The Arsenal WINNERS in the Wembley tunnel

The arrival, the interludes, the relief at the end. Check out Jack’s expressions…

The Emotions were exactly what the fans were feeling. Watch and relive it….

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  1. After so many years I am seeing arsenal getting some luck. First the valencia back pass in the quarters and now a goal keeping error.Not going to whine but happy we are utilizing the luck.

    1. I knew all it would take for us to win is if I don’t watch the game. I mean this particular game. Haha! The universe spoke and I listened.

  2. Just saw highlights of Mu V. Chelsea game. My god this chelsea side are so boring to watch. Poor United just dominated them left right and center but they lacked the finishing and missed Carrick and Blind. Anyways tittle wasnt Arsenals to win but would have liked to see LVG making a mockery of his old student. 71% possession for MU at the bridge is amazing, but only had they scored and won. Mourinho still arrogantly grins about that as if he his team were better. Its a shame that they are winning the championship. Atleast when the teams from Manchester won we could say they were entertaining. This chelsea side is drab.

    Atleast arsenal won otherwise I would have been freaking pissed.

      1. Mate then we have a different taste to football. If I was watching the game of football for the first time today and my first game was the chelsea game, mark my word I wouldnt be following this game. I am not taking anything away from chelsea and their tittle win but this was pathetic from them. MU schooled them today and that was a travesty. Time wasting, their players rolling over, these things done regularly makes you look like a joke and thats what today chelsea were looking like.

        1. I f*ckin hate Chelsea I hate that people think Jose is some amazing manager when he is not he plays negative boring football and id rather be an actual bus driver than play for him and just sit and defend then ask hazard to do the rest.

          1. Chelsea plays crap but gets result and I hate to break the news to most fans here that what we need is a freaking trophy and not to play well and not win the trophy. Mou does what he needs to protect points and he knew that Man U will give everything hence why he defended and used his chances when it came. We don’t get a trophy for just playing well and losing.

  3. Boy do I miss Walcott. He looked very dangerous when he came on. Ramsey is probably one of the slowest players we have in the team. Why play him on the wings? Even Ozil is better on the wings than Rambo

  4. My personal take on the reading game.

    Gibbs should be a squad player and he shouldn’t be the futuristic player we aspire to have in our first eleven.

    He’s generally an average player (good defensively but poor attacking abilities) in addition he’s too injury prone which distort is football education.

    Debuchy is match rusty and untidy, Bellerin should start ahead for now at least against the mawreeno chelshit match. He has improved immensely and deserve that big beef encounter. Personally i love bellerin attacking acumen.

    Szczesny is just not it, i have lost all confidence in him, a second/third choice for now and martinez should also be given a chance in our subsequent matches.

    Good rigid WIN!!! Wembley back to back.

    1. Did you really just say Gibbs is GOOD defensively but has POOR attacking abilities? Did I read that right?

  5. This team needs to be taught how to defend. Not how to defend in an open game, but how to play defensively. Passing it around when being pressed as last man, Szczesny rolling it 5 yards to Ramsey under pressure. Stop messing around and put your bloomin’ boot through the ball! No need to pass it around if you don’t need to attack. Every need to get the ball out of the danger area. The number of times we got caught in possession today was ridiculous. We were lucky those offside calls went our way. If we’d played a side with more quality, we’d have been punished. Not going to attack Szczesny for the goal, the ball was deflected like two or three yards infront of him.

  6. Firstly. congratulations to the Gunners, now for my observations. Arsenal`s style of football has changed. it`s not that pretty to watch but it seems to be effective, it`s more the kind of football you would expect from a team in the lower leagues but finished off with some classy pro`s like Alexis, Ozil and co.. Also, they seem to have adopted a fighting spirit normally associated with the `working class` like football in the lower echelons. Whatever, it`s working even if it`s not the `beautiful game`.

  7. At the start of the season Chelsea
    told Mourinho “Win the league
    or the ECL or your sacked”.
    Mourinho will deliver the EPL.
    Wenger was told top 4 EPL and
    any where between 9th and 16th ECL.
    Wenger has delivered.

  8. My take on the match
    I have said before in big games I don’t want to ever see gibbs play.the guy is so average in defence and awful in attack. That performance from him was wonder monreal Is ahead of him and. Rightly will wonder why english team hasn’t consider him s their first choice LB..
    Debuchy was great in my opinion. 3 months out and his first game was 120 mins and he played like that? Reading. Didn’t attack from his side and he won all his headed duels despite not been the tallest and ramsey didn’t care to even aid him.
    Ramsey should not start again on the wing against lower opposition maybe but he shouldn’t. He had an average game today..Is it me or that szcezcney has lost focus..the guy cannot just play a game without making a silly mistake..his pass to gabriel even when he saw he ws tight marked..
    carsola,coq,had a good game..
    welbeck for some reason cannot play as a target man he doesn’t have the attributes..average game be fair sanchez didn’t have his best gme but what makes him Different is the ability to change the game and his work rate.
    Ozil in my opinion was motm..I like this new ozil..if that is what criticism is getting out of him then I think he is a good listener he has improve where he Needed to improve to Succeed in the premier league and that is his diff ability and work rate.
    I thaught giroud was good when he came on our passing improved with our movement..
    All in all I thank God we won. And for some reason am happy chelsea. Won is not as if we where gonna carry the league but the fact that we are still second gives me all the joy..COYG

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