Alexis Sanchez wants to rejoin Guardiola at Man City

Alexis Sanchez is claimed to have told his agent to try and secure him a move to Manchester City this summer. The Sky Blues are set to be taken over by Pep Guardiola this summer, the manager who signed Alexis Sanchez for Barcelona previously.

Man City are expected to follow this arrival with a number of other top stars in the close-season, and they are no strangers to raiding Arsenal for their best players. Samir Nasri, Bacary Sagna, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor have all made the switch from us to them in the past seven years.

Now we could be set to lose another top player to our rivals, with reports claiming that Alexis Sanchez is keen to be reunited with his former boss at the Etihad.

Arsenal are enduring one of their most disappointing campaigns at present, with the fans turning on the manager and a number of players, leaving a sour atmosphere to play under at the Emirates Stadium.

Should Alexis be sold to City, there would likely be a huge uproar from the fans, who are already frustrated with the work being done behind the scenes at the club.

A protest was held during the weekend’s 1-0 win over Norwich City, but that would be nothing compared to the reaction that I foresee should this horrifying thought become true.

No more excuses about building a stadium will be listened to any more, and under no circumstance would this be acceptable.

The story does not stem from the most reliable source however, but there is enough possibility under the current circumstances for my blood to boil over the prospect.

How many Arsenal shirts would be burned should this go through? If he wants to leave, then he will have to go abroad…

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  1. If Sanchez wants to go, Arsenal should let him go for like 50 mil and get Griezman. That guy is better than him at the moment. Sanchez breaks the passing rhythm of arsenal. Griezman is well suited for us.

    1. I agree with you that Griezman is brilliant. But t say that Sanchez breaks up the passing rhythm. I didnt know passing forward and then all the back was a rhythm. To me the fact that we have a striker in Giroud that cannot make runs beyond the defence allows teams to play a high line against us which makes our midfield struggle with space. Then we pass forward and then slow it down just to pass back. Thats if Ramsey doesn’t lose the ball first.

  2. I wont be surprised if it happened!
    Watching Atletico play yesterday, makes you wonder, when was the last time our players fought with so much spirit for the manager/club.
    Atletico does not have any big name players but a manager who makes them roar
    Sanchez was the only one with a fighting spirit and wenger seems to have cooled him down as well.. Our excuse every year when we drop of UCL is ‘we are drawn against tough teams’.. Stop whining Wenger. Thats exactly why you are in the European elite. To play against the tough teams. If you cant, then dont bother. Atletico knocked out Barca and Bayern,, Thats how you play… Thats how you manage a team.

  3. I know it’s most likely a BS rumour, but if turns out to be true I wouldn’t be surprised, and frankly I wouldn’t be made because him and Ozil deserve better than to challenge for 4th spot.

  4. Sanchez is not right
    for the Arsenal pass
    the ball to death style.
    For that you need
    robots so just buy a team full of Germans.
    City need two top CB’s and a younger RB.
    There is so much which has to be done to Arsenal.
    Have a complete overhaul.
    Keep Cech Bellerin Kos Ozil Adelaide iwobi
    Sell/release the other 20 and bring a new team
    with Koeman as manager.

  5. keep sanchez and bring in griezman or mahrez for the other wing… We need to add world class players not sell them

    1. I would say sell Walcott, keep Giroud and Welbeck as bench players, make Sanchez the official CF and bring in a top winger

  6. Am sure we will have something to say about that….having said that though, who can blame a u Arsenal player who wants to jump ship, certainly not me…..any chance of Pep taking Giroud too, 2 for the price of one?

  7. I would be more surprised if Sanchez is still an Arsenal player next season.
    Apart from being (rightly) critical of his teammate’s efforts,
    He himself hasn’t improved from last season and his little sulk at being substituted in the final 3-4 minutes was uncalled for.
    So yeah, I can see him forcing a move in the summer, I think that Mahrez would be good replacement with plenty of change left over to invest in another player.

    1. Yeah, He would leave the champions to join our 4th place trophy hunt, yeah right. Before we drop names of players we we expect at Arsenal and criticize those who chose to leave, can we please ask ourselves if we would say the same if that player were our very own sibling. It’s not the easiest thing to keep the faith when even as a player you are not aware of what your manager has up his sleeves, whu’d have thunk that anyone in their right mind would buy a super-computer for 42.5 million pounds but forget/refuse to buy a monitor? ‘We will connect it our black and white TV set we got as our wedding gift in 1967, it will be like a new [insert signing here if you wish]’.

    2. Uncalled for ? He carried the team for more than a year before his injury and they let him down when our forwards couldn’t step up to the plate. He’s been below par because he’s lost motivation, who wouldn’t knowing the manager never intended on meeting his ambitions ?

  8. We are at Heart a club that is run to make vast profits for the baord and shareholders so in answer to your question ….NO!!!! we shouldnt sell Sanchez who in my opinion is one of the best players we have both in terms of ability AND passion….BUT we more than likely will when City open thier cheque book and wave the cash in Gazidis’ face.
    let be honest if we sell Alexis then we may as well content ourselves with mid table mediocrity as there are NO players out there who can replace him….for the money we would be willing to spend. and thats it really
    we sold Van Persie and never really spent the money we earned on a new striker and the likes of sanchez are rare so who knows but I would bet we would sell him if City or bayern were offering serious money.

  9. It is the usual made up story. Sanchez stomps off pitch when substituted, this is last straw, wants to leave, wants to stay in PL so it must be manc.

    Problem is that it feeds in to our fears, Arsenal lack ambition, the majority shareholder tells us that he is not involved to win championships, the complete falure to grasp our many opportunities this season. We are concerned that Sanchez and Ozil will leave.

    We are receptive to this type of story so expect many more of the same untill either one or both leave or they sign new contracts. Even the end of the summer transfer window will not stop it unless arsenal make a flying start to the PL and show the spirit, grit and determination we are all looking for.

  10. Well this situation is quite embarrassing to here coming from a winger who is important to what Wenger tries to achieve. what questions may arise we can already tell due to the player and his frustration. BTW fans we all know that if the last straw is who comes in i bet it will done only after the Euros. Last Euros was extremely painful and there is evidence it will happen again.

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