The ‘Arsenal Way’? – How is it morally right to abuse Ozil?

Are We Being Unfair To Ozil? by Dan Smith

So, we know how Ozil articles work. If you defend him in any way, you’re accused of being a ‘fan boy’, putting his brand over the club, and let’s be honest getting negativity. Yet I decided a long time ago, if you think something is wrong, point it out even if you’re in the minority…

I think how we are treating Ozil isn’t ‘The Arsenal Way’.

Let me stress. No, he hasn’t justified his salary, he hasn’t been consistent enough and yes for all parties it’s time to start a new chapter. Yet however much I love Arsenal, I won’t sacrifice my moral compass. There is still right and wrong, and the club doesn’t have the right to mistreat someone just because they don’t want to pay him anymore.

Some gooners can’t even have an objective point of view. In any kind of debate our opinion should be based on our conscience not on who is the subject matter?

Ashley Cole had fake notes waved at him when he returned to the Emirates, a petition started to remove Fabregas’ image from outside the stadium, and you will often hear the C word and mention of his wife in a song which references Van Persie.

You can say it’s how they pushed for a move, comments they made since, who they joined, etc, yet the reality is most were hurt because we wanted them to extend their contracts. Anything else most saw as a lack of loyalty and it’s now an asterix against their legacy. So Ozil did the opposite…

At the time, many fans and pundits said we couldn’t lose Ozil, just like they are saying now about Auba.
Did Ozil stay based on the wage on offer? Sure, but most footballers do. You know Aubameyang. If he stays, it won’t be due to his love for us?

In that sense he’s no different to Ozil. Why do you think Auba doesn’t just sign a deal? Because like Ozil’s agent, our striker will be paying representatives to negotiate as much money as possible. His advisors will be suggesting that the longer he keeps his employers waiting, the more cards he holds when negotiating.

If he chooses to remain it won’t be his love for the fans, his friendship with Laca, or his pride of being captain; it will come down to us paying over the odds for a 31-year-old.

Those who accuse Ozil of greed don’t ask why the Gabon striker needs 250,000 thousands pound a week. Why is that not greedy?

We blame Arsene Wenger for being held over a barrel by Ozil, giving a 29-year-old a contract at an age where there is zero resale value. So common sense suggests if it was bad business to give 350,000 pound a week to someone about to turn 30, why is 250-000/a week for someone past 30 any better?

The answer of course is he’s doing well for us at the moment but what if in 2 years time the goals dry up, or he suffers a serious injury – or Stan Kroenke suddenly wants to save a few bob? Does that me we mock Auba? Abuse him online?

Do we now only look back at our ex-players fondly if they leave exactly when we want as fans, don’t leave too soon, but don’t stay too long? What a sense of entitlement!

Because that’s my understanding. Where we used to support our own, we now only base our principles on ‘what have you done for me lately.’

Of course, if this week we got the news that Auba has signed a new contract all corners would be buzzing but make zero mistake we did that when Ozil did exactly the same thing. It will be for the exact same reason, Arsenal willing to pay over the odds.

Ozil has not justified his wage but in the last couple of years who has?

If your basing performance on what they earn, name 5 players who can look in the mirror with pride
Was it Ozil’s fault we replaced Sanchez with Mkhitaryan? Is it Ozil’s fault we let Ramsey leave for free, the only midfielder who would make runs into the box? Ozil’s fault we replaced Koscielny with David Luiz?
Isn’t that our area of concern for this campaign? Goals from midfield, a weak defence?

We can’t blame Ozil for that. Yet because he earns the most it’s like the rest are immune from criticism.
David De Gea earns more, Gareth Bale earns more, Sanchez earns more, etc. Yet while their fans might judge them on ability, they don’t attack the person and, if they are being harsh, they do the same to others.

I have seen our fan base break down Ozil’s statistics but if you use the same criteria against those picked ahead of him and they are not doing better, why do they escape any flack?

I see through our owners motives. If he was forcing Ozil out for the betterment of Arsenal, then great, yet it’s only for his own self-interest. I refuse to judge the midfielder on the last two years because coaches have refused to get the best out of him, which is their job, to maximise the resources available to them.

Instead Ozil has had mixed signals ever since Arsene Wenger left. Unai Emery included him in his bizarre 5 captains group, then admitted there were fixtures where he didn’t tactically trust the German, then started him all the time (often as skipper). Then he went back to not selecting him in his squad even when it was clear we lacked any creativity.

The response to Ozil making goals at Watford and Liverpool was followed both times in being dropped for the next game.

A question no one has been able to answer me and often deflects is; how come Arteta trusted him to start every game in the League pre-pandemic, then post-lockdown only twice picks him even to be on a bench of 9?

I deal in facts not an agenda. So, it’s a fact that our only winning sequence in the Prem came when Ozil was playing. Many were happy to reference in the 3 month break how we were unbeaten domestically in 2020 under the new regime. So surely, it’s equally fair to point out that was the only period this season when Ozil got a consistent run in the team. I’m not saying he was perfect; I’m claiming it was working..

We then lost to Man City and Brighton and guess who didn’t feature? In other words, Ozil was dropped and the likes of Willock failed to do any better. In most situations that would lead to the player being recalled. After all, his last game for us was him assisting the winner, you then freeze him out, instantly losing your unbeaten run – so decided to leave him out altogether.

We know it’s not his attitude as it was good enough for Arteta to originally play him, and we know it was working in terms of us winning games. So, is it me or did something happen during the forced break? …..oh, wait he refused to take a pay cut. So no, I’m not impressed we are treating someone like this.

We chose the terms of that condition; we were not forced. We should show class and honour the agreement that we wanted. We shouldn’t be trying to make someone feel so unwanted they feel forced to leave. It’s a lack of class.

Even this weekend we didn’t include him in the 10 non playing staff who could attend Wembley. The same readers of Justarsenal who argued he didn’t deserve a medal then feel let down that he has the audacity to visit Turkey with the clubs permission. In fact, I saw him get more backlash for sending a congratulatory tweet to his teammates than Guendouzi, who never referenced us winning the FA Cup. If he did the opposite would that have been okay?

If he had sat at home, playing on his PlayStation and put something else on social media like going bowling would that have been better? It wasn’t his choice to stay away at the weekend so in many ways he was in an impossible situation and would have been wrong whatever he did.

The club is not treating him this way because we have someone doing any better. We don’t need his wage to fund anyone better.

That’s why I choose to stay in the minority over this. We are not doing what Man United are doing. We won’t be releasing the equivalent of Sanchez because we want his pay packet to be given to a Sancho.
The Kroenke family wants to get a worse player for not even half the figure, with the other half going back in the bank.

So, do I want a player treated like this just to save a billionaire a few bob …. not really. If Ozil was the best player in the world and we refused a move to Barcelona. What would you say if Ozil sulked, refused to train, made it clear he will make life hell till he gets his way?

We will preach the word ‘loyalty’, ‘respect’, we would point to how he was more than happy to sign a contract when it benefitted him. So why have we justified it’s okay to abuse Ozil just because it suits us.

This isn’t even a debate about football but morally right and wrong. Ozil seems to be getting singled out by his own supporters.

Can I ask, apart from you thinking he’s not good at football and liking living in London, what’s he actually done wrong?

It hurts not that he will leave. It hurts not that other fans will hear how he was treated unfairly because other ex-players have done that before. It hurts that on this occasion…. if Ozil says anything negative about his time with us ……. he’s right!

That’s okay though, as long as we slash the wage bill for Stan…

Be Kind In The Comments

Dan Smith


  1. Where do you suggest Ozil plays in our current formation? Should he replace Auba, Lacazette, Pepe, Xhaka or Ceballos?

    1. I believe he could play as the left mezzala in 4-3-3, like David Silva at Manchester City. He made a lot of assists through crosses in his best season at Arsenal, but he became too lazy to make hard body contacts and became not adventurous after receiving his mega contract extension

      1. I doubt that myself due to Artetas pressing system. His front three are required to press. Ozil has not yet shown that he is willing to press

          1. Not sure, was he? Was the system the same? My point was that Artetas current system has no room for Ozil. I could be wrong of course. And Arteta still seem to prefer a pressing system even if Ozil was not pressing before. Or could Ozil not pressing before be a reason he is not playing now? Or is it because he is not really producing much these days? Could also be that Ozil is not showing every training that he wants to play more than anyone else. Arteta said that to AMN who is now playing.

          2. Ironically Ozil remains one of the most creative players this season despite playing so less.

          3. Ozil was playing constantly before the lockdown and we were undefeated, so what pressing are you talking about????

    2. We could always try replacing Laca with Ozil? Since we’re making Laca do the linking / ball retention work in that area. then we could play Auba up top, and fit in Saka on the left.

    3. Hey Arsenal are trying to build a Brazilian football team with all the players they are after so there is NO place for Ozil and I am fed up of people talking about him

    4. Why everyone talks about Ozil not pressing enough or if he as a spot in starting 11?

      That is precisly what Dan meant and sorry no offense but do sound as a deluted one; dissing Ozil again with negative stuff.

      Topic is on how poisonning and retarded a section of our fans are.

      Since Arteta joined, as of playin with no fans our results and team spirit are better than before pandemic.

      Just look at Xhaka! And how laca was smashed few weeks ago! He would have been whistled while being replaced. Now he is key player.

