The Arsenal links with Mario Goetze are a little worrying don’t you think?

Goetze links worrying! by Nayan Parakh

Arsenal are one of the many EPL clubs being linked with signing Mario Goetze, but the speculation is worrying considering the amount of midfielders we already have!

Although Wilshire looks set to depart, we already have Mikhitariyan, Ozil, Xhaka, Torreira (likely as per reports), Iwobi, Elneny, Maitland Niles (with a newly signed deal, which must have some assurances on playing time), and a bunch of academy players as backup as well.

I’ve purposefully not included Ramsey in the above list, because Goetze rumours make me jittery about his contract extension. I believe Arsenal must go all out to extend his contract, come-what-may, even if it means shifting entire salary freed from Wilshere to Rambo. He’s been here for 10 years, shown his grit and determination, talismanic approach and eye for goals as well. I feel he’s the perfect candidate to take over the captain’s armband too.

So while I won’t mind getting a player of Goetze’s pedigree, that too for only £18mn, I certainly hope hes not a candidate to replace Ramsey. Also, if hopefully Ramsey extends his contract amd Goetze comes, who among Ozil/Mikhitariyan/Goetze/Torreira/Xhaka would you drop to the bench considering a max 4 midfielders apart from Ramsey get to play in 4-5-1, even if both Laca and Welbeck are benched.

Let me know your take!



  1. Joshua Bryant says:

    All i know is we are sure to offload a few players at least, if all the rumours on incoming signings are true.

  2. Hep Yo says:

    Emery’s number one qualification is his ability to win the Europa League, which he did three years in a row. Given the level of competition in the Premier League, winning the Europa league is the easiest way into the Champions League. Arsenal recently came one defensive mistake away from potentially winning the Europa League, so it’s a very realistic goal.
    That means rotating players between Europa League and Premier League, since they are only 3 days apart.
    In order to win the Europa League matches, but not lose to Watford three days later, Arsenal need to have more than 5 top level midfielders (and the same for the other positions).

  3. Hep Yo says:

    Also, it is worth noting that extending contracts is the smart thing to do before selling a player, then you get the full transfer value of the player.

  4. Sean says:

    Not at all worrying as Gotze can play across front 3 behind the striker & in the middle if needed but we are stocked in that dept if Ramsey stays, Torreira signs, Elneny/Niles/Xhaka all long term deals. I’d ship Elneny out of I’m honest,Xhaka next season if he doesn’t perform! I’d say he’s cover for our attackers, deep squad for all competitions isn’t a bad thing tbh & for £18m Unai &Sven may get the best again out of him! Ozil getting no younger either is Mhiki so why not as Ozil will be on his last season if he doesn’t buck up!

    1. Ozziegunner says:


    2. Sal says:

      Injury prone and don’t see the Pl as the place for him to revive his career. Don’t want him and it’s never gonna happen!

      All the best to Wilshire as well, we need a change of core so happy with that, so far I’ve got no complaints about how we are doing business ?

    3. Teddy says:

      I dont think shipping out Elneny is a smart way of doing it, when the only defensive minded/discipline among the ones u mentioned is Elneny.

  5. Lupe says:

    We don’t need gotze, we need a left winger, a DM, a box to box who is good in both in attack and defence as ozil needs more protection, ramsey is only good in the opposition box and neglects defensive duties, while xhaka who just signed a long term contract is only good at passing and shooting and i can’t think of any other redeemable quality of his, we two center backs and a GK. Based on the incoming signings of Leno, Sokratis, Soyuncu, Torreira and maybe Gelson martins. The position i think is important but is being neglected is the box to box role, someone to partner Torreira and i think Doucoure from watford would be perfect, he will bring balance to the team in attack and defence as he is good at both and his height and strength would complement Torreira. He also has the energy, mobility and tackling to play a pressing game, qualities xhaka doesn’t possess and ramsey is only ever concerned about scoring and assisting, so he should compete with ozil in the CAM role or they can play together if we are going all out attack.

