The Arsenal management are simply not listening to the fans

Arsenal majorly misunderstand the empty seats. by Konstantin Mitov

Hello lovely people! Wenger spoke on his latest press-conference before the West Ham game and as you can imagine, he said a lot of nonsense. There is a major disconnection between the players, board and manager and the fans.

If you see any poll question if people want Wenger or not, 99% percent of the time a majority of votes will be for Wenger to leave, and if you further ask when, then sooner rather than later is preferable. But the manager isn’t too worried.

He said ‘I am responsible for the results and when the results are not as good as everyone wants it, I cannot master that’. Well if you are responsible and you cannot master it, doesn’t that mean you’re not the person for this job? Don’t fool yourselves as logic is hardly applicable when it comes to Arsenal, despite being backed by rock-solid data and terrible results.

Wenger didn’t fail to disrespect the fans again by making this comment on the empty seats ‘it is not a big concern. Our crowd is very solid at the moment’. So solid, you can see the canon on the seats every game, but he continues ‘The renewal numbers for next season are outstanding. We are sold out in every single game so I don’t know what the problem is at the moment’.

It’s the numbers that are important, not the attendance, but I’d be happy if we announced that on the games, not the number of tickets sold. They don’t care what we think as long as we fill their pockets, but with Wenger in charge, next season we might see available season tickets for the first time in decades! If we don’t win the Europa League, next year we won’t have the resources to compete as the other 5 teams of the top 6 will spend to improve, you can be sure of this.

And there’s the small task of playing Atletico Madrid next Thursday and we might get hammered. Teams like Newcastle easily take us down, because we are a bunch of pushovers, incapable of defending, imagine the likes of Griezmann and Costa tormenting Mustafi – probably the worst defender in the league! But does it matter if we get hammered? We were destroyed so many times and for Arsene it was just another day at the office – good or bad it matters little.

Despite all this, I encourage people to fill the Emirates for this one time against the Madrid team, because not winning the Europa Leauge hardly means Wenger will be sacked, even if Atletico thrash us. But if we manage to win it somehow, it will be monumental in our efforts to sign better players and our team badly needs improvement!

We’re the footballing equivalent of North Korea, and our dictator won’t just give up power. This is what happens, when one person has all the power, it’s incredibly difficult to take it off him afterwards. Kroenke isn’t interested in a new manager, it means changing his main accountant and there’s little reason to do so with the numbers we make, especially when we’re about to land a new deal with Adidas or Nike that will make further profit.

Will that money be reinvested in the team? No, don’t kid yourselves. We’ll sell Ramsey and Bellerin to give Kroenke the money he wants and Wenger will be safe and sound next season here too. The empty seats though, will be back next year and in larger numbers. Eventually they will have to understand the real reasons, but it’ll take time. Sadly much longer than necessary.



  1. Eezzee says:

    I,m not surprised the board don,t listen if this is the sort of drivel they are subjected to. Contrary to your opinion the majority of fans do not want arsene to leave, it’s just the moron element that exists in every club plus those with their own agenda. The majority of fans understand what arsene has done for the club and history will show him in a very favourable light. It won,t show idiots like you at all.

    1. Nayr says:

      Majority of arsenal fans want wenger out. you live under a rock?

      1. Phil says:

        I think he must have hit his head on a rock

        1. John0711 says:

          It’s spelt with a C

          1. Arsene Out says:


    2. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Sorry Eezzee, but you’re the idiot, how long you been following Arsenal? You don’t know any other manager apart from Wenger. It’s a fact that 90% of Arsenal fans want him out. Tactically the man’s incompetent and before you start talking about his Premier League titles remember, or maybe you won’t, he inherited George Graham’s defence and also had the privileged to have Dennis Bergkamp in his side who was main catalyst behind all his early success. It’s no coincidence that he’s won nothing since Dennis retired apart from a few “Mickey Mouse” FA Cups

      1. AY75 says:

        Y bother grace him with a reply….. this site being open to all for comments has created an avenue for trolls that just enjoy winding the fans up. Although it’s true I might not have been able to post comments on this site too if it wasn’t open to all (I tried to register before, but couldn’t)….. I strongly doubt if arsenal fan would still want wenger in charge, unless being humiliated time and again, and having heartaches is a good thing in their books.