      Ozil before pandemic was praised to actually make efforts and to be kept in the team. Whistled while being sub and hanged here on a daily base. Now he is again persona non grata. Arteta said he was injured; Ozil hates to be benchedas any players.

      I honestly dont know how he took so mich when he always spoke about loving this club and end his career here.

      Dude almost got stabbed, his life in danger as Kolas…Not as if someone tried to punch him; but stab him meaning to kill, a black eye.

      Anyway, useless to go on…He is on Hollidays and i read here that he didnt deserve the medal for cup before he left

      Wish him and all team great rest and hollidays, to you all…



  2. Oh God not again 🤦🏽‍♂🤦
    Dear Lord is there any way to fast forward the next year so he can just leave and we can stop reading articles about him??

    If you wonder why I don’t worry myself about Ozil, it’s because I’ve accepted the truth about him and the fact that nothing I do or say will change anything.
    He’s declined? Yes we agree on that?
    He should move on? Yes we agree on that..
    He has a year left? Yes we all agree..
    Will his contract be renewed? No we all know….

    Yet FFS we keep bashing our heads and having arguments about him.
    Just let the discussion be and let him leave.. Ozil is the least of our problems right now. Arteta doesn’t even see him as a problem, so far Arteta has done so well without him… Arteta doesn’t even talk about him like Emery or Wenger did, Arteta rather ignores it and just focus on the team. Yet everyday us fans, who know the truth as Arteta constantly argue about Ozil.
    Are we gonna be stuck in this loop of dragging Ozil issues? Are we?

    1. If your tired of Ozil articles
      Why click on an article where title tells you it’s an Ozil.article ?
      If I didn’t like a topic , I simply wouldn’t read it , let alone comment on it ?

      1. Lol Dan… You don’t need to tell me, I don’t read any Ozil articles.
        I read every other articles except any headline with Ozil on it.
        I only comment to express my own tiredness of the whole thing

        1. Just a bit odd
          Be like me saying I’m tired of reading about Donald Trump
          Then I see a image of Donald Trump saying ‘ opinion on Donald Trump ‘
          ‘ Oh no I’m tired of reading this , I no what I’ll do I’ll click on article and what’s this ?.oh it’s an article on Donald Trump
          But I’m tired of reading about him ….I got a plan …ill comment on the article about Donald Trump and read comments ‘
          Makes zero sense lol

          1. Tekk yourself whatever you wanna believe mate, but Ozil isn’t our headache, y’all can stay in the constant loop of discussing the same issues over and over again like y’all been doing for over a year now

    2. Well said and I agree gladly. Call a spade a spade and not a working tool. Why do we want to always rebrand the obvious? I am very much sure it’s not just Arsenal fans who don’t like the Özil merry go round. Not everyone would maintain form forever so many times I realized it’s not always about the skill that players are disliked – it’s also about Character. Ramsey never had as much skill as Özil as at when Özil joined but FFS he left on a high note. Look at Xhaka, he is not just back in form he is back in the good books. But see the way Özil acts, like a spoilt Kid who feels everyone is and was prejudiced against him, he reacted as such and of course life is a Mirror …You only see your reflection!!

    3. HEAR HEAR! Spot on. If only those who run this site would let it rest. But they know it makes the site money which is the ONLY reason Ozil articles appear on here like bees round a honey pot; constantly!

      1. It’s working Jon mate
        Your commenting on it
        Means by your own theory your falling for the scheme

        1. I to stick up for you Dan
          MO is still a name that still and will have everyone talking or commenting about until the day he departs us…the sooner the better in my opinion. you have managed to keep recycling a subject everyone is bored off..
          In his defence he is greedy and if you are that way why wouldn’t you stick around and picking up the dosh.. he is not the fool for taking the money. It is the fools who gave it to him in the first place that we should be directing our anger at
          As for his time at the arsenal… hopefully it is done..let’s take the loss, contribute to part of his wages and give him to someone else who can have the headache

    4. Been tired of Ozil name since over 2 years. If there’s anything that makes me happy with Arteta it’s the way he’s handled Ozil issue.

      We couldn’t have beaten these top teams after lock down without the players working hard for one another.

      Lest am misunderstood, talent wise I consider Ozil almost next to Messi and CR7. If has CR7 work rate he would gotten a Ballon D’Or.

  3. I don’t like how…….Ozil is been treated cos i see him as a loyal and calm player among Arsenal teamate

    1. @Joshua please don’t make me laugh, do you even know the meaning of loyalty, ozil and loyalty should not be used in the word. Ozil is only loyal to his 350k, a loyal player will not refuse to take a pay cut during the pandemic, even Messi who is Barca all time best player took 70% cut, he agreed to the pay cut so the club employee can get full payment, ozil and loyalty 😄😄😄.

          1. Ahmed73 and Hapisol, please enlighten us with your wisdom regarding football contracts, apart from the fact that they are legally binding.

  4. Football wise, Alexis Sanchez is the opposite of Ozil. Sanchez accepted a loan to revive his career, followed by a permanent transfer with significant pay cut

    Whereas Ozil never pushed hard for a loan and he seems to be avoiding body contacts in the games. He prefers to make political comments and take a jab at his manager, instead of putting in extra effort to play football at Arsenal or elsewhere

    It’s difficult to defend a footballer who obviously doesn’t really care about football and his team anymore

      1. Sue, it’s being reported that Sanchez will receive half of what he’s getting now if he sign for inter Milan, Mykitahyan also, but they really do not mind they just want to play football and enjoy it, just imagine if ozil is the one on that Sanchez money, 560k for the next 3 years.

          1. Small suggestion!
            Read =>Think => Post – I tried it, and it does work, it would help to really grasp objectivity and not bias.
            It would help now and in your future replies. That’s why I suggest it

        1. I was only highlighting it, Lenohappy, as what a staggering amount!! You don’t need that much to live on each week!! The world’s gone mad!!

          Well, if he was, I imagine we’d never hear the end of it – rather like now 😆

      2. Let’s focus on an EPL proven defender.It is common sense if you want to win the league buy the best players in the league.Juva,Bayern,PSG,Man U did that during Ferguson’s time,Even man city did that and now Liverpool is showing us the trick.

        Arteta must open his eyes to this reality.If you buy from the same league you are competing,you have at least 3 advantages.

        1.You make your opponents weaker.

        2.The players know almost all the venues and its significance.

        3.The players don’t necessary need much to adapt to the league.

        Let’s target EPL proven players.

        1. Well true, but with some Caveats,
          1. No new surprises – i.e you get to deal with with recycled, older – yes more experience, but mostly predictable players
          2. Well, “Opponents weakness” is not necessarily correct, cos many times stars are built on teams.

          But overall good points!!

          1. I personally believe Oxil can still fit in somewhere in the team, it’s entirely left to the manager what he wants. And in all honesty the fans shouldn’t be crucifying Ozil remember when he was the one making things happen for the yea m uh

  5. Abuse is a strong word and I don’t think most fans (especially on here) can be accused of such a crime.

    Most fans simply recognise that he is not value for money and the fact that he is unwilling to move despite being told that he is not part of the first team’s plans suggest that he does not have any loyalty to the club.

    Nobody can blame him for signing a lucrative contract; nobody can really blame him for his significant drop in form. What fans want is what’s best for the club and Özil is currently an obstacle to progress.

    To call that abuse, or to extrapolate consensus based on the tiny subsection of fans who do call him names, is unhelpful hyperbole.

    1. Yes Sean, they will use any excuse to suggest that their boy was/is never at fault. Do not be surprised the next article will stress on how the janitor failed to clean the bathroom which resulted in a back sprain and how his form has dropped because the tea lady didn’t do her job ,etc.etc. No more valid excuses left.

      The board gave him a mega contract anticipating he would put in mega performances, not their fault.The are not fortune tellers or tarot card readers or spiritual gurus from the orient to read his mind. The blame lies squarely on Ozil for not putting in the efforts or plain and simple retiring from the game if he is unable to perform to the expectations of his coach.
      Even Mkhi asked for a load deal and is doing well at Roma. Class is permanent, form is temporary. That is why I say Ozil has no class as that 19 assist one year was a temporary form. Mkhi did well at Dortmund and is doing well at Roma although I admit he was not that good in the EPL.
      Do not compare Auba to Ozil, its an insult to Auba, he gave us 4 goals leading to the finals and FA winners. Plus 20 goals a season. Even in the distant remote possibility of Auba slowing down, I will still applaud him for this years FA cup gift to us, three years down the line.That is the love and respect I have for real players not masqueraders.

      1. he should pay the board for not playing to the expectations of the coach., not the other way as the contract was signed in good faith that he would deliver the goods on the pitch and the board would compensate him every week.So who defaulted?

  6. Got tired half way through! That sums up how ozil has been since signing that new deal. I was an ozil supporter he disappointed me and arsenal.was happy when he signed then but his displays on the pitch do not warrant such an astronomical salary

  7. Meanwhile Ornstein has revealed that Arsenal’s offer for Willian isn’t even the highest like others claim…
    Willian has better offers, he’s not coming to Arsenal because of the money but because of Edu and Arteta.

