The Arsenal Rewards scheme needs to be fixed (I won zero!) as well as the Members ballot

Arsenal Rewards is a scheme where fans who become Members can earn points, which can be exchanged for prize draws or experiences. You get extra points for getting tickets for games (not much good for Dan, who didn’t win any tickets in the ballot!)

What benefits does the Arsenal Rewards really give us? Maybe some change is needed… by Shenel

I don’t know about you Gooners but where I am concerned, I have won zero from the Arsenal member rewards this season despite entering for a number of things during the season.

Now I know for some people it makes their dreams come true with things they enter for and win such as; winning a signed shirt, meeting players, going to the training ground or winning merchandise to do with Arsenal past and present that maybe they would never have been able to afford.

The only thing I have purchased using my points and was guaranteed to win as it was an available item that you didn’t need to enter a competition to be picked out for, was an A3 wall calendar, which I am not complaining about as calendars are over £10 at the best of times, but there are not enough rewards like that where you use your points to purchase things then and there without having to enter a competition and wait to see if you are successful or not.

Although I think the rewards system is not such a bad thing as it does give members continuous 10% off at Arsenal Direct which helps towards the extortionate pricing of Arsenal merch, memberships and clothes, all in all it is not a very exciting service as the offers are not very broad or fair and I do believe more things can be done with the system.

But there is one main thing I would like to change, and that is the use of points towards the end of the season. The points are accrued for attending matches, buying tickets and answering quiz questions correctly, but what happens to the points when they are ready for expiry at the end of the season and you are left with 100+ points but you don’t want to waste them on entering things you know you have a low chance of winning?

How about turning those remaining points into pounds to use with all things Arsenal, including shopping and paying for membership renewals maybe?

So, what I would ask Arsenal is if we have remaining points at the end of a season – that we don’t particularly want to use because really our chances would be so low of winning things that it would be points accrued to be chucked away for nothing, – is can the remaining points potentially be used as money for paying for renewals of memberships or for purchasing things at Arsenal Direct?

Just an idea….

Shenel Osman



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