    1. Innit says:

      I disagree

      Gotze can play left and right winger. He is also central attacking midfielder so can take over Ozil position when Ozil goes walkabout

      Also we still need to strengthen are offense if we want to go UP to the level of Chelsea, United, City, Liverpool and United who will strengthen even further

      I agree about strengthening central midfield and defense though as priority

      1. Ozziegunner says:


      2. Lupe says:

        @ innit
        So you want an injury prone attacking midfielder who has been off form for a couple of years to come to our team. We don’t need players that can sort of play on the wing, we have many of that already, we need a proper winger which we don’t have, enough of managing players in positions.

      3. Sal says:

        Better players out there and I would give our youngsters a chance before signing the last big thing at the last work cup!! I see him on the floor if he played in the Pl Willshire 2.0.

        As for granit lupe this is the second post you say he’s only good for shooting and passing, but his vision ability to drive the team forward and positioning is why we bought him. He’s perfect for the Pl because he uses his body to shield the ball well, he’s also a good tackler ,but I believe the fear of the red and wenger telling him to just protect the back without committing has seen those numbers drop from his playing time in German. So with a Dm a correct manager and proper drilling. him and Ramsey might be our most improved players next season. Ramsey because the pressing all over will just suit his engine and his lack of def awareness. Granit will be able to commit as well as the Dm will have the responsibility to shield the back by dropping deeper while they both push up.I’m really looking forward to the changes made tactically. I see either ozil or Miki losing their starting spot if the manger sticks to his way of attacking football.

    2. Nonny says:

      Will any arsenal player Be good Ramsey is not good as a box to box You really watching the back of ur television

  6. Franko says:

    The mystic pig career is over. Perhaps it was Mexico it chose to reach the semis….not Nigeria. Mexico also wear green jersey color too.

  7. Jaydawg says:

    Who cares stop worrying enjoy the world cup!

    Come August we will know our team. Be positive, I actually think we will do well next season with or without new signings.I say well 4th place at best, which is ironic as we wanted Wenger out because of that going on 10 years but anywho

  8. Andrew E says:

    I think Dortmund should keep him, his form since the last world cup has been patchy. Didn’t make it at Bayern and has only scored 3 goals in 34 games since returning to Dortmund. Our midfield is really strong especially if we get Torreira and Ramsey stays. If Ramsey doesn’t sign a new contract then Goetze could be considered particularly at the price mentioned.

  9. ruelando says:

    Goetze a world cup winner, been sold for 18 million, how my 3 years ago we would have been jumping at such a deal, unfortunately, due to injury Goetze has lost the sharpness, speed and importance to the team which he plays, this is just Dortmund trying to clear a wage off their bills,

    In fact i would say he is exactly a wilshere with injuries, but have won a lot more. It would therefore look stupid for us who are trying to get wilshere out, to take on a player with basically the same issues. it would be nice to see him get back to top form, but arsenal does not have that luxury.

  10. Didn’t Kev say Torreira was getting announced like yesterday?

    1. Dalinho says:

      Kev probably did gamble on Torreira being announced today so he could pretend he had inside info but it won’t be announced till after the WC! I’ll give u his sources:

  11. Atid says:

    Are u talking about Aaron Ramsey? The very same Ramsey that most people on here have slated for years?

  12. alan B'stard M P says:

    Mahrez Decoure, N’Zonzi

  13. Nonny says:

    To arsenal fans
    Cech = not good
    Ospina = not good
    Bellerin = not good
    Mustafi = not good
    Koscieny = not good
    Chambers = not good
    Holding = not good
    Monreal= not good defencively
    Xhaka = not good
    Wilshare = not good
    Ramsey = not good
    Ozil = not good
    Lacazeth = decent
    Auba= good
    Mikki = decent

    Many Arsenal fans Are funny….You think gotze is better than ozil u Really need to wakeup from sleep

    I rate many of this players high just that many at times They play out Of positions that make them look like terreble players

    1. Sal says:

      You lost me at bellerin then made me smile at Montreal thanks for the lol

  14. Lawrence says:

    Arsenal need Ramsey to stay, because this is his time to shine, last season he contributed to 20+ goals for us. so we still need him and getting Torrera could help him fulfill his potentials.

  15. Lawrence says:

    They will all gain a new coach now, with new ideas, so don’t expect them be like before, Wenger has be like father to them and now that time has past, now New Arsenal we see.

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