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          It would be interesting to compare what Eezee, who calls posters who want to see a new manager at Arsenal, “morons” has achieved in life. I’m quite happy to say that anyone who knows me and what I have achieved academically, in my career as a professional Civil Engineer and project manager in public and private enterprise and in business, would not call me a “moron”.

        2. @ADMIN
          What has @AY75 written? I was of the exact same opinion here yesterday…there are trolls masquerading here as “real fans” pretending to support Arsene Wenger though what they truly want is just to irritate us. You deleted my comment. Do you still think I was unreasonable with what I said?

  2. Nayr says:

    I agree.

    I also don’t think wenger will leave this season.

    he is stubborn and deluded and the board lacks the balls to fire him.
    SPORTSMAIL has reported today that the arsenal board will NOT fire wenger irregardless of europa league outcome.

    We are already used to all this media hype that wenger is going,replacements etc.
    it was the same last season.


  3. Arsenogenic says:

    So Arsenal are just a bunch of pushovers… Wow.

    Pushovers in the semi finals of one of the toughest, most demanding continental competitions in the world.

    What is it with people who feel they must speak in meaningless hyperboles just to help make the club look worse than they really are?

    Pushovers…. Indeed.

  4. Ingleby says:

    Wanting a change of manager isn’t the same as not appreciating his past achievements. The simple fact is that he comes out with deliberately disingenuous statements and downright falsehoods. He continually demonstrates contempt for the supporters by this behaviour. The AW of years past is to be respected, but the AW of today is clearly not worth taking seriously.

  5. Arsene Out says:

    Wenger has overstayed his welcome by at least 5 years, probably more like 8. I used to have 2 Platinum seats right on the midfield line, some of the best seats in the house cost as much as a small car those seats and it pisses me off that some of that money went to this senile, lying no good for nothing old fart’s salary.

  6. GUNNER OZ says:

    I too believe Wenger’s time has come. But I am of the opinion that his legacy should be cherished and the man respected for the service has given the club. Unfortunately most on this site cannot discuss other footballing matters concerning arsenal without the diatribe against Wenger. Should he leave at the end of this season, yes. If he does leave is it possible that posts can return to discussing all things Arsenal, rather than discussing all things Arsene. I hope so as I have become dissatisfied reading Wenger out every second post. A title change may be order Just Arsene.

  7. gotanidea says:

    As one of Arsenal spokepersons, of course he has to say good things about his employer’s situation in public. But to compare Arsenal with North Korea is a stretch 😀

    Arsenal management definitely listened to the fans, proven by the transfer record breaks in this season. Wenger’s days are numbered, hence no need to incite the others, because we need all fans support to win the EL

  8. Mobella says:

    You figure it out at last. It is not a rocket science but it took so long. I hope you can tune down your depressing write ups now.

  9. Mohamed says:

    If wenger remains well be fighting for top 10 next season empty seats will make get us the change more empty seats pleasd

  10. Atletico Madrid got stuffed last night by Real Sociodad 3-0! We have hope guys!!!

  11. Mikekobi says:

    That is by gone, we cannot fold our hand and watch our dear club go down the drain bcus of Wengers honesty to the club, arsenal as a club has really tolerate him enough, thanks for the good work u hv done but it’s time to say goodbye ?. Arsenal need to move on. We as a fans are suffering for this under performing time. I can’t believe we and burnley are dragging for position, this is to show how worst we hv become.

  12. Yossarian says:

    I think Wenger’s recent comments about tickets sold and game attendance show that he’s as comfortable and as arrogant as ever regarding the situation at AFC. There is clearly some division at the club now, with new staff being hired to assist with transfers/etc. and with certain board members looking beyond Wenger. However Silent Stan doesn’t appear to be one of those. Zero trophies and 7th place might help with that situation in the long-run.

