The Arsenal players obviously have a problem with Alexis – What’s the solution?

It is a very strange situation we find ourselves in with Alexis Sanchez being ignored by his Arsenal team-mates after scoring the goal that made sure Arsenal gained three points against Crystal Palace tonight.

It was so obvious that our legend Thierry Henry made a comment about it, and he thinks that Samchez’s team-mates should have just been happy that he scored. “There is division in the team,” said Henry on Sky Sports. “He is asking them to come [and celebrate with him]. Why are they not coming? Don’t they want to celebrate?”

“You’re not here for Alexis Sanchez, you’re here for Arsenal. Arsenal scored so go and celebrate. Whoever does it, celebrate with your team-mate.”

So he wasn’t the only one that noticed, with the media asking Wenger what he thought about Alexis’ performance after he scored twice to help us to a 3-2 win. “I felt he was very good tonight. From the first minute on he was focused, and simple again,” Wenger said.

“This kind of Sanchez is a great football player, as we know him. And that’s the kind of performance you want from him.”

Wenger was then asked if he thought that Sanchez just wanted out, and whether his mind wasn’t at the Emirates any more. He replied.:”Look, every press conference has to represent a psychological problem. If we could talk about football, it would be better,”

“I’m not a specialist in psychology, I’m here to comment on the game.”

And when specifically asked if his team-mates were annoyed with Alexis’  attitude because he wants to leave in January, Wenger made his usual reply:  “No, not at all. I did not see that,”

“I am not fearful [of a bid coming in], but that is a subject that will turn up because of his contract situation.

“I have said that many times since the start of the season so I can only repeat what I have said.”

So the question is why did the players blank him? Is he really trying to force a move in January, like he tried in the summer? Or do they just not like him?



  1. Anko says:

    If Alexis doesn’t feel Arsenal FC is good enough for him, then he should be allowed to leave. Squad players see what we don’t see and hear what we can’t hear. So am sure there is a reason for the divided celebration! Commitment is key to a good squad! Or maybe there isn’t much to the celebration any! Pundits need news!

    1. Roehahn says:

      People talking about why do City need Sanchez when they have Sterling,Sane,De Bruyne ,Jesus..It should be clear by now that Pep wants to win the CL with City..Look at their bench..They have Gundogan,Bernardo Silva,Jesus,Yaya Toure,Mendy,Kompany on the bench..They are going for all 4 competitions and they need players to rotate for all competitions..Sanchez will play uptop and rotate with Aguero and Jesus..Now that’s ambition for you Mr. Wenger.

      1. sfgunner says:

        good point

        1. Incarnate says:

          The solution? They all need to grow up, Sanchez included.

      2. Kedar Damle says:

        Its right that it is ambition but you should consider the amount of Money so called Pep has spent because of oil king owner… You cannot go and randomly compare the situation… Wenger is bad in recent years but it doesn’t mean that Pep is world class… Look at his record?? He has only managed clubs where those clubs originally strong enough give him money or there is no competition in league… Barcelona where only he had Real Madrid to compete plus he had ample money… And when Jose Managed Real and won La Liga then Pep ran away by telling sabbatical reason.. And then he Managed Bayern Munich.. No need to tell about Bayern and German League.. And now here in City, look at the amount he has spend… Tomorrow if you and me spend such amount and bought players like that then you and me would look great Manager…

        1. Rkw says:

          Doesn’t stop him being the best manager in top flight … nor more importantly does it excuse arsenal for making money in last transfer window when we were clearly 5 players short of real quality … we brought in 2 one for free .. that is wenger arrogance for you … so give me the “so called” pep any day!!

          1. Kedar Damle says:

            Then that so Called Pep keep 300 million aside… Pep has spend more money than Emirates debt we had at the time building new stadium..

          2. xxnofx says:

            Yes hes spent it becasue he knows he needs to to win .
            wenger as also spent money but the difference is we buy sh1t pep dosent
            xhaka 30 mil
            jesus 27 mil
            and look at the moey he wastes just to keep the fans happy
            chambers 16 mil
            welbeck 16 mil
            perez 12mil
            thats 44 mill which could have been spent on a world class player not 3 players that donot even get in the team .
            theres more i could go on about but i think you will get the point .

          3. jon fox says:

            Yes , we sane ones certainly get the point and totally agree with it too.

