The Arsenal kit launch – an odd mixture of anger and bleak apathy

The Kit Launch is Reflective of the current atmosphere at Arsenal by Alfie Culshaw

Frustration, irritation and perhaps even apathy are words you’d use to describe the atmosphere currently surrounding Arsenal Football Club. Fans are increasingly annoyed but also disinterested about the running of the club, the performances on the pitch and the transfer business, or lack of it, conducted so far this summer.

This was all sourly reflected in today’s big event, the Home Kit launch, which is supposedly set to ignite a spark in our incoming and outgoing business, or so that’s what we’ve been telling ourselves for reassurances over our sanity.

What was supposed to be a huge event, with mass turnout and jubilation at saying goodbye to the dour Puma and greeting the fresh Adidas, was ultimately underwhelming on this front. I arrived early, around 8-ish, expecting a widespread protest outside the stadium directed at our owner and huge numbers of fans queuing to get into the Armoury first to purchase their kits.

Instead, maybe a dozen or so fans stood in a straight line waiting to get into the store, with no sign of an uproar of ‘Kroenke Out’ banners. By about 9:15, I was already in the store and in another short queue waiting to splash £60 on our beautiful new strip. £60! Surely another reason for more fans to be marching around the stadium enraged. Yet, as I emerged from the store, all I was greeted with was a few kids kicking a ball around and a football freestyler, who appeared to have been employed by the Club as the event’s entertainer. There were many people sitting around, having already bought their kit, waiting for the club to lay something more on for them. It felt as though the launch and day which had had so much anticipation was already coming to a premature end.

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We had to wait almost two hours before the next marquee moment of the day, a meet and greet with Ray Parlour, followed by another one, with David Seaman. Although this was a nice touch from the club, and provided a nice moment for me personally and probably several other fans, getting a picture with two old English blokes (and Arsenal Legends) it all felt a bit subdued. The low turnout, the embarrassment of the eventual protest which consisted of a fan with a megaphone and three others chanting ‘we want our Arsenal back’ and the megaphone guy claiming Kroenke had just spent $300 million on a yacht, all contributed to this. A nice day, but one that ultimately sought to emulate the current ambience at the club; an odd mixture of anger and bleak apathy.

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In retrospect, I’m not entirely sure what I expected from a kit launch. Everyone had seen the kit, so there was only a certain level of hype Adidas and Arsenal could possibly create over revealing it. A new signing modelling it would’ve been nice but that’s too much to ask for from this owner these days. Let’s hope the club does more in the following weeks to reduce this horrendous feeling of apathy, which is essentially bordering on calamity for the club’s welfare.




  1. amo says:

    ‘we want our Arsenal back’ let some fans understand that Arsenal is a private business. sometimes the passion of the business owner may fail to match the fan’s emotions. this is a free market economy where demand and supply rules the market.

    1. futureman says:

      So you are saying Arsenal is Kroenke !!!! I think its you that doesnt understand that fans are the heart of Arsenal and now that the club is in decline because of its incompetent owner we must do everything in our power to get him out. #KroenkeOut

    2. CorporateMan says:

      Arsenal, like any other football club, is in the business of producing “football” for the fans to “buy”, and it’s a buyer’s market where the customer is king.
      If the owners continue toying with the fans’ emotions and ambitions, the results would reflect in the balance sheet.

  2. ken1945 says:

    Perhaps the fact that the new kit can be bought online, with fans also having to go to work should have been taken into your consideration of the situation.

    Your a lucky person to be able to take a complete morning off and then go and spend £60 (your choice of course, so why protest about it?), waiting for the next part of the morning to unfold.

    It would be interesting to have some facts regarding how many shirts were actually sold, but The Arsenal are very coy about giving out figures as I well know.

    Apathy is generated by each persons perception of the situation…I’m really looking forward to the coming season again as it happens and that was the feeling that come over on here when discussing the new kit.
    We should have been looking forward to CL football and there is no reason why we can’t do it this season.

    With just one day of the summer transfer window over, the gloom and doom merchants are already starting to appear.

    At least the mass protest of the “vast majority” didn’t embarrass us, let’s hope the few you mentioned enjoyed their day out and bought the new kit!!

    Sort out the transfer charade, if anything is causing frustration, this is the one subject of debate.

  3. Le Coq Monster says:

    The Prophet Orstein has spoken again !…………….

  4. Le Coq Monster says:

    And again !…………we are even behind Napoli now for Tierney and the Zaha situation looks like I wont be licking Sue`s windows !

  5. Le Coq Monster says:

    Aparrently C Palace have been left incensed by our approach for Zaha !………….I can understand that as they dont want Incense, they want Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh !

    1. gotanidea says:


  6. Jdawg says:

    Errm we’ve just signed Martinelli!

  7. Le Coq Monster says:

    Anyone else know we have already acquired a player ?……….I didn`t !

  8. Sue says:

    Not quite as exciting as when we unveiled it at the London Eye… but still, if I hadn’t had to work, I would have gone!
    If Ian Wright had been there, I’d have phoned in sick ???

  9. Where'sMyTop4TrophyGone? says:

    Didn’t see DT and Troopz there.

  10. annex says:

    kronke is a parasite eating the club gradually. Arsenal use to compete with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea but now Eastham,Everton, Wolverhampton have more ambition than arsenal.
    The club is gradually declining to a championship status and some fans are still blind to give this parasite some benefit of doubt

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