    I think if we looking at it from footballing reasons, it makes sense. Arteta is trying to see that we get back to the UCL, Willian would bring the experience needed to do that while still giving the youngsters chances to play and grow.
    Personally I’m seeing Arteta’s target as the UCL ASAP before the kids take over completely

    1. 1/20 on ,which suggests he’s coming to us .
      He also owns a restaurant in London with Luiz I believe 😂

      1. I saw him looking and hanging with our boys after the ref blew the whistle on Saturday… Probably impressed with Arteta, Luiz will be gone after next season..
        Apart from the 1/20 odds, I really knew he’d be coming to us..
        Kia Is also trying hard to bring Coutinho.. I really don’t know how I feel about Coutinho though,
        We might as well change the color of our home Jersey to the famous yellow and blue then😂

    2. Eddie I will be a very happy man if Willian sign for us, unlike some people I still believe he have much to offer, if we sign him, we will have Luiz, Pepe and Willian who can take free kicks, and Willian also guarantee you at least 10 goals a season and he’s a constant threat in that wing.

      1. Lenohappy, I don’t fancy the deal TBH for 3 years.. I’m okay with two years, but the moment the club announces it and he puts on the Jersey, he’ll have my support.
        I also think it’s a good deal, I don’t think he’ll hamper the growth of Saka or Martinelli, or others because Arteta already showed every senior player they’ll sit on the bench if they don’t perform.
        This deal has Kia written all over it, and I’m only backing it because Arteta wants him.
        I mean we’ve seen what Arteta did with our players and he’s already won a trophy, so I can’t start questioning his decisions after two days.
        When was the last time we won against all top four teams in a single season?
        He’s Arteta’s choice so I’ll back him

        1. Am so excited about the Willian deal but am not too sure about Coutinho, to me coutinho is a very limited player who can play only one position, if we are going to be paying over 50million for Coutinho, I will rather we use that money and buy Thiago alcantra, the boy has magic in him.

          1. We ain’t paying even up to 20 million for Coutinho.. It’s a loan deal the club is looking at, and Arteta reportedly wants him…maybe Arterta can help him rediscover his former self?
            At this point I don’t doubt Arteta’s man management anymore after what I’ve seen with Xhaka and Mustafi😂😂
            So yeah, maybe Coutinho might turn good

          2. The reason I see Willan as a positive for the Arsenal, is the experience and mentoring he (together with Aubameyang and Lacazette if retained) can bring to our forwards, particularly Martinelli.
            Age is only a number, as he looks after his body, still retains his speed and performance on the field.

  8. Ozil, is just the biggest waste of space and money Arsenal has ever signed, his attitude is the worst you could ever ask for and he is never pulling an Arsenal shirt on ever again. END OF !

  9. Great article again Mr. Dan Smith. It’s always nice to be reminded about the Arsenal way- which is what has made Arsenal famous across the world, as a club that oozes class.
    Regarding the ever polarizing player that is Mesut Ozil, I would like to throw my two cents as an Arsenal fan. Mesut Ozil’s ability as a player is unquestionable because even if he hasn’t been at his best during his Arsenal stay, he still has the third-most assists for our club. His overall goal and assist contribution is great for an attacking mid, and he is still mentioned in great play-maker lists. Regarding the current scenario, I believe Arteta and the players trained hard and came up with the current formation and the players suited to different roles. While it has more hits than misses, it is still, what I think is a temporary formation which is soon going to give way to a different form when the players and Arteta spend more time together. That is the reason why I believe is that Mesut is still in Arteta’s plan because if we get Thomas Partey, we can get that shield in from of the defence and Ceballos as the ball carrier will result in Mesut being the line breaking CAM, like what we saw a glimpse of before COVID. While I may be naive, I still think this could work and Ozil can create those chances for us in the field.
    Now regarding his contract situation and the abusive treatment towards him from some fans, I can only assume that, they are focusing their ire towards a deal which they perceive to have failed and not giving enough returns. It is like when you have lots of small problems, but a big problem sticks out like a sore thumb. The small problems could be mismanagement of player contracts while the big problem is Ozil’s contract, the small problems could be other players not giving satisfactory outputs while the big problem could be Ozil having declined in recent seasons. It is fairly common to blame your most expensive non-performing asset when you are paying for a service, like people paying to watch live matches. They feel their money is wasted and sometimes quite rightly so. Abusive comments towards anyone is never morally right, but most fans are not meaning to be abusive. They are just frustrated and most people do only limit themselves to constructive criticism. The problem is that people associate Ozil with being lazy and not respecting his contract due to his easy going nature, his languid playing style which has become somewhat ineffective in modern games, his unwillingness (most of the time) to track back, his reduced output due to his decline, and his seemingly stubborn stance regarding his contract.
    I completely agree that the verbal abuse he and some other players receive is unjustified and not the Arsenal way, but I can somewhat understand the frustrations of the people regarding Ozil. Because love him or hate him, we cant ignore Ozil, and I can only hope the site finds an equally interesting topic to drive traffic once he leaves (just joking lol). I hope I have not offended anyone’s feelings. If I have, then please accept my apologies. Cheers!

    1. Sid, a great post that, for sure, will offend others, simply because you gave positive views.
      Dan has encompassed the complete story regarding Ozil, both the good and the bad.
      The Arsenal way may not mean a lot to some fans, but that is one of the reasons, I believe, so many of us were drawn towards our great club.
      I also disagree with those who say he is not abused – calling someone trash, thief, dross, mentally frail etc etc, no matter how one tries to dress it up, is abusive language.
      I agree 100% with the article and what it is trying to point out, but of course Dan, your main point and concern will be lost in the normal tirade of mud slinging and false claims.

      1. With regard to abuse, someone even called him the “greedy Turk” yesterday. That same person forgot MO was born in Germany, and won a WC with Germany. Which is kind of similar to the abuse he got from some part of the German press after the WC. He and Gundoghan were called goat fxxxxx!

      2. Thank you, sir. I always prefer to see both sides of an argument and regarding Ozil’s case, while I agree that he has declined and deserves the criticism on his performance and understand why so many people are upset about him and want him out, I still believe calling any person abusive names is never a good thing. At the time of his contract, Ozil deserved it (although not that much), now he doesn’t. We won’t be offering him an extension so the coming season is gonna be his last. I will continue to support him as long as he is our player and when he leaves I will wish him the best of luck and be happy that his supposed freed wage money will go towards the development of the squad.

  10. Arteta is building a team who bond together for strength. Ozil separated himself from the team when he refused to join the others players with the salary sacrifice, he has not been selected since!
    As the old saying goes ‘There is no I in team’

  11. How is it morally right for Ozil to abuse the club and its fans? The guy doesn’t care about the club nor its supporters. He trolls the pitch as if he’s being forced to play soccer, but scoops the biggest paycheck at the end of each week

    1. I feel the guy is abusing the fans, week in week out. He doesn’t care about fans or the club, that is plainly obvious. His wages that he gets for doing zilch, is helping to ruin this club, that is disgusting.

        1. Dont talk stupid, people aren’t jealous of his wages. Fact, he doesn’t earn his wages, fact, he is bringing nothing to Arsenal, fact, he is paid for results and he isn’t contributing to results because he isn’t bringing anything to the club, except financial worry. He isn’t earning Arsenal anything with his situation and his situation is impacting Arsenal going forwards in tranfer options. I care about Arsenal not the leach that is robbing this club. If he was helping bring success to this club, it would not bother me if he was on double his wages. For his contribution, i wouldn’t give him £35 a week, let alone £350k. Tell me this, what has he shown in the last two years that he is a proud gunner and cares that he is the highest earner for our club and cares that we get succes. Tell me what great show of loyalty or desire for Arsenal has he shown?

          1. You mentioned 40 million and 1 facts why he shouldn’t be paid. Why is the club paying him then? If he is paid for the results shouldn’t he get paid then since he doesn’t play? Tell me why is the club paying him?

            The club can afford to pay 10 Ozil’s for your information. You haven’t change my belief that you are jeoulos of his salary.

      1. ‘ week in week out ‘
        Going to give you a fact and try to answer it
        Arsenal lost 10 games in the Prem
        He only played in 3 !!!!!!!
        To clarify we sit here and say Ozil shouldn’t play then without him lose 7 games !
        So does that not prove we havnt been any better without him?

      1. I guess Mezut got some Arsenal fans on his Paycheck. @Highbury; like it or not, the dude’s gone, it’s good he got his paycheck alongside – fair enough. But ÖzilFanboys like you always make it even harder to like the guy. Well, we hope you remain when he’s gone – cos Özil might end up in Golf or minister of sports.

      2. HH, just another example of a fabricated piece of misinformation – like the Ozil/Bergkamp so called comparisons.

        Dan gives the facts, asks a question and the silent non existant replies are deafening.

        1. The fact that they stick around to defend their posts shows that even they don’t believe what they are saying.

      3. Ozil doesn’t show interest in what he’s doing, but he expects Arsenal to pay him full wages. He wants the whole team to adapt to his laziness, which is his style of play. Does he think that he’s bigger than Arsenal?

        1. Top Gunner, doesn’t show interest?
          He’s got himself fit, as Arteta confirms, he’s training with the first team squad, as Arteta confirms, he doesn’t select the team, as Arteta confirms…. so he has not broken any of the clubs rules has he?
          So what criteria are you using to suggest he shouldn’t get paid as per his agreed and legally binding contract?

          1. “Fit”, until the next back spasm.
            How many games, has Ozil picked up his team mates and carried them to a win with a team contribution or piece of individual brilliance in the last 3 seasons?