    2. Aussie Jack says:

      Alexis is a loner and only happy when he`s in the company of players of his own caliber, there`s nothing strange about that I`m much the same myself. It`s much easier to talk `up` than talk `down` and it`s much easier to playing with high quality as I found in my junior days: playing with the club side was hard work and I didn`t enjoy it, once into representative level it brought out the best I me. Now I`m not saying the Arsenal players are substandard but let`s face it he is a cut above, so like water let him find his own level. I think he was a little disappointed with Arsenal. I am!

      1. Incarnate says:

        That’s the exact hype that got a Barcelona reject holding us to ransom, he doesn’t exactly have three legs now, does he? Not wanting to be here isn’t an excuse for sloppiness, imagine an airline pilot being sloppy because of his differences with his employers? If I was really pissed at my employers, I’d stop picking up my paycheck all together.

        1. Ivan says:

          The airline pilot would leave. However what would he be like if he was not allowed to leave? That is the problem with keeping unhappy people.

  2. Roehahn says:

    O.T : I saw Henry’s analysis of our first PL game against Leicester..He pointed out at least 4-5 times Lacazette’s brilliant runs behind Leicester’s defence with Xhaka in posession, but Xhaka chose to pass sideways..That ball from Wilshere for the third goal showed what we have been missing..We have already played 20 games and Xhaka is yet to find Lacazette with such a through pass..This is why I fail to understand Xhaka’s role..He is clearly not a DM and neither a DLP..Even Song would have assisted Laca by now like he used to for RVP..

    1. Ackshay says:

      Hundred times yes xhaka was an attempt by wenger to buy a different kind of midfielder which unfortunately didnt work out, fans wanted it to work out hence the initial buzz. It happens to all big club but wenger and arsenal need to move on.
      Xhaka has a strong personality, he will not crumble if benched like some other soft players which are typical wenger players. We all know wenger will persist to make xhaka a success at the detriment of the team like he has done before so its up to gazidis and our director of fball to do the right thing.

  3. Beaveraldinho says:

    Lets face it, Sanchez’ attitude at the end of last season was nothing short of disrespectful, not just to us fans but to Arsene and his teammates too. Then he tried to force his way out over the window only to be blocked by Lemar’s move failing. Since then, he has been one of our worst players all season. His possession play has been so bad that I feel we find it hard to keep consistent pressure on teams anymore. I am of the opinion that a lesser player with a better team ethic would improve the team overall. A Draxler – Sanchez swap would be ideal, most likely ensuring Ozil staying and more goals for Lacazette. Although I feel like PSG will keep him and get rid of Di Maria instead. Only time will tell…

    1. I don’t even see why Draxler would accept the swap…from champions league challenging and league winners to top 4 also runs and europa league challengers…

    2. jon fox says:

      Good post generally. But there is no way PSG wil let Draxler go for the same money as a Sanchez with a mere 5 months left on his contract. Anyone can work that out!

  4. adi says:

    What city and man utd is paying for transfer and wages I guarantee is not making them money, like PSG, is just one big toy for the owners.

    I dont remember the day when key players are happy to sit on the bench because they get to win trophies and get exceptionally high wages. Football has definitely change.

    1. Maybe but the value of the clubs keep on going up…if the owner sells he makes capital gains.

    2. Ivan says:

      Utd owners take money out of the club every year as Evil Stan does from us.

  5. nura idris says:

    what i’m see here is that love is something u never take away from somebody. if Alexs do not love Arsenal let him go to wher if love to be.we have a problem with the players.

  6. Twig says:

    Aren’t the other players trying to leave Arsenal as well?

    1. Eat Pie says:

      Yes, even Jack is reluctant to sign a new deal.

      I am sure Sanchez, Ozil, Jack, Ramsey, Theo, OG, Mustafi, Debuchy will all be gone at the end of the season.

      They want more than we offer and some will be out of contract or with 1 year left only.

      1. Eat Pie says:

        Analyze that!

      2. jon fox says:

        Wrong about Jack. He constantly says he wants to remain at Arsenal but as usual , instead of being pro-active and getting a new contract offered , which would quickly be signed, Wenger sits on his skinny arse, doing nothing. Like he did with Sanchez and Ozil and many other top players who ran their contract down over the last decade under Wenger.

