The Arsenal players that could be sold or loaned this month…

The majority of the Premiership voted for the transfer window to close before the competition started so their squads would not be disrupted. Yet Unai Emery hasn’t ruled out selling more players with the majority of Europe still being able to buy. So, we might have to wait ’til September to get a better idea of what our options are.

Below are names linked with a possible departure within the next few weeks.

Wasn’t even on the bench at Newcastle, although maybe Unai Emery thinks the boos will stop once the transfer window closes elsewhere. Unfortunately, jeering our own players (even when we are winning) has become common practice with a minority of our fan base, the same who preach loyalty from the likes of Koscielny. The German will be aware he has become a scapegoat and that it might benefit all parties for a fresh start. Arsenal were optimistic to think they get their money back on the defender and might be open to a loan deal, just to get his wages off the bill.

I have already written that these two only be sold for footballing reasons, not because their current personal situations are an inconvenience to some of our supporters. To be fair long before the carjacking their futures have been in doubt. I was very critical of Kolasinac’s final ball in the Europa League Final, while if we have to play 5 at the back to accommodate to him, he’s not a good enough left back at this level. Emery has already admitted there are some fixtures he doesn’t tactically trust Ozil in, and long term you feel only a change of manager will see our number 10 at his best. Ozil and Kolasinac are best friends as are their wives (one of which has fled the country) so any decision they might make they might make together. It would be an embarrassment to England if they walked away over fears for their safety.

Only started a couple of times in the Premiership last season and with the emergency of youth, has dropped further down their pecking order. He is someone you can trust to bring in and give 100 per cent, but has his limitations, which is why fans don’t get on his back like Mustafi. If he stayed he might play in occasional cup ties but has no long term future with us.

Smith Rowe
We can’t push all our youngsters into the first team at once, so, like Eddie, a loan would be purely for Smith Rowe’s development. That was the plan last season, but injury ruined his time in Germany. A return there could be a possibility.

It is now or never for the Greek defender. He impressed at Old Trafford in Arsene Wenger’s final season, before a red at Leicester halted his progress. Injuries since then means it’s hard to judge how talented he is, or how much Emery trusts him. Maybe he needs to do what Chambers did last year and go on loan for first team experience.

When Tierney’s fit Emery must decide who he wants as his second choice left back. Monreal is the better defender and is trusted to play in the middle, especially in a back three. I could imagine he is one of the few leaders we have in our dressing room. If the right offer arrived for him and his family, like a return to Spain, should we let him go?

Any other players you could see leaving?

Be kind in the comments…

Dan Smith


  1. I believe ESR will replace Iwobi as our homegrown, left-sided squad player.

    Elneny, I can’t see any use for him with Guendouzi, Xhaka, Torreira, Willock, Ceballos all ahead of him in the central midfield position. Should fetch a good £10m.

    Monreal, we definitely need him!

    Mavropanos, I would like him to stay but him going out on loan makes sense as well. Hopefully we will stay fit.

      1. @Pablomoney
        You’re havin a laugh, right? ESR is nowhere near Willock in his all round game. Yeah, he’s good goin forward, but that’s bout it.

  2. I predict only Mustafi, Elneny and Smith-Rowe would leave. I don’t think Smith-Rowe can compete with Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Ceballos and Willock for the no 10 position

    I visited Mustafi’s Instagram once and it was full of harsh comments from the Gooners. Because he is still sellable, I think he would move if there is a good offer

    Elneny rejected an offer from Leicester once, but I bet he would leave if there is another chance to move. This poor guy never got a chance to play in five consecutive matches, so he has to revive his career somewhere else since he is still in his prime

  3. If money is the issue, then getting Ozil off the wage bill would ease a lot of financial pressure. Ozil’s salary alone can pay for Mustafi’s, El Neny’s and Kolasinac’s. Getting Ozil to leave would go a long way in solving the club’s money problems though it would leave us short, assuming he is in Emery’s plans this season.

    1. QD, Yes all Gooners are WELL aware of what you say. But surely, HOW is what we all want to know. Unless you have any ideas on that, just stating the blooming obvious contributes nothing to the Ozil. Not intending to be rude but surely we need more insightful posts than yours on this subject. We can all state the obvious should we wish, but it hardly helps.

      1. That is, of course, if one thinks he’s a bad player…UU obviously doesn’t and that’s what matters.
        Thumbs up to the coach!!!

        1. Ken, Bad? No! Mostly ineffective and lazy? Yes! Neither of us KNOWS what UE thinks. I still firmly believe that UE would rather he leave when possible but under the new situation since that dreadful incident it needs cautious handling and sober thinking. The values of our club are at stake here, not just the present but the past names too. Lives of course as all on here agree being a billion times more important than football. Not sure if Samson agrees though, judging by “that” post which was roundly and rightly condemned by all others.

          1. Jon, any chance of a reply to those four question yet?

            I’m just going by the UE quotes Jon, that’s as near as one can get – you might see it differently.