    I fully expect Wenger to stay until the end of his contract, and for 2018-19 to be yet another painful season of the season of the same old rubbish that we’ve all become accustomed to. The situation with the rumoured new kit sponsor is an opportunity though. If a potential sponsor expressed concern over empty seats in stadiums and a declining stature of the club (In order to negotiate-down their financial outlay on the deal) that would definitely get the message across where it counts (IE. The owner’s & board member’s pockets).

  13. Sue says:

    None of this would happen at any other club. What a joke!

  14. Break-on-through says:

    I thought it a great gesture Arsenal FC subsidizing the Atletico trip ticket cost. Atletico made it more expensive for Arsenal fans than their own supporters so I was very impressed Arsenal stepped in and is making sure that our fans pay no more than their fans with the club footing the cost. Colour me impressed.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      I agree, Arsenal should be paid due credit for helping die hard fans out to travel to Madrid for the away leg.

  15. Phil says:

    You must live on the planet NUTCASE.
    IF you were a true supporter of ARSENAL and followed the day to day running and goings on within the Club you might just have noticed we haven’t been having the best of seasons.In fact this has been going on now for quite a few seasons.In fact this has been just why the supporters (in the very vast majority) totally blame the Manager.In case you are not familiar with him his name is Arsene Wenger.He is i believe totally to blame for our current plight with more than a little assistance from the Owner and the Board.The fan base is NOT as divided as you may believe.I don’t believe there is ANY SUPPORTER who wishes him to continue.Some want it NOW meaning this morning some want it at the end of the season.A very few wish him to go with his reputation intact at the end of next season when his contract is up.Can I just add this really is a very few in number.
    Now you come on and spit out your pretty vicious comments as though you are right in your opinion and we who want him removed are not only in the wrong but are only a very few in numbers.THIS IS WHERE I AM CONCERNED FOR YOU.
    If you do really live on PLANET NUTCASE then I seriously believe you have been in some type of time warp.You say you are an OLDER FAN.Your words were “First Double winning side and before.”Well pal so am I.So a quite a few others on this site.I was at Wembley and WHL that season aged 14.Were YOU.I believe on your PLANET NUTCASE you still believe we have Herbert Chapman as the Manager.No mate this is wrong.Hes been dead for a while now and at the moment we have an aging Frenchman who is paid more per season than most people will earn in several lifetimes.He is taking this Club backwards.We are falling behind Clubs who we used to dominate as rivals.He has the majority of the fan base against him and his tired and outdated methods.We now ger beaten away from home by all the clubs facing relegation.We are no longer in the Champions League.We have a 60,000 seater stadium that is now embarrassingly full of empty seats.This is all down to Wenger.
    Now it would be very easy to tell you to F*** OFF back to PLANET NUTCASE but if I did I would most likely have this post removed so I won’t do that.But when you do get back home might I suggest you consider having a look at the fortunes of Arsenal Football Club since you’ve been living in another Galaxy.Inthink you’ve missed a bit in the middle from Herbert Chapmans time till now.
    So have a nice trip back to PLANET NUTCASE and in the words of ET – GO HOME

    1. Phil says:

      Now I wrote that in reply to an earlier post which looks like it’s been removed.So if my post makes it seem I personally belong on PLANET NUTCASE I can understand why you would feel that correct.

  16. TH14-TW14 says:

    “And there’s the small task of playing Atletico Madrid next Thursday and we might get hammered.”

    Athletico’s last three games:

    Sporting Lisbon 1 – 0 Athletico
    Athletico 3 – 0 Levante
    Real Sociedad 3 -0 Athletico

    Athletico is anything but invincible. They have lost 2 of their last 3 games to teams, I am certain Arsenal will “hammer” yet a certain nobody called Konstantin who feels he knows better than a manger that has won league titles and cups in different countries is here talking nonsense.

  17. Midkemma says:

    I been saying for ages that K speaks out his backside.
    “Wenger will be safe and sound next season here too. ”
    Wenger is leaving.

    OMG! I must have had inside information for predicting this…

  18. T.v.B. says:

    Thank God they’re not listening to the fans.

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