The Arsenal players obviously don’t want to play for Wenger any more…

No papering over the cracks. It’s only about to get much worse! by Konstantin Mitov

Well, if you expected anything against Man City after losing against Ostersunds, I applaud you for you incredible optimism, matching the one of the deluded manager we have in charge. I honestly feel like talking about tactics when our players look like it’s the first time they meet themselves every game is pretty pointless.

Honestly where shall we start? Mustafi’s behavior for their first goal was a sum up for Arsene Wenger and our entire season – dreadful, helpless, looking at the ref with the hope that something else will save his mistake. “External” circumstances for losing against Ostersunds. How about now Arsene?

This person has destroyed Arsenal football club by being rewarded for it with new deals. At half time we are 1:0 down and we come out in the second half with our hands up. City dominated us from minute 45 till the end when it was already over and Wenger made a sub only after it was 2:0. His inability to change a game since 2005 is so obvious, yet we keep him on here.

The players do not care and they are certainly not playing for the manager. Why don’t they go to the board and say they want a new manager? They are cowards, just like Wenger. Why did Ozil sign a new deal? Why did we bring Aubameyang and Mkhitaryan? You can’t be serious thinking that the way we’re ending this season, we’d start next one with Wenger up top.

But then again, it’s probably the only certain thing to happen. “Catalyst for change” cannot be the problem at this football club. This has gone far beyond what’s good for Arsenal. It’s only about Wenger proving to everyone he is everything around here, but the only thing he’s doing is making it so much easier for the next person coming in to show just how bad he actually is.

Is it time for protests? They should’ve exploded when Wenger got a new deal, but now I don’t see protests coming in, although they are necessary. Last season those protests caused something, although it wasn’t enough it didn’t mean we should stop. What happened was the FA cup blindsided everyone and made them forget about the real issue.Just like the top 4 was Wengers hiding spot for years.

Now, even the kids know it’s his fault. He will dismiss it fiercely of course and talk about loyalty and respecting his contract, completely ignoring the misery of being an Arsenal fan and it’s not about just this game, it’s about the years of pain we had to endure. Things will be the same on Thursday, and in a few Thursdays when we are shamefully out of the Europa League against Milan it will be the same. The only way going up is reaching the incredibly low bottom, where even Arsene gets sacked. If only there is one.



  1. muffdiver says:

    bellerin on sanchez
    One of the best in the Premier League for sure but he is a player who always wants to win. ‘He demands from everyone, sometimes it can be too much. ‘The great thing is he wants to win, to give 100 per cent.

    no hector thats what we wanted from YOU
    from all your team mates

    man city destroy us and dont leave second gear when doing it

    WENGER has created a harmonious workplace where no one is drilled made to fight , there is no need for hunger, collect your 150 000 and play tiki taka
    let ozil and laca do the rest
    a cup final and u walk !? u JOG?! FECKING JOG?!!!

    at 1 down you could have changed it
    at 2 down same
    at 3 ur stood patting welbeck on the back before he goes on

    YOU ARE DONE ! dont care who u buy who u bring
    all we can do now is hope he leaves in the summer

    losing to man city is no crime
    not trying though…in a cup final


  2. John Ibrahim says:

    Bellerin is more interested in fancy clothes and girls these days rather than playing serious footy

    1. ks-gunner says:

      You are just being jelous Ibrahim. Wenger would be doing the same, if not for his wife leaving him already.

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        very jealous

        1. Bellerin is the biggest fraud in world football. I dare say he is better at hiding in plain sight than Walcott! We can see you though Bellerin, your mediocre days are numbered! A new manager will come and when the floodlights of accountability are shinned absolute terror will reign upon you!

          1. khitb77 says:

            That’s a ridiculous thing to say.

            It implies you have knowledge of every footballer in the world.

            Bellerin isn’t even the worst player in our side.

            Stop making such over the top statements, it’s childish.

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    What’s even more depressing is that no one will be punished for Thursday night against City. Wenger will still be manager, and players like Xhaka (who had an absolute shocker) will start…yet again!

    Even MORE depressing is that the game is a dead rubber! Even if we win, we’re still in 6th, miles behind 4th, and even further behind 2nd, and 1st. We could smash City 6-0, and it’s meaningless! I honestly couldn’t care less. Hopefully City stuff us again, and the board FINALLY pull the trigger!

  4. ks-gunner says:

    You guys, dont be stupid. They are most deff playing for him, but like Wenger, they are to comfortable at Arsenal

    Sanchez like Bellerin said before was asking to much of the team. Sanchez did not respect Wenger. Bellerin and Ramsey for example do respect him. Bec he is nice and cute to his boys. He gives them also big hugs, candy and money.

