The Arsenal Fans That Want Ozil and Kolasinac Sold are a Disgrace

The Arsenal Fans That Want Ozil/Kolasinac Sold are a Disgrace by Dan Smith

Arsene Wenger said he had noticed disrespect from a section of fan base that he would never forgive, and essentially warned us to not to ruin the values we have been proud of for years.

I’m outraged on social media to read/listen that after missing one game we have supporters crying about how the Ozil/Kolasinac situation affects them! Not the two players, not their safety, not the welfare of their families. To clarify … Some are bothered that this might cost them 3 points…

Football is a beautiful game but it’s just a game. I will never understand that in 2019 that adults need this explaining but here goes ….

No matter how much you love a sport, no matter the passion, nothing is more important than life. If police advise it’s not safe for any individual not to be away from their homes, then that takes priority over the needs of Football. If that makes you angry, blame the cowards carrying out these crimes, question the media coverage, debate knife crime in London.

Yet after being unavailable for one match, some want Arsenal to put themselves first and sell because the two ‘ victims ‘ are no longer reliable. That’s having won at Newcastle, imagine the reaction if we lose at Anfield and these two still can’t be selected. One of these fans wanting us to sell these two is the same person who was disgusted by Koscielny ‘s welcome to Bordeaux video. Apparently, our ex captain should have shown more respect to the Arsenal ‘family’ yet look at his love/support for one of our own. It’s embarrassing.

I worked with someone who had to miss work based on legal advice. Can you imagine suggesting she get sacked because it was an inconvenience to her co-workers? For a start it would be illegal.

I heard a suggestion Ozil should move because he should accept he is being targeted for being Turkish, maybe he would be tolerated elsewhere? Change Turkish to Black and how does that sound? What message does that send out? What does it say about our society?

Do you remember when players walked off in Russia and Italy due to racial abuse? How we could not understand their own fans booing, their stance because they only cared about the game being played.

Understand those being arrested outside Ozil’s house or riding mopeds wielding knives are morons, not clever people, thugs who want to steal money and jewellery.

It would be really interesting if this was Auba or Lacca going through this instead, would we think the solution would be to sell them. Something tells me it wouldn’t be…

It’s funny Pepe can’t start on Sunday as he wasn’t fit enough, Tierney is out after a hernia operation. That’s fine …….We are loyal to a Diaby, Rosicky, Wilshire, etc. for being plagued by injuries, but being carjacked, sent death threats, people outside your house threatening your family??? Well he earns 350,000 pound a week. he should get on with it …. please tell me how low a wage should be where you don’t deserve that?

Then tell me if that was you and your family, how important your job would be to you?

Dan Smith


  1. Tissiam says:

    This article needed to be written and posted,well done but in the same way the fact it had to be done shows there is still a lot of work to be done to educate some people and all thugs, sadly I am not very optimistic are you?

  2. Innit says:

    Anybody who says that (Selling them because of the security issue or focusing on how it affects them and not the players ) are below low. They should not be punished for something out of their control. I haven’t seen a lot of that on this site to be honest.

    But nothing wrong if you want to sell someone because he isn’t good enough quality wise.

  3. Dan kit says:

    Cue the moronic posts from the same posters
    “He’s lazy bone idle “
    “His wages “
    “We want him to run around like a headless chicken “
    “Iwobi is world class “
    “We need inverted wingers “
    “Lemar dome deal “
    Last 3 Were nothing to do with the article but someone will probably bring them up .
    Regarding the post,abit scummy if some fans have said this tbh ,only time I would want a footballer to leave is when they can’t perform on the pitch ,and right now I believe Ozil can still do it ,but if not then maybe we should be looking for his replacement sooner rather than later ,but class is permanent and that is something he as compared to some of our own fans .

    1. X says:

      Well, that’s exactly what you have done… “…bring them up.”

      1. Dan kit says:

        Thanks mate ?

    2. RSH says:

      Dan, you are speaking as if you have never changed the topic before ?.

    3. Phil says:

      Yeah – but it seems a long way off before you grow up PAL.