  7. Ackshay says:

    There are some who are not coming to celebrate with him but all this pundits and fans seem to forget that alexis often does not come to celebrate or comes very late. After sulking through most of the season now he starts to care because he likely has agreed a contract with city and is happy, what did you expect from his teammates when everyone clearly sees he did not give a fuck all season.

  8. Cheadle says:

    Its all about the money and I mean a lot of money when you want the Gold! OR IS IT. Even Chelsea is unwilling to spend crazily these days.

    Only the two Mancs can do this in England and sometimes it gets you nothing. The SUN reports that Man U have spent 600 million in 4 years to try to regain lost glory all to no avail. Surely there are smarter business models out there that will bring trophies, expose talented players, bring in money and make fans proud. Do Leicester fans feel entitled to trophies every season NO! are they happy their team is still in the league YES! You think Leicester is a bad example? Well think of the other teams that felt entitled to trophies and tried to spend big to win…. What did they get ……Nothing! And believe me in the pre-Neymar era spending 80-100 Million was BIG SPENDING!

    What is my point… Is Mourinho right about needing to spend more? Yes and No. “YES” because as we can all see, the biggest spender is flying high right now and “NO” because if you are clever with a slightly talented, above very average hard working squad you should able to upend the biggest spender and like Monaco, liquidate the most valuable assets and start the cycle again.

    When you watch Arsenal you just feel if they applied themselves a little more they should even be above Man U, why do I say this? well we just had three draws from winnable games….WINNABLE GAMES! “Add the dropped points” and we are neck and neck on points with Man U! Then “reverse” the narrow losses to Stoke and Watford and we become the second best team. In fact we are where we are because we could not perform against teams that are currently in the lower half of the table.

    The question is do you need to spend over 300 million to beat such teams? the answer is ……. you guessed it YES and … NO!

    1. Cheadle says:

      Above very average hard working= “Above average very hard working”

    2. Buddie says:

      You need to spend over 300 million to beat such teams at times cos handwork doesn’t always win games in football but technical ability and skills. If Arsenal have just a game changer, we would beat those teams you mentioned.

    3. Tdg1944 says:

      But we didn’t win those games!!!!!!!!!!!!! We haven’t won those games for 7/8 years.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. jon fox says:

      Some sensible points UNTIL you got to the “(if only) we had won , not drawn three winnable games and reversed the narrow losses to Stoke and Watford.” People who think “if only this, that or the other had happened instead” are in flying pig land. The FACTS ARE that they DID HAPPEN . And there are good reasons for that, the main one being WENGER . But otherwise you made some good points but in life your post is only ever as good as its weakest link, rather like a talented team but with a crap manager.

  9. Shinoda says:

    Let’s stop this nonsense of bashing Sanchez constantly. It’s not his fault that Wenger keeps playing him. Furthermore, we’re in this Situation because of one person. As much as football is a team sport, you always need that x-factor & Sanchez has always been that. It has been proven time & time again that you can’t win the league with a poor defense no matter how many goals you score. If we had a great defense, we could have already won the league last season or 2015-2016. Sanchez contributed to so many goals last season, I felt sorry it only amounted to an Fa cup. It will be very difficult to get a player that scores, assists, tracks back and defends at the level that Sanchez does it. This is something the manager has to cultivate in all players. We have become a club that rewards mediocrity & castigates ambition. If we had an ambitious & serious management, Wenger should have been the 1st person to be shown the door at the moment.

    1. jon fox says:

      Thank God for realists like you. Well said. INCREDIBLY THJOUGH, THERE ARE A VERY FEW FOOLS WHO WILL NEVER ACCEPT THE TRUTH, and they have stupidly disliked your spot on post.

  10. ThirdManJW says:

    Sanchez has been bang average this season, yet he’s still our most effective player looking at the stats, and now joint, or leading goal scorer for us. Says a lot about the rest of the squad doesn’t it.

    1. jon fox says:

      I have also criticised Sanchez for his bad attitude in most(not all) games this season. But of course you are right and even though he has not , mainly, given 100% , as he DID though last night , his stats are still better than most of the limited team mates round him. Speaks volumes doesn’t it!

  11. Sue says:

    OT: watched ’89’ after the match last night.. it was brilliant!! Quite emosh too
    Ian Wright, bless him, you’ve gotta love the guy ❤

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