The Arsenal squad are off to Singapore – Latest pics…..

So now Unai Emery’s reign at Arsenal begins with a trip to Singapore for some tough preparation games against the Europa League Atletico Madrid and Emery’s old team, the French Champions PSG.

Here are the latest pics from Arsenal and the players on the plane….


  1. Chiza says:

    have seen some people drumming about the fact that Emery has never beaten Mourinho and guardiola..which makes him not a good coach tactically and then losing the ligue1 to Monaco totally made him not a good coach…those critics make me laugh and so I’m going to attack them with a few points of mine which would be stated below

    1. 2008–2012
    Valencia…during this period Emery faced the best Barcelona team of all time..even Wenger admitted that beating Barcelona during that period was his best victory ever and arsenal had a better team than Valencia.. But Emery managed to compete in every match against Barcelona with the little resources that he had….he finished 3rd every season behind Barcelona and Real Madrid…he was building a great team with Joaquin, Mata,david Silva, David villa, etc.. But they were sold and it became difficult…Real Madrid on the other hand got Ronaldo during this period…but guess what? those Defeats he never lost so badly unlike Wenger…he lost like a man…..during his years with Seville he still faced the trio of Neymar, Messi and Suarez… They won the treble you remember..not an easy team to beat..even harder when you are the coach of Sevilla..he had his tactics but he never had the players……people blame him for the incredible comeback of Barcelona in the champions league…but forget it was the same coach that brought out the tactics that beat Barcelona(neymar,suarez and Messi) 4-0 in the first leg.. Not so many clubs can do that even if Barcelona are at their lowest point

    2…Losing the title to Monaco……..Emery came into the disarrayed dressing room of psg and felt disrespected at the start…psg players didn’t agree to play to his high pressing methods because they felt they were too big for it..they didn’t want to give their all on the pitch….while still trying to deal with what was going on in PSG he met a Monaco team that were on fire behaving like the Leicester of England.. It was just their year and they showed that in the Champions League…beating man city with the almighty guardiola and reaching the champions league semi final…it was purely Monaco’s year…even guardiola wouldn’t have stopped Monaco from winning that league title…. But Emery came back the next season to stamp his authority and won all the titles except the champions league…even his predecessors never did that at psg..he had to deal with the ego of Neymar.. A player he never wanted at PSG but he had no say

    Let’s give Emery a chance..believe me he is a great coach

  2. Simon Williams says:

    Excited for new season 🙂

  3. AkayMoney says:

    Real test begins ahead of the season. So happy seeing the players with smiles on their faces

  4. Auba Arsenal of Lagos says:

    Let them criticize for all they care emery will get arsenal better. Why ain’t they criticising Maurizio sarri @ Chelsea? He’s never won a major trophy and that doesn’t mean he’s not going to start winning trophies @ chelsea.I’m sure arsenal will have a better season than most of last 10-11 eleven seasons.

  5. Madaki says:

    can’t wait to see our newplayers in the coming season, good luck boys

  6. Sue says:

    Sun’s out, guns out hey Mesut ?
    Be great to watch some pre season (even if it’s just highlights on toutube!!) We’re so close to the new season…. back to soccer Saturday & MOTD….
    Ooh to ooh to be ooh to be a gooner!! Not said that in a while ?

    1. Big Charley says:

      Sue are you trying to wink at Ozil??? ??? I will join you in doing that!!

      1. Sue says:

        I like a gun ? haha!

  7. Otunba_007 says:

    I can’t wait to start watching my ARSENAL play every weekend again..

  8. l says:

    I won’t read much meaning into the pre season games. I see then as mere fitness gaining games.
    Hardly much competitive. The excessive substitution of players makes them look like training games. The games I am actually looking forward to are AFC v MC & CHE v AFC in the EPL. I won’t mind if we lose the pre seasons and win those games.

  9. kev says:

    For those asking of Kingsley Coman the player is actually open to joining us but the the problem is Bayern won’t sell him to us.Our bid of €50m was rejected.
    Iwobi’s new contract is £55,000 a week for five years.Hes has agreed to sign i.e verbal agreement but is yet to actually sign the contract.

    I stress again that we are 100% committed in bringing a new winger and this is because Emery wants one badly.

    1. Abu says:

      Iwobi has been a disaster. I wish we could have sold him but now it looks like he’s getting a new contract. Anyways we need to support our players especially those who didn’t had a great season likes of iwobi xhaka mustafi and Ozil ( my heart melted after seeing his pics smiling , after all he has gone through ). We might be the underdogs this year. Won’t be suprised if we take mancity apart on the opening day( considering most of their players are still on holidays ). Any update on Lozano Kev ?

  10. Goonerbeall says:

    Like many I am looking forward to watch our beloved Arsenal. Had lost something in the last 4 years in which we stopped being competitive. Yes we can lose but not.routinely thrashed. Did not like absence of strategy or even tactics. Graham may not have had a free flowing football team but he had a harder to beat team. I hope we are moving on from the days of massive injuries which did a lot of damage to our boys and our chances

  11. Chiza says:

    if Bayern can’t allow coman come to arsenal for 50m then arsenal have to drop their interest..there are so many wingers we can get… Lozano, dembele(spread the fees across seasons),Leon bailey, Douglas Costa…. by the way if truly we bid almost 50m coman .why didn’t we go for mahrez who went for just 60m…there’s something fishy..Mahrez is an emery kind of winger.. But now What kind of winger does Emery want now that he is in the premier league?…what kind of winger has he told the three musketeers to get for him?…I’m curious to know…or is he putting all his eggs in one basket with Coman because it looks like Coman is the only winger Emery wants..

  12. Chiza says:

    I see people come here to make a case for Zaha..claiming he should be bought and I’m like..”what the hell??? “..Zaha would be a gervinho 2.0…we don’t need Zaha…what do you guys see in Zaha…he doesn’t have enough goals,assists or consistent performances in him to be arsenal winger….the only way i see Emery going for Zaha….if he is so limited to his pants.. I doubt emery would go for Zaha..i know you guys feel Zaha could be our own mane and I agree he is far better than welbeck.. But come on guys let’s aim higher.. We are arsenal

    1. Ackshay says:

      People see Zaha as someone who really scares the shit out of defenders. Yes he isn’t consistent in his goal production. Its been a while we had a dribbler who made defenders shit their pants when he went at them. alexis scared gk with his quick shooting as did van persie as does aubameyang. ox was the closest we got but he would mostly barrel past defenders whereas zaha can make defenders silly with a standing footwork.

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