      1. Declan says:

        Was thinking the same Phil.
        Also funny how his name is quite apt….

        1. Dan kit says:

          Haha -Burke didn’t notice that one Declan ,cheers buddy ?

    4. jon fox says:

      As a non bigot on ALL life matters and a firm believer in the richness of diversity , it may surprise you to learn that I want Ozil to leave,BUT ENTIRELY BECAUSE I think him not worthy of a place these last three seasons, prior to this one. As Dan Smith correctly states, some of the posts about him and Kolas since the hold up have been moronic, bordering on hate crime. It would be a catastrophe if the reason he left us waS because of the attempted robbery and the evil fan hostility since. There is a world of difference between disliking the player and disliking the person, which I do not. I actually admire much about Ozil the person but as our footballer I wanted him gone. I accept that now, since the hold up, this has become a complicated and far more important matter. It would be awful if the small percent of silly fans on here confuse wanting Ozil the player gone, because he is not an effective player these days,on the one hand, and on the other hand, using hateful language to help drive him out whilst hoping the hold up would make the difference, so that he would choose to leave London and Arsenal. That would be the thinking of astupid person and will NEVER, NEVER EVER, be my view. Life and safety is a million times more important than a mere game or sport; even one which makes your living. Life and freedom to live unhindered by hate is paramount and every human being on our planet, bar NONE, should have that basic right. Of course many do not, as they live in tyrannically run countries with barbarians in power. We who know better should never be so backward in our thinking to let barbaric and cruel anti- human thoughts enter our consciousness, let alone our speech, whether written or spoken!

    5. Tissiam says:

      He still could do it but not under Emery,Ozil is one of them players like hazard, Ronaldo you don’t ask them to track back,it is just a waste of energy Wenger knew it that’s why he would let him and Sanchez roam freely where the ball was and it used to work, Ozil is and never was a horseman like type of players like Kanye,Makelele…. misuse of his qualities!

  4. amo says:

    they are Arsenal players. period. you can moan all that you want but what else can you do to change the situations?

  5. gotanidea says:

    If I just want Ozil to be sold and we should keep Kolasinac, does that mean I am a half disgrace?

    Some fans act like children and we can identify them from their words, but the others just want to positively criticize the players

    I can ony wish both Gunners’ families are safe and hopefully they would return soon, because we need everybody to be fit in this long season

  6. aMoistMuffin says:

    Well Done on the article Dan Smith you hit the nail on the head mate. This should be spread further than just this site.

    1. Dan says:

      If I could I would lol

  7. GB says:

    Well said Dan Smith, it needed saying.
    Kola’s missus has already fled the country and vowed to never return, Ozil will likely be off to the US where it’s “safer”. Some people’s attitude to the situation is appalling. Let their families be threatened and see how they feel.

    1. Phil says:

      It comes to something when someone feels safer in USA than in England.

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Phil, you are not wrong and I have spent time in both UK and USA, travelling extensively.

  8. Dan the cannon says:

    Life comes before football and well said dan. I picked up on a comment made by a “fan” on a post yesterday for which I repeat won’t he posted. There has to be a line between criticising a performance and not the person. They are part of our football family and deserve to be supported in times of personal struggles.

  9. RSH says:

    Way I see it, is that this is between Police, club, and Ozil and Kolasinac and nobody would ever want to be in the situation they are in. None of us know as much as the police to judge them for missing games.

  10. Sue says:

    ??? Dan Smith

  11. Andrea Whitehouse says:

    A lot of heavy moralising here. Yes, the club and suupporters should respect the safety of the two players and their families but, in the long term, they must also respect the interests of the club. I agree wholheartedly that now is not the time to talk publicly about selling either player but both players have been indentified previously as ideal candidates for transfer out of the club. This deeply regrettable situation means on a micro level (current wages against performance level), there is more reason to sell them but on a macro level, trying to be a club which attracts new talent and inspires loyalty from existing talent, it would be disastrous to sell them.
    In the case of Diaby, Wilshere and Cazorla, the club backed players despite serious injuries and suffered in the short term for doing so. This, however, hopefully made Arsenal a more attractive club to play for. There can be no guarantees of this though.
    Everything is a delicate situation and the players must be supported but moralizing (almost as if they should never be sold given what they have suffered) is unhelpful.

