The Arsenal players are confident and fired up to beat Man city

All the pundits and -experts- have written Arsenal off in today’s Caraboa Cup Final against Man City, but they did in last years FA cup semi-final against City and also in the Final against Chelsea, so the label of underdog doesn’t worry the Arsenal players in the slightest.

A cup Final is down to the performance on the day, and Arsenal have got great experience of preparing perfectly for the occasion, having won their last 9 Cup games played at Wembley. Our new super-striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has assured the fans that the Gunners are

‘This is a cup final, a one-off, so form doesn’t matter. We just have to focus and kill it,’ Aubameyang said. ‘It’s been a while since I won something so I would love to change that.

‘Everyone wants to finish their career and have stories of winning trophies and I’m no different.

‘People think Arsenal is a club that doesn’t have an attitude to win, but they should come and check our dressing room. The guys really want this. Very much.’

Being confident is half the battle when it comes to big games like this, and Shkrodan Mustafi thinks we just have to play our game like we did in last year’s match-up at Wembley. “It will be a very tactical game because they are well organised and dangerous up front,” he said. “They have shown their quality all season in the Premier League.

“We need to make sure that we are compact, organised and concentrated for 90 minutes, and extra time if required. We have to play our own game when we get the ball and play as quickly as we can to find opportunity to break them down.

“Finals are always exciting and tense games. We hope that we will be the better team but we will see on the day. It’s all on the day. We had a good result against them last season in the FA Cup semi-final. We just need to show that level of performance again.”

And we will! City know we beat them last year, and the Arsenal players also know that City are beatable in Cup games (Hi, Wigan!) so we have no reason not to start on equal footing. May the best team in red win!


Sam P


  1. a city win is expected

    word on the street is real strong on City win…

    it appears that the winner of the game has already been set

    1. What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say! Next you will be telling us that everyone knew Wigan would beat City last week!
      Where is this ‘street’ ????

      1. Given Arsenal’s reputation for either not bothering to turn up or to collapse spectacularly the odds are pretty much against us.
        There is not one player in that team that really gives much hope and the manager even less so.
        I hope they prove me wrong but I suspect not.
        If they do lose and we go onto to get knocked out by Milan then you can say good bye to Arsene Wenger…

      2. Admin. Admin. Admin.
        We need the thumbs. I cannot be harassed off pitch and on Arsenal fans’ site by non-arsenal fans like this one. Yet we’ll keep on reading this all day long because the thumbs have been cut off.
        As an Arsenal fan I expect and hope for a win till the end of the match and we shall win.

    2. Not really Hafiz, maybe City players would not put extra efforts in this match, to avoid injuries and because they still want to play in major tournaments

      I’m just worried that Arsenal’s rich and spoilt brats would be homesick again like the previous cold and rainy match at Wembley

  2. Maybe Guardiola would relent and ask his children to soften up, because they still have major trophies that are much more important than this tiny cup and because he used to respect Wenger a lot

    But seriously, how could Arsenal beat City without penetrations from the wings? All Arsenal midfielders that might play today are like Giroud, can only occupy the central positions, not versatile and very ineffective in the wings

    I just hope our Supreme Leader wakes up today and change his tactic

    1. Auba and Mkhit can use the wing, Ozil likes to go out to get a panoramic view, and because we like the centre so much Bellerin can sometimes find himself in space out there whilst Monreal/Kolasinac can pop up with threatening GBH on the goal-frame.

      But city are better than us at using width of the pitch to hurt teams, like what I said about Bellerin. Pep’s teams are good at pulling everyone inward before someone ends up completely unmarked and only a little wide of the goal. Arsenal have to trust each other, no point three players running to close down the same man, instead one of them should quickly look to see who’s the ball going to be on for if he passes. We’ll need to keep correct distances from one another, get that right and it makes our job easier whilst it’ll make cities harder.

  3. I just want to see an Arsenal side put 110% in to the game and then If we lose (to a good City side) I don’t mind so much. At least we tried..

    But, if we turn up with a performance that is anything less than what the occasion deserves (Or the fans deserve), I will be ripping up my prised 1980’s away top forever!

    will it be fail with heart and passion? or, will it be a loss, typical in a way we have got used to this season!?

    Only 4 hours to wait to find out!!

  4. Clearly we don’t want the same focus, determination, and preparation they show in the league. So hopefully someone other than Wenger can rouse the players, or they can find an inner strength/will power to win the cup.

  5. The nerves are kicking in, I agree with a comment above, just hope we really make them work for it if we are gonna end up without this trophy. It’s a final, it’s a ray of sun light breaking through the clouds of a rain drenched day.

  6. Look at Tottenham n Liverpool fans. When was last time they won anything? But they brag as though they win trophy every season… But every season they flop. But we, We win trophy for d past few years, doesn’t matter what trophy is that. Can u ask ur self how much Tottenham n Liverpool wanted to have FA Cup & Community Cup in their Cabinet than empty cabinet? We are Arsenal! Yes, I want Wenger Out. But today, every drop of my blood is for Gunners.

  7. As far as pundits and bookmakers go, thank goodness that football games are won on the pitch. If Arsenal are good enough they will win. As said by others above, all we can ask is that the effort by the team respects and represents the great tradition of this club.

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