          2. It doesn’t matter how fit he is, the guy doesn’t show interest in what he’s been paid to do. Whoever is supporting Ozil, I really dont know which game you’re watching that shows that the guy is good player

  12. Thanks so much for this article. Am behind you 100 percent! Sidelining the best Premier League creative midfielder (Ozil) even contributed to Auba ‘s failure to take the 2019/2020 Golden boot! I do also believe that the way Arsenal FC manages contracts, needs to be revised . Arsene Wenger has even refused to seat in a stadium he constructed or visit Emirates. WHY??

  13. I was one that was extremely excited when he first signed. I still believe he has something to offer to football, but unfortunately not Arsenal. Arteta demands a certain work ethic on the pitch, if he can’t fullfill those duties then he doesn’t deserve to play. Irrespective on how much he earns, how many assists or key passes.

  14. If Ozil is serious about his career and is not happy with the fact that he cannot adapt himself to fit into what Arteta is trying to do..then best thing for him is to seek a loan move somewhere else for a year…even it means Arsenal still pays his wages..thats the difference between him and the likes of Sanchez, Cole,And RVP. The club could not match their ambitions.

    1. Ozil is not concerned about his career anymore. He just want to milk Arsenal, then he can retire

  15. Brilliant article Dan! Brilliant! Just brilliant!

    Did I say this is a brilliant article? I am with you on the minority. I always thought we Arsenal fans and our team are the good guys but how wrong have I been. The great Arsene left and with him he took class that was our club.

    To all of you who Mesut’s salary is the bane of your existence, you will not benefit with anything if he decide to leave and forgive his salary. The only one benefitting will be the silent Stan. You will stay just as you are now.

    If Mesut losing his salary will make you happy then take a long and hard look in your hearts as there is nothing good in there.

  16. The days of ballplaying inside forwards, which the more elderly of you will recall , have sadly gone as the high tempo ,high pressing game basically dictates the need for athletes first and foremost..The finest example of a ball player who has managed to evolve into a highly skilled ,high energy player successfully is David Silva who unfortunately will no longer grace the EPL.Andreas Ineista is another who was simply a joy to watch, someone with marvellous skill and an ability to work hard for the good of the team.At his prime Mesut Ozil was also a player who could unlock defences with sublime touches which were way beyond the capabilities of very decent professionals.He too was a joy to watch.Unfortunately he failed to adapt to the modern game and the fact is he does not have the physical energy to hold down a place in Artetas Arsenal.While I have never been a fan of Ozil, I have never verbally abused him and I have never held him accountable for accepting his huge salary.To that end, only two people were responsible for what was a huge error of judgement, and yet Gazidis and Wenger were never criticised by fans nor pundits for their incompetence.When Ozil departs at the end of next season the vast majority of our fans will be delighted ,but perhaps , for just a few seconds they should try and look back on the consummate skills he produced on occasion ,skills which are becoming redundant in the modern game.

    1. Sorry Grandad but you have made a rare error. You wrongly state that “Gazidis and WENGER WERE NEVER CRITICISED BY FANS NOR PUNDITS FOR THEIR INCOMPETENCE”!

      You have either never read many of my posts and of those many other fans (yourself included, it seems!) who agree with me that both those men made many dreadful errors of judgement – and THAT OZILS CONTRACT WAS BY FAR THE MOST LUDICROUS AND CLUB DAMAGING -or perhaps you have forgotten, though I doubt that very much.

      I would far rather you do not speak for me in the future as I prefer to give my own opinions and regularly do so, as many on here know to be true. Even if that has escaped YOUR notice!

    2. @Grandad, did you ever notice the use of Past tense in everything you said about Özil? …He once was!! It’s like a story without the happily ever after. all the glory is in the past bro.

      He was once my most admired player for a very long time… But I think Özil should watch his own matches (the Before and the Now) and honestly tell us what he would have done if he was a fan. I don’t support insults either, but I think Özil did press the self destruct button himself.

  17. One question , not to Dan but to JA’s admins; How is it morally right to turn this site into Just Ozil, when it ought to be Just Arsenal? Ozil is dominating this site to the exclusion of almost everything else. Ironically, where playing is concerned, he is now completely and rightly sidelined. Oh the irony!

      1. But he isn’t an Arsenal player, he is an Arsenal non player, he is deemed by the manager, not good enough, not committed enough or not adaptable, take your pick.

          1. You know very well the answer to that,but that doesn’t make him a player,as Reggie has said. Only his performances in training could change that and quite obviously,they haven’t been good enough. Long ago performances are just that and should have no relevance on current squad selection.

            It should be very obvious,even to the most avid Ozil supporter,that he is very happy to take the money without having to work for it,and if those same supporters are just as avid about supporting the club,they will realise that Arsenal would be better off without him,both football-wise and financially.

          2. I want to know because I have not seen him in training,bench or match day squad. And I have not heard he is injured. I may add that in our Last and most important match he was in Turkey that was ‘re report I saw. So I have been wondering if he is actually an arsenal player. Right now the only thing that makes him arsenal player is 350k a week

        1. Hahahaha… @Reggie. Absolutely correct. “Call a spade a spade” @ Dan and Highbury keep reliving the moments of past glory. How useful is a phone when it cannot even be Turned on? Does it matter the Brand or the OS. I sincerely don’t get this sulking over Özil really. If he was as good as the ÖFB (ÖzilFanBoys) make him to be, why are other clubs not attempting to buy him? Yes! he had 10 thousand assists! Ok? then? How much is he pulling off now?

          1. Has he refused to play? Twist it all you want but Arsenal management and the abusers like you are the villains here.

          2. Yes he refused to play.
            Sanchez wanted to play so did mhki
            So you can’t say he didn’t refuse to play.
            If he wanted to play and arsenal is not guaranteeing him playing simple solution play elsewhere.
            So your question is he refusing to play?
            Answer: yes

          3. Pepe, please supply the evidence that Ozil has refused to play, as if that is the case, The Arsenal would be able to cancel the contract due to him breaching it!!!
            So, let’s see the evidence.

          4. Evidence that ozil doesn’t want to play funny
            What is next stats that ozil doesn’t want to play.
            Ozil is hardly in the team sheet, doesn’t make a 20 man squad and is not injured. To make it simple he has been completely over looked at yet the man doesn’t seem to be bothered. If ozil wanted to play he should push for a move to a club that is willing to assure him playing time but is he even bothered about playing football.
            If you need a prove that this man is no more hungry for the game of football with this whole scenerio that is playing then I don’t know what you need it certainly isn’t a prove you need. People even used Sanchez as an example of a player who wants to play football yet you need more prove.

          5. So, in actual fact, you have no proof whatsoever, as I knew you hadn’t.
            So, he’s been dropped by Arteta, since the restart, after playing in every game before that in 2020 – yet you somehow concoct these facts as him not wanting to play?
            He WAS playing before the break and playing in an unbeaten side…as Dan has explained but you ignore.

            MA has made the decision he was good enough to play before the break, but not after – if we are to support MA 100% we must accept each of his decisions and not twist the facts around because of a personal grudge against the player.

            MO has to prove that, just as he deserved his place before the break, so he has to again to the only person who really matters MA — meanwhile, the club pays his agreed contract, as they always have done with every player.

          6. Depends on what is actual sense to you. Because what is actual sense to you might not been actual sense to me

  18. Fabregas,van persie,sanchez etc all regarded as superb players left arsenal and ozil did not.Why?Because he is loyal to his “reported” 350k?did you guys seriously think he didnt have offers from china at the time?

    Its hard to change peoples mindset,all you can do is try….

          1. Yes there are. Look not too far, sanchez, mikhi, etc and players who take pay cuts just to play football. Heck wilshere left a higher pay and a bigger club as arsenal for West ham for smaller wage just so he can get regular football. The funny thing about Ozil supporters is that you know the truth, you just CHOOSE to ignore it.

          2. @kstx

            You might be into something here. Can you please provide me proof that the players you mentioned took a paycut from how much to how much so that they can get play time?

          3. “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Mark 8:36.
            When Ozil finally hangs up his boots, sitting back trying to spend all his money, he won’t be able to rehabilitate his reputation and legacy with many. To whom much is given, much is expected. A tragic waste of talent.

  19. I agree with most of this posting, but we can’t get away from the fact that Ozil is perceived as lazy. What is frustrating to me is that we have a player of immense ability, a natural and only turns it on when the fancy takes him. This is a player who with one beautiful pass can get through a lesser team that “parks the bus”. This is a player who doesn’t believe he has to turn up for training (an attitude allowed by Arsene I believe). In the greater scheme of things, this cannot be healthy for other players, who turn up for training and are crying out to get in the squad, and who do everything asked of them, and they see Ozil swanning around on mega bucks; I know I would be angry and disappointed and frustrated.

  20. just compare the current auba with the current ozil…doesn’t need a genius two answer 250,000 and 350,000

  21. Okay again you see from some of deflecting
    Blaming admin instead of facts
    So try this
    Ozil started 18 games in Premier league
    We won 5 , drew 9
    Lost 4
    24 points out of 54

    So let’s say he’s lazy , abuses us ,a theif ,etc
    In other words without him it should get better correct ?