    1. Dan says:

      If there sold for football reason 100 percent
      To use this as a stick to beat.them over the head with would be harsh though

      1. Andrea Whitehouse says:

        Agreed!! Or if they want to go!!

      2. Old town gunner says:

        Ozil should leave, he has been a very lazy and incompetent player for 3 seasons, nothing to do with the carjacking incident

  12. ThirdManJW says:

    It is in very poor taste if fans are saying these things. Most on here know I do not like Ozil, but I wouldn’t wish ill on him or anyone else. I really hope they get things sorted out, and that their families are safe. My criticisms of Ozil, or any other player, is based purely on performances and attitude. It’s just a shame that many like myself on this forum get condemned just for speaking the truth. Two regular commentators on here are definitely a fan of fascism.

    1. Dan kit says:

      Who would that be mate ?
      You and Jon ?

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        No, just you and Ken1945 mate, and it’s not just me that’s felt the wrath from two. I feel sorry for anyone that dare speak the truth. At least I’ll give Ken1945 some credit that he’s not a troll like you. He’s more of the slanderous type. You two aren’t members of Antifa by any chance?

        1. Dan kit says:

          Why am I a troll then mate ?becasue i don’t agree with you .
          “I feel sorry for anyone who dare speak the truth “
          And what truth is that ?your opinion.
          What an absolute joke of a sentence .

          1. ThirdManJW says:

            Well you troll so many people on here, including myself, and can never give any answers when challenged, because you’re not dealing in facts. Anyway, it’s a waste a time with you and Ken1945, so I will not be bringing myself down to your levels anymore, so it’s the last time I have to deal with you two fascist wannabes anymore. I really hope you can grow up some day, and start making coherent arguments.

          2. ken1945 says:

            Great and perfectly reasoned article Dan,such a shame that you had to write it in defence of the players and against some of our so called fans. I concur 100%.

            Now adminmartin, I hope you will allow me to reply to the discussion between TMJW and Dan kit, where I was mentioned?

            I find it amazing that people like TMJW and Jon Fox believe they can say whatever they like about anyone else and it’s not a problem.
            Quotes such as “the vast majority” or “the overwhelming ajority” are used as props to bolster their views, with no factual evidence except a poll on here that involved approx. 1,000 gooners.
            Words and statements like dullards, dross, mentally frail, lazy, chidish, bleeding the club dry, egotistical, disgrace to the shirt, fools, cunning, naive are just a few that these two guys fling around at regular intervals.
            *I will temper that remark by saying that TMJW usually keeps his responses to one player, me and now, it seems Dan kit.

            However, when they are challenged in the same vein, the response is indignant in the extreme.
            HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY VIEWS (note the capital letters) “you are a troll”…sorry, but no, we can question you and we do have our own opinions, that differ with each other on many occasions by the way.

            Dan was threatened with court action by JF and I have been accused of slander and being a fascist by TMJW!!!
            Nothing happened with regards to Dan and JF of course.
            My father, a deviout communist agitator and branch secretary will be turning in his grave…I just wonder if TMJW really understands the meaning behind the word “fascist”?

            I also wonder what Ozil would make of the words used by these two fine, upstanding gentlemen when they describe him? Slanderous, libellous, threaten court action??? No, he’s too mature for any of that BS.

            But that’s the problem, some think they can say and do anything, but god forbid they are challenged in any way.
            That’s without the abuse given to actual gooners on here who, as is their right, disagree with their views.
            *Again TMJW I temper in your favour.

            Passion sometimes overtakes common sense and no-one is exempt from that. Apologies are rare in these hotheaded debates, we are all such passionate gooners.
            It will fall on deaf ears, but I do give my apologies to you TMJW as I misread and misunderstood what you was trying to put across in your statement regarding the thugs, who targetted Ozil and Kolasinac…that was why I wrote REALLY.
            Our differences on other subjects remain and, it seems, will be as toxic as ever.

