The Arsenal players are backing Wenger to win the title so the fans should too

Arsene Wenger admitted that the uncertainty over his new Arsenal contract contributed to our spectacular mid season collapse, which ultimately saw us drop out of the Top Four for the first time under Le Prof, but hopefully that will not be happening again in the next campaign after he penned his new two-year deal.

It would appear though that the players are all very happy that Le Boss has stayed and are giving their full backing as Wenger tries to win back the title he hasn’t won for 13 years. Well, according to Alex Iwobi they are.

Iwobi said: “I’m backing Arsene Wenger to win the league title at Arsenal again. There won’t be a single player in our dressing room next season who will not fight for him.

“We’d run through brick walls for the boss. I’m pleased because he really is Mr Arsenal, isn’t he? He has made it the great institution it is today.

“He showed faith in me and gave me the opportunity to step into the first team after coming through the academy. Unfortunately, he has not tasted a Premier League title since 2004, but look what he has achieved in his time here.

“Even last weekend, he became the manager who has won the FA Cup seven times — more than any other. I’m happy he’s staying — so are the rest of the lads — because it’s good for the club, good for the team.”

Well if the players are all rallying around Wenger to go for the title, and of course Kroenke and Gazidis, then maybe us fans should do to. Protests won’t have any effect for the next two years at least so let’s “Support the team, not the Regime”



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    He has to say that.
    Wenger played him a lot last season and he makes big bucks at Arsenal. He wants to play more and make more money.

    That’s not true faith and he hasn’t given any real reason as to why we will win the PL. We haven’t won it in 13 years and finished 5tj last season

  2. Brian Shade says:

    There are 3 great managers in the Premiere League. Conte and MaureenO have proved their worth over the years. The third is Arsene Wenger. He lost his way last season and couldn’t find a solution until it was too late.
    It is very frustrating not to have won the League for 12 years and even more so to finish below the spuds for the first time in more than 20 years. Who exactly would we have to replace Wenger ?what guarantee can you give to someone who has been a follower since the days of Kelsey, Herd, Henderson in the 50s that I will see the reemergence of the success and style that we have been blessed to see for the past 20 years – and which I had never seen before in more than 35 years?

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  4. Jaydawg says:

    Our players talk far too much (like us fans) about winning and dont do the talking on the pitch with their feet and the ball!

    When Chelsea or any other team were having a good run and looked odds on to win the league it was very rare to see a player come out in the media saying they were going to win it. Every manager/player talks it down, Leciester springs to mind as well. Cladio talked it down all season. The word grounded is what is associated with these winners.

    In Arsenals case one positive stint and our clowns come out in the papers and TV saying we will win. Theo is the main one, Ox, Ramsey, Giroud and now Iwobi.

    Shut your mouths and play ball. Your over paid to kick a ball so do it and shut up

  5. LtDan says:

    Nice thought but……………………it’s gonna take more than an FA Cup win to prove yourselves as title winners. You’ve got to produce 38 FA Cup performances over the whole season to really be champions.

    Lets see you do it ! for us fans !

  6. Arsenal FC says:

    Apparently the football world is saying Arsenal won’t even be in the top 6 next season let alone win the EPL or the top 4 Wenger trophy.Everton will overtake Arsenal according to them.

  7. Raoh says:

    Well he can say what he wants…you have to walk the talk plain and simple…it’s great to come out and say something like that but we as fans gotta see end product every week for 38 weeks…
    Wenger has been and that’s one reason why his players like him so much, highly protective. He protects them from criticism to a fault.
    Will see let’s start with a good and proper transfer window, with things being properly communicated to fans.
    Few missteps if any will be tolerated.

  8. Frank says:

    Wenger also said that Arsenal are only 3 players short of challenging next season. If Perez, Ospina and Sanchez leave, Mert retires and then there are the players we should sell to buy improvements. He might need to buy a few more than 3.

    I’m sorry but unless there are whole sale changes in the squad, I can’t see us winning the PL next season.

