but whatever the time period, we know the banks valued Arsene Wenger, even if a section of our fan base didn’t.

              1. KEN imo it rather depends on WHICH PEROSN OR PERSONS we regard as “the club”. There was a certain lowlife person, name of GAZIDIS, WHO SPOKE LITTLE OTHER THAN LIES, if my ageing memory does not deceive me!

                If HE was “the club”, then Herr Drier has a valid point.

                Though of course that creature was NEVER the club, but simply a corrupt and self serving employee.

              2. Ken do you remember when Vermaelen had that nasty injury in 2010 ? Wenger kept saying that Vermaelen wouldn’t be out for long. Then just after the January transfer window shut Wenger said he knew all along that Vermaelen would be out for the season.

                As for the club, there’s the case of Stefan Schwarz. The story was that his wife didn’t like the weather here, so they left for a warmer climate, Italy. Fact is Stefan found out she was having an affair with one of our Strikers.

  16. Very pleased to see Arsene Wenger return to the Emirates and get the reception he deserves for his contribution to Arsenal FC, particularly in his first ten years at the Club and the driving of the Emirates construction.
    Personally, I wonder whether George Graham attends Arsenal home games to be recognized for his contributions, as a successful player and later manager of The Arsenal?
    Wishing everyone and their families at JustArsenal, a safe, healthy and prosperous 2023.

    1. OG, he got a tremendous reception when he returned to the Emirates 👍👍
      He has been ill recently and I wish him well.
      “1-0 to The Arsenal ” will always be George’s chant and how we loved to sing it!!!

      1. Thanks Ken, I wasn’t aware he had been unwell, so will follow this up. Like you I wish him well. I will never forget Arsenal having to go to Anfield to defeat Liverpool by at least 3 goals to win the First Division Title. Talk about pressure!

  17. Great to see Arsène back to see this young Arsenal side. He’d been separated from his children (Arsenal) and Wenger AKA as the ‘Arsenal Legend’, now has access to his children again. Morally good and the right thing. Looking at our team…..we were ‘Amazing’. Odegaard is becoming the most ‘beautiful’ footballer…an Artist. Saka and Martinelli…what can I say….”Awesome”. Thomas Partey……our very own ‘Dictator’, in the best possible way (God help us if he gets injured). What a goal from Eddie…….BUT we seriously need cover for Eddie. If he get’s injured we are ******. Zinchenko is a little genius….how lucky we are to have him. Mudryk, maybe Tielemans and striker cover for Eddie and we may have the depth to win this thing. Symbolically the culmination of our thanks to Wenger and the real beginning of a NEW, potent and artistic Arsenal.

  18. Arsène Wenger is the reason I am Gunner!growing up back home,I was already a fan of his AS Monaco teams(great players and football).then when I move to London in 1996,I was looking for ‘local’ team to the time,some of my friends and even bosses tried to bribe with tickets to see the likes of Chelsea, spuds…but when reading the football section of a newspaper,I saw the name Wenger,then Rémi Garde and the French connection which followed/grew,that was it for me.there was no turning back.

  19. Merci Wenger one of our greatest, if nor the greatest. Thank you for everything Arsène Wenger. There’s a time for everything, now there’s time to be grateful ❤️

    1. Well said Didrik and everyone else who sees the positives from Arsene returning to the club.
      Mikel Arteta certainly sees the positives, why anyone else cannot is beyond me!!

      1. YES Ken I guess we all see “positives”( a rather vague and often misused word) from AW coming back last game.

        But I’d like to ask you, as a thinking Gooner, what ACTUAL ROLE, if any at all, do you see AW being either offered or wishing to accept by Arsenal?

        Personally, at his age and after all that has gone before, I see nothing tangible, other than being a sort of favourite Uncle and helping morale by attending every now and again.

        Plainly he will NOT be asked to join the board, nor would he accept such an unlikely offer. Reckon most of us would love it to come true. But reality dictates that it won’t. Your thoughts please Ken.

        1. Jon, I see him as a CONFIRMED Ambassador of the club, using the world wide appreciation of his footballing brain to promote our club’s values and thoughts.

          Of course, reading MA’s thoughts about him, it would seem that he sees him around the players as well.

          As for the board, what board?!?!

          1. Yes KEN I hab elong thought thatAW has been an ambassador and will go on being one. It will be easier now, time having passed by and after the great and well earned fan warmth he got on Monday.

            But I was wondering if you thought he had any role in an official capacity. I’d suggest even such long ago players as Wilson, George, McLintock and co, plus of course Keown and Parlour et al, are already ambassadors .

            But does he have any chance in an actual, tangible role? Personally I think not, though I’m sad about that!

            In reality, I would happily settle for him being on call almost anytime (within reason) as a sounding board for MA and Edu and their ideas!

  20. Every single point above was spot on. I still do have the hatred towards those who chased him out. I’ve never forgiven them. I think the best way to really cement Arsene Wenger’s legacy at the club is to rename the stadium as Arsene Wenger Stadium.

    1. Careful Mike, you are in danger of promoting decency and sportsmanship in place of ghastly greedy finance!

      I guess many of us would LOVE your “sadly not going to happen idea”, to come to fruition.

      1. HD I CAN AGREE THAT IT WON’T BE, BUT I cannot understand why you think it SHOULD NOT!

        Care to explain please, as I as about our thinking you gave no REASON but just a oneliner, that told us little?

        1. The Arsenal stadium at Highbury wasn’t renamed after the great Herbert Chapman, who made The Arsenal world renowned and who over saw the building of the fabulous West Stand. He was way ahead of his time with his thinking and some of the things he introduced while managing The Arsenal.

          Wenger has a bust in the stadium and a statue of him is being erected outside of the stadium. Surely that’s enough… unless he wants to take over the sponsorship from Emirates.

          1. HD thanks for answering my blunt question.
            Have you never considered though that Chapman worked at AFC between 1925- 34, in a time decades before sponsorship advertising and many many other developments were even thought about , let alone enacted?

            You cannot in all seriousness, by using any true intellect, try to compare now with back then, almost a century ago!

            Yet it seems you are trying to do so. I think you are giving rather a poor sort of reason to back up your view. Try coming up with something that makes sense, bearing in mind the times we live in NOW.

            All I see against it happening is that we would lose the backing of Emirates themselves.


            1. I know full well there was no sponsorship in those days, just like I know The Arsenal were one of the last clubs to have shirt sponsorship back in the 80’s.

              The only reason the stadium would be named after Wenger would be to honour him, seeing as he financially wouldn’t be able to sponsor it. Surely you can understand that.


  21. who was the lovely lady next to him??it would be nice to know that he has found someone nice at this stage of his life.

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