      2. jon fox says:

        Dan kit, If you want to call me a fascist on a public site then either do so, in which case you will be sued along with the site itself for defamation of character and I do know what I AM TALKING ABOUT, BE REASSURED. Otherwise please apologise and do not repeat this sly slur,which so far is not actually libel but is hinting at being so. Your choice entirely! If you or anyone else thinks thay can get away with implying that I am a fascist, there will be legal consequences. I strongly advise you not to do so, for your own sake.

        1. Dan kit says:

          Grow up Jon
          I’ve been called a fascist plenty of times from your side kick buddy -twice today actually also Ken as now been roped into his silly comments do you see us acting like children threatening legal action ?not the 1st time you’ve done such a thing is it .
          Maybe half the posters on here could tell a story where you have called them names or made them look stupid or is that ok for you to do .
          I don’t usually get involved in your stupid posts but after the stuff you keep posting along with your newly promoted sidekick ThirmanJW I feel that Ive had to say something ,if that hurts your feelings so be it ,but you won’t be getting an apology from me ,I’ll save my apologies for people who deserve one .

          1. Dan kit says:

            My point exactly ,you calling Goonster” less than bright man “below in the comments

          2. jon fox says:

            Dan Third Man JW is NOT my “side kick buddy”! I am not responsible for what he posts nor for anyone else. Sometimes I agree with him , sometimes not. My comments to all are made without fear or favour. That is how I am. I know not one person on here personally, bar only KEN, with whom I have had a few pleasant phone calls, though we have never met, face to face. Please be advised, I have no special “buddies” on here, though there are a good many people whose life views I much respect and share, as distinct from some(only some!)of their Arsenal views.
            Context and accuracy with using words correctly is always helpful. I now have no beef with you, none whatever, though I much doubt that goes the same for you. I say my piece and then mov eon and hold no grudges, though I do avoid some people whose posts I see no merit in answering. No doubt that applies from others towards me too and that worries me not a jot. But such is life!

          3. ken1945 says:

            Groundhog day again Dan kit…same result to follow!!

            As for expecting answers, would you believe I am still waiting for a very simple yes or no answer from Jon regarding his visit to the emirates…it’s like getting blood out of a stone!!!

            Jon, if you are prepared to come on this site, question and abuse those who don’t agree with you the least you could do is have the balls ( as you claim Ozil hasn’t) to answer questions arising from your comments.
            They are, just to jog your memory once again, cherry picking stats and ozil chanting.

            I wonder if you consider any of your comments to Ozil as “defamation of character” and could therefore be viewed as libellous?…or …come to that, the way you address other gooners who differ in their opinion to you?

            Four questions that, in all probability, will be unanswered.

          4. ken1945 says:

            Jon and Dan kit, you can both relax!!

            I just checked back and Dan was ASKING TMJW if it was him and Jon who were fascists…no accusations at all.

            Unlike the actual claim made by TMJW, but I just haven’t got the time to make idle threats, I’m poised ready for Jon’s answers to those four questions!!!!

  13. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    Any person, be a football star can be attacked anywhere or at any place to rob him or her. Even in one’s home country or hometown, he or she can still be robbed but not necessarily it has to be away at a foreign country before he or she can be robbed.

    The robbery attempt and the harassment at their homes that later followed that happened to Ozil and Kolasinac can be scary and it’s unfortunate they’ve happened to them. For, were they not been fortunate to have successfully fought the carjackers off and coupled with the timely intervention of the police officers who came to their rescue, only God knows the kind damage the pair would have suffered at the hands of the carjackers and the loiterers who came to their homes likely with criminal intents. When the police investigations on the 2 incidents come out, it’ll shed light on the incidents for us Gooners in particular and the public in general to know more on the case.

    But having said the above, the live and safety of Ozil, Kolasinac and their partners or wifes and children, the workers working for them and the dependants staying with them are very important and precious. Therefore, their lives and safety shouldn’t be played with or joked with. But make sure they are well secured.

