The Arsenal squad’s motivational talk didn’t help them #Win It For Danny

It has been revealed that Unai Emery arranged a Facetime chat between the Arsenal players and Danny Welbeck before taking the field against Wolves at the Emirates yesterday. “We talked to him before the game in the meeting,” Bernd Leno revealed. “We had a FaceTime session with him.”

“It was very good, we wanted to win for him. We all are sorry for him for his injury, and hope he will have a good recovery and to see him on the pitch because he’s an important player for the team and also in the dressing room.

“He looked very happy and I think he was happy to talk to us because he is still a big part of our team and we will support him to have a good time when he is injured.

“That is a big quality of the manager because he always wants to have a team not just one player, and another player, and another player.

“This meeting was very motivating for us and for every player to play for Danny because everybody likes him.”

Well, it’s a big shame they couldn’t #WinItForDanny, and he must have wished he could have come on and helped the team to get the winner in the closing stages. Hopefully he will be out of hospital soon and maybe he will be able to get to the Bournemouth game and cheer us on to a win there…



  1. Kiwi Gooner since '77 says:

    It worries the hell out of me that the team’s reaction to #WinItForDanny was the most insipid, lacklustre first half I have seen for many years. There was no passion, or fight, at all in the opening 45 and the second half was little better. If we can’t #WinItForDanny, what will it take to motivate this team?

  2. ken1945 says:

    I agree with the sentiments expressed, but wasn’t there other motivational considerations?
    The fans?
    The points?
    The Chelsea draw?
    The Manchester derby (dropped points )?
    The Spuds win?
    The Pool win?
    Earning their salaries?
    The Shirt?

    The performances on Thursday and Sunday is what I would like to hear the manager and players talk about?
    Get well soon Danny Welbeck.

    1. Phil says:

      Ken-I thought of you and your family on the way home from the game on Sunday.I have an hour or so on a train from Waterloo to get home.So my journey is easy compared to yours.I can just relax with a paper,read the latest Gooner or schroll through this site.You must have a 450-500 mile drive back home.When driving back from Away games I always listen to the reaction from the fans on the phone-ins and it is there that you get the full force of opinions and reactions to all the Clubs.This season hasn’t been so bad listening to the reaction of Arsenal fans as I believe most seem prepared to give Emery a free pass until the end of the season which I feel is the right thing to do.So although the performance wasn’t particularly good on Sunday I believe we have more games like that this season as the Manager comes to terms with just how competitive the English Premier League really is.
      However there is a big difference between a team not playing well and one not trying.The first happens.The Second must NEVER be allowed and I don’t believe this is what happened on Sunday.It was just a flat and poor display which followed exactly the game against Sporting on Thursday evening.I can imagine Emery and his back room team to be quite volatile characters when they want to be and I’m sure they did not miss the opportunity to get a reaction after the game.Emery is in a very flat spell at the moment and he needs to get out of it quickly.Bournemouth Away is never easy.Spuds at home will be the first of many NLD’s for Emery and he will not expect a performance like Sunday that game.Man U away three days later.That will be a tough game as always. So Emery is under a bit of pressure at the moment and will need to get us firing soon otherwise those phone-ins will start to question him,however unfairly that seems.
      In regards the DW link-up before the game.What a kind and decent gesture for Emery to arrange.Pity the team could not react to it.
      Keep the Faith Ken-I just feel we have a very good Manager at the Club who,given time,will get us back competing at the top.

      1. ken1945 says:

        Phil, I most certainly have faith in Emery, it’s the fans that worry me!!
        After the Pool game, where we became a united club for the first time in over two years, it seemed we had a twelth man.
        At the Wolves game I suddenly heard people around me castigating the players and the manager.
        They have every right to do this, but after two dire performances (Thu and Sun), where had the support gone?
        Wolves were brilliant, playing the game the way they wanted too and showed me just how easy it was to stop us playing.
        I still shouted and supported the team, despite thinking it was just the same as the last two years under AW.
        Then I come on here and read the comments and I think unless we go unbeaten all season, Emery or anyone else will never be given the support required.
        On the way back to collect my car for the drive home via the underground I got chatting to a Wolves supporter.
        He was amazed at the attitude of our fans, saying that they have no idea what being really rubbish is until your club is in the third tier.
        He thought our ground was superb, had great players, but we lacked real supporters.
        The quote of “we would have lost that game last season” was a real stunner, if Wolves had put away either of those two golden opportunities in the last few minutes we would have…and then what would have been the next verbal c**p to be uttered? They were all AW’s players, despite five days ago praising \emery for coaching them and having the tactics not seen in the last decade.
        I have no doubt that Emery will be a success at our club, in six months he has done wonders. He should be given three years minimum to bring his brand of football here, but will the kind of toxic support shown on Sunday give him a reason to do this?
        That Wolves supporter made me feel small as he described some of our fanbase so accurately, I just wonder if they know what “supporter” really means.
        As for the Danny Welbeck scenario, that’s what Arsenal Football Club is all about and I was not in the least surprised that this happened, as you say.
        Such a pity the players failed this game.

        1. Phil says:

          Ken-Its almost as though some fans felt we turned the corner against Liverpool and every game from then on would be a walk in the park.We all know the Premiere League Just is not like that at all.Wolves surprised me.They were a lot better than I thought they would be and should have won the game in the end.But we take the point and move on.
          And regarding Emery getting stick from the crowd all I can say is he needs time and I’m sure he will get it.As you say three years and we will see his own team playing to his idea of how he wants to play.

  3. gotanidea says:

    Welbeck is one of Arsenal’s weapons in set-pieces

    I hope Arsenal would get another tall player that can score with headers in January. It could be another attacker or defender/ midfielder

  4. Mig says:

    We have tall players who can score on set pieces Mustafi, Holding, we did sell our best header of the ball Giroud shame I liked him. But we do need someone else who can come off the bench as an impact player maybe that will give Smith-Rowe more chances to come on. Or get Reisse-Nelson back.

    As for motivational I thought it a great idea, the reason Emery did this was because in the Sporting Lisbon game it affected the players they dipped after the injury. So having Danny speak with the players was a great way of showing the team he’s fine not in pain now and because he’s been an important part of the team so it shows togetherness.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      mustafic ain very tall hes about 6ft or less

  5. Victoria Concordia Crescit says:

    What could have been if we had signed Xerdan Shaqiri for the RW (ONLY 12.5M) I think ?

    1. gotanidea says:

      Despite his strong left foot, he is too slow to be a good RW and his performances in World Cup/ Liverpool are also not great

      For a left-footed RW, I’d prefer Florian Thauvin, Nicolas Pepe, Gareth Bale, Malcom, Munir El Haddadi or Bertrand Traore

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