    In 20 games without him
    We win 9 games
    Draw 5
    But lose 6
    Giving us 32 points out of 60

    So the idea that we are better without Ozil doesn’t add up , it’s kind of the same yet why does no one else get called lazy , etc

    1. please ozil is only a part of the team. what is his contribution. in those matches how many winning goal did he score and create
      i am glad he was no where near the fa cup triumph it would have been ozil won the fa cup for arsenal… just like the rubbish i keep hearing he ended arsenal’s barren trophy years
      omg. this guy can not even clean santi’s boot
      the type of love this guy gets from people makes me believe that it is not football related. keep bringing up excusing i do not need stats to know a real footballer when i see one
      auba has been carrying this team and even played a major part in giving them trophy but when it comes to king ozil arsenal whole team is bad and he is the only great player among a pathetic team..
      the truth is if the decision makers had known that ozil will bring so much diversities we couldn’t have even tried to contact real.
      ozil has caused more harm than good to arsenal that is the simple fact. santi and sanchez presence was a cover for his failure immediately they are gone he couldn’t see any where to hide.
      please i want i stat for ozil pre-pre assist maybe that will make the next article as why he is the best midfielder at arsenal
      if you have watched ozil in his little camoa appearances this season and think he is any better than cebelos then i have no reason to discuss any further

      1. just checking your being serious
        so if his stats are better then say a Wilock or Nelson you will respect that ?
        or will you move goal posts on that as well

        1. Ozils “stats” this season are way below average, whatever average is in stat terms and visually. Show us the stats that prove Ozil has scored more and created more than who? This season. Not that im interested in stats to prove he has been dire.

  22. You say the club doesn’t have the right to mistreat Ozil, can you explain how the club are mistreating him. If you mean Arteta not picking him it’s simply our manager not picking him because he doesn’t think he can fit into his system….hardly mistreating him…

    1. If your only not picking someone based on trying to.force someone out due to your own mistake that’s not cool in my opinion
      Again , before lockdown he assisted the winner against West Ham and player every game since Jan where we lose 0 in Prem.
      He’s dropped to bench
      We lose to City and Brighton …..He’s then left out of squad ?
      If your saying it’s a footballing decision it don’t add up
      Young lad on bench called Smith at Wembley
      Your telling me if it was 1-0 Chelsea and we needed creativity Smith is a better option then Ozil ?
      You think that’s a footballing decision or political?
      Not inviting him to Wembley?
      Is that a footballing decision or again sending a message trying to save koronke money ?

      1. Keep going Dan, pose these obvious questions and situations, because it just might sink in at some point.
        The very point that these are actually FACTS, rather than opinions, might get through.
        I suggest many never knew about Smith before the cup final!!! (just a bit of humour – Smith has now got more medals than Kane😂😂😂).

        But being called a thief, filth, dross, mentally frail, bug eyed and lazy are all terms we use daily it seems – nothing to do with abusive behaviour?

        Grandad, a very thoughtful post, I would suggest that you will get a lot of support from those who actually digest what you are saying.

        1. The answer no one can give is us losing more games without him then with
          He’s not perfect by a long way
          But shouldn’t be one rule for him and others get a free pass

          1. Tell Emery and Arteta, they have lost patience, faith or whatever with him after a few games. Im with them and not the Ozil fan club. He isn’t goid enough to help us get better. His contribution to this club for the last two year has been embarrassing. His stance on not taking a cut to help out our finances in this terrible period speaks volumes about who or what he is thinking of. He is taking this club and fans for mugs.

        2. Hey, Fan or no fan of Özil, Insults isn’t the right way to go – wouldn’t support that on any grounds. But don’t get it twisted, he ain’t the 1st or last to be insulted. Insults are not the cause of his current predicaments.
          The good thing is that he still gets his 350k for doing nothing and for wanting to do nothing

          1. Prove is staring at your face when a player is out of favour at a club he moves somewhere else to play. If you are waiting for ozil to hold a press conference and tell you that. Then you may wait a life time
            He is not playing not even in a 20 man squad and he is not bothered at all you still need a prove maybe you will also request a stat that shows ozil doesn’t want to play

      2. Would you mind Artetas Job, seems you know the Mysteries of Özil. He once was bro – get used to it.
        I am sure Arteta did not come-in blindsiding him…
        He definitely is the creator of his own Fortune (350k) or Misfortune (Fans dislike). He was once a legend… whether we needed him or not is a forgone issue. We can most certainly work without him. Btw he is not the greatest player Arsenal has ever had – right now he is just an Article on a post or website used to attract our attention. Get over it!!!

      3. wow. that is a strong case. so we lost 0 games with ozil interesting
        but i think we did better because arsenal has never beaten liverpool,man city and chelsea in a season with ozil in the team
        infact those are the games ozil has been rightly accused missing
        if someone thought that with ozil arsenal should have won against city sorry it is only your opinion as my opinion is that with ozil in that match we are going to lose with nothing less than 5 goal margin. ozil has never carried and arsenal team and we never

        1. Yeah we would never beat City in the semi – final and Chelsea in a Final with Ozil…..oh wait we did in 2017
          While your suggesting he can’t show up in big games
          Scored against Liverpool , man United , Chelsea ,etc

          1. Okay. Seems ozil boys wants stats for everything here is a stat for you. With ozil in an arsenal team arsenal team have naver beaten Liverpool,man city and Chelsea in a single single season. Without ozil arsenal did it in less than a space of 1 month.
            And don’t forget the fixture list arsenal had to face after the lockdown city,wolves,Leicester,pool this are the matches we usually get the invisible version of ozil.

          2. Dan: You have one problem: You tell the truth and the truth hurts. Arsenal’s fans(and I am one of them) suffer from amnesia year after year after year. They are easily manipulated and told what to think. Instead of being mad as hell for finishing eight behind the Spurs, Leicester and WOLVERHAMPTON they are led to believe all the ills coming to Arsenal are from Ozil. Never mind a leaky defense that gifts oppositions wins week after week. Never mind a defensive mid-field that does everything but defend. Never mind a management team that keeps signing rejects from other teams just because they are cheap.
            From Kolesniac to Alnany to Davis Luiz to Torrera to Holding to Chambers to Jenkins to Socratis to Soaris to Mari to Mustafi to Mavropanos. Yet they make attaking Ozil’s character and Falsifying his stats it a priority . Even as we speak the same mistake is being made today when talking about signing Willians to a 3 year deal after spending over 70 millions on a flop like Pepe and ignoring the defense and mid-field. Ozil is a world class player who won the world cup and while he might have lost a step due to age he is still better that 99% of all Arsenal players. If they wanted Ozil to succeed at Arsenal they should have replaced Carzola, Gnabry, koscielny and Sanchez and kept Ramsy for instance. Arsenal problems is at the top and Ozil should resist any attempt to modify his contract because it will give management and ownership an easy way out. They deserve to pay for their mistakes even if signing Ozil to a huge contract is one of them.

      4. Dan
        Are you suggesting that Arteta is a yes man and that given the chance he would be picking Ozil and only doesn’t because Kroenke tells him not to?

        1. Kind of I guess
          Again why would he pick him Jan – March when we were unbeaten then just freeze him out when in his last game he made the winning goal
          I think if Ozil was on 100, 000 a week he be playing and this is about slashing the wage bill

          1. Dan
            I have absolutely no idea why and that is why I asked you. Do you know this is a fact?
            It makes no sense to me to not play him if he is improving the team. Surely Kroenke wants his biggest investment
            to be in the team and getting results for the club.
            It just isn’t logical and I would be very disappointed in Arteta if he is doing his boss’s bidding in this way.

      1. you forgot we have never been on a winning role against the big boys with ozil in the team. that is how bad he is. the big game invisible man. i wonder how he has managed to be so consistence with such a stat over the years
        and please in those matches you Clem that with ozil we never lost any how many of the matches did he win man of the match

        1. Pepe, when we won the cup in 2017, we beat the same teams in the semi finals and the final.
          Two great results and Ozil was a major part of the 2017 win… against two of the top teams… City and chelsea.
          Selective memory loss?

      2. look a gem is a gem as long as it continues to shine. He made things bright when he came… no doubt. But his attitude mapped his current scenario. 2 or more coaches no matter how good or bad cannot just randomly dislike you. -Nobrainer!

        1. HH, because he has pride to play as a “professional” footballer. AMN and Martinez are talking about moving on from Arsenal to get more game time; yet Ozil prefers to take his money and not play.

  23. Mr thank you for the good analysis you’ve made on Ozil. I think sometimes we tend to be harsh to our players than being supportive,,,lets look the two game we lost recently that cost us UEFA league(Brighton and Aston villa), can our fan,coaching staff and kraonke tell us the reason why we lost the two game when our ball possession were over 60% against the opponent? Plain reason was because we lacked creativity to penetrate the defensive of the two mentioned teams. Ozil is still good, and even if the coaching staff doesn’t have faith in him,still he deserve maximum respect possible.
    Lets look example with xhaka,this was a player which was almost leaving arsenal because of funs and the coach! and now he is the best we can count in the midfield. Aubu is good,but factor like age bracket need to be looked upon before giving a long term contract, and for me I would rather sell Aubu and bring someone like Edoudo from Celtic.

  24. He can Just go already. He put himself above the club. He refused to take the pay cut to help the club in the time of need despite being the highest earner and damn well know that the business was down. And he didn’t play. So why should we feel any sorrier. He rather go donate his money elsewhere and milk the stone.