  4. Mustafi
    Believe we have enough defenders and Saliba coming in next summer so would definitivelysupport selling Mustafi in this window.
    One could hope that Pepe motivates Ozil to up his game… Honestly I wouldn’t cry if either or both were to be sold – although unlikely considering the salaries they are on!
    For both parties its for the better if he leaves to play some regular football.
    Propose a loan to further his skills and get games after some injuries have halted his progress…
    Same as ESR – last year he looked desperately slow and low of confidence in the PL games!
    We most certainly need the Spaniard as Tierney is currently out and remains untested in the PL!

    Little excited to watch us play this Saturday – common u Gunners!

  5. Ozil will never settle for a paycut.. The rumoured news of him moving to DC will never happen…
    Only Chinese clubs can easily match his current wage at Arsenal, but Ozil is not even interested in going to China…
    We are stuck with him till the end of his contract..
    What a dilemma…

    Kolsainac is not even going to make the bench regularly Talkless of starting, i wish Tierney recovers on time, so as to force out Kolsainac into January move….

    Elneny is useless
    He is leaving before the window closes

    Mustafi can still be reborn, he has the qualities to be a proper Central defender, he is fast and can play the ball out, but his occasional lapses and errors has cost us a lot…
    He just needs to go

    Mavro will improve if he can see where to play regularly
    so therefore he needs to go on loan to Championship or Bundesliga…

    Emile Smith Rowe, our own David Debruyne
    This guy is far more gifted than that overhyped Nelson

    I want him to compete with Willock Ceballos in that central attacking midfield role
    He has a good football brain and is so good on the ball…

    How i wish Emery could see those defects we see regularly in Xhaka game…

    How I wish Emery could be bold enough to freeze or force Xhaka Kolsainac Ozil out and allow Torreira Ceballos Guendouzi Emile smith Willock to have proper regular football time on the pitch …

    Mustafi and Elneny are not a hindrance to our Youngsters development,
    Ozil and Xhaka are big hindrances

    1. Mustafi a proper CD!?! What about all them suicidal and reckless tackles while staying on your feet is the way of a proper defender? Are all them lazy and stupid decisions – Spurs away last year when we had almost won the game – the way of a proper defender? Hell no!!!

      Agree though on ESR – the little I have seen of the guy does make me rate him above Nelson! But considering the players we have on our books I believe he needs a season on loan!

    2. There’s no need comparing willock and ESR. While Willock is a box to box CM, ESR is a CAM who likes to open up defenses and make solo effort on goal. Their styles are different. Willock will beat ESR to a CM position any day any time and ESR will beat Willock to a CAM position.

  6. Mustafi- I think he should leave obviously the fans and head coach has lost confidence in him. I guess his teammates too. He needs a fresh start. I’ll snap Monaco’s hand if they submit a €20 million bid.

    Mavropanos- he is injured at the moment and will be out until October (according to However, he should be sent on loan come january to get some playing time, preferably at a championship club.

    Monreal- He stays period! He is consistent and will prove a good cover in the LB and CB positions especially if Mustafi leaves.

    Kolasinac- I hope he stays. Not a great defender but we may need him on the left when Tierney is not available. He’s definitely good at joining the attack.

    Elneny- Gives his all when he plays (though his all is not good enough) so i dont mind if we kept him. He certainly won’t play lots of games with Torreira and Guendouzi ahead of him in that position so I won’t miss him if we sold him.

    Ozil- I’m not his biggest fan right now but its too late to consider selling him. He will need to be replaces and Joe willock is not his replacement. Joe is more of a box to box midfielder (as described on and as we have seen too). He needs to stay, let’s hope the arrival of Pepe will reignite his form and bring out the class in him.

    Smith-Rowe- Will definitely benefit from a loan preferably to Germany. Got injured after 2 or 3 appearances for RB Leizbig. He needs another loan deal to play regularly.

    Mhiki- Another guy we can’t sell because he needs to be replaced. Hopefully we will offload him next summer and replace with a good LW so that Nelson can play in his preferred RW as back up and competitor to Pepe.

    Others- Don’t dare.

  7. Mustafi has to go. He has poor concentration, pooor positioning and not enough height. Chambers is much better than Mustafi. If Granit Xhaka had a new body and a new mind he might become a footballer one day.

    1. Chambers is massively better than the clown Mustafi. I am pleased Chambers is back and think he might well be a regular along with Luiz and soon Holding(who is our best of all, IMO).

      Sokratis should follow Mustafi back to the circus where both those clowns belong. Many Gooners will note now how two of UE’s signings have been clear failures, Lichsteiner and Sokratis. But I remain a massive fan of UE and unlike Wenger, who chose quite freely many of his long list of CB duds, UE had not the money to buy a quality CB last summer(a year ago) and so had to buy the best he could get for peanuts; namely Sokratis. But even so, that was a rank bad choice. All managers buy duds at times BUT Wenger bought ALMOST all duds at CB, over his 22 years. I would list them all but have to eat my dinner in half an hour so have not time!

  8. Let the coach build his team ……. looks like Emery believes more in teamwork and strategy …… not just talent …..and his teams are selected with the tactics and opponent. Let the man do his job. He knows his players more than us.

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