The Arteta factor can have a great effect on Arsenal’s end of season

Two things our current form may cause to happen for Arsenal by Lagos Gooner

Hello Gooners around the globe. What a good day it was on Sunday; a day where Arsenal showed the world we were finally getting our groove back. In past seasons or even earlier this season, we would probably have lost our game against Everton, especially as we conceded an early goal. But thank goodness we survived the test. The test that would have consumed us in the past could not hold us down this time around. Up Gooners!!!

Now, we have started winning games and Arteta is starting to show us the stuff he is made of. Out of eleven games, he has won 5, lost 1 and drawn the other 5. This is such a good record for Arteta and this only goes to prove how prepared he was to take over coaching duties at Arsenal. This to me is just the start for Arteta.

Alright friends, have you sat down once to think that with the way our team is playing now, we may witness players willing to renew their contracts with Arsenal? Arsenal is beginning to play with some good form and the players are starting to enjoy playing football once again. When players enjoy playing in a club and the club has a good coach that can motivate their players to winning titles, then the likelihood of players leaving the club will be less. No player wants to play for a club that has no enjoyable playing pattern. No player wants to play for a club that has no ambition! With the way Arteta is leading the team, one feels he will challenge for the Premiership title next season. We may not win the league next season but we will surely compete right to the end if the club will give Arteta all the support he needs.

Apart from players deciding to renew their contract with the club, if we maintain this form up till the end of this season, we may end up qualifying for the UEFA Champions league and what this means is that we may be able to attract the type of players we need, since every player wants to play in the Champions league. Apart from attracting the calibre of players we want, we will also make more money for qualifying for the Champions league, which will be useful for the club in paying players and running of the club generally.

What am I trying to say here? What I am trying to say is that as long as we keep up this form till the end of the season, we will witness many positive changes in the club. We are Arsenal and we are proud.

Sylvester Kwentua


  1. Hopefully, we can play like this or better until end of the season.

    We had an “Emery effect” in first season. We made it to Europa final and finished 5th. But then this season it wore off.

    Arteta and team need to keep it up

  2. Arteta is doing a good job. Work in progress.

    I see the winnings still coming, a win against Olympiacos and Westham will lift our spirit for the end of season run.

    If we finish 6th and win the Europa League it will be an amazing season.

  3. Optimism, as in this article , is fine and in the medium to long term I totally share it. But realism is also paramount and realism tells us realists that we still have a joke defence and that the defensive improvement is more to do with the fact we now defend as a unit and a team and not as isolated individuals, as in Emerys disastrous last half season, than it is with having good defenders. We clearly do NOT have good defenders. BUT the fact that Arteta can get THIS level from “clowns”, shows how much he could get from good, even if not great defenders(which would cost more than Kroenke would sanction).

    What is obvious to all realists is that we have a manager whose talent and effectiveness will exceed virtually all Gooners expectations of two months ago. So give three cheers for the magnificent Arteta and let us hope he manages as long or even longer than Wenger did, though that long a stay will never happen in our Prem ever again, IMO!

  4. Look we are not playing that great football and a few of our players are not convincing at all but results have improved. Its a case of one game at a time, the first prem defeat will be massive, as to what happens after that.

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