    We are being okay with him. We could have raised posters saying Ozil out. We need a reliable number 10. Someone that can suffer with the team.

  25. I was not one of the sensationalist fans that were pressuring the club to offer Ozil such a ridiculous contract. I was one of the tiny minority that were saying Ozil should not get anywhere near £250,000 a week back then.
    But our voices were drowned out by the majority that were telling the club to pay him whatever he was asking for. Fans were even threatening to vandalise the Emirates stadium if ozil was not given what he wanted.

    1. Here we go again – “fans were even threatening to vandalise the Emirates Stadium if Ozil was not given what he wanted.”

      Goonster, is this another one of your fantasy claims, or are you going to provide the proof that you couldn’t supply regarding your other fantasy claim about DB, MO and fans comparing them?

      I’ve scoured all the headlines regarding the lead up to him signing a new contract and I can’t find any article or view that even hints at fans vandalising anything, nor do I remember anything like your claim being reported or played out – but you obviously have the proof this time, as surely you wouldn’t make another ludicrous claim – let’s see the evidence!!!!!!!

  26. Amd what’s this Arsenal way? The same way people treated Giroud, Xhaka, Eboue etc.
    There is no Arsenal way, there is no United, Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Spurs way.
    This is how most football fans react when they realise that their club, manager or players are underperforming or not earning their wages.
    What other way are fans supposed to show their frustration at managers, owners, players?

    1. Refuse to attend home games? Don’t spend on club merchandise? Don’t pay to watch their game on TV? Those will actually make the team notice your frustrations if the majority do it. Insulting away does not solve anything.

      You can insult until your tongue drag on the floor but no one will care as long as the money keeps coming in!

  27. Great article Dan and well researched. You made points that needed to be made with regard to the unnecessary abuse levelled at certain players, Ozil is the main recipient at the moment. His huge salary merely exacerbates matters and his languid style simply infuriates some fans who feel he is not giving value for money. The assumption is made, when not selected, that he is not giving his all in training. The fact is we do not know the the reason except for the odd remarks from MA ‘the situation is the same as last week’ or ‘for tactical reasons’ which actually don’t say anything. I think I would rather go along with Jack Wilshere who thinks there is an entirely different agenda going on between the owner, the board and the head coach and all will be revealed soon.

    Anyway whatever is going on he certainly does not deserve the level of abuse that Ken1945 referred to, calling someone, you don’t even know, ‘filth’ is infantile and shows a lack of common decency for a fellow human being. I happen to agree that he does not fit into MA’s style of football and at the age of 31 would find it hard to adapt to it over a full EPL season. He is undoubtedly talented but does not have the versatility of someone like de Bruyne and since AW left has been like a square peg in a round hole and obviously does not get on with Arteta. That said he has still produced more chances than anyone at the club this season, doesn’t say much for his replacements?

  28. About Ozil not taking the pay cut,I thought it was reported that it was 3 Arsenal players who refused the said cut.Why is Ozil the only one named and shamed.Where are the other two.

  29. it just doesnt seem like ozil is a team player. Xhaka and Mustafi have had lower points and ACTUAL fan abuse and were able to find their way back into the team. It’s simple really. Arteta stuck to his word and gave everyone a clean slate when he became manager. So it is nobody fault but Ozil’s that he has been outcasted. All this focus on Ozil too when other players got wayyy more negativity shown towards them. Ozil has A LOT of love. Evidence by all his defenders. Who is defending Xhaka, espescially after this season? Dont see a soul.

    1. RSH, not true regarding Xhaka – there have been articles and comments regarding his incredible turn around under MA.
      I have followed your posts regarding the “abuse” issue and I would like to ask you if you are happy with the terms “filth, thief, dross, loathe, being aimed at another person?
      That, after all, is the thrust of Dan’s article isn’t it?

  30. Have had Mesut’s back from his detractors since his arrival at Arsenal– or so it seems. Ozil? Is an artiste. He sees the pitch as few do.

    Some players’ greatness is visible and heroic. Ozil can only be as good (or great) as those around him. Unless his teammates can conceive of spatiality on-pitch– and the timing inherent in creating and moving into it– as he can? Mesut Ozil is just another midfielder.

    Players like Sanchez and Giroud– even Walcott understood. That to derive the best from Ozil– meant they had to be proactively in motion– for Mezut to give them the gift of a pass where they had the advantage.

    During the lockdown, I watched a lot PL Classic matches. The game today is much more athletic. So much less space to maneuver on the ball. Defenses hunt in packs to divest playmakers of the ball.

    In the current makeup of the team?
    In what Arteta’s vision of his team might be?
    Seeing less of a possibility that Mesut Ozil has a place in it.

    If I were Mesut? I’d want to play. I’d do anything to play.
    If he allows another season to pass without resolution? He’ll have a lot more money to try to bury a regret he’ll carry forever.

    The best only have one opportunity.
    Ozil shouldn’t pass on it for any amount of money.

    1. This is a very sensible post in my opinion – with just one flaw.
      Has Mikel Arteta ever said or hinted he wants Mesut Ozil out of the club? No he hasn’t – unless someone can produce evidence to the contrary.

      Now, let’s get back to the abuse of the player, who believes MA condones this kind of language?
      That’s what Dans great article is all about.

      1. Arteta has done very well except join politics at the club. Arsene remains the best coach we have ever had and his scorecard would have been 100% except for events where he chose to protect his employers over telling the fans the truth. He paid the price by having to leave a club he nurtured suddenly – you only have to be denied parenthood not by the court but by the child to understand how Arsene must feel. We all know of how Emery shot himself in the foot with several stands about Ozil, all fine. Fast forward to Arteta and Ozil starts all games and over the lockdown suddenly refuses a salary cut (rightly so) and suddenly he is permanently out of the team. I like Arteta and can easily love him at this rate but one if the laws of life is the law of Karma, it may take long but it always plays out in all situations . It may already be playing out in the Ozil case but it sure isn’t over based on the amount of actors involved . Arteta needs to be bolder and address all impropriety at AFC even if it’s by his employers , there are better ways round it than he has acted , the easiest option is never the best. Our club deserves better. They haven’t said anything negative about Ozil but they have implied all sorts worse leaving it to fans to guess and ascribe but we all
        Know it’s about his wages . One man stands up to the non accountability at the club and yet he is left alone to pay , Karma is watching.

        1. How can it be about the wages?
          The club agreed to that
          It might just have something to do with value for money going forward but the sums payable are set out in his contract

      1. Ask yourself why was in playing every week and we were winning , then dropped after he refused a pay cut
        Now can’t get in squad

        1. Dan
          You are still touting the notion that Arteta has been forced to drop a player by the owner to get Ozil off the books.

          You have yet to prove to me that Kroenke is interfering in team selection but in a reply to me earlier suggested that Arteta is a yes man.

          Nothing that I have picked up on so far has revealed that Ozil is going to leave before his contract ends so I am expecting him to stay and I imagine Kroenke does too. Freezing him out then will not have the so called desired result of getting him away from the club.

          1. Sue I can’t prove it It’s my opinion
            Yet to me it’s common sense
            Why would you play someone January – March and be unbeaten
            Then not play someone at all ?
            Then we lost without him but still he didn’t come back ?
            Most managers don’t change winning team yet alone just drop a player
            So to me it’s obvious something happened in that 3 month break and what we been know is he refused pay cut
            I don’t believe in coincidences but it’s my opinion of course
            Just like we can’t prove statements like Ozil don’t care , etc

    2. jw1, I agree wholeheartedly with your last two paragraphs regarding Mezut Ozil.
      However, when you were watching the past matches and commented on the “athleticism”, did you also notice the toughness of the defending. In the past you saw tackles which don’t even draw a foul from the referee, which today would be a straight red.

  31. By the way all, dont forget, we won the FA cup with Ozil and we also won it without him. We dont need what he doesn’t bring. Lets all hope he looks in the mirror and does the right thing, so we can ALL move on next season WITHOUT HIM. I hope he has a conscience, i trust he has but we will see.

    1. He worked hard all his life to get where he is, like all pro players. He started young. If his salary bother you, you need to look yourself in a bigger mirror.

    2. 3 FA Cups
      And finished in our worst position in 25 years without him so yet to be proven we have been any better without him

  32. This write up is perfect ! It’s exactly what I say everyday to a group I belong to . It’s a shame we have lost class as a club something we had intact when we didn’t have trophies. Now we lack silverware and lack integrity (class) . To go into full details of the Ozil situation will amount to exposing an ancient witch hunt exorcisable by Satan himself. The Ozil equation equals more money for the Owner and not for the benefit of the club at large yet fans have been blindly brainwashed to scourge an innocent man. Let him that is not guilty cast the first stone – one of the few times it’s a shame to be associated with AFC. Brilliant footballers like Aubameyang must be having a hard think – it can happen to anyone else at the club but only 1 person (Kroenke) . The earlier people wake up the better we address our fallen class on and off the pitch. One word is enough for the wise.

  33. Dead on. IMO, Kroenkes don’t have a clue, and are making poor decisions based on Sanhilli (spelling, Sosilly?). This wannabe and others, who big clubs were happy to get rid off, are making big money running the club into the ground… pathetic leadership….

