The Arsenal players want the Europa League to show their love for Wenger

Arsene Wenger has won three, THREE, FA Cup trophies for Arsenal in the last four years (when was the last time Tottenham or Liverpool won a trophy?) and took us to theLeague Cup Final this season and is two games away from being in the Europa League Final.

The players have loved getting winning medals at the expense of our rivals, but it simply hasn’t been enough for the fickle Arsenal fans who wanted him to win every single game. There has only been one manager that has gone a whole season unbeaten (I wonder who that was?) so why does any fan of any team expect perfection?

But the players definitely appreciate him, as was evidenced by the plaudits from current and ex-players this week since he announced his departure. They were upset at the news and as Aaron Ramsey said today, they will do their best to give him the perfect send off. “Obviously it’s really tough to take for the group of lads. He’s believed in us, backed us and given us all these opportunities over the years,” Ramsey told Sky Sports.

“Especially for me, he brought me here as a 17-year-old so I owe him a lot.

“He deserves everything he gets, all the plaudits and the recognition and hopefully we can finish off the season on a high for him.

“We’re not thinking about who’s coming in next, it’s more about doing it for him. We want to win every game and finish off with the cup, so hopefully we can give him the perfect send-off.”

He may not have been appreciated by a large amount of Arsenal fans, but the players are going to be very upset when they lose the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history.

Sam P


  1. HA559 says:

    Wenger refusal to buy a DMF over the years and especially this year cost him his job. Even with the likes of Coquelin, Flamini, and even Arteta, who were all decent not really special and made mistakes, we haven’t lost this many games in a season under Wengers reign. This year there is no DMF.

    1. HA559 says:

      Also I never knew the Europa would have as much significance to any club until now. Lets get him the Europa to make 11 trophies in 22 years, that sounds good right?

      1. John Ibrahim says:

        this season issue was mainly cech and mustafic taking turns to assist opposite sides to win …..least 12 points were lost because of their errors…

        plus sanchez saga which we lost both goals and assist with his lacksture

        not to mention injuries

        1. Ozziegunner says:

          Agree John, but injuries have been a problem for Arsenal under Wenger for a number of years.
          As I have posted on here a number of times, I can never understand Wenger’s change in philosophy from tall physically commanding and mentally strong players in his early years, to the small wimps in mid field and defence Arsenal regressed to.

  2. Tas says:

    First Arsenal fans want to win the EL so we can be in the CL and to have bragging rights then when in CL we can attract beter players in the summer and finaly AW will have his memories of winning in Europe, in that order

    1. Tas says:

      Let’s not forget it’s an honor to manage such a top flight club and get paid 9 million a year doing so and having trophies on your wall, if it was me I would be saying THANK YOU ARSENAL everyday on my yacht cruising around the best waters and islands around the world

      Arsen hope next year this time you can say I SHOULD OF DONE THIS YEARS AGO ??

  3. AY75 says:

    I really do hope we win the Europa league, because it’s going to be a massive boost with regards to landing our summer targets……… once the defence and midfield is fixed, I believe we’re going to seriously compete for titles next season…….. and signing off with his first European trophy would be great for Wenger too.

  4. Ignasi M says:

    I just can’t see our defence and midfield stopping Atletico. Again, against West Ham we were cut open so easy with multiple mistakes Mustafi. We were also very lucky with the Ramsey goal.

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Eventhough Atletico sitting second in the league, they don’t look impressive as they were years ago. Last two games, they thrashed 3 nil to none by Sociedad and held no goal againts Betis. Last things we need is the inferior mentality before the clash actually happen.
      We scored 4 goals to one then you called it lucky? ? But I agree we need to up grade that performance big time to nail Simeone’s side.

  5. Phil says:

    Sam P-so the fans are FICKLE are we?For what I must ask you?For giving Wenger stick for the mediocrity he was serving up week after week.And your happy with where we are?You are content for us to fight clubs such as BURNLEY for SIXTH place in the Premier League? Your expectation levels are very low if you have been satisfied with what we have put up with in the League and Champions League these past years.Wenger was SACKED because he was not capable of addressing the downward slide his management has put us in.We are no longer a serious threat to the current top 5 and with him still as manager could you honestly see it improving next season?
    The players are more concerned for their own careers not Wengers and I would imagine the majority would welcome a new manager to at least bring some fresh ideas and improvements to the team.They would want to win the Europa League as much for themselves as anyone else.
    And now Wenger is playing the fans for everything that he has f**ked up.Anyones fault but his YET AGAIN.

  6. Things just change. People do too. People age and ideas stop being so innovative as they were in past times. Formations become obsolete, same as tactics. Styles of play and even positions of players disappear. Tactics are renewed, improved; talents emerge, newer ideas are stablished. Better and more creative styles are born. Wenger should have left long ago. He should have been adviced more wisely. It shouldnt have come to this. Theres no way for a person his age to compete against new mentalities like peps, simeones, klopps, gallardos, or even san paoli. Conclusion is simple. He was the best of his time. But this is not his time anymore.


  8. wenger says:

    Don’t think the blame was on DM. I think our key players like Mustafi, Cech, Bellerin has been under performing. We also had Monreal and Kos out for key matches.

  9. Ozziegunner says:

    Hopefully the players put every effort into winning all their remaining games, including the Europa League, to repay the loyalty Arsene Wenger has shown them over the years. The question has to be asked as to why they are expressing their thanks and respect to him now that he is leaving, yet previously they underperformed on the pitch?
    Surely they must realize that they need to perform well, because a prospective new manager is assessing whether or not they have a future at the Arsenal!

    1. Sue says:

      Yes I bet a few of them are bricking it right now!!

  10. ken says:

    well it seems everywhere i look despite the confirmation he will be departing pop shots and cross hairs are red hot. miserable f…. arsenal fans a DM wouldn’t have changed our fortunes, games still would of been lost. in the the last 5 years we have won consecutive fa cups, 3 in total even the misfits from arsenal tv will be seething; waiting for the first opportunity to bitch about the players- the new manager get until the next game.

  11. mikki says:

    Wenger should go for good…..Wenger is already outdated and i don’t see any need of defending Wenger because he won three fa cup in 4 years….for 14 yrs no major trophy…Liverpool won the championship league 2005,and they are in semi final and they will surprise everybody by winning cl….almost 9yrs no trophy which club on earth will tolerate that all in the name of wengsr

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