The Arsenal players need to repay Wenger’s faith in them

Arsenal Players should take 80% of the blame. By Galen

I try not write any article immediately after a game of football. Most often the anger is doing all the talking. I have gone back to Arsenal Player and watch our game vs Olympiakos. I have also read and seen the comments of the fans when the starting XI was put out. They all seemed to be very happy and pleased with the starting XI.

People wanted Gabriel and Koscielny. They got that. They were also happy with Ospina as goalkeeper. The fans have been crying for us to play with proper wingers, and we had Ox and Sanchez out wide. Most fans wanted Ramsey on the bench and they called him names like ‘Wenger’s favourite son’ and things like that. Ramsey was on the bench. Then we had Olivier Giroud, as far away from the team as possible. Most people were happy with that as a well. What happened is something I can’t explain. The 3rd goal we conceded was just a joke from the entire team. From front to back it was just a total disaster.

Wenger has a history of backing and protecting his players. When they all face criticism he comes out and takes the entire blame. But the time has come for our players to man up and take the blame. The worst thing that can happen in a big game is when big players are hiding on the pitch. They show no fight and zero determination.

When was the last time Ozil showed up in a big game? I mean a Big Game? I watched the game against Olympiakos and Ozil was hiding all game. This is thes ame player who will demand 200k a week for a new contract.

Its easy to criticize Ramsey when he is played out wide on the right. Our big players have been hiding for far too long in big games. Cazorla is definitely our best midfielder but he is played way out of position. Our team is not balanced enough unfortunately.

Cazorla and Ozil in midfield is just weak weak weak. There is no power, and Coquelin has to do a three-man job. The opposition beats our midfield almost every time they attack us. That is the manager’s fault as I would bench one of Ozil or Cazorla. Some few players of recent times, like Ramsey, Giroud, Ospina, Per, etc, have all come under heavy criticism. Some other big players get away with murder. Apart from Sanchez and Walcott the entire team let the manager down. Funny enough Jack Wilshere is injured. If not you would have heard people say we lost because Wilshere was playing.

The truth of the matter is that we have protected and defended our players for too long. Every big game I have to defend Giroud, Theo, Ramsey, etc etc. Its about time players come out and start fighting for their manager. The biggest criticism for Wenger is that he has blind faith in his players. This man will go to his grave believing in these players. Do these players really care? They just focus on getting their big wages at the end of the week. Wenger actually believed these players were so good that he made no outfield signing this summer. The players need to take more responsibility.

Players need to go out there in big games and fight for each other and play for each other and defend together. We play Manchester United – and there are no excuses tomorrow. Our big players have to man up. I have seen Ozil turn up in just two big games since he came to Arsenal. Napoli at home in the Champions league and Liverpool at home last season. I want more from him in big games. Not just when we play Stoke at home. I want more from the entire team. We can’t depend just on Walcott and Sanchez.

Wenger protects his players too much. If you see the contracts our players are on its just a joke. Giroud 130 K. No wonder Ozil will ask for 200K, but does he deserve it? Walcott 140K. That is the problem at Arsenal. We have even gotten to a point that we start overrating our own players. The players just need to give more. They have been given too much by the manager and the football club.

Is Wenger too nice with our players?
By Galen Sona

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    1. You can if you tie him to a kite ?
      Run Forest Run and watch that peguin fly like an Eagle! ?

    2. Every single player in this squad has been added by Wenger. If they don’t perform, who’s fault is it that the team is full of underperforming players? The players, or the ultra richly paid manager who brought them in? You decide.

      1. its true AW added them: but its also their fault. they are supposed to be grown-up professionals.

      2. a post in another thread suggested a great idea: try bellerin at RW (debuchy behind him).
        then realize that ozil/caz in middle is TOO soft : we can only play one cam at a time.
        so play ozil for CL and caz for PL. behind them would go ramsey. then he’d be in the middle again. so a bunch of problems are solved by putting bellerin at RW [it also means debuchy gets consistent playing time]. OX can come on as a sub for bellerin, and in time , when he becomes a good enuf RW, he can start.

  1. Look, EPL performances have been decent.
    West Ham only performance that seemed like a hangover from Chelsea win.
    Chelsea lost was a write off because of poor refereeing!
    Liverpool draw we were hit with both CB out at the 11th hour.

    The rest we are doing well.

    So get behind and support. There’s way too much criticism. It’s cultural, I get that…but that needs to stop.

  2. Some of the best Articles on ere are by Galen and Uche!



    @Galen…………its been a whiLe bro…..weldone!

    1. Thanks bro. I don’t write so much this days because there nothing much to talk about. You don’t want to become so miserable because of Arsenal. lol

  3. love your articles galen this just proves the sheer stupidity and arrogance of our manager
    what are players like ozil and giroud still doing at arsenal after their first season
    ozil should probably be sold back to shalke in a soft league and who knows he might play his best football and it might help in his national team form
    cazorla is a good player but not world class he can not be classified on the same level against players like silva iniesta and the old arsenal fabregas
    sanchez is also good but he needs to add more to his game for him to be put on the same level with world beaters like suarez neymar and bale
    koscienly is also good but he has too many injury troubles
    coquelin is a class player but he is not world class he is good technically but not a dominant midfielder like schneiderlin and fernandinho
    as for cech he is there among the best keepers and he is the only positive in this arsenal team.Needs to work on his distribution though
    the back four is solid but has alot of light weights strong and powerful foward might find it easy

  4. Arsene has been too nice and needs to demand a performance against Man U. Our inconsistency is concerning up to this point.