    1. And remember how they treated Kos… Arsenal used to be a club that oozed Class… not anymore, and that is where it will start to hit the wallet, but long after the Ks know about it. Get ride of the clique running the club… get back to stats and numbers…

  34. Not sure that the way we are treating Ozil right now or others within the last few years, will help us attract decent players…

  35. I must say, the write up by Dan Smith is encompassing, quite courageous & should be an eye opener to the Anti- Ozil pple. Their hatred for Ozil with every sense of responsibility, is not only inmoral but quite irrational. If I may point out, the negative perception some of these pple have againdt Ozil did not just start today. The negative & biased view of this guy had been there for a long time which I believe was started for whatever reasons, but football, by the anti – Ozil pundits & fans alike, just shortly after Ozil set his foot as Arsenal player. Such pundits would make sure Ozil was made the scapegoat whenever Arsenal lost or drew a match. In those days, I would be wondering whether it was the same match we watched. At times one would be compelled to quetion some assessments & comments some of those pundits make in live matches of Ozil in their analysis based upon some of those voodoo stats. With that set up, Ozil grew into everybody’s ideal fall guy, whenever Arsenal lost a game or played below their standard. It was not unexpected that these people would unfairly pick on Ozil as the cause of the worst par season’s performance in the recent times, except the Sat FA Cup final which the squad, not only won, but showed a glimpse of the class they were known for -good football. Perhaps, with Ozil in that team, he would have added to the football artistry, created more chances with those his sublime touches for Aub, Lac. Pepe & others to pump in more goals. Ozil playing, would have freed Lac from the yeoman’s role he’s made to play these days, by Arteta, of playing him deep, to support the central midfield, in which we see him playing the roles of both attacking & defensive midfielders. This role to say the least has very much rubbed on Lac’s lack of goals in most of our matches. Ozil playing, would have allowed Lac to be in those strategic & dangerous positions in the 18, allowing him to pump in the needed goals as was his trademark before Ozil was made to look a villain. Ozil is still very much relevant to Arsenal squad anyday, anytime, on the field, if only he’s given the chance to go in there & shame his detractors. Ozil by his style, is not a physical, or hard tackling player, perhaps that’s why some, brand him as a lazy player. But what he lacks in physicality, he has it in abundance in technicality, football sense, artistry, creativity & those his sublime touches, which all combine in overwhelming the opposing players. Ofcourse Ozil has his flaws as a player. Tell me, which player is perfect? Our performance against Watford & how we recapitulated & surrendered sure wins against Tot. etc without Ozil on the field showed that the whole team has an attitudinal problem which Arteta seems bent on correcting. Why should he single out Ozil? Why not give him the second chance to prove himself as he did to our hitherto less technically imbued & disaster -waiting to -happen players? Afterall, we all saw how Ozil adapted so well to playing deep, when Unai eventually recalled him back to the field. We also witnessed how well he adapted to playing under Arteta up to the last match before the lockdown. I therefore can hardly fathom what could have so suddenly agitated Arteta’s mind to freeze out such a gifted player & bundle of fun on the field, at resumption of the League. I therefore very much agree with Wilshere & Dan, that there is much to Ozil’s saga, than meets the eye. All that we hear & read daily are mere speculations from his detractors. I have the fear that Aub too will attract the same war of attrition if he eventually extends his contract on fat wages, same as others. Pepe & Lac are surely waiting by the corner to picked on sooner than later. Dan, I bet, Aub would not have the luxury of 2 years moratorium before he is served the Ozil cocktail. The jury is already out there. As the key thing in all these attacks on Ozil, has more to do with the player’s pay package than on his, on the field, output,

    1. Why use the word “hatred”?
      There is a big difference between criticism and hatred. Name one person on this site, who has stated they “hate” Mezut Ozil?

      1. Ozziegunner, when it comes to arsenal players fan complaints is beyond criticism. It is purely hatred. Do you know why we are having this discussion about Ozil right now. It is simply because he traveled with club’s permission and said well don to his teammates for winning fa cup final. Guen that insulted the opponent players and disrespected the club, the coach and his teammates by not acknowledged their achievement is not getting this kind of discussion. I have even read from some fans that Arteta is not experienced enough to deal with the situation and the club will rue letting him leave. So many of our fans needs to grow up and open their eyes to see the reality on ground. Manu are still paying for the mistake they made when signing Alexis Sanchez from us and the impact his high salary had on the wage structure at the club and you didn’t hear their fans complaining about it nor media beat the player with his salary stick when he wasn’t performing for United. Do you think if Arsenal comes up with the same package/plan manu had for Sanchez do you think he will still be here. I believe we don’t want to do that because we are making equivalent of what Ozil gets on weekly basis from maybe his endorsement or shirt sale. This is on the club from the beginning and till now. Pay him off, loan him out and pay part of his salary or play him.

        1. Sanchez still wants to be a footballer, went out on loan to Inter Milan and is now negotiating an exit from Manchester United and a permanent transfer to Inter Milan on reduced wages. Sanchez did not stay at Manchester United on his reported £500k per week wages, not play and see his contract out. He is obviously rebuilding his footballing reputation in Italy.
          It appears that Mezut Ozil no longer wants to be a footballer and is unconcerned about his reputation and legacy in the game, at least with Arsenal.

          1. How do you know for sure Ozil doesn’t want to be a footballer. Have you ever thought to the fact that the constant negative he gets from outsiders and from those are suppose to support him and the club makes not attractive to prospective buyers. And my point is not about whether he still want to play or not how but how manu and her fans handled Sanchez issues and how we are handling Ozils. This is player that said is ready to play and the exempt from playing and still gave him a permission while the whole world is watch at the time we had a final to play. And you say he doesn’t want to play where is the prove.

      2. Jon Fox = loathes and regards him as filth.
        Reggie = has branded him a thief.
        Goonster = has made up two examples in order to incite the hatred.

        Come on ozziegunner, your an intelligent man, this is no longer criticism is it?
        It is abuse, leading to hatred and that’s what Dan’s article is trying to highlight.
        We were all very quick to denounce AFTV when they recently abused a spud player, yet it is o.k. when our fans abuse one of our own???

        1. Ken, do you honestly believe that Ozil would have avoided censure in the Arsenal dressing room under Bertie Mee, Don Howe, George Graham or even Arsene Wenger in the days of Bould, Keown, Adams and Viera? What he would have heard from them would more likely have been worse than anything I have read on here.
          In professional sport, as in any other work place, people expect their co-workers to pull their weight, put in a shift and earn their money.

          1. You asked for examples of hatred expressed on JA and I have given them to you…do you accept that fact?

            I’m not arguing about what MA has done and I support him 100% – but have you not wondered what happened before and after the coronavirus lockdown and restart?

            The only possible thing that could be linked to this decision, is the salary cut that Ozil and two other players asked for further information on, before agreeing to – as it now turns out (55 redundancies) those refusals seem to have been the correct ones wouldn’t you say?

            ozziegunner, I really do find it difficult to understand why you find my position hard to understand, especially after the fury regarding the abuse highlighted recently regarding a racial abuse over a term that I still don’t understand.
            There is no question that verbal abuse has/is taking place on JA, calling someone “filth” is acceptable to you? I have really misjudged you if your answer is yes and I don’t believe I have for a nano second.

            If we are to get behind MA, then we must accept his decisions and, for me, if he says that any player can leave, that’s fine by me – so your question regarding previous managers is answered.
            As for the players, let me put it this way; if they were unhappy with carrying a passenger every time Ozil was selected to play, there would be a way this was relayed to MA and leaked to the media…just as it was with Sanchez.

    2. It doesn’t matter how much you can try to justify your facts in order to protect a lazy guy who pulls our team down. The fact is Ozil contribute less to Arsenal and doesn’t deserve to be in Arsenal at the moment

      1. Ken, I have never said that I did not agree that the use of the word “filth” is not a form of abuse; what I have stated is that “hate” is a very strong verb and I don’t believe “hatred” (the noun) has been aimed at Mezut Ozil.

    3. You are suggesting that he has been dropped by Arteta for non football reasons
      at the behest of senior management.

      I don’t consider Arteta would react well to Kroenke interfering in team selection. Was he told to drop Guendouzi then?

      I’m writing this post not as an Ozil detractor but as an admirer of Arteta’s ability to get the best out of the team and I support him wholeheartedly

  36. The jury is already out there. As the key thing in all these attacks on Ozil, has more to do with the player’s pay package than on his, on the field, output, in order to frustrate him or stampede him from the club, which to me is morally unfair. It doesn’t work that way. The earlier we stopped the abuses & started respecting Ozil as a quality professional player who has the right to his decisions, the better for us all, particularly the anti Ozil pple. He’s on contract, which must be respected by all parties.To me, Ozil’s saga borders on vindictiveness & victimization.This is a classical way of not how to instill discipline, by Arteta or whoever. Players in other leagues, particully the quality ones we would wish to have are watching how it pans out. It can influence their decisions from donning our colors.

  37. Wow this was a good read. Congrats Dan this was brilliant.
    Ken 1945 brother you’re a real big man in this room. Hats off

  38. Excellent article Dan. Agree with every word, and have been thinking the same for the last few weeks. Arteta was pleased with Ozil’s contribution before lockdown, and he was playing well, no question. Something more sinister is at play and it reflects badly on Arsenal. I’m not even necessarily sure you’re in the minority in your views. Mesut and Auba are a similar age, and in an ideal scenario I would love the team to built around these two for the next 2 seasons. Thos same fans desperate for the club to offer big money to Auba, and yet wish Mesut out of the club, are sycophants and yes, the whole drama shows a lack of class. Ozil on the other hand is carrying himself with dignity, and dare I say, class.