    He is a fatheeeeer to them all. Awwwwwiiii. Lol. What a clown.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Klopp gives the best hugs and smiles

  5. jon fox says:

    I have been actively calling for Wengers sacking for many years already , as many onher well know. Perhaps now some of the remaining idiots who still want him to stay will see the truth of my posts. To me, it has been obvious since 2007-8 season, when we blew a five point lead in early March and let United win the title by four points, that Wenger is far too soft, unambitious and not prepare to do what it takes to win titles. Not merely his legendary refusal to coach defence and to buy proper tough defenders with will to win, physical power, height and strength, but also his refusal to even see how vital defence is to all successful teams. He has played a two full backs up field together system(if you can call that shambles a system) for mamny years. He has no idea how defenders should mark at corners and wide free kicks into the box. He buys shortish CB’s except for Merts, who cannot move and run like other professional footballers are expected to do. For a full decade we have had a markedly inferior defence compared to other top teams AND STILL he does nothing, NOTHING!!!!! TO PUT THIS SCANDAL RIGHT. He flatly refuses to install a proper disciplined, strong, mobile and powerful CDM, preferring instead rubbish like Xhaka, Elneny and the slightly less appalling Coquelin who waas though , still nowhere near the standard we need. MEANWHILE OUR RIVALS HAVE QUALITY CDM”s! Today, though many are too blind to see it, was a hugely good day for our club for one powerful reason. It brings his sacking far closer and much more likely to be only a matter of days or weeks away, May at the latest. THAT IS GREAT NEWS and what we need now to make 100% sure he is sacked, is to have a succession of bad defeats , starting with another debacle against City and then Brighton and AC. Milan. Plus enormous fan protests everywhere , including in the ground and outside it too, and social media of course. By then the club will have finally -a decade too late – have made the decision to sack him. I expect to hear this within 12 weeks from now at latest and then its champagne out and celebrate the rebirth of our club.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      He cant swallow this. A propper kick off from the uefea leauge is going to be his end. This cup final today was the last hope of his to postpone his leave a bit, maybe till his contract end. but now its a diff story.

      1. Yes, everything is falling into place. Now another defeat by City midweek and a thrashing by AC Milan and Wenger will have nothing to hide his face with and will have no choice but to resign or get fired! I will celebrate Wenger’s end like a premier league trophy!

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Jon I concuf with all you say re Arsenal’s deficiencies; I just hope you are right about the Wenger years coming to an end.
          For next season Arsenal need a hard headed, competent and well respected defensively competent coach/manager such as Simeon or Ancellotti to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Under performing players shold now be on notice.
          Similar money to that paid to Wenger, plus Arsenal’s known loyalty to managers, should be enough to attract the best.

  6. John Ibrahim says:

    Once wenger leaves,

    Arsenal fan tv will see a massive drop in viewers….

    and commentaries and participants in this site will drop as well

    they have hit their target of getting Wenger out at all cost….to the extend of the club relegating and losts

    1. vinie2000 says:

      Why expressing your opinion will cost the site drop in participants or in the arsenal fan tv? silence has been the main cause of Arsenal falling. In politics, when you want change you vote even for someone else in order to remove the party you are not happy with so In football until fnas get together at arsenal fc we will keep sinking deeper and deeper. that’s what you want? top 6th is good for a fans size like ours? for our expectations? Arsenal fc with a new coach like tucchel who coached Aubameyang and Miki at Borussia will bring a new identity and fresh ideas or Jardim or Loew. These players need someone who push them to live to their expected levels until then we going to be more divided and suffering more embarrasing defeats week in week out.

  7. Well Wenger, time to go old man!

  8. Greg says:

    After years of supporting arsenal i think im gonna call it a day if things dont improve meaning wenger and stan “GONE”!

  9. Kenny Rolfe says:

    I understand how you all feel because I feel the same but I honestly don’t think they’ll ever sack him, they’ll plead with him to resign, even to move upstairs but he’s so stubborn that he’ll just tell ’em “I’ll never resign” and if they try to sack him, he’ll use emotional blackmail with “I could have gone anywhere in Europe but stayed true to the club” and this will go on until the end of he’s contract. The man is mad, it’s why he’s wife left him, how can anybody live with a man like this, if he was a politician he’d start a World war. He thinks he’s superior to anybody, he still thinks he’s the best manager in the country. Negative comments, protests, abuse is water off a ducks back to him, he doesn’t listen to anybody or anything negative, he just goes home to a lonely house and plays videos of past successes hoping and dreaming that it’s all going to comeback, then he wakes up and starts another day

  10. bran911 says:

    I don’t think that they don’t wanna play for him, I think that’s their level of quality. You know, when you are very poor, even your best days and working hands will keep being poor no matter what.. Wenger is too soft to them combined with their relegation quality of team players, you finally get the arsenal players

    1. maxi pimpi says:

      Bran911, why do some or most of our players perform much better for their national teams????

  11. Opio jatex says:

    Any one who is blaming wenger is blind.Arsenal as aclub has owner.lets blame owner of the club.What if they have secret promises? If we(THE FANS)are seing weakness of the maneger,how about club owner? Maybe wenger is still making profit for the boss.since we love ARSENAL,lets wait for change till wengers death.

    1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

      Simple question; what honours/trophies would Arsenal have won, if George Graham had been given the same length of tenure and same allocations as Wenger?

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I’ve always said Ozziegunner, if George had twenty goes at the Champions League he’d have at least three or four under he’s belt. Without doubt.

  12. Hademe says:

    So confused, don’t know what to say any more…… Wenger,please go,go,gooooooo.

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