  9. ANAND says:

    A bunch of losers supporting their Manager to win the league will not make us win the league. Who are these guys who believe Wenger can win the league. Iowbi, Ramsey, Coq, Giroud etc. Have they won any trophy for their country or club other than the off beaten FA Cup. Wenger other than that 3 league title has no major title up his sleeve. That to won about 15 years ago. Does he even remember what it feels like holding a premier league trophy in your hand ? Others who support him have no feeling at all as they have won nothing worthwhile. There is a saying in English if wishes were horses,beggars would ride. OH I am sorry being French our Manger may claim he does not understand the meaning of it. I would like to conclude that a bunch of loser are day dreaming of winning the league with a born loser who manages the team without any strategy whatsoever.

    1. Stephan Larose says:

      I’d say winning the FA cup by overcoming Man City and the league champions is definitely worthwhile. If they can beat the league Champions the can beat anyone. Arsenal were doing well until the WengerOut people started disrupting games and creating a toxic, hostile atmosphere at games. Then their sorry spectacles got a bunch of media attention. Just whiny bitches all of them. If they had supported the team instead of done everything in their power to undermine them I think Arsenal would have won the league. The “losers” are fans like you who don’t actually support. You have no spine. All you do is whine and bitch and complain. Well, don’t come to games then. We’ll do far better without you.

      1. JamButWhiner says:


      2. Rashid80 says:

        God the delusion is unreal, the brain washing wenger has done to you is way advanced and cannot be reversed. Are you f****** kidding me?! Blaming the fans and saying we would have won the league if they werent protesting? What about our awful performances before the protest when we were getting wins and draws when we play aweful. I knew it would catch us sooner or later as I couldn’t see luck helping us for the rest of the season. What about the humiliation in CL?! We have supported the team through thick and thin but there are times where you have to say enough is enough!

      3. Frank says:

        Mate you can’t go calling other fans losers for wanting them to win. We all have an opinion, that’s why we write what we do but you can’t be getting all shirty with the other fans. Go have a beer, chill on the beach, get a hooker, I don’t know do all three if that’s going to help you relax.

  10. Janssen says:

    My advise, don’t listen to anything coming out of the club it is all nonsense.

    Set your own realistic goal, top 4 finish, and you might still be close to reaching your goal come April. Buy the nonsense that we go for the PL and you will be heartbroken again come next January.

    For me, the biggest reason we fight as fans is that some expect us to win the PL and come up with excuses when we don’t. That is simply a wet dream. Adjust your expectation and you can have an OK season. With Thursday night football and no Sanchez or an angry Sanchez getting back to the top 4 will be hard enough and depend a lot on the struggles of the big teams. We will be out of the PL race by next Jan but not out of the race for a top 4 hopefully.

  11. Yossarian says:

    “Players backing Wenger to win the title next season” Hahahahahaha…. Are they taking up comedy now?

    (1) Our mid-season collapse wasn’t just down to “Uncertainty over Wenger’s contract” we always have a mid-season collapse, contract talks or not.

    (2) Wenger has already said it will be the usual type of transfer window, where he refuses to spend the available money to properly strengthen in areas where it’s glaringly obvious we need better players (Especially at Centre-forward) but going with “Continuity” and “Stability” instead.

    (3) So of course The Wenger Favourites Club is coming out in support of the manager, because they know they’ll get picked regardless of form, and get paid massive wages and guaranteed new contracts regardless of their performance.

    So considering that Arsenal football club is doing exactly the same as usual, what makes “The players” or indeed anybody else think “Wenger to win the title next season”????? Sounds absolutely crazy to me. I think it’ll be ManU, ManC, Chelsea, Spuds for top-four. Then Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, and maybe another surprise package battling for 5th/6th/7th. Now that’s realistic, unless something drastic happens at Arsenal before August (Which it won’t).

    1. Janssen says:

      agree 100% Yossarian

  12. Joseph says:

    Poor fans can mourn all their lifetime but can’t bring success. These mourners are getting thick, why bringing yourself BP? Go support something deem good to you! I thought it’s time we talk something contributing; you mourn like like you get paid eish !

  13. OsloGunner says:

    ha ha ha ha
    Load of nonsense from a average player who like many others went missing , about we would run through brick walls where do these guys get this stuff its hilarious it really is 🙂 🙂

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