The Arsenal players must take their frustration out on Newcastle

Enough has been written and said concerning Arsenal’s defeat to Liverpool over the weekend. Some people have poured out their frustrations at the efforts of the players in the game, while others have expressed their disappointment at losing scandalously to Liverpool.
The players too are not left out, as a lot of them have been reflecting on their performances, but the truth is that Arsenal were long underdogs at Liverpool, having not won there for a decade.
In as  much as I would like to say that the  reactions are not abnormal, I would like to appeal to Arsenal players to pick themselves up, and decide amongst themselves to channel all their emotions towards the Newcastle game, with a sole purpose of beating them on Saturday. The Toon are rock bottom of the Premier League and should be easy pickings for an Arsenal side that were unbeaten for 10 games before the game at Anfield, and if I was in Norway I would take advantage of the bruk bet365 bonuskoden and back Arsenal to take their revenge in style and get back to winning ways.
Yes, the fans have had their say, sports analysts have had their say, everybody have chipped in with their opinions on the game against Liverpool. But what people say is not as important as what the players are saying to themselves.
As expected, the players should be able to have a round table discussion to reflect on the past game as a team, and vow to make up for it in the next game.
The strikers should view scoring of goals as the most important thing they will do on that day. Whoever is chosen among Lacazette, Nketiah, Martinelli or even our captain Aubameyang, should focus on scoring goals and goals and more goals, to lift up the team’s confidence and lift their morale. If Arsenal’s striker on the day scores goals, then the game is half won already, right?
Arsenal’s midfield was largely ineffective in Arsenal’s last game, but against Newcastle on Saturday, I expect whoever is chosen  to make their impact felt.
Yes, I know Arsenal’s defence collapsed and conceded four goals last time out, but I also know that the last game doesn’t define their season. They were unfortunate to concede that much, but they are surely better than that. Against Newcastle, showing that the last game doesn’t define them, should be on their minds. They are organized and have kept clean sheets in the immediate past. Keeping a clean sheet against Newcastle, is something Ramsdale and his defensive team can accomplish.
However, above all things, all I want to see on Saturday is a team that is angry about their last performances and ready to make instant amends.
We are Arsenal and proud.


  1. Everyone loses at Anfield.
    So the loss has no effect on our season at all.
    Newcastle at home is a different story.
    Only 3 points will do.
    Westham are at the Etihad while United are at Stamford bridge. We will go 4th equal if we win.
    But then we have a wounded Man U and a desperate Everton both away.
    More reason to take all three on Saturday.

  2. “Easy pickings”, we need to be respectful to Newcastle, yes we are favourites this weekend when the opposite was true last, not least because we are at home but if we go into the game to get rid of anger and frustration from the last one the anger and frustration could continue for a further week

    I’m confident Mikel and the boys won’t be thinking like that at all, play well, keep them out, score goals, take three points, entertain if we can and move on

  3. I don’t know why I don’t feel so bad about the result at Anfield Liverpool were clear favourites and we can see how far we have come from two seasons ago.. this is the same team that has dangled around 7th and 11th for most of MA’s time here.. now they are back firing and we are talking about top four.. we stopped talking about Europe last season.. I see the progress I really do and I believe time will teach MA but with his tactical inexperience and ineffective subs see where we are.. when he comes of age and this team too I am sure we will be a formidable side. Coyg!!!

  4. Agree with the article and the three earlier comments.
    Liverpool, City and Chelsea are arguably all amongst the best 5-6 club sides in Europe, which effectively means the world. They have some of the best players in the world and mature EPL squads that have played together for several years and developed a settled style.
    We have a young side, many of whom had no EPL experience, have played together for a few months and are learning a new style. We have no superstars and a manager with no experience. So why the demands that we beat them all immediately or Arteta must be sacked and the team rebuilt?
    Why the assumption that £150m buys the dream team when what was here before was almost exclusively unfit for purpose?
    Why the presumption that perfecting a new system with inexperienced players can be achieved in a few weeks, when it has taken the Big Three several seasons and far more than £150 million to get their systems to the level they are at now, and all with managers who are also amongst the top half dozen in world football?
    Our yardstick cannot be these teams. Perhaps in a couple of seasons and more investment it can be but not now. We don’t even have a decent striker now, with both Auba and Laca in the twilight zone. Why doesn’t MA change the line up for different matches? Because our squad only has poor players or those even less experienced than the rookies who lost the plot vs Liverpool. I count only 11 players who our definitely our longterm future, plus some kids who may or may not make it. We need to spend on depth, which means we have to spread the budget. Then we can survive a long season.
    Our litmus test should be the Man Utds, Spuds, Leicesters, West Hams, Evertons of the EPL. Let’s for now judge ourselves against them, not the Big Three.
    I visit a lot of Arsenal sites, admittedly many of which contain articles but few fan comments. None of them are even close to being as negative either in articles or comments as this site is about our current team. Neither are they as gung-ho about how good we are as some fans here suggest.
    I hate the term “realist” as it has no place in football – a game of dreams, opinions and fluctuating fortunes, but on this site, with such polarised opinions it’s tough to take the middle ground…

  5. Ad Pat claims to have written this article. So why does it have Sylvesters style all over it, I am bound to wonder?

    1. because you seem to have this so much hatred for Sylvester, that you will always associate anything you don;t like with Sylvester. Guy take a chill pill, your attacks on writers here are becoming too personal. Do you have issues with JA? maybe, you should talk to the admins about it, and stop being insulting.

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