    Good article.

  5. Man U and Arsenal both
    have dynamic attackers
    Both have a brilliant goalie.
    Man U have a dodgy back 4.
    Home win to the Arsenal.

  6. “Where’s Wally” impersonation specialist (Ozil)
    Should be bench in the big games!
    At least we will know where he is ?

    No one likes to admit it ,
    but Ozil has been a major disappointment since we signed him, I wouldn’t lose any sleep if we sold him!
    The young kid thats on loan at Glasgow Rangers is as good as Ozil and I’m sure that he has the guts to stand out in big games too.

    Apologies for not remembering his name..
    Only Gollum and zegrab kept coming to my mind ??
    I blame Lord of the rings and Wenger for that ??

    1. Gideon Zelalem 🙂
      The general consensus
      has been that Ozil needs pace
      to maximize his killer passes.
      Well I guess now he has Sanchez and Ox
      as his wing men and Theo up front
      there can be no excuses.
      Hope they play well 2morrow.
      But have a feeling the gaffer will start with Giroud.

  7. Wenger arsenal is not your mother’s kitchen,we cant buy because of stadium debt,when we have money there is no players worth buying,when we lose games its bad luck etc etc.Wenger even if you win cl with arsenal you are already a dull manager,you deserve no respect go go to wherever you came from

    1. Ha ha.
      Yes if we win the league
      this season after a small
      outlay where does that leave the
      theory about financial restraint
      stopping Arsenal winning titles?

  8. I just looked at the lineup of our 2-0 game against City and noticed Ozil was on the bench. I had thought he was injured and that was why he missed out. Anyone recalls, why Wenger didn’t play him? I’ll be tempted to play a similar lineup tomorrow.

  9. Walcott makes £140k and Giroud makes £130k per week???? Wow!!! That’s the same as Alexis and Mesut

    Even Lewandowski only makes £160k per week

    I guess it’s better than Rooney making £280k per week.

    Seriously, Walcott is good but nowhere near Alexis and Ozil’s level.

    I’m okay with Giroud making £130,000 per week. He is WORLD CLASS just like Lord you know who

    1. Anyway it’s none of my business
      If they score goals and assists and help us win, they can get paid whatever the manager and club decide

      I don’t care, just surprised

      1. As far as I’m concerned,
        Ozil hasn’t proved his worth yet at Arsenal.
        Don’t misunderstand me,
        I was a big fan of his before he moved to Real Madrid,
        But I am disappointed with him now.

        Mr Where’s Wally, always talks a big game but never turns up for one!

        He recently gave another big talk regarding the utd game,
        And no doubt, true to form, he won’t turn up, as per usual!

  10. Back to today

    If Wenger keeps ox and Walcott on the bench and plays Ramsey on the right, I will scream

    It’s unlikely, but not impossible as he did it before

    I have nothing against Giroud starting BUT Walcott must start.

    Walcott and Alexis are on FIRE

  11. I really think Arsenal players needs to taking some responsibilities for the teams’s woeful performance. Its completely wrong to blame wenger all the time…

    Does it mean we need to buy messi just to beat dynamo… Its ridiculous… I just hope we dont make a mockery against a not too good manchester united…..

  12. Galen Sona, to be frank and to be kindid, some top Gunners are yet to play to their ratings, save just a handful of them. As a matter of fact, I will waiting until I rewatch our games on Arsenal player before I pass my own final verdict. This has become necessary because after my rewatching our home game to Olympiakos on Arsenal player, I can’t see how the ball 100% crossed Ospina’s goal line. And Uefa are yet to approve the goal line Technology for the Champions League games to erase any doubt. So my criticism of Ospina for conceding that 3rd goal is not totally fair. I am sorry to have over criticized him. But I will still hold on to my criticizing Oxlade. He has appeared to be mentally weak as he turned out to be wasteful in that Olympiakos game. Let him wake up from his slumbers and henceforth, stop deflecting the ball into his own net. I think he will do well if the Boss plays him at left wing as cover for Sanchez as he is versatile. And Walcott should not be limiting himself to just a goal per game for Arsenal. He seemed not to bother much again to score a 2nd or even a hat trick after scoring his 1st goal. This his attitude is not helpful enough for Arsenal games. Had he scored at least his 2nd goal against Olympiakos, Arsenal wouldn’t have lost the game. And more importantly, the Gunners Defenders and midfielders are yet to score a single goal this season to reduce the goal burden on their strikers. I think is only Flamini that has bailout the Gunners midfielders from recording 0 goal scored so far. This deficiency MUST be turned to efficiency in our home game against Man Utd on Sunday. And finally, Arsenal MUST as a team defend and attack in that big game. Needless to tell Ozil to turn up big in this our latest big game as he has seen his lack of turning up big in the big game has cost us the good result we are after.

  13. @ Sam
    Good points but Ospina should not have dropped the ball in the first place. I agree that OX needs to improve . Theo cxan do better. But with a good run of games he will only get better.

    1. actually, ospina’s original sin was negligent positioning: he was too far out of his goal when the corner kick was taken.

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