    Howeve, since the police have appeared to be on top of the 2 incidents and have made some arrests, i will like it if Ozil and Kolasinac can shake off the incidents from their minds and leave the matter to the police to continuing with their handling the 2 cases. But let Ozil and Kolasinac move on from the unfortunate 2 incidents and resume full training at Arsenal’s London Colney training ground immediately for Burnley. This is important. They had to shake off these 2 criminal incidents that affected them from their minds soon and refocus their focus on Arsenal with the minimum delays to do it. So that the 2 criminal incidents will get shaken off from their minds as they resumed training for Burnley. If they play in the Burnley match at home on Saturday in the PL, it could restore their confidences back to normal. And their playing in the Burnley match could emboldened their confidence to grow strong to start the Arsenal big game away to Liverpool or make appearances in it to play.

  14. This is a terrible situation though I think the club could afford private security to watch over the players and their families. Them staying indoors forever is not a feasible solution.

  15. Viju Jacob says:

    Dan, thanks for articulating the Arsenal way of thinking, that we are more a family than a mere world class football club. What happened with Ozil and Kolasinac getting slated is “victim shaming” which seems to the way most think these days.
    These two lads are now caught in between a ugly gang war which had nothing to do with them, other than them being the victims of a carjacking attempt and a subsequent event outside Ozil’s home. When people say “get on with it” it’s galling, because they don’t know what it is to be in that situation.
    I think we as a club are forgetting that Arsenal stands more for togetherness and not “othering”- booing Mustafi was one example of us losing our moral compass.

    PS: Dan, with your permission, may I post your article on my Facebook?

    1. Dan says:

      Of course mate
      Appreciate that

      1. Viju Jacob says:

        Thanks Dan. Cheers!!

  16. They are stupid times two. To acuse aplayer because of security?

  17. Goonster says:

    The whole saga tells you that Ozil is a divisive figure.
    If Ozil gave us that fight for the cause attitude. If he was one of the 3 Top performers each season then may be he would have had some leeway with some of us.
    But what frustrates most of us is that he is so weak and lazy. Excuses galore. Blame everyone and everything for his own one dimensional flaws.

    Always the biggest victim at Madrid, Germany, and at Arsenal. We know he is going through some bad situation right now due to the crime thing. If we find out that all this is because of his Erdogan Bromance then he can’t blame anyone for it.
    People are just skeptical about him because he is known to feel sorry for himself too much going back to when we signed him. Always calling in sick then pictured out partying that same evening. Last season calling in sick and feigning injury, which Emery called him out on.

    I hope the police can get to the bottom of this Ozil/Kola thing, as I can see the Ozil fan crowd using it to utopia this season if he continues to be poor like he has been for the last 3-4 seasons.

    What a circus.

    1. jon fox says:

      Goonster , It is you who is a divisive figure. MOST GOONERS REJECT YOUR UNTHINKING NONSENSE AS THE RAVINGS OF A LESS THAN BRIGHT MAN. You are not someone many on here would choose to give the time of day to, were they unfortunate enough to meet you in person. I doubt anyone will disagree with this comment, except you.

    2. Val says:

      You my friend are a tool

  18. Gunnerphilic says:

    It is such a shame that some of us fans are so insensitive and crude. A man is in a battle for the safety of his life and that of his family, and all you can talk about is how he should be sold or how to throw shades at his supporters in the fan base, which fans are supposed to be supporting the same Arsenal FC as you do? Oh my goodness! How low can you go?

    Shame on you if you belong to these groups. I am tempted to think maybe you talk with the stalkers of both of our players over beer and plan their next move with them.

    These guys are ours, good or bad. Ozil is one of us. So is Kolasinac. Can’t you see beyond football? What if you are the one in their shoes? Are these people real people or aliens?

    1. Viju Jacob says:

      The goonster up there is an example of that stupidity.

  19. Andrea Whitehouse says:

    Agreed!! Or if they want to go!!

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