    1. Is there anyone out there willing to step up to the plate and write an article on the sinister goings on behind the scenes at Arsenal?

      There are several schools of thought IMO.

      1. That Arteta has had a good look at Ozil before lockdown and gives him his chance to shine. He plays well and would be expected to win a regular place in the team.
      2. Ozil refuses to take a pay cut so Kroenke and co. are making Arteta drop Ozil in an effort to make him leave. This is done in spite of the fact that he is the top earner and is still good enough to get in the team. Ozil’s agent has on numerous occasions said that his client is not leaving so freezing him out is futile. Nobody knows who spilled the beans about the pay cut issue – another player or club employee???
      3. After lockdown and training resumes, Ozil is not able to get back to the required level of fitness and form. Arteta as manager has to make the call that Ozil is not performing to the standards required and drops him.
      4. There may may be disciplinary issues similar to those of Guendouzi. Putting out a social media message saying ‘I’m ready’ could be classed a undermining the manager who decides if a player is ready or not, not the player himself. Other players have had similar treatment if Arteta thinks they are not doing enough.

      All are entirely made up of guesswork. Any one of the examples could be fact or fiction.

      I would be aghast if Arteta is being overruled in who he picks for the team. The owner must have enough respect for what his rookie manager has achieved in a few short months not to get involved in choosing who plays and who doesn’t especially as he knows nothing about the game. If Arteta is allowing this to happen then it completely undermines his credibility. From day one, I have felt the utmost respect he shows for his position as head coach; his desire for the club to succeed and to make Arsenal great again. I absolutely do not think he is a yes man. I would be bitterly disappointed if this was the case.

      1. It’s not as much Koronke saying don’t play him It’s more
        This is your budget but if you get wage bill ……..

        Use Coutihiho as an example
        Let’s say Arteta really wants him.but is told only way we pay his wage is getting Ozil off wage bill.

        1. Dan,
          For me, the article you wrote was fair, interesting and to the point, apart from the topic we have been discussing which is not so much about Ozil, as Arteta.

          Mac below has a couple of theories too for the reasons behind Ozil not being picked.
          None of us know and whilst it looks a bit fishy that the pre lock down Ozil is not the same as post lock down Ozil, I do think you are clutching at straws a bit.

          My reasoning is entirely based on his agent who has frequently said his client is going nowhere. How on earth then is Arteta expected to get Ozil off the books to buy another player as he has a legally binding contract and has every right to stay? Freezing him out won’t get the desired result for Kroenke

          This means that Kroenke would be attempting a cowards way out expecting Arteta to try to do his dirty work for him to free up funds

          My feelings about this subject are not based on Ozil, but rather the tarnished reputation that would befall Arteta if he allowed himself to be manipulated in this way.

        2. Dan, it’s only common sense that Ozil is eating up the budget for three £100+k players. If you look at the Clubs above Arsenal in the table, there aren’t many £100+k players in their squads.

      2. Good points, SueP. I also hope there is another case where Arteta might be trying to figure out how to play Ozil in a perfected formation, which he is ultimately building towards next season. Maybe after playing him before lockdown and foreseeing our defensive frailties against the big teams, he thinks Ozil can still play, but not in the current formation. But if Arsenal recruits the players he wants, Mikel may get Ozil back in the team. Afterall he played with him and knows what he can bring to the team.
        This is purely my opinion and may be wrong, but this is the opinion that I find is the most optimistic, lol!

        1. Sid
          I would like to see Ozil contributing The more the merrier to create an urgency and competition within the ranks

      3. SueP: Your bullet #2 is the likely scenario in my mind. Three players had allegedly refused a pay cut, yet only Ozil’s name came out. Someone purposely spilled the beans to make him look bad.
        It’s all about money, and Arsenal are hurting right now. I just read that Arsenal will lay off around 55 employees as a direct consequence of the negative impact of Covid-19 on revenue.

        1. Indeed Ahmad
          Very sad news for the staff who have have been let go
          There is too much money at the top of football but sadly not enough nearer the bottom

  39. Great article Dan. And so many comments, alot of comments by folks complaining they hate ozil articles yet still read and give opinion.
    As a great man once said ….
    ” stay classy San Diego ” coyg

  40. On Ozil , Def not our worst this season.
    Theres little chance hes leaving , his wages are to high to move . Maybe Arteta will use him next season when he can play with 4 at the back if he gets his man at dm. Maybe theres a problem with him and arteta , maybe he said , ozil you proved you can help us pre lockdown but I need to develop squad . Go see yr family and come back strong and fresh . We just dont know coz we ain’t flyx on the wall.
    But if kronke sees 350000 a week not playing coz we dont have proper DM
    He might just buy what we want/need.

    1. Sanchez was on £500,000 per week at Manchester United, went on loan to Inter Milan and is now taking a permanent transfer and pay cut so that he can play. He wants to be a footballer, yet Ozil doesn’t want to take up those options.

      1. I hear ya ozzie gunner about sanchez . But ozil has a contract , and hasn’t been loaned , hasn’t asked for a loan / transfer. Has said he wants to stay even . He and his wife may love London . I’m just saying Arteta is a good manager and will make use of him . But probably understands he needs a strong defence and s
        olid DM.
        I think ozil still has a part to play in this ……….. # Gandolf quote about gollum lol

        1. Willan, likes London too, has business interests there and that is why he wants a 3 year term in his next contract rather than the 2 year Chelsea has offered him. He still wants to play as well as live in London. Ozil is quite happy staying in London, to live and his wife to shop, not playing and watching his career ebb away.

      1. For a great article!! And look at how many comments it’s generated (more than most matchdays!!)

  41. Let me try to put a bit of social science to the Ozil saga. Fans are humans after all. The police is the face of the state. In a crisis the state tells the police to act in a particular way. If they abuse you, you respond to them; and only about 10-15% of you will realize that it is the government that caused you to be harmed. The owners of Arsenal have harmed you immensely. But you see the front line workers – the manager and the players – and not the owners or their profit scheme. Let me begin by saying that I admire the extent to which the owners have gone to create a culture of ‘grow them, not buy them.’ However, greed denied them the capacity to add a few high profile players from outside that would make the vision work. Wenger was the ideal man at Arsenal not just because of his football genius, but especially his sense of profit making. As soon as he began trying to change with the times and apply for expensive players to restructure Arsenal it became a problem. Very few persons seem to realize that he had fallen out with the owners. Ozil’s contract was pure Math. It costed the Kroenkes only a half of the money to give him a hefty contract compared to buying a fresh creative player – and he only needed to play well for under 2 seasons to make a profit. Now Arsenal needs an entire back line. We will sell good, bad, and uncertain to get enough money to match the pittance the owners will give. We will end up with a shallow squad; and even more important is the fact that we will find older or injure-prone players as Arsenal always finds a deal – and you will find a few players to cuss or the manager if the results change. Here is a principle to help you analyse a situation. It is called context analysis. 1. Know the time (players are expensive now with super agents); 2. know the place (English football, full of drama and referees no one else understands, but most important people who are used to footballers with more body than brain, so you like the lively ones more than the bright ones); 3. the actors (know all the people who make decisions, and not just the ones you see). If you do that you will realize that Ozil did not take your personal money, it was a contract; might not have deserved being punished for not taking a pay cut; is who he is and has been great for using his runs to destroy the opponents, rather than look busy – and is certainly not lazy; is the victim of a misunderstanding by fans who think the manager makes the choice not to play him. I close by saying that if the Kroenkes give Arsenal 300 million pounds, which is the estimated cost for repairs, you will forget about Ozil. Ask any photographer, a camera sees more than the eye because it has no bias. By looking at the problem near your eyes, you almost always fail to see the hills in the background.

    Thanks for starting the process of thinking this through more carefully. We need to exert pressure on the owners to invest more in the club.

    1. “used to footballers with more body than brains” is insulting to people who have embraced Alex James, Stanley Matthews, George Armstrong, George Best, Liam Brady, David Platt, Ryan Giggs, Matt Le Tissier, Zola, Eric Cantona, Dennis Bergkamp, de Bruyen et al and yes Mezut Ozil at his best.

  42. “THE ARSENAL WAY” is to make 55 people redundant to save £2,000,000 per annum, so they can pay a supposed “professional” footballer for 6 weeks to train and sit on their arse each weekend.
    What’s more Arsenal are apparently leading the way on staff redundancies!
    It can add that to being the leader in FA Cup wins.

    1. I’m not sure about yr comparison coz if William is a green agent so has to sign a new . Ozil has a contract . ?

  43. The point is: Instead of focusing on “Kroenke out”, we are focusing on “Ozil out”. Ozil is a player, not a bad one either, I hope he would sit out next year, and make our beloved club pay its due. And all those mentioning his salary, just think about your previous performances at your relative jobs and positions and what affected your low performance if there was any. I guess it’s was not only your fault. Cause you have been working in a system, but you have been paid as agreed I guess. But what would happen if your employer asked you to lower the wages, or even